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12 Pakistani-origin politicians elected to UK parliament

12 British Pakistanis elected to UK parliament12 out of 16 Muslims elected to British House of Commons are Pakistani-origin. Five of them are female; Naz Shah, Yasmin Qureshi, Shabana Mehmood, and Polish convert to Islam, Rozeena-Allin Khan, belong to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party while Nusrat Ghani belongs to Theresa May’s Conservative (Tory) Party.

The seven Muslim male MPS re-elected are Khalid Mehmood, Imran Hussain, Afzal Khan, Mohammed Yasin and Faisal Rasheed from Labour – and pro-Israel Sajid Javid and Rehman Chishti, former campaigner for Pakistan’s former prime minister Benazir Bhuttobelong to Conservative Party.

In 2015 only nine Pakistani-origin politicians won elections.

Other Muslim candidates who have made their way into parliament include Bangaldeshi-origin Roshanara Ali of Labour from Bethnal Green, professor Rupa Asha Huq from Ealing, and Tulip Siddique from Hampstead.

Palestinian-origin school teacher Lyla Moran is elected on Liberal Democrats ticket.

The UK is home to the largest Pakistani community in Europe, with the population of British Pakistanis exceeding 1.17 million out of country’s total Muslim population of 3 million. British Pakistanis are the second largest ethnic minority population in the United Kingdom and also make up the second largest subgroup of British Asians.

Corbyn will not be prime minister but has proved to be the most honest and pro-people leader in Britain at the present time. The Brexit issue prevented him from obtaining a majority or enough seats to form a coalition government. May’s strategy paid off in this regard. Many voters preferred the Conservatives over Labour because of Brexit negotiations. The Jewish-controlled British press played its part as well. The media ganged up against Corbyn and tried everything to stop his march towards the victory.


China to help Pakistan mine US$1 trillion mineral resources

China state companies have shown interest to help Islamabad mine huge mineral resources in country’s Balochistan province bordering Islamic Republic of Iran as part of China’s Silk Roads initiative.

China has pledged US$62 billion for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a flagship OBOR project that first focused on Chinese state firms building Gwadar port in Balochistan on the Arabian Sea, roads and power stations, but is now expanding to include setting up industries.

Over US$1 trillion worth of natural resources have been reportedly discovered in the province including, Gold, Copper, Black pearl, Oil, Valuable Stones, Coal, and Chromite. However, terrorist groups funded by the US, Israel and India against Islamabad and Tehran in the province for decades had stopped its exploitation.

Any large-scale mining has failed to take off. Foreign firms have been put off by security fears and a high-profile litigation case with Canada’s Barrick Gold and Chile’s Antofagasta over Reko Dig, one of the world’s biggest undeveloped gold and copper mines, in the province.

The dream of the proposed Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline passing through Balochistan has not completed since its beginning in the 1990s due to American pressure on Islamabad and the foreign trained-supported insurgency.

Last month, the Balochistan-based terrorists attacked Iranian border police killing 10 Iranian which brought warning from Tehran calling on Islamabad to tighten security along Pakistan-Iran border.

Last year, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi threatened Islamabad to stir more terrorism in Balochistan in order to divert world attention from independence protests in Indian occupied state of Kashmir.

Trump woos Pakistan to isolate China

On Friday, Donald Trump’s pro-Israel national security adviser Lt. Gen. McMaster landed in Islamabad on his first trip to the region. After Pakistan, he is scheduled to visit Afghanistan and India. He called on Pakistan’s finance minister Sen. Ishaq Dar in Islamabad and relayed Trump administration’s wish to work with Pakistan to pursue the common objectives of peace and security and economic well-being of the people.

Dar said Pakistan believes in a peaceful neighborhood, and the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was keen to work with friends and partners for peace and stability in the region and beyond.

Coincidentally, on Friday US boycotted Moscow Peace Conference to resolve the US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan since November 2001. Washington branded it a unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region.

The conference was attended by diplomats from Russia, China, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. NATO nations and the United Nations skipped the conference.

McMaster’s visit came one day after the US air force tested its Mother of all Bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan’s Nangahar province near the Pak-Afghan border to protect US-Israel-India terrorists operating in the country from pro-Pakistan Taliban. The test killed 36 civilians.

Since the America’s anti-Russia coup in Ukraine, Russia, a staunch ally of India since 1950s, has now joined India’s regional adversaries, China and Pakistan to form a powerful realignment to challenge the hegemonic power of the US in the world.

Trump is also bullying North Korea, another ally of Pakistan, Iran and China – not because it poses any security threat to United States – but because Israel considers N. Korea an enemy state for its support for the oppressed Palestinians.

Atia Ali Kazmi, a senior research and policy analyst in Islamabad penned an article for the US-based Israel lobby mouthpiece The Hill (February 13, 2017).

Both Trump and Sharif desire to reduce the security cost of hosting refugees and defeating terrorism. In pursuit of these common interests, Pakistan can play a vital role. In return, Pakistan would expect, at minimum, an end to the eight years of hostility under President Obama. Washington could reciprocate by nuancing its policy and eschewing the word ‘Islamic’. Islam is an anathema to terrorism and it is a religion of peace. As one of the most populous Islamic states, Pakistan wants to defeat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,” Kazmi said.

Pakistan’s only Jew declared ‘insane’ by his brothers

Brothers Say Pakistani Man Claiming Jewish Roots Is 'Insane' - Forward;

Three years ago, Israeli blogger Marc Goldberg had reported that Pakistani-born Faisal became country’s only Jew by claiming that his mother was born into an American Jewish family who married a Muslim engineer from Pakistan. Thus, under Jewish Halakah (Shari’ah) he was a bona-fide Jew. His three brothers from the same mother had refused to declare their Jewishness.

On April 9, 2017, America’s oldest newspaper, Jewish Daily Forward claimed that Faisal’s brothers have call him insane who has brought shame to their mother.

According to the paper, “Faisal Benkhald, 29, who took Yiddish name Fischel was finally got registered as the only Jewish citizen of the country after three-year legal battle. He claims that his mother used to bake Challah and light candles on Shabbat.”

His brothers who are older than Fischel, told the Jerusalem-based the Times of Israel that both of their parents were born Muslims and the dude is lying to receive money from Evangelic groups and help to get political asylum in some Western country.

Their mother died 20 years ago and father shortly afterwards.

I wonder if Fischel ever thought of immigrating to neighboring Iran that has over 30,000-strong Jewish community. Once he get hooked-up with a Jewish woman – it would be damn easy to take political asylum in the US or UK.

Fischel is not alone anymore. Thanks to Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka – now everyone wants to be Jewish, according to two Jew researchers, Dr. Netanel Fisher and Prof. Tudor Parfitt.

For thousands of years, the Jewish people were perceived as a rejected group. No one wanted to join. If there were any massive movement, it was in the opposite direction. Many Jews tried to shake off the ‘Jewish weight’ off their shoulders and assimilate into the general society,” says Fisher.

Chinese troops join Pakistan Day parade

On March 23, 2017, Pakistan nation held its annual 77th Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad. It was the first time a 90-member contingent of China’s People Liberation Army joined the parade underscoring Beijing’s increasingly strong partnership with Islamabad.

The Pakistan military displayed its conventional and nuclear-capable weapons at Thursday’s parade in the capital.

Military contingents from Turkey and Saudi Arabia have always participated in Pakistan Day parades.

The military parade resumed in 2015 after a gap of seven years and was seen as a manifestation of the military’s show of strength in the wake of CIA-Mossad-Raw terrorist attack on military school in Peshawar in December 2014 that killed 137 students and ten staff members including one lady teacher who was burned alive by the terrorists.

Pakistan’s president Mamnoon Hussain thanked China for country’s longstanding military, economic and political cooperation. He said the cooperation under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor underscored strong economic partnership between the two countries and opened doors of development not only for Pakistan, but for the whole region.

President Hussain, however, reiterated that Pakistan’s nuclear capacities are meant to ensure regional peace and stability. He said Islamabad is ready for talks with New Delhi on all issues, including Kashmir, but accused India of violating a cease-fire in the divided Himalayan region.

India’s irresponsible attitude and consistent violations of Line of Control and Working Boundary have jeopardized peace of the region,” Hussain alleged, referring to the de facto Kashmir frontier.

Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif, defense minister Khawaja Arif and chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force took salute at the parade (watch video below) also watch 36 pictures of the parade here.

Pakistan Day commemorates March 23, 1940, when a resolution called Lahore Resolution was passed demanding the establishment of a separate homeland to protect Muslims in the then British colony of India.

Pakistan was the first Muslim-majority nation to recognize Communist China in 1948.

Since the US-India nuclear deal signed in 2008, China has expanded its nuclear cooperation with Pakistan to counter that deal. India, Pakistan and Israel are three nuclear powers which have refused to join NPT club. India considers both China and Pakistan as its regional adversaries.

Pakistan allows Hindu widow to remarry

On March 10, 2017 Pakistan’s Senate passed Hindu Marriage Bill 2016 unanimously. Once signed by country’s president Mamnoon Hussain it will become a law.

This will be the first personal law to let country’s courts to regulate a Hindu marriage which was left to Hindu religious leaders (priests) until now to avoid accusation of Islamic persecution.

The bill will enable the Hindu community to get their marriages registered and to appeal in courts of law in cases of separation.

Clause 17 of the bill states that a Hindu widowshall have the right to re-marry of her own will after a waiting period of six months.”

Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani member Pakistan’s National Assembly (it has 5 reserved seats for 1.6% Hindu population, 4 for Christians, 1 for Parsi and 60 for women) called the move a new year’s gift for Hindus living in Pakistan.

The bill was tabled in 2016 by Hindu MP Ramesh Vakvani and supported by Kamran Michael, Federal Minister for Human Rights.

The law will be applicable in Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. The Sindh province, which is home to 7% of Hindu population, already has its own Hindu marriage law.

Some Indian Hindu experts are skeptical about the goodness of the Clause 17 – fearing that it would push a Hindu widow to convert to Islam or Christianity as traditionally no Hindu is expected to marry a widow (here).

I’m happy that bill allows a Hindu widow to remarry. Clause 17 of the bill states that a Hindu widow “shall have the right to re-marry of her own will and consent after the death of her husband provided a period of six months has lapsed after the husband’s death.”

I call it the real freedom of choice for Hindu widow considering there are over 34 million Hindu widows in India who cannot remarry.

Contrary to that, Islam allows a widow to remarry a Muslim male of her choice. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) set the tradition over 1400 years ago. His first wife Khadija (as) was not only a widow but 15 years older than him. After her death, he married one very old Muslim and two young Jewish widows.

Behind the anti-Muslim Zionist and Hindutva propaganda – both Christian (8%), Hindu, Sikh and Zoroastrianism (Parsi) minorities are free to practice their religions. They all have contributed to the progress of the country.

No Pakistani president or prime minister or Muslim religious leader like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Netanyahu or Geert Wilder has called expulsion or banning of Hindus or Christians to visit Pakistan.

The religious tolerance in Pakistan can be measured by the fact that Muslim students are found in almost every Christian school and college while it would be a miracle to meet a Christian, Jew or Hindu student in a Muslim school in the West.

Musharraf: India behind terrorism in Pakistan

george_bush_musharraf_buddy[1]On Monday, Pakistan’s former military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf speaking with Dr. Moeed Pirzada at Dunya TV said that Indian (RAW), Afghan (NDS), and Israeli (Mossad) intelligence agencies were 200% behind the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Musharraf who resides in Dubai since March 2016, said the Pakistan’s military operation Zarb-e-Azb had no short comings, as it was specifically for North Waziristan. “This operation cleaned up all the camps and launching pads of terrorist, who are supported by the Indian Spy Agency with the collaboration of Afghan Spy agency NDS, to destabilize the tribal areas,” he said.

Musharraf said that a holistic approach and planning is very crucial at the moment to curb terrorism in the Country. “Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has always been a sectarian outfit and is extensively involved in killing minorities in Quetta.”

He added that this sectarian outfit’s masterminds are based in Punjab and are actively running sleeper cells. “What steps are being taken to eliminate these sleeper cells? Punjab has become the strong hold of militancy,” he asked.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gangsters are anti-Shi’ite Wahhabi mercenaries recruited by Hindutva-Mossad with the object of creating Sunni-Shi’ite sectarianism to break-up the only Muslim nuclear power.

Musharraf strongly criticized the house arrest of the JUD head Hafiz Saeed. “Hafiz Saeed is not a terrorist, it should be established as he runs a very large charity, they contributed to relief activities in post-earthquake and post flood periods in Pakistan,” he said.

Musharraf also said that Hafiz Saeed is against Taliban and Al-Qaeda and that the nation should not be confused and that India is against them because their supporters go voluntarily to Jammu Kashmir to fight Indian army. “India got banned them through its anti-Muslim allies at the United Nations,” he added.

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed leader of Jamaat ud-Dawa (JUD) is on both Washington’s and New Delhi’s most wanted list for being the mastermind behind the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which was a Mossad-RSS false flag operation to start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Commenting on his earlier statements on Masood Azhar, Musharraf said that, no comparison can be done between Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed. “Masood Azhar is a terrorist, who is fighting the state of Pakistan.”

Musharraf also said: “Giving up Kashmir cause will not improve anything with India and this opinion of the Pseudo liberals that doing so will improve our relationship with India is absurd.”

Gen. Pervez Musharraf became the 4th military dictator of Pakistan in 1999 when his four top Generals carried out a coup against civilian government of Nawaz Sharif who had decided to dump Musharraf while he was on a visit to India. Musharraf was ousted on August 18, 2008 as result of mass protests against his dictatorial rule. He took self-exile in London, and later moved to Dubai. In March 2013, he returned to Pakistan against death threats to restart his political career. In 2014 he appeared at a court to face treason and murder charges brought-up by Nawaz Sharif Muslim League. In March 2016, country’s highest court gave him permission to receive medical treatment for his back injury. Musharraf returned to his home in Dubai.

Right after Israel’s 9/11, the then US deputy secretary of state, Richard Armitage (Jew) called president Pervez Musharraf and threatened him to bomb Pakistan to the Stone Age unless he allows US forces to violate Pakistan’s airspace for bombing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Like a typical American pet the General fell down on his knees. However, the next day when Armitage made a similar threat to Iran’s Supreme Army Commander Ayatullah Ali Khamenei – the answer came: “Tell your stupid president to go to Hell. I don’t like Taliban but I will never help a Kaffir Army to kill my fellow Afghan Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Musharraf’s treason brought nothing but misery for Pakistani nation. It had not only to feed over 2.5 million Afghan refugees but got itself into culture of terrorism which has taken tens of thousands of Pakistani lives since then.