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Sydney academic and the ‘Syria Hoax’

Dr Anderson and Assad. .

Australia’s prestigious education institution the University of Sydney has come under fire from Jewish lobby groups for defending its staffer Dr. Tim Anderson who had dismissed the recent chemical attack on rebel held Syrian town as Hoax  and called Syria’s six-year civil war a fiction perpetrated by the US to destroy an independent nation.

Dr Anderson is just one among a number of Australian academics who have formed the Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies, based in Sydney, to counter Western Fake News about Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and its allies; Iran, Hizbullah, Russia and Iraq.

In additopn to Dr Anderson, group’s editorial board includes Luis Angosto-Ferrandez, another Sydney University senior lecturer, Drew Cottle from Western Sydney University, Rodrigo Acuna at Macquarie University and a number of other academics, including two from East Timor.

Australia’s Jewish-controlled media had been doing character assassination of Dr. Anderson for over two decades now over his criticism of Australian government of pro-Israel policies. In 1990, Anderson was framed in the 1978 Hilton Hotel bombing in Sydney, a False Flag. A Sydney court acquitted him in 1991 on lack of proof.

In 2014, Anderson visited Damascus to investigate the foreign insurgency. During his visit he met country’s president Bashar al-Assad (see photo above).

Recently, Anderson posted on Twitter that US presidents George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump are the real “masterminds of Middle East terrorism”. He stood by those comments on Tuesday. “Absolutely. The evidence is overwhelming,” he said.

Professor Jay Tharappel (University of Sydney), recently called News Corp journalist Kylar Loussikian “traitorous scum who desperately wants a second Armenian genocide in Syria“. Loussikian is of Armenian Christian Zionist. The News Corp is one of country’s largest media companies. It publishes 142 daily newspapers and is owned by Zionist Jew billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

Dr Anderson has also written a book, The Dirty War on Syria (listen an interview below), published by the Montreal-based Centre for Research on Globalization which was founded by professor Michel Chossudovsky (University of Ottawa) on September 9, 2001. Dr Chossudovsky was born to a Russian Jew UN diplomat father and an Irish Protestant mother. He believes that neither al-Qaeda or Saudi regime were behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks (watch video below).

Last week, Australian prime minister Malcolm ‘Moishe’ Turnbull, a Netanyahu ally, said he had not been briefed on Dr Anderson’s activities, but reiterated his support for the US air strikes and condemned the Assad regime’s horrendous criminal conduct.


US author: Trump attacked Syria for Israel

US-Canadian author, blogger and international human right activist Robert Fantina writes about American imperialism, and United States’ foreign policy which is basically written by the pro-Israel lawmakers to please their Jew masters. He is author of Empire, Racism and Genocide: A History of US Foreign Policy, and several other books. He resides near Toronto.

A pro-Israel regime change in Syria has been an Israeli Project since the day one.

In a recent article, entitled, Trump Attacks Syria to Please Israel, Fantina agrees with Minister Louis Farrakhan that in November 2016, the American voters had no other choice but to elect one of the two Biblical Satans.

In the 2016 presidential election, among the two prominent political parties, the hapless United States voter had to choose between a Zionist war-monger and a Zionist war-monger. Deciding that Democrat Hillary Clinton had far too much baggage to take back to the White House, the voters decided, through the bizarre institution known as the Electoral College, to install as president a reality-show television star and business tycoon, the thrice-wed blowhard, Donald Trump,” Fantina said.

The role of the media in all this can’t be excused. When Israel uses chemical weapons against Palestinians, there are no pictures of the victims on CNN, MSNBC or in The New York Times. When Palestinian children playing on a beach are shot and killed by IDF soldiers, no one in the media proclaims ‘We are all Palestinians’.  When a young Palestinian, lying wounded on the ground, motionless, is shot in the head by an IDF soldier, and that soldier is sentenced to an 18-month prison term, no one compares that with the 15-year prison term Palestinian youths receive for throwing rocks. Fortunately, social media and the alternative press provide facts on the ground,” Fantina said.

Fantina was not wrong blaming Israel for pulling Trump’s strings. Both Israeli president and prime minister patted Trump’s butts for firing 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airfield. Gil Hoffman wrote at the Likud’s mouthpiece The Jerusalem Post: “Wall to wall support in Israel for US attack on Syria.”

Fareed Zakaria (married to a Zionist Jew woman), the Indian-American pundit at Murdoch’s CNN said on April 7: “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States after bombing Syria.”

On April 12, American investigative journalist and author Robert Perry reported that chemical hit on ISIS-controlled Khan Sheikhoun was not by a Syrian plane but “a drone which was launched in Jordan from a Saudi-Israeli special operations base for supporting Syrian rebels, adding that the suspected reason for the poison gas was to create an incident that would reverse the Trump administration’s announcement in late March that it was no longer seeking the removal of President Bashar al-Assad.”

Pro-Israel professor Stephen Zunes, a Crypto Zionist, wrote at Jewish YES magazine (April 7): “With no direct threat to US national security and with no congressional authorization, Trump’s use of force was illegal. Trump recently blamed Syria’s chemical attack on Obama, but it was a Republican-controlled Congress, backed by public opinion, that blocked Obama from taking military action. Indeed, Trump at that time tweeted, ‘The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria – big mistake if he does not!’ He also tweeted, “Stay out of Syria.” Obama’s hesitation, Trump later tweeted, ‘may have saved us from doing a horrible and very costly (in more ways than money) attack on Syria!’.”

White House senior National Security adviser Lt. Gen. McMaster, a pro-Israel Christian Zionist, wants Donald Trump to put 150,000 US boots in Syria in order to make Syria an Israeli colony.

Syria and the USrael’s WMD false flag

On Tuesday, 72 people were killed and over 200 injured in rebel occupied Syrian town of Khan Sheikhun as result of a poisonous gas attack which was immediately blamed on Syrian forces by the western Zionist-controlled media in order to prepare groundwork for American invasion of Syria. Benjamin Netanyahu and US Jewish lobbying groups have been urging the White House and lawmaker for the removal of pro-Iran Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for over a decade.

Former Congressman Ron Paul called the chemical attack on Syria being a false flag operation to sabotage Russia-Iran-Turkey efforts to resolve the six-year-old Syrian bloodshed through negotiation.

This is not the first US-Israeli chemical attack false flag pinned on president Assad. In August 2013, a similar attacked was carried out against Syrian army which then British MP George Galloway claimed was the work of anti-Assad rebels who received chemical weapons from Israel. The US used that attack to rob Syria of its only deterrent against the Zionist entity.

In 2014, John Kerry had confirmed that all chemical weapons were successfully removed from Syria. He also thanked all US allies at the UN who collaborated with Zionist agenda. Now the morons in Israel, Britain and United states want us to believe that like Saddam Hussein’ WMDs, the West failed to destroy the Syrian WMDs.

The chemical attack came at the same time as another Zionist media attack was occurring against the Syrian government, claiming that Syrian hospitals were in fact secret torture slaughterhouses.

Poison gas attacks and use of uranium-tipped bullets are favorite tactics of foreign powers which want to maintain Israel’s military superiority in the region.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, the Zionist puppet in the White House, blamed both Assad and Obama for the latest chemical attack. “When you kill innocent children, innocent babies – babies, little babies – with a chemical gas that is so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines,” Trump said.

One wonder if the moron knows that Jew soldiers have killed 2,150 Palestinian children during the last 16 years while Palestinian ‘terrorists’ were able to kill only 134 Israeli children.

Syria, Russia and Iran has rejected Washington’s lies about the incident. Putin even rebuked serial liar Netanyahu for blaming Assad for the poison-gas attack. Putin’s direct reproach to Netanyahu and its mention in the official Kremlin statement means the Russian leader refuses to buy Netanyahu’s lie that if Assad stays in power, Syria could become an Iran-Hizbullah satellite.

Interestingly, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former chief rabbi of Israel and currently chief rabbi of Tel Aviv said on Thursday that “Syrian people are going through a Holocaust since 2011.” However, he avoided to mention that Syrian Holocaust is being committed by the descendants of the victim of the Nazi Holocaust.

In December 2011 Dr David Duke warned fellow Americans that like Iraqi invasion in 2003, wars against Syria and Iran are based on Zionist propaganda lies (listen below).

UK’s former ambassador to Syria in an interview (listen below) said that neither Syrian regime or Russia was behind the chemical attack. He said that it’s a Fake News by the powers which benefit from an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus.

Juan Cole whitewashes US crimes in Syria

syria991On February 20, professor Juan Ricardo Cole (University of Michigan) gave a talk at the university, entitled, “From Damascus to Aleppo: What’s Going on in Syria“.

Cole described the six-year-old bloodshed in Syria as a “civilian revolution” by country’s Sunni majority against the anti-religion, Arab nationalism-Communist Ba’ath ruling party (depicted as a Shi’ite group by the West’s pro-Israel political and media filth).

The Syrian civilian protests in 2011 in Damascus were not for a regime change or Sunni-Shia-Christian sectarian but calling for more civil rights. However, it were soon hijacked by the CIA-Mossad which gave us the Arab Spring. Since then, the anti-Assad insurgency has been armed, trained and funded by the US, UK, France and regional allies such as Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan.

And who is Juan Cole in real life? Professor John V. Walsh (University of Massachusetts Medical School) called Cole, a consultant to the CIA (Counterpunch, August 30, 2011). According to his bio on his personal blog, Informed Comment, he had left his parent’s Catholic religion and have adopted a blend of Baha’i cult and Jewish Kabbalah. He wrongly claims that Baha’i is an offshoot of Shi’ite sect of Islam. Believing Baha’i cult’s founder Baha Ullah, a wealthy Persian merchant, being a Shi’ite, couldn’t be more stupid that believing Jesus was a Jew.

A few years ago, when I left a comment referring to  John Walsh’s claim and Cole’s new faith on the Informed Comment – Cole responded that he wished he was a CIA agent and had Jewish family roots.

Juan Cole also parrots official 9/11 story but claims it to be a Muslim vengeance against Western wars on Muslim countries.

Like the con-Zionist Jew Bernie Sanders, Cole was also against US invasion for different reasons. He wanted instead to put crippling sanctions on Iraq’s oil export.

Juan Cole, like major pro-Israel Jewish groups, wants Western countries to accept refugees from Syria created by West’s proxy wars for Israel – being cheap labor.

Nobody has figured out how to mechanize the picking up strawberries, and I never in my life will ever have a job picking strawberries – and so if the strawberries are going to get picked, it’s going to have to be somebody else. They are not taking our jobs when they do that; in fact, they are providing us strawberries,” claimed the bigot.

Juan Cole supported US-NATO destruction of Africa’s richest and most progressive Muslim state Libya for Israel.  In a March 2011 blog post, he wrote: “The Libya intervention is legal and was necessary to prevent further massacres and to forestall a threat to democratization in Tunisia and Egypt, and if it succeeds in getting rid of Gaddafi’s murderous regime and allowing Libyans to have a normal life, it will be worth the sacrifices in life and treasure.”

Libyans after four years are still waiting to see Cole’s “normal life” – a woman in bikini at Libyan beaches.

Last month, Juan Cole was the keynote speaker at the Hartford Shi’ite Seminary in Connecticut, USA. He spoke about the Islamic cleric regime in Iran. He said that the P5+1 and Iran’s nuclear agreement signed in 2015 succeeded in stopping those Shi’ite fanatics to develop a nuclear bomb.

The Iran’s theocracy is unique in the world. The elected president is more like a vice-president while Ayatullah Khamenei leads the country,” said Cole.

No world leader with the exception of Donald Trump and Netanyahu would have made such stupid statement. Iranian president is democratically elected every four year to head the Executive Branch whose policies are scrutinized by 290 elected lawmakers in the Majlis (parliament). Ayatullah Khamenei, who was not elected by a public ballot as the Guardian of Islamic Revolution has nothing to do with either of the two. In fact, two-third majority of Majlis can call for the impeachment of both the president and Khamenei. It means that Khamenei’s power is less secure than Catholic Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury, who cannot be impeached.

The only thing “unique” about Iran’s “theocracy” is that Khamenei is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces and not country’s elected president. This is to avoid foreign wars under pressure from Jewish Lobby or a military coup. Both actions are treason under Iranian Constitution.

Juan Cole’s problem with Iranian Ayatullahs is that they declared his adopted faith Baha’ism being un-Islamic as Baha’is don’t travel to Makkah (Saudi Arabia) for Hajj. They go to Haifa (Israel) where the founder of the cult, Bab, is buried.

In case some reader considers the above post doesn’t do justice to professor Juan Cole – I suggest he should read what Carlos Delgado, member of The Socialist Equality Party, has to say about the CIA’s authority on Islam and the Middle East (here).

Marine Le Pen: France should support Assad

LePenDefaced[1]On Monday, French anti-Muslim president candidate and leader of country’s main opposition party French National (FN) Marine Le Pen was in Lebanon to win Lebanese Christians with French nationality on her side.

In an interview she gave to country’s French newspaper L’Orient Le Jour she praised Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and called on French government of Francois Hollande (Jew) to stop supporting anti-Assad rebels.

She claimed that Assad is the only Syrian leader who can solve Europe’s refugee problem. Because an ISIS victory would create more refugees who would fuel more hatred toward Israel and Jews in the European Union member countries.

It seems the in-fighting within Trump administration has forced it to abandon Israeli agenda of installing an anti-Iran Sunni Wahhabi regime in Syria which hasn’t materialized during the 6-year-old bloodshed in Syria.

Trump has ordered CIA to stop arming Kurd rebels fighting Syrian army to establish a pro-Israel Kurdistan on the lines of Iraqi Kurdistan. The US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) are said to be engaged in operations to drive terrorists from Raqqah, the de facto capital of Daesh in Syria. They dominate the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a multi-ethnic anti-Damascus alliance.

Hawaii’s Israel-First Hindu Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard met Syrian president in Damascus last month. She is campaigning for Trump to end United States military interference in Syria.

Scott Rickard, a former American intelligence linguist has claimed recently that the US wouldn’t stop arming rebels in Syria until it succeed destroying all the evidence proving it created ISIS for Israel.

According to American Jewish investigating journalist and author Seymour Hersh’s article, ‘The Redirection’, the US planned to make use of ‘moderate Sunni states’, in particular the Saudis, to contain alleged ‘Shiia gains’ in Iraq brought about by the 2003 US invasion. These ‘moderate Sunni’ forces would carry out clandestine operations to weaken Iran and Hizbullah, key enemies of Israel (Hersh 2007). This plan brought the Saudis and Israel closer as, for somewhat different reasons, both fear Iran.

In 2011, the US-Israel created Arab Spring was expected to topple Assad regime as it did Bin Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, and Qaddafi in Libya. But the plan failed in Syria where anti-Israel regimes in Iran and Lebanon had national interests. Two years ago Russia too began defending Assad in order to counter Iranian influence on Assad regime.

With most of Syrian territory liberated from Daesh occupation – the Trump administration has only three choices left; 1) continue arming its proxy terrorist groups for another six years, hoping to bring a regime change in Damascus, or 2) pull out of Syria and let Syrian decide what kind of regime they want, or let Israel fight its own wars of expansion.

Last month, Canadian idiot Ezra Levant, founder of Israeli propaganda organ, The Rebel, posted an idea how Trump can solve Syrian refugee problem based on European Jews’ ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Palestine – invade and occupy Syria which anti-Israel Barack Obama hesitated to do for over five years in the past.

Listen to Ron Paul report below to find out more on this topic.

Regime change in Damascus thwarted

asd_a[1]The so-called ‘civil war’ against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad which started in 2011, was in fact a US ‘color revolution’ for the Zionist entity. Hilary Clinton’s email released in early this year, confirmed that the Obama administration had deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the best way to help Israel.

In an indication of her murderous and psychopathic nature, Hillay also wrote that it was the right thing to personally threaten Bashar Assad’s family with death.

In the email, released by Wikileaks, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that the best way to help Israel is to use force in Syria to overthrow the pro-Iran government.

Tehran smelled the Israeli skunk in July 2011, when a conference was convened in Paris by French Jew philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy. The conference was attended by Syrian rebel leaders and Israeli officials.

When the Syrian army failed to defeat the rebels supported by the US-Israel-Turkey and their Gulf allies – Iranian military advisers and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah fighter joined the war against the foreign trained and funded rebels. Russian started supporting Syrian army over a year ago. Russian involvement was hailed by Benjamin Netanyahu who feared ISIS defeat in Syria and Iraq would boost Iranian influence in those two Arab nations.

Since the recapture of strategic Aleppo region by the Syrian army and its allies has shattered Washington’s agenda to bring a pro-Israel regime change in Damascus in order to destroy the anti-Israel Axis of Resistance (Iran-Syria-Hizbullah).

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has claimed that Iran and Russia would continue supporting president Bashar al-Assad until the Syrian territory is cleansed of the foreign-trained Takfiri terrorists.

Former Congressman and GOP presidential candidate in 2012, Ron Paul wrote on December 19 that after the recapture of Aleppo – new US administration needs a new Syria policy based on American interests and not the interest of Israel and other western poodle ruling the region.

The pro-Israel propagandist The Washington Post has blamed Obama administration for the loss of Aleppo for not putting American boots in Syria like it did in Libya.

By refusing to intervene against the Assad regime’s atrocities, or even to enforce the ‘red line’ he declared on the use of chemical weapons, President Obama created a vacuum that was filled by Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard,” said the Jewish paper.

In fact, it’s Barack Obama who parroted Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement on August 14, 2011: “For the sake of the Syrian people the time has come for President Assad to step aside.” Western leaders echoed the Obama  – Assad must go!

Irony is while Assad is still in power, his pro-Israel adversaries such as UK’s David Cameron and Canada’s Stephen Harper are gone down the drain. US president Barack Obama will be out of the door in four weeks followed by French president Francois Hollande.

Benjamin Netanyahu and American Jewish Lobby has a consolation prize in president-elect Donald Trump as far as the Occupied Palestine is concerned.

Aleppo: Zionist Mafia defeated

AhmadinejadAssadSayyedNasrallah[2]On Thursday, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad congratulated his nation over the liberation of Aleppo from the hands of foreign Zionazi mercenaries after four years.

The defense ministers of United States (Ashton Carter) Britain (Michael Fallon), Israel (Avigdor Liberman), and France (Le Drian) cried foul and called for the removal of Assad from power by all means.

On December 14, 2016, the Jew Washington Post finally admitted that Syria has been invaded by foreign mercenaries and the five-year-old war was not a local uprising against Assad.

On December 15, 2016, Sweden-based pro-Israel Middle East Observer said that the fall of Aleppo is a latest Iranian victory against the US-Israel alliance. Earlier on December 11, the MEO whined that Aleppo fall would tighten Assad-Iranian grip over Lebanon.

Iran-Syria-Hizbullah are known as Axis of Resistance against the US-Israel imperialism in the region.

Barack Obama hasn’t given up on his dream of a regime change in Damascus in order to save Zionist entity from the real Islamists. Syrian people’s determination to fight the foreign mercenaries for five years with the support from Iran, Hizbullah, Iraq and lately Russia have failed to convince Barack Obama or Donald Trump that Israel’s so-called “military invincibility” died after its defeat in the 2006 Lebanon War.

How victory was achieved? Last week, a Putin-Erdogan agreement was forged for the foreign rebels in to leave the nine remaining districts of Aleppo under their control and head to Idleb. These terrorists however, being the proxies of the Zionist Jews that they are, broke this agreement and vowed to idiotically keep fighting. Subsequently, the Syrian Arab Army and Russia paused all military operations to open up a humanitarian corridor to allow the final 8,000 Syrian civilians still being held hostage by the Takfiri filth to escape. Panic and disappointment surged among pro-government activists’ ranks that we jumped the gun, that we prematurely cried victory, that we were heading for another stall on what is supposed to be the most gargantuan achievement of the war and the death-knell for the entire conspiracy. But this was indeed just a pause, not another nonsensical ceasefire. Russia was not giving Western powers another chance to surrender, nor was Syria. They wanted to finish the job. Victory belongs to the Axis of Resistance and Moscow!

My fellow Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett exposes western lies about Syria and Assad (watch below).