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Nikki Haley – US-Israeli propagandist at UN

DSCN0848On Monday, the US ambassador at the United Nations, Israel First Nikki Haley speaking at the UN Security Council accused North Korean president Kim Jong Un of begging for war with his continued defiance of Western sanctions by barring his country from missile and nuclear tests.

Haley has proved to be an Indian-Sikh imitation of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a world renowned serial liar. Her foreign policy experience has consisted of the past few months as Uncle Sam’s permanent representative at the United Nations – but during this period she has assumed the role of chief public thrasher of Israel’s enemies such as Iran, Syria and North Korea.

One has to excuse Haley for her ignorance of the Korean genocide carried out by the United States in the 1950s. American historian, professor Bruce Cuming (University of Chicago) told the Jew Newsweek recently: “Most Americans are completely unaware that we destroyed more cities in the North Korea than we did in Japan and Germany during WWII. Every North Korean knows about this, it’s drilled into their minds. We never hears about it.”

As I explained in an earlier post that North Korea like Iran doesn’t pose any threat to United States but it’s conceived a threat to the Zionist regime through its alliance with Iran and Pakistan.

Toronto-based international criminal lawyer Christopher Black who visited North Korea, wrote in March 2017: “It appeared to us then and it is apparent now, in absolute contradiction to the claims of the western media, that the people of the DPRK want peace more than anything else so they can get on with their lives and endeavours without the constant threat of nuclear annihilation by the United States. But annihilation is what they in fact face and whose fault is that? Not theirs (here).”

It’s estimated that during the Korean War (1950-53) American bombing killed more than 20% of entire North population and destroyed nearly 50% of country’s infrastructure. However, after such huge devastations and several decades of the US-Israeli economic sanctions – North Koreans have access to free education and medical-care while 32 million Americans cannot read or write. More than 31 million Americans cannot afford proper medical-care.

But United States had US$597 billion to spend on its military posted in over 127 foreign countries last year. As compare to the US, North Korea spent US$4.17 on its defense forces last year.

On September 6, Robin Wright posted her Talmudic forecast at the Jew Yorker  that though almost 30% of North Korean population of 25 million works as part of country’s defense forces – “North Korea would lose the war. The regime of Kim Jong Un would probably collapse.”


Judea intensify war on Venezuelan President

On July 27, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (Jew) imposed new sanctions against thirteen former and current Venezuelan officials including the interior minister Admiral Carmen Melendez, senior military brass, the president of the electoral council, and the finance chief of state oil company PDVSA, whose US assets would be frozen.

Anyone elected to the national constituent assembly should know that their role in undermining democratic processes and institutions in Venezuela could expose them to potential US sanctions,” said Mnuchin.

The opposition and US moves are to force Maduro to give up his plan to have a 545-member Constituent Assembly elected on July 30.

Maduro called the US punishment illegal, insolent and unprecedented.

Who do these imperialists in the United States think they are? The government of the world?” he said in a speech.

Could it be a warning to anti-Israel Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro that he too is going to contract cancer like the other six Latin American leaders who resisted American domination?

The opposition has rejected Maduro’s proposal of holding round table peace talks ahead of the National Constituent Assembly vote on July 30.

Addressing the crowds, Maduro said “I want peace, reunification and national dialogue. Do you want to give a lesson to these violent people? On Sunday the 30, you have to go out and vote in peace for the National Constituent Assembly.”

The pathetic anti-government liar from Miami, J.J. Rendpon bemoaned recently that the opposition is losing its support as the protesting crowds are shrinking.

Last month, an anti-Maduro terrorist hijacked a police helicopter and attacked country’s Supreme Court building in Caracas.

As usual, the Jewish-controlled media is busy churning Fake News in order to demonize democratically elected Maduro government.

United States have a long history of funding Western NGOs to bring regime changes in countries whose leaders refuse to take orders from them. Currently, this game is repeated in Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

In January 2009, Maduro political mentor, president Hugo Chavez order the expulsion of Israeli ambassador in Caracas along with entire Jewish staff in solidarity with Gaza people. Netanyahu blamed Iranian president Ahmadinejad for Chavez action.

Both Maduro and Hassan Rouhani exchanged state visits last year.

Watch a clip from Empire File below to learn the truth behind the Judea War on Venezuela.

Israel behind US-North Korea standoff


On April 19, 2017, US Vice-president Mike Pence with impeccable record of an ardent support for the Zionist entity, threatened North Korea with war saying: “The United States of America will always seek peace (??) but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.”

The Zionist entity put nuclear North Korea on its hit list during Dubya Bush presidency. On April 20, 2012, professor George Jochnowitz wrote at Israel National News: “North Korea is not even near Israel but it has directly participated in a war against it. North Korea’s anti-Israel actions have surpassed those of Iran even though it even is nowhere near Israel. And it’s not alone.”

Jochnowitz was referring to North Korea’s military aid to Egypt during the so-called Yom Kippur War. However, the hateful Jew forgot to mention that Israeli airstrike on the alleged Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 killed ten North Korean scientists.

On January 30, 2017, Ben Caspit wrote at Israeli propaganda outlet Al-Monitor: “Netanyahu’s road to Iran runs through North Korea.”

Top Israeli cabinet member believe that the outcome of Trump’s dealing with the North Koreans will determine whether international efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities will be a success or they will be resounding failure,” Caspit said.

On April 20, 2017, Giancarlo Elia Valori in an Op-Ed at Israel Defense website claimed that US-North Korea confrontation lies in the strategic relationship between China, the Russian Federation, Iran, and North Korea. In other words the 800 Pound Gorilla is not in the room though Netanyahu would love to see Iran destroyed like Iraq and Libya in the past (watch below).

Last month, American bitch at United Nations, Nikki Haley tried to convince diplomats from 193 countries that they’re obsessed with Israel which poses less threat to world peace than Syria, Iran, and North Korea. The Sikh from India do believe that Syria, Iran and North Korea are all foreign occupied lands like Israel.

It’s Canadian Jewish writer, author and George Bush speechwriter David Frun had coined the phrase Axis of Evil (Iraq-Iran-N. Korea). After Iraq was destroyed for Israel, Iraq was replaced with Syria.

Rex Tillerson barks at Iran

On Tuesday the US secretary of state Rex Tillaeson dropped his dirty Zionist pants. After admitting that Iran is complying with nuclear deal it signed with P5+1 powers – Tillerson accused Iran of still trying to wipe Israel off the map by supporting Syria, Iraq and Hizbullah.

Tillerson in his quarterly report to Congress on Iran’s progress in the nuclear deal said that president Donald Trump has ordered a review of the deal.

Under pressure from the Jewish Lobby controlled Congress – Washington has been dragging its feet to fulfill its obligations under the deal by not lifting economic pressure on its European allies while putting more sanctions against Iran over fabricated accusations.

Past accusations of terrorism sponsorship have drawn stern responses from Tehran. Earlier this month, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi warned US defense secretary Gen. James Mattis against making unwarranted and malicious accusations against Iran.

Tillerson’s accusation are not linked under the deal – and if the US were to reinstate sanctions over Iran’s alleged ties to terrorism, the US would be in violation of the deal.

Should the US break the terms of the agreement, it would upset the other partners of the deal, which was signed in July 2015 – and Iran could consider the move a green light to restart its defense-related nuclear activity.

Rex Tillerson as CEO of ExxonMobil for 40 years and with no political experience like his multi-billionaire real-state boss Donald Trump – represent only the interests of multi-national oil industry.

From dodging questions about support for critical global institutions and human rights abuses, to denying the threat of climate change, it is clear that Tillerson have not prepared him for the critical role of fostering peace, human dignity, and prosperity in our global neighborhood,” said Global Progressive Hub Co-Director Michelle Dixon in January 2017.

During his Senate confirmation, Tillerson falsely claimed that the Iran nuclear deal doesn’t prevent Iran from buying a nuclear weapon. In fact, the agreement explicitly says that Iran cannot “acquire” nuclear weapons. Further, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Iran has signed, prohibits such activities. He later said he misspoke.

Tillerson who met Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow on April 12, 2017 mentioned Donald Trump administration’s displeasure at Russia-Iran alliance against American interests in the Middle East.

Tillerson also said that he wouldn’t rule out the creation of Muslim registry even though according to FBI report Christians and Jews carried out more terrorist activities than Muslims.

American Jewish investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald reported on July 9, 2014 that 202 Muslim Americans including five prominent Muslim-Americans whose e-mails were monitored by the FBI and NSA for years for possible anti-state (read anti-Israel) activities.

In March 2017, in response to Tillerson’s message on Iran’s New Year (Nowruz), the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) issued the following statement:

We welcome Secretary Tillerson’s Nowruz greeting and message that we ‘look forward to celebrating this new spring together.’ Our question is: how? Tillerson and the Trump administration’s Muslim ban prevented us from being joined by our Iranian loved ones and friends this Nowruz. It has blocked Iranian students from coming to American universities and prevented Iranian grandparents from meeting their newborn Iranian American grandchildren. In short, it has made this year’s Nowruz celebrations bittersweet. We hope that, in the spirit of the New Year, Tillerson and the Trump administration will rescind the Muslim ban and drop their efforts to contest it in court. Only then can we join together this spring to celebrate the new beginning represented by Nowruz.”

The NIAC, projected as an Iranian lobby by the Zionist propaganda filth, is an anti-Islamic Revolution White House ally. In October 2015, UK’s top Israeli hasbara mouthpiece, Jewish Chronicle, compared NIAC with American Jewish lobby J Street. Its founder-president Dr. Tarita Parsi is a non-Muslim (Zoroastrian). Born in Iran, he was raised and educated in Sweden before immigrating to United States.

Trump’s proxy war on Syria for Israel begins

As expected Donald Trump has used the recent Syrian poison-gas false flag to begin American attack on Syria by firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at al-Shayrat airbase in Homs province.

As expected the Jewish-media’s Russian anti-missile batteries installed to counter the USraeli missiles or jetfighters didn’t block the American Tomahawk cruise missiles. As I had posted two years ago that Putin didn’t come to protect Syrian people from the foreign insurgency – but to protect the Zionist entity from the Axis of Resistance (Iran, Syria and Hizbullah).

On Friday, during UNSC emergency meeting, the US ambassador Nikki Haley, a Sikh-born Christian Zionist by marriage, threatened Assad with more missile strikes before sending US coward soldiers to face Hizbullah fighters in Syria.

America’s NATO and Arab allies have praised the attack. Zionist entity president Reuven Rivlin and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have called US’s missile attacks appropriate. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau claims that Washington had informed NATO allies ahead of the missile strike.

Syria, Iran, Hizbullah and Russia have blasted United States over the strike – calling it a naked aggression against a sovereign state and member of United Nation without declaring war.

Hizbullah warned in a statement on Friday that this “foolish step by the Trump administration will be the beginning of a great and dangerous escalation in the region involving the Zionist entity.”

It seems Trump hasn’t learned from George Bush’s stupidity by supporting the Jewish army against Hizbullah fighters in 2006.

On April 6, former White House official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in a blog post, entitled, Trump Has Surrendered. Will Putin Be the Next To surrender?, wrote: “The Washington Establishment has reasserted control. First Flynn and now Bannon. All that are left in the Trump administration are the Zionists and the crazed generals who want war with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.”

I don’t understand why Dr. Roberts believes Gen. Flynn and Bannon are Christian Zionists – both are anti-Muslim and pro-Israel. Former president Barack Obama in fact had fired both Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Gen. James Mattis over their opposition to P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement.

The Syrian conflict is set to be reopened. That is the point of the chemical attack blamed by Washington on Syria despite the absence of any evidence. It is completely obvious that the chemical attack is a Washington orchestrated event. According to reports US Secretary of State Tillerson has warned Russia that steps are underway to remove Syrian president Assad. Trump agrees,” Roberts said.

The removal of Assad allows Washington to impose another Washington puppet on Muslim peoples, to remove another Arab government with an independent policy from Washington, to remove another government that is opposed to Israel’s theft of Palestine, and for Exxon’s Tillerson and the neoconservative hegemonists to cut Russian natural gas off from Europe with a US controlled gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe via Syria,” Roberts adds.

This was a ridiculous idea as terrorism is Washington’s weapon. If Washington can move Russia out of the way with threats or more Russian misplaced hopes of cooperation with Washington, terrorism will next be directed against Iran on a large scale. When Iran falls, terrorism will start to work on the Russian Federation and on the Chinese province that borders Kazakhstan. Washington has already given Russia a taste of US-supported terrorism in Chechnya. More is to come,” Roberts said.

When UK and Iran interfered in US elections

There is clear-cut evidence that Israel has interfered in all American elections since 1948. It bribed and threatened politicians and spread misinformation about Arabs and Muslims at large.

CIA, FBI, Democrats, and the Organized Jewry have all accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of using every dirty trick to get Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. on the other hand, some Western political gurus have claimed that it’s Israel and not Russia, to blame for Hillary’s defeat.

According to some sources Washington had interfered in 81 foreign elections in addition to regime changes in over a dozen countries including Iran (2009), Pakistan (1971 and 2007), Lebanon, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine (2006), Venezuela, Australia (1975), etc.

However, very few Americans know that Britain and Islamic Republic of Iran, too interfered in US elections by funny ways. Thomas E. Mahl in 1998 book, Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United states, 1939-1944 – claims that hoping for help against Nazi Germany, the British promoted an anti-German Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie, a lawyer and businessman (he made Time magazine’s cover page) against Democrat president Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1940. However, looking at FDR’s anti-German record, the book doesn’t make any sense.

Recently, American investigative journalist Wayne Madsen claimed that Iranian revolutionaries agreed with Republican Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager William Joseph Casey and later CIA director (d. 1987) met Iranian officials in October 1980 with a request to hold the US embassy staffers in captivity until November 9, 1980. Casey offered that if Reagan won, he would lift ban on shipment of spare parts for the American fighter-jets and tanks  purchased by King Reza Shah government.

According to Madsen, some officials from Jimmy Carter administration also met Iranian officials to have the embassy staffers released in October 1980 to boost his re-election campaign.

The Reagan conspirators included, in addition to Bush and Casey, Robert Gates and Donald Gregg, the CIA’s moles inside the Carter National Security Council. Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, not happy with Carter’s human rights stance, may have given a «wink and a nod» to the treason. The entire caper was conducted without the knowledge of Stansfield Turner, Carter’s friend and U.S. Naval Academy classmate who served as CIA director,” claims Madsen.

According to Madsen, CIA bought the spare parts in black market and loaded them on SS Poet, a WWII merchant vessel, to ship them to Iran on October 24, 1980. After unloading them at Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, the vessel was declared lost at Sea along with 34 of its American crew.

The CIA’s cover story, dutifully echoed by the Coast Guard, was the Poet sank without a trace in three minutes and without a distress call. One of the Poet’s previous trips, in the months prior to sailing to Iran, was to Israel. The vessel had been chartered by Hawaiian Eugenia Corporation, the Poet’s owner and a firm with murky CIA links, to sail to Israel. There is a strong possibility that the Israelis rigged the ship with explosives that would be detonated after its delivery of weapons to Iran on behalf of the CIA and Reagan-Bush campaign plotters,” says Madsen.

Madsen, however, didn’t mention the following facts in his article.

On January 20, 1981, the Jew York Times published the text of an agreement between the US and Iran to settle their grievances in the presence of Algerian foreign ministry officials in Algiers. According to the Algiers Accord, Washington promised to release Iranian frozen assets, worth $16 billion, restore diplomatic relation as existed prior to 1979 Islamic Revolution, and promised not to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs. In return, Tehran promised to release all remaining US embassy staffers.

The agreement was signed by Warren Minor Christopher (d. 2011), Jimmy Carter’s deputy secretary of state. Christopher’s mother Catherine Anne Lemen and his first wife Joan Southgate Workman were Jewish.

But as expected, as soon as the freed US hostages arrived in the United States on January 21, 1981, the newly inaugurated president Ronald Reagan ‘tear up’ the agreement.

The SS Poet cargo was paid fully by deposed King Reza shah regime ahead of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Richard H. Curtis (d. 2013), former managing- editor the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WARMEA) version of these events is more closer to reality than Wayne Madsen’s version.

Joe Biden: Pakistan-Russia-N. Korea are ‘Axis of Evil’

3+monkeys[1]Earlier this week, the outgoing US vice-president Joe Biden, whose son and daughter both have Zionist Jewish spouses, said that Pakistan, Russia and North Korea were making ‘counterproductive’ moves that only heightened the risk that nuclear weapons could be used in a regional conflict.

Not just North Korea, but Russia, Pakistan, and others have made counterproductive moves that only increase the risk that nuclear weapons could be used in a regional conflict in Europe, South Asia, or East Asia,” Biden said in his address at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) dinner (Listen below).

The CEIP was founded by the US State Department in 1910. Its current president is Dr. Jessice Tuchman Mathews, a Zionist Jew. She is also a senior fellow at Jews CFR. The CEIP is ranked 2nd top so-called ‘US Think Tanks’ after Jewish Brooking Institute followed by CSIS, CFR, Wilson Center, and the RAND by the Think Tank Watch – all controlled by Israeli propagandists.

It’s understandable why Joe Biden didn’t include the rogue Zionist entity which has more nuclear bombs (400) than Pakistan (107) India (90), and N. Korea (9) put together.

It seems Israel-First Joe Biden doesn’t know India’s chief Gen. Bipin Rawat threatened with a military strike only two weeks ago. Last year Indian interior minister Rajnath Singh India will cut Pakistan into 10 pieces. It’s India which is occupying Pakistan’s territory of Jammu & Kashmir Valley since 1948.

The phrase ‘Axis of Evil’ has Jewish roots. I was coined by Canadian-born Zionist Jew David Frum, former speechwriter of former US president Dubya George Bush, a war criminal. Bush applied it against Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. North Korea was the only country with a few Hiroshima-type nuclear bombs among the three. The nuclear deterrence saved North Korea from US-Israel war machine while it destroyed Iraq – and is working on Iran since 1980s.