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Franklin Graham: SPLC is a Hate Group!!

Pro-Israel millionaire and Islamophobe evangelical preacher Franklin Graham declared the US-based Jewish human rights watchdog, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Hate Group for criticizing Graham’s pro-Israel Christian allies such as D. James Kennedy Ministries and the Family Research Council run by notorious pro-Israel Tony Perkins. SPLC has long criticized these two organizations for their anti-LGBT and anti-abortion agenda.

SPLC even speaks disparagingly against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman born into a Muslim family in Somalia and bravely speaks out against the danger of and oppression of woman in Islam. Because she dares to speak against what Islam has done to her and other women, she is accused of hate speech! Incredible,” said Franklin Graham on Thursday.

In fact Ayaan Hirshi and Maajid Nawaz are the only two ex-Muslims among SPLC’s 15 anti-Muslim extremists – the rest are Zionist Jews or Zionist Christians. After expelled from Netherland for lying on her immigration application – Hirshi was welcomed by American Jewish Lobby. Currently, she works for American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an Israeli advocacy group.

I wonder if Franklin Graham has heard about professor Julie Macfarlane (University of Windsor, Ontario), who as a teenager performed oral sex on her priest because her Christian God wanted her to do that.

Both Jewish and Christian Bible are full of discrimination against women. In May 2014, Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman, American Jewish feminist activist, journalist and award-winning author in an article listed seven places where a Jewish woman is treated like a filth in the only Jewish state of Israel.

Franklin Graham is not the first Christian leader to condemn SPLC. In 2012, Israel First Frank Gaffney equated SPLC with KKK.

Last month, American preacher and author, Michael Brown, PhD, called SPLC the most hateful group in United States. Brown was born into a Jewish family but later converted to Evangelical Christianity to garn Christians’ support for the Zionist entity.

SPLC has its hidden Zionist agenda too. In 2013 SPLC called Ron Paul an antisemite over speaking at a conference sponsored by Canadian Fatima Center, a Catholic splinter group.

Michael Hoffman is considered an authority on Jewish Holy Talmud. In his 2015 book, Judaism Discovered, he documented Judaism being the most racist religion when it comes to non-Jews and women.

The religion founded on the Babylonian Talmud is far more of a threat to Christianity than one based on Holy Qur’an. Franklin Graham, when you and your cohorts have the courage to support those of us who are defending Judaic women from Talmudic oppression?,” Hoffman commented on September 1, 2017.

The 1.9 billion Muslims around the world don’t hate followers of Moses Law or prophet Jesus – they hate Zionists who have nothing to do with Torah of the true teachings of prophet Jesus (as).


Donald Neff on Zionist Power

The extent of Israel’s ability to resist US advice was my first great eye-opener in Israel. I had had little appreciation of the astounding depth and strength of Zionism’s influence in Washington. I was stunned that a country completely beholden to the United States could thumb its nose at Washington,” Donald Neff, former TIME bureau staff in Jerusalem, wrote.

Donald Neff (died 2015) was a veteran US journalist and author. He wrote articles and books exposing Zionist lies about Palestinians, Arabs and America’s biased foreign policies in the Middle East. For that crime, he was declared anti-Israel and a Jew-hater by American Jewish lobbying groups.

Neff’s 1981 book, Warriors at Suez: Eisenhower Takes America into the Middle East, exposed the Israeli and American Jewish-controlled media lies about Israel’s wars of aggression in 1956, 1967 and 1973. In 1985, he published another book, Warriors for Jerusalem: The Six Days That Changed the Middle East. The book debunks Israeli lies that Israel became a victim of Arab aggression. In 1988, he published another book, Warriors against Israel: How Israel Won the Battle to Become America’s Ally, which show the enormous political power of the Jewish Lobby in the US.

Neff’s next book, Fallen Pillars: US Policy Toward Palestine and Israel, was published in 1995. Read book review here.

In January 1996, Donald Neff wrote an article, entitled, Zionism’s Violent Legacy, which shed some light over the Jewish terrorism in the creation of the Zionist entity.

On January 4, 1948, Jewish terrorists drove a truck loaded with explosives into the center of the all Arab city of Jaffa and detonated it, killing 26 and wounding around 100 Palestinian men, women and children. The attack was the work of the Irgun Zvai Leumi – the “National Military Organization,” also known by the Hebrew letters Etzel – the largest Jewish terrorist group in Palestine. The Irgun was headed by Revisionist Zionist Menachem Begin and had been killing and maiming Arabs, Britons and even Jews for the previous ten years in its efforts to establish a Jewish state,” said Neff.

The Irgun was not the only Jewish terrorist group but it was the most active in causing indiscriminate terror in pre-Israel Palestine. Up to the time of the Jaffa attack, its most spectacular feat had been the July 22, 1946, blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, with the killing of 91 people – 41 Arabs, 28 Britons and 17 Jews,” added Neff.

Both groups collaborated in the massacre at Deir Yassin, in which some 254 Palestinian men, women and children were slain on April 9, 1948. Palestinian survivors were driven like ancient slaves through the streets of Jerusalem by the celebrating terrorists,” said Neff.

Now watch the Israeli chutztpah – when Hamas reversed a fraction of Jewish terrorism – the Islamic resistance was classified as a terrorist organization by the Zionist-controlled governments in Israel, United State, Canada and UK.

In April 2017, American Jewish professor and former UN special envoy for Palestinian Territories, Richard Falk, during his address at the Dublin’s University College Cork (UCC) agreed with Donald Neff’s that Israel was created on Jewish Terrorism .

Listen to American political writer and author Peter J. Malia below and learn the immense power of Zionist Lobby in United States.

Indian PM Modi: Bob Dylan is my idol

On Saturday, India’s anti-Muslim prime minister Narendra Modi in his address at the Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai said: “I had my own set of idols. But you will be perhaps more familiar with Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, Chris Martin and A.R. Rehman.” Modi attended the Global Citizen Festival in New York City in 2014. Yusuf Islam (Cat Steven, a British music celebrity who converted to Islam on July 4, 1978) sang there too.

Modi’s first three idols were born into Zionist Jew families and have performed in Israel. A.R. Rehman (Dilip Kumar), on the other hand, is a Hindu convert to Islam (here).

Bob Dylan, 74, is a well-known American Jewish singer and a darling of the Organized Jewry for his undying love for the Zionist entity. He was recently awarded Nobel Prize for Literature but he would not be at the Stockholm party in December to receive it. He plans to visit Sweden next year.

He is probably the greatest living poet,” Per Wastberg, a Jewish member of the Swedish Academy said.

Dylan sees the Zionist entity as a victim of Muslim countries surrounding it rather than a western Judo-Christian imperialist occupation of Palestine. Dylan shows his Israel Hasbara (propaganda) in the poem, entitled, Neighborhood bully, which goes like ….

Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man,
His enemies’ say he’s on their land.
They got him outnumbered about a million to one;
He got no place to escape to, no place to run.
He’s the neighborhood bully.

The neighborhood bully just lives to survive,
He’s criticized and condemned for being alive.
He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin,
He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in.
He’s the neighborhood bully…….

On November 18, 2016, Australian writer, author and human rights activist Gideon Polya, PhD, in an article exposed Bob Dylan’s evil Zionist propaganda in the poem.

Like Bob Dylan, the pro-Zionist, Jewish Canadian and similarly iconic singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) repeatedly visited Apartheid Israel and hence lent legitimacy to the Apartheid rogue state. It is too late for the late Leonard Cohen who died on 7 November 2016, to no longer turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see, but it is not too late for 2016 Literature Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan to heed the words of Blowin’ in the wind (listen below) in relation to Apartheid Israel and the ongoing Palestinian Genocide,” Polya said.

Pro-Israel Senator mocks disabled opponent

On Thursday, Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk mocked his opponent Democrat Congresswoman Tommy Duckworth’s military service in Iraq war and her mother’s Asian family background.

I forgot the Congresswoman’s parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington,” Kirk said during the first televised debate at the University of Illinois in Springfield (watch video below). The Illinois contest is very decisive for the control of the US Senate by either party.

In August 2016, Kirk said Barack Obama was acting like a “drug dealer- in chief” by giving $400 million to Iran out of Iran’s $150 billion frozen assets since 1980s.

Earlier, Kirk apologized to Israel’s chief Senate handler, Lindsey Graham, who is unmarried like Pope Francis, as a bro with no ho.

Mark Kirk, a Zionist Christian, is known for his blind support for the Zionist entity. On October 14, 2016, Harry Maryless declared Kirk, Proven Friend of Israel, at pro-Netanyahu Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

Duckworth, the first Asian-American lawmaker to serve Illinois, is an Iraq War veteran who lost both legs and damaging her right arm when the Black Hawk she was co-piloting was shot-down by Iraqi resistance in 2004. She won a Purple Heart for her service in Iraq.

Duckworth supported Barack Obama’s decision to bless the so-called P5+1 and Iran Nuclear agreement.

Kirk is supported by Israel lobby AIPAC while Duckworth is supported by J-Street, the ‘moderate’ version of AIPAC.

For those who care about the welfare of the Jewish State, Duckworth’s policies are not so stellar. She is a party loyalist that supports the Iran deal. More telling is her endorsement by j-Street, the liberal lobbying group that was established as a counter to AIPAC. This pro Israel lobbying group has been successful in arguing Israel’s case to our elected officials. AIPAC is respected in Washington on both sides of the political aisle. They are seen as a required stop for every Presidential candidate seeking office,” Kirk claimed in an interview.

Kirk also believe that Israel should annex the West Bank – and Washington has no moral rights to stop the new Jewish settlements in the Palestinian land it occupied during the June 1967 war. He claims that pulling Jewish soldiers out of Gaza was a great mistake for which Israel is paying on the hands of Hamas since 2006.

Duckworth whom Kirk calls pro-Hamas supports Washington’s myth of two-state Palestine solution. Kirk, on the other hand, believes his Bible gave the Holly Land to Khazarian Jews.

UC Berkeley: Zionism = Colonialism

zionistdictionary1Early last month, the University of California, Berkeley, announced it will offer a course on Zionist Jewish colonization of Palestine this fall. However, on September 13, the university chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks suspended the course under pressure from Israeli ambassador, ADL, Simon Wiesenthal Center, and of course Israel’s Campus watchdog, Hillel. The course is offered by Dr. Hatem Bazian.

On September 19, Dean Carla Hesse, after a meeting with student facilitator Paul Hadweh and group of students enrolled for the course, cancelled the ‘suspension’ order. A rare victory of Freedom of Speech at the Campus.

“Apartheid, annexation, mass displacement and collective punishment have become core policies of the state of Israel,” said American Jewish professor and former UNHRC’s special envoy for Palestine in an interview he gave on October 17 to David Hearst’s Middle East Eye news website.

On October 9, Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of Jewish supremacist ADL accused UC Berkeley of distorting history under the disguise of academic discipline. Funny though the tribe that distorted the Bible, is accusing others of distorting Jewish history.

On April 2, 2016, Rabbi Brant Rosen at his blog Shalom Rav admitted that Israel like United States and Australia, is indeed a settler colonialism – based on Professor of Anthropology Tate A. LeFevre’s (Franklin and Marshall College) definition.

Indian-born professor Partha Chatterjee (Columbia University) also believes Israel is a Zionist Jewish settlers colony’.

I have always boycotted Israeli institutions. Despite having dozens of friends in Israeli universities, I have never agreed to visit Israel. There was a particularly poignant moment a few years ago when I was invited to be present on the occasion of the release of the Hebrew translation of one of my books. It was hard for me to refuse the heartfelt invitation of my Israeli friends who, I knew, deeply disliked and actively opposed most of the policies of their government. But the thought of applying for a visa at an Israeli embassy, passing through Israeli immigration and, who knows, answering questions at check points and barriers put me off. An unfortunate fallout of this reluctance on my part is that I have been also unable to accept invitations from Palestinian institutions. But how else does an individual like me show, in a private capacity, my refusal to submit to the blatantly colonial protocols of the Israeli authorities in order to accept the hospitality of my Palestinian friends? (here),” Chatterjee said.

Ever since the inception of World Zionist movement under the leadership of Austrian Jew, Theodor Herzl, it presented its settlers colonial project as a mean to escape Christian Europe hatred towards Jews.

Guatemalan police raids anti-Zionist Jew compound

guatemala1Why a pro-Israel evangelic-ruled Central American nation of Guatemala would accuse its God’s Chosen People for mentally and sexually abusing their children?

On September 14, 2016, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported reported that Guatemalan police raided a Lev Tahor Jewish community compound, separating children from their parents, after allegations of physical and mental abuse surfaced.

The Jewish parents are accused of child marriage, sexual and physical abuse of minors.

Netanyahu government said it was in touch with Guatemalan authorities to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens, including minors, who are members of the group. However, the Zionist regime did not specify how many Israeli Jews are involved this Jewish practice.

The members of anti-Zionist Lev Tahor Jewish community settled in Guatemala in 2014 after they were expelled by the pro-Israel Canadian government.

In June 2016, a court in Guatemala indicted Antonio Adolfo Perez y Perez, ex-mayor of San Juan La Laguna town over expelling 230 Jewish family members over a religious dispute between them and Mayan Roman Catholics.

On March 29, 2011, Elana Maryles Sztokman wrote at the Daily Jewish Forward that some Jewish communities still practice child marriages in Israel. Not long ago, Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Eliezer Schick of the Bratslav Hassidic movement in Yavne’el in the Galilee was arrested for officiating the marriages of some 20 underage couples, mostly ages 12 to 16.

Last year a study reported that child sexual abuse among the British and Australian Jews were more rampant than other religious minorities.

Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales is a pro-Israel evangelic and former comedian. Both his son and brother are currently under investigation for misappropriation of government funds.

Israeli Zionists find a common brutal history with Guatemala based on their doctrine of ethic-cleansing of the Native people.

Israel has been the largest supplier of military equipment and training to Guatemalan forces since Ukraine-born Israeli president Ephraim Katzir (1973-1978) visited the country. Israeli Mossad has its presence in Guatemala City – capital of the country.

In 2013, Israel’s former president Shimon Peres partly credited Guatemala for the birth of the Zionist entity during a reception he gave to the visiting Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina.

Guatemala, like the US and Nicaragua under butcher Somoza, has not supported a single United Nations resolution critical of Israel.

Guatemalan population of 14 millions has 9,000 Jewish families mostly German – and 1,200 Muslims – mostly Palestinians.

Jews on ‘Jewishness and Zionism’

The Jewish-controlled media rarely mentions the ‘self-hating Jews’ who claim that Jewish religion has nothing to do with Zionism or state of Israel. I can count many of them including Hajo Meyer, Shlomo Sand, Gilad Atzmon, Richard Falk, Israel Shamir, Medea Benjamin, and Paul Eisen. Hajo Meyer addressed Never Again for Anyone conference in Toronto (Canada) on January 31, 2011 (Listen below).

There are many Jewish organizations and on-line news sites which pretends to be anti-Zionism but support the so-called ‘Jewish uniqueness’ such as Jewish Voices for Peace, Jewish Witness for Peace and Friends, Mondoweiss, Jews San Frontiers, etc.

Jewish writer G. Neuburger explains the difference between Judaism and Zionism (here).

On July 30, 2016, Canadian journalist and author Eric Walberg posted an article on his blog, entitled, Renouncing Jewishness: Shlomo Sand and Gilad Atzmon. In case some reader may not know, Dr. Shlomo Sand is an apologetic Zionist Jew while Gilad Atzmon is a rebellious Jew.

The (Jew) exile legend is a myth. Shlomo Sand is a historian and couldn’t find any texts supporting it. The Romans did not exile peoples. “Judaic society was not dispersed and was not exiled.” Jews continued to live in the Holy Land through thick and thin, freer under Muslim rule than Christian, but even the latter never “ethnically cleansed” them. Most converted to Christianity or Islam. Voila! The (Christian, Muslim) Palestinians. However, a tiny core stuck stubbornly to the original monotheism, nurtured by the Babylonian exile in the 6th century BC (the only bona fide exile, the earlier Egyptian exile legend being crafted much later, when the Torah was written down and collected in the 3rd century BC),” says Walberg.

Jews are not a race but rather a collective of many ethnic groups who were hijacked by a late 19th century ‘national’ movement. There is no racial or ethnic basis for being Jewish any more than there is for being Christian or Muslim. The great majority of those who today consider themselves Jewish are descended from converts in Central Asia, eastern Europe and north Africa, not from ancient Hebrews expelled from the Holy Land by the Romans. They are not ethnic “Semites”, of near eastern origin, or ethnic anything else,” adds Walberg.