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Jew author: Send Black NFL players to Nigeria



On October 27, 2017, American Jewish author of 14 books and professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, Robert Weissberg, 76, posted an article at The UNZ Review, entitled, Solving NFL’s Anthem Crisis: Send Them to Africa.

“The NFL seems at a loss on how to deal with the current controversy over players (most of whom are black) knelling (“taking a knee”) during the national anthem to protest about American racism, politic brutality, rotten ghetto schools, white privilege and all the rest and hope that this gesture ends the brouhaha,” said Weissberg.

Frankly, I’m not aware of a single African Lobby in United States (not controlled by Jews) whining about over 45 million Blacks living in the US – but I know 50 powerful Jewish groups representing less than six million American Jews and entire mainstream media whining if someone says: Israel is an Apartheid state.

In order to show NFL’s Black players how lucky they’re – Weissberg suggesst that NFL should have a pre-session game in Muslim-majority Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja. Incidentally, Nigeria is ruled by organized Jewry’s most hated African leader, the Sharia President Mahammadu Buhari.

“The NFL is about 75% African American, and the ancestors of most African Americans hail from West Africa, this pre-season contest would be a “homecoming” for many black athletes,” adds Weissberg.

According to Weissberg, during a week stay in Nigeria, the Black atheletes along with their wives, girlfriend and NFL’s American fans would have surprise awakening – as nothing works Africa (maybe that’s why the European colonists, partially funded by Weissberg’s tribe, went to Africa to fix Black people’s problems).

“The black players would be shocked by a poverty that would make East St. Louis look like Beverly Hills. Their response would, of course, be a typical reaction of any American tourist who encounters Third-World slums, dogs and pigs openly rooting around garbage and the like but it would be especially painful for American blacks who fantasize about their old “homeland.” Let them see what happens when whites are expelled and blacks run everything,” said Weissberg.

I would love to hear Weissberg’s explanation of why Jews left behind the prosperous and civilized Europe for the poor and uncivilized Palestine? Furthermore, how come after 70-year Jewish rule pampered by US taxpayers’ US$3 trillion – one out of every three Jewish children in Israel lives in poverty? (reported by Jerusalem Post, December 22, 2014).

A good statement on Weissberg’s rant came from Minister Louis Farrakhan on October 26: Colin Kaepernick took a knee. That brother was not trying to disrespect the flag.; he was disturbed over police killing of Blacks and Brown people outside the law of justice and he wanted to draw attention to it. Because all of the evil that we have suffered, we suffered under the Confederate flag, and we suffered under the so-called American flag. So Colin took a knee on September 1, 2016, when the flag was presented and the national anthem was played. It has generated much controversy. But did you know there is a code how to respect the American flag?,” said Farrakhan.

I’m sure, professor Robert Weissberg is aware of his tribe’s major role in African Slavery .

At least a dozen of NFL’s 32 teams are run by Jewish owners. There is no Black owned NFL team at present. The only NFL team owned by a non-White person happens to be Jacksonville Jaguars whose owner is Pakistan-US billionaire Shahid Khan.


Ouch! Miss USA 2017 is not a Feminist

On Sunday, Kara McCullough, 25, a chemist at the US Nuclear Regulatory was crowned Miss USA 2017. She instantaneously became victim of American racism on social media for being Black and a woman (watch below).

On May 15, 2017, Todd Venezia slammed McCullough at the Jew York Post for making a few political wrong statements such as being not a feminist, a Jewish value. She also said that people should contribute (have a job) to benefit from government health care system.

I believe we’ve come a long way and there is more work to be done. I think domestically we are making progress and I do believe that we will become equal one day,”McCullough stated her view on feminism.

The other leading Israeli hasbara media like Fox News, Daily Beast, US TODAY, etc. connected McCullough’s statement with Israeli Gatekeeper Al-Right movement, which the Jewish Lobby portrays as antisemitic. The joke is that the Al-Rights leaders like Richard Spencer, Steve Bannon and his Breitbart News are all pro-Israel (Jewish Daily Forward, November 15, 2016) – and anti-Muslim just like Geert Wilders.

On May 16, Amy Zimmerman at Daily Beast even reported that McCullough had clarified her position on health care – it’s not a privilege but a right of every American citizen. However, to Amy’s great disappointment, McCullough refuses to apologize her views on feminism.

McCullough, however, found an admirer in Jewish occupied Australia. Rita Panahi, an Iranian-Australian journalist and critic of Islam, posted on Herald Sun that McCullough had the courage to say what the people in politics and media are afraid to say about feminism.

Outside the political and media class, the movement is increasingly being seen for what it is: toxic, divisive and too often dominated by fringe-dwelling frightbats. It’s little wonder the vast majority of women reject the label, with polls showing that as few as 9 per cent identify as feminists. Like most women in the developed world, McCullough believes wholeheartedly in equality but refuses to adopt the feminist label,” Panahi said.

In 2010, Indian-born American academic, author and anti-hijab, Dr. Asra Nomani claimed at Jewish Wall Street Journal: “I think Islam was originally a feminist religion. The Prophet Muhammad was a feminist, like his first wife Khadija, his daughter Fatima and his wife Aisha. None of them allowed them to be pushed aside, and they all spoke their minds. I don’t think Islamic feminism is an apparent contradiction. My experience is that women have to fight the male power in Islam with the same dynamics as in all other religions.”

In order to understand feminism in Islam, I recommend American Jewish poet and historian Tamam Kahn’s book, UNTOLD: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad.

Colin Kaepernick’s Malcolm X T-Shirt offends racists

On Monday, NFL quarterback of San Francisco 49ers, Colin Rand Kaepernick, 28, appeared at a news conference sporting a T-shirt featuring Afro-American Muslim revolutionary Malcolm X meeting with Cuban president Fidel Castro at Harlem’s Hotel Theresa on October 2, 1960. Fidel Castro was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly meeting.

Kaepernick’s shirt featured a number of images of Malcolm X and Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, with the caption, Like Minds Think Alike. He also wore a black hat with a large white X, presumably in another reference to Malcolm X.

Earlier on Friday, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the playing of the US national anthem during a pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers to protest racism in the country.

Surprisingly, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is worshipped by anti-Muslim White Americans – also agreed with Kaepernick that the US is not great.

According to the Jewish media (NYT, NewsMax, IBT, The Root, Western Journalism, Daily Caller, etc.) Kaepernick’s biological mother Heidi Zabransky Russo (Jewish) shamed his son over national anthem protests on Twitter. This is the same mother, who gave birth to Kaepernick at age 19 but doesn’t know who the baby’s father was. Russo gave away her new-born baby for adoption, who was raised by a White couple Rick and Theresa Kaepernick. Since Colin Kaepernick became a NFL star, Heidi, a dental nurse in Colorado, has tried to contact Colin on several occasions but he has refused to acknowledge her as his birth-mother.

On August 29, Israel-First Murdoch‘s The Weekly Standard lectured Kaepernick over Cuban racism.

The biggest problem here is that Kaepernick is seemingly unaware of Castro’s legacy. Aside from Castro’s dragooning and executing Christians (Castro is Catholic) and gays, Castro’s record on racial justice is decidedly no “woke”, as the internet like to say. While Cuba’s legacy of racism predates Castro, it’s safe to say over racism against individuals of African ancestry there remains far more pronounced than it’s in the United States,” wrote the Zionist Jew racist Mark Hemingway.

I’m surprised Hemingway didn’t curse Cuba for jailing American Jewish spy Alan Gross.

Another Zionist Jew idiot at The Raw Story, compared Kaepernick with George Washington (?) while insisting that though he is “biracial”, he is “considered Black”.

However, this didn’t stop some anti-Muslim White racists to portray Colin Kaepernick as product of mix-race – probably Black or an Arab. On August 31, Muslim-hating White writer Steve Sailor claimed that Kaepernick looks-like Osama Bin Laden. He even posted a picture of the two to prove that he is an idiot.

I bet the racists will make sure Colin Kaepernick lose his job for telling the truth about America (watch video below).


Harvard’s African slaves

On March 30, 2016, Harvard University president Drew Gilpin Faust (Jewish spouse, Charles E. Rosenberg) in an Op-Ed published at The Harvard Crimson, entitled, Recognizing Slavery at Harvard, said that it’s time to come out of closet and admit the fact that African slaves were used to built the university.

Although we embrace and celebrate the storied traditions of our nearly 400 year history, slavery is an aspect of Harvard’s past that has rarely been acknowledged or invoked. The importance of slavery in early New England was long ignored even by historians, and the presence and contributions of people of African descent at Harvard have remained a largely untold story. But Harvard was directly complicit in America’s system of racist bondage from the college’s early days in the 17th century until slavery in Massachusetts ended in 1783, and Harvard continued to be indirectly involved through extensive financial and other ties to the slave South until to emancipation. This is our history and legacy, one must acknowledge and understand in order to truly move beyond the painful injustices at its core,” Faust said.

Dr. Faust, however, was at loss to acknowledge that both labor and sex slavery is still Alive And Well In America. How American could avoid the $150 billion annual trade?

Afro-American make nearly 15% of American population, but has only one member in the Senate, Tim Scott. Contrary to that Jews makes less than 2% of country’s population, but have 10 Senators (Democrat 9, independent 1).

American historian and author Dr. Craig Steven Wilder (MIT) in his book, Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery and, the Troubled History of America’s Universities, says that almost all Ivy League Universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Rutgers, Williams, Dartmouth, and University of North Carolina) – are drenched in the sweat and sometimes the blood of Africans brought to the United States as slaves.

When you think about the colonial world, until the American Revolution, there is only one college in the South, William and Mary. The other eight colleges were all Northern schools, and they’re actually located in key sites, for the most part, of merchant economy where the slave traders had come to power and rose as financial and intellectual backers of the new culture of colonies,” Wilder said.

On January 25, 2015, Israeli president Reuven Rivlin made a history. He became the first Zionist president to address 2,500 Black Zionist Christians gathered inside Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center. The congregation is lead by Center’s founder evangelist pastor A. R. Bernard (father of 7 sons and 7 daughters). Rivlin said that Jews and Blacks have a shared history of struggle, and warned against Holocaust denial.

Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam, in book, The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, has documented Jewish racism against Black people.

Bronx elite Jewish School bans Swastika

zionism[1]When it comes to anti-Islam bigotry, the pro-Israel western politicians and Jewish press are found working 24/7. While Jewish press rarely misses a chance to exploit some wrong done by a Muslim individual – it usually ignore anti-Muslim bigotry within non-Muslim communities.

Currently, when every US presidential candidate is suffering from the non-existent Islamic threat, none of these paranoids have dared to mention Jewish bigotry against Hindu minority right in Bronx, New York.

Jewish parents were outraged at an elite Jewish Ethical Culture Fieldston School ($45,100 per year) when a 6th grader incorporated a Swastika into an art project as sacred symbol based on his parents’ Hindu religious background.

As the threats from Jewish parents and donors grew, the school management held a special meeting with the crying wolves to discuss the kid’s drawing. A decision was made and the top gun at the school then wrote to every student’s family to insist that, however innocent in intent, the Swastika shouldn’t appear anywhere, on school ground.

The symbol Swastika represents different meanings for different Hindu castes; “peace” for upper classes, and “racism” for the untouchables (Dalit). However, it existed thousands of years before Nazis adopted it as sign of Aryan purity.

The two-inverted triangles (six-pointed star) is a Pagan symbol and has nothing to do with prophet David. It was adopted by the Illuminati satanic cult in modern history. In the past the hexagram existed in Hindu religion as Shatkona. It was also used by Babylonian, Egyptians and Assyrians in the past. Israelites worshiped star gods such as Remphan and Chiun. The Juist-controlled ultra-wealthy Rothschild family use it to steal world’s wealth.

The six-sided star numerically equals 666 (6-points, 6-triangles, 6-sided hexagon) here.

Tehran’s conference on US Police Brutality against Blacks

Iran-Flag-128[1]On October 27, 2015, Tehran hosted third international New Horizon Conference. The theme of the 3-day conference was ‘On The Brink’, which highlighted US police brutality against Afro-American youth. The conference was attended by a delegation of 30 academic, human rights activists and film-makers from the US including members of the Nation of Islam. Some Black activists came from other European countries also. Watch a video below.

As expected, the participants were declared Israel-haters due to the participation of members of Nation of Islam whose leader, Louis Farrakhan, is the most feared Afro-American leader by the Organized Jewry. The Jewish press has used the conference to discredit the #Black Lives Matter movement. In September 2015, Hollywood Black actor Will Smith was chased by Zionist dogs for allegedly donating $150,000 toward NOI rally against police brutality.

Barack Obama has admitted that he knows racial profiling by police is a real concern in part because he has experienced it firsthand. He recalled a Chicago event with law enforcement officials who told him to pull over for no good reason. He cited a report released this week showing that many African Americans have similarly been pulled over or frisked for no clear reason.

The data shows that this is not an aberration,” said Obama. “It doesn’t mean each case is a problem. It means that when you aggregate all the cases and you look at it, you’ve gotta say that there’s some racial bias in the system.”

The Jewish hatred of White race and vice versa is legendary, but when it comes to Black people, both are birds of feather.

American Jewish columnist and author, Max Blumenthal, in book, ‘Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel’, recounts his personal experience while reporting from the Zionist entity for four years.

I was most surprised at the banality of the racism and violence that I witnessed and how it’s so widely tolerated because it’s so common. And I’m most surprised that it hasn’t made its way to the American public,” says Blumenthal.

The Jews learn this religious hatred and racism from their religious scriptures. They have perfected the technique by terrorizing and killing innocent Palestinians and Arabs. Israeli army and police is now considered “expert” in controlling ‘stone throwing’ anti-government and anti-Jewish rallies around the world. It’s well-known fact that American police receives such training from Israeli officials, funded by pro-Israeli Jewish groups like ADL, AJC, and others.

America’s ‘War on Drugs’ is ‘War on Blacks’

Just like the so-called ‘War on Terrorism’ is in fact a War on Muslims for Israel – the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ is a Zionist Crusade against America’s Blacks, incarcerating millions of them to prevent renewal of struggle for freedom as happened in the 1960s – which was inspired by Malcolm X and Rev. Martin Luther King.

The so-called ‘War on Drugs’ was declared in 1982 by the Hollywood actor turned US president Ronald Wilson Reagan, an Israeli puppet. Speaking to the nation in his weekly radio address, Reagan promised a ‘planned, concerted campaign’ against all drugs; hard, soft or otherwise. He described his campaign as a ‘military operation’ against Afro-American and Latino communities who are wrongfully projected as the biggest drugs suppliers and consumers by country’s Jewish-controlled news and TV media.

The Jewish Lobby, like the Holocaust denier stick, has also applied drugs trade to beat Israel’s enemies like Iran, Pakistan, Hizbullah, etc. Historically, it’s the Jews who has always played the leading role in drugs industry. In 1998 the CIA admitted its involvement in drugs trafficking in the United States after years of federal investigation by the Kerry Congressional Committee.

Since then, no matter who occupied the White House, the ‘War on Drugs’ was used to invade several foreign lands in Asia, Africa and South America. However, after three decade, the America’s War on Drugs has failed to control the sale and consumption of most of hard and soft drugs in the US even after spending hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money.

According to the 2014 report by the US-based National Institute on Drugs Abuse, America has less than 5% of world population but Americans consume 75% of world’s drugs.

According to a rough estimate, it cost US taxpayers’ $30,000 a year to feed and house a drug inmate. It’s more than 46 million Americans earns per year. The poverty level for a family with four children is $24,000 per year in  the US.

Now, several US politicians, social workers, anti-drugs activist and even the Blackman in the White House have raised their voices against this phony ‘War on Drugs’. However, Daniel Robelo, claimed on August 12, 2015, that ending the Drug War won’t end mass incarnation because it’s based on pure racism.

The election of the first Black Obama to become America’s president has nothing to do with racial equality, as the US media likes the world to believe. Obama, like the rest of White House occupants, protects the interests of country’s 1% fat-cats, mostly Jewish. The racism against Blacks, Latinos and Muslims in particular is well and alive under Obama surrounded by pro-Israel staff and politicians.