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Hollywood actor calls Western Wall ‘Myth’!

2884_21Afro-American Oscar-wining actor Morgan Freeman was kicked out of the Western (Wailing) Wall vicinity for calling it a myth the word which is banned within the Jewish holy area.

It happened when the Dark Knight Rises star was filming National Geographic chennel documentary series The Story of God in the occupied East Jerusalem.

There are certain words you cannot use in certain places in the world,” he told US chat show The Talk on January 16, 2017. “One of them is Myth. I said Myth, they said: YOU OUT.”

In April 2016, Morgan Freeman humiliated himself by posting a photo of himself in East Jerusalem on Facebook with the tag, Jerusalem, Israel, sparking a debate in which nearly 800 readers corrected him that none of the 193 UN-member states recognizes Jerusalem being Capital City of the Zionist entity. Realizing his mistake, Freeman deleted the word Israel from the Facebook post.

Morgan Freeman who played the part of Nelson Mandela in 2009 movie Invictus, was honored by Canadian Friends of Hebrew University at the 2013 Celebration of Excellence in Toronto.

Morgan Freeman believes in the myth of Six Million Died. In a 2015 podcast for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, he said that even after 70 year of the WWII, European still hate Jews.

Freeman though born in a Christian family, is not sure if God really exists. He is a Democrat. He endorced Barack Obama in 2008 – not because Obama is Black. Freeman has called Black History Month ridiculous as there is no White History Month.

In July 2015, Freeman along with Jordanian Queen Noor appeared in a campaign video (below) produced by anti-nuclear group Global Zero in support of P5+1 and Iran’s nuclear deal.

On September 13, 2008, Captain (ret) Joe Cortina of Green Beret in a blog post said that the National Geographic, which was established by a group of scientists, explorers, military officers in 1888 to introduce its readers to the world around America. However, now the magazine has become a mouthpiece of Godless Zionist Jews who are bent on to destroy the principles and history of Christianity.


Dutch Jews: Torah is not ‘anti-gay’!

In September 2016, Dutch ex-prime minister Dries Van Agt (1977-82) irked country’s Organized Jewry by calling Benjamin Netanyahu, a War Criminal.

Last week, Dutch Jewish groups condemned a flyer distributed in Amsterdam which condemned homosexuality by claiming that the practice is banned in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Local police detained three antisemite men, aged 29 to 39 after the Central Jewish Board of the Netherlands (CJO) lodged a complaint. The police has refused to identify the religious background of the three men, but the country’s Jewish-controlled media claimed they’re Muslims even though the flyer doesn’t quote a passage from Holy Qur’an.

The text of the flier quotes a passage from the Christian Bible and another from the Torah condemning homosexuality. The latter, from Leviticus, reads: Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

According to the flier, children raised by homosexuals are likelier to be sexually abused and homosexuals are likelier to commit suicide. They feature a picture of a rabbi, a priest, and Muslim leader of daily prayers.

Last year, UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis admitted that sexual abuse of children among Jewish communities has become epidemic. The same goes for the Catholic Church.

The CJO said in a statement that it disagrees with flyers’ anti-gay message and regrets the citing of Judaism by the people responsible for distributing them.

In October 2015, CJO in a statement urged Amsterdam Mayor Aberhard van der Laan to remove Iraqi and Syrian refugees housed in a community center located near Jewish homes. Thanks G-d, Moroccan-born Ahmed Aboutaleb, the antisemite is Mayor of Rotterdam and not City of Amsterdam.

CJO chairman Ron van der Wieken told the press that his organization was “outraged by the discriminatory fliers, which the Jewish community strongly rejects,” adding that “flyer’s text of Torah is full of glaring lies.”

Wieken could be right. Last year, Rabbi Avi Weiss in an Op-Ed at Israeli Ha’aretz said, “as an Orthodox rabbi I believe homosexuality is against Jewish teachings – but being a committed believer in the separation of synagogue from the state, I support the same-sex marriage in a civil court.”

Professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York), a lesbian and author of 47 books claims Gay Rights movement is Jewish.

In June 2004, Canadian blogger Simon Jones in an article, entitled, Jews and Gays – Birds of a feather explained that homosexuality is a part of Jewish culture.

Like Jews, gays have ancient roots of persecution and have been mostly outcasts since the rise of Christianity (though the roots of persecution, ironically, are in the Torah). This persecution complex – I know it first-hand – leaves an indelible mark on one’s character – defiance of a hypocritical, unjust society, a desire for revenge, a feeling of superiority (warranted or not), a lack of patriotism. So gays automatically empathize with Jews. At the same time, gays often crossed paths with Jews professionally – in the arts, as writers, philosophers, councilors, etc.,” says Jones.

Jews will insist that they are not racists, that it is the goys that are racist, and then, without batting an eye, talk about their DNA, and defend unconditionally the only blatantly racist state – Israel, unique among sovereign states (except for Nazi Germany). Judaism is a veritable ‘shell game’: a religion, no – an identity, oops – a culture, wrong again – a tradition. It is a slippery fish – whatever fits the bill at the moment,” says Jones.

Gays have also been persecuted – mostly by the church, though Islam and Judaism (yes, our fellow sufferers!) traditionally also forbid and punish homosexuality. But there were never any instances of hysterical, mass expulsion of gays, as there were of Jews. Why? Clearly, because gays never really posed a threat to the dominant society,” adds Jones.

UK: Paedophilia among Israel lovers

In the past, I posted two of UK’s famous pro-Israel paedophiles –BBC’s most Jewish Catholic Sir James Savile and former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Lord Janner. I’m sure, these two “Righteous Ones”, who saved Jews from “another Holocaust at the hands of Iranian Ayatullahs (Netanyahu, January 27, 2015) must be enjoying their eternal lives in Hell.

Last year, two founders of UK’s top Jewish Summer Camps for children (LL Camps), Tal Landsman, 26, and Ben Lewis, were accused of taking naked images of three- and four-year-old girls by the Hertfordshire police. The LL Camps was closed down in August 2015 after Lewis was reported to police by a member of staff who had seen the images.

Tal Landsman, who was accused of wilfully exposing children to harm by not immediately reporting his best friend Ben Lewis to the authorities was cleared of the crime by a jury St Albans Crown Court on May 27, 2016. The jury decision was based on the testimony of a Jewish clinical psychologist Ilan Ben-Zion, who described Landsman as “extremely bright, vibrant, enthusiastic and determined young man.”

Ben Lewis confessed to his crime and is due to be sentenced next week.

Just imagine had the accused of child pornography been a British Muslim.

Israeli propaganda mouthpiece Jewish chronicle reported: “the jury of seven men and five women had heard from a LL Camps staffer, Sandra Vicente, that the sight of the images on Lewis’s phone had polluted her brain.”

Prosecutor Ann Evans told the jury: “You may think this is the height of irresponsibility and, as co-owner, his first duty in this situation should have been to the children, not the co-owner Ben Lewis. In an effort to protect his friend he did nothing about what he had heard, and allowed the parties and activities to keep running at the camp until eventually Ofsted moved in and closed the place down on August 6 last year.”

James Dean, a pro-Israel award-winning porn star, tells how he lost his virginity at a Jewish Summer camp, aspiring to a porn star since third grade, and how his Jewish religion helped him to become what he is today.

Passover: The Truth

Crime20against20humanity20by20Tsaha[2]This week the Zionist empire is going through its annual ritual of its Jewish victimhood at the hands of ancient Egyptians, known as Passover. Ignore the fact that both Moses and his brother Aaron who led their Tribe out of bondage aka Exodus, were not even Jewish, but known as ‘Israelites’ in Torah, New Testament and Holy Qur’an.

Prophet Moses is the central figure in both Judaism and Christianity. Holy Qur’an mentions Moses’ story to explain Believers the power of Allah who saved Moses from death at the hands of Pharaoh’s assassins, got him raised as part of Pharaoh’s royal household, and gave him the wisdom to negotiate with Pharaoh Merneptah and succeeded in deliverance of people of his faith from centuries-old slavery (serf), who betrayed him after he received the Ten Commandments from Allah. On his return Moses found his tribe worshipping ‘Golden Calf’ with the exception of Aaron and a few dozen disciples.

Holy Qur’an doesn’t dwell into later barbaric story of the descendants of Jacob’s (Israel) 12 sons that includes the Holocaust of Native Palestinian (Canaanites)nearly 3,000 years ago which continues even today.

The bible account of Passover or Exodus is internally inconsistent and is clearly a mixture of several traditions and myths.

Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton used the Passover to discredit her Democrat Jewish rival Bernie Sanders of throwing Israelis under bus in a blog-post at Jerusalem-based The Times of Israel (April 17, 2016). As a typical goysplaining, Hillary steadfastly defended the Zionist regime in the blog post. She conflated the Jewish religion with the Zionist entity and condemned critics of Netanyahu government as anti-Semitic.

On April 23, 2016, I noticed an article, entitled, The Return of the Desert God, by Israeli author and peace activist Adam Keller. It’s worth reading to understand the importance of Passover for the Organized Jewry.

Under the commander of Joshua, son of Nun, the former slaves of Egypt, ferociously attacked the land of Canaan and conquered city after city. At the command of their G-d they then massacred all the inhabitants, men and women, old and children – in some places, even the domestic animals. At the happy end, they proceeded to divide and parcel out the land which had been emptied of its inhabitants,” Keller said.

Jews and ‘Ho, Ho, Ho…’

babbonatalemetteipakkettisottoalber[1]Christmas time usually generates ‘Clash of Civilization’ between the Organized Jewry and ordinary Christians even though all four major Christian denominations; Catholics, Anglican, Evangelic, and Mormons are controlled by the Jewish lobby groups.

During Christmas session, Jewish organizations accuse Christian groups for collaborating with Muslims to spread hatred toward Israel while the Zionist-controlled Hollywood releases anti-Christian movies.

Hollywood’s this year Christmas gift is Seth Rogen’s latest hit, The Night Before. The cast includes six Jewish (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Julian Bell, Lizy Kaplan, Aaron Hill and Michael Shannon), and one Black actor (Anthony Mackie), who make fun of Santa Clause. Decked out in an ugly Christmas sweater with the Star of Zion in the middle, Seth Rogen is the main character in the movie if you’re a follower of Jewish Holy Talmud. The movie has received excellent reviews from every corner of the Jewish-controlled media. Watch a trailer below.

Michael Hoffman, Christian author of several books on Judaism, has called The Night Before, a cinematic toilet paper.

The founts of evil who cooked-up the toilet paper-making on Christmas Eve passed on their mentality onto their spiritual children in Hollywood and The Night Before is the result here in the land of el cesspool grande,” wrote Hoffman.

None of this would be possible in an Islamic nation or any civilized nation for that matter, but here it is on the big screen at your local movieplex, in the land of “God Bless America” bumper-stickers, where super patriots point fingers and accuse Russian and Iran of being fount of evil,” Hoffman added.

To understand how much the Catholic Church has been corrupted – one has to look at America’s most powerful Vatican official, Timothy Michael Dolan, Archbishop of New York, who claims that there is no Salvation for Christians unless they believe that Christian Nazis did murder six million Jews during WWII. In 2009, Dolan requested Rabbi Isaac Nathan Lerer to “intervene for him in Heaven” (here).

Personally, I agree with American lady physician, author and former Christian preacher, Paige Turner MD, who believes that Christmas has less to do with Christianity and more with big business.

St. Nicholas represented a sect of Christianity at the Council of Nicea (325 CE). He became famous for making toys for the local children at Christmastime. Over centuries the kindness and generosity of this individual has grown into a legend of a jolly fat man with a white beard who lives in the North Pole. He has elves, to help him make toys, and magic reindeer, to pull his sleigh through the sky on Christmas Eve, and he comes down people’s chimneys to deliver Christmas presents,” Mrs. Turner claims in book, How to Prove That Christianity Is Not True.

Farrakhan: ‘Forgiveness is not Jewish’

On October 10, tens of thousands of Americans belonging to different faiths and races gathered at US Capitol to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Million Man March held on October 16, 1995 at the National Mall where African slaves were auctioned in the past.

The leader of Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, the most hated Afro-American leader by the Jewish Lobby, was the keynote speaker. During his long speech, he chided critics advising the #Justice or Else movement that Black folks should forget their past slavery and move ahead, saying: “Find me a Jew that forgives Hitler, and you say they’re the people of God and they don’t have any forgiveness in them (here).”

Farrakhan’s statement is supported by UK’s former Chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks (1991-2013), in his newly published 25th book, ‘Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence, the result of his 12-year labor. He refuses to forgive 1.7 billion Muslims for their ancestors, who liberated Spanish Jews from Christian slavery.

Jews have always stood against religious violence. We never went with the majority. We insisted our rights to be different. That’s why Jews carry a very important message to the world. If you’re al-Qaeda or ISIS, attempting soon or eventually to impose the Caliphate on the world, you have to oppose the Jews and state of Israel, because historically we were the ones who stood against them,” JTA quoted the hate-spewing Jewish liar on October 15, 2015.

Rabbi Sacks in self-denial thinks that non-Jews don’t know that both al-Qaeda and ISIS were created not to “impose Caliphate on the world” – but to impose Jewish fascism on Muslim world.

American youth are looking for uncompromising leaders who cannot be bought or sold, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to find such leaders in a society rife with inequality and corruption,” Farrakhan observed (here). Listen to the speech below.

On October 11, 2015, the anti-Black anti-Muslim Taki’s Magazine slammed US Capitol police chief Kim Dine for ignoring an internal letter that had circulated in his department alleging Farrakhan’s past public statements have called for violence. He personally apologized to Farrakhan. Taki’s whining proves that some US police chiefs are not brainwashed during their free trips to Israel. In 2005, former Capitol police chief Terrance W. Gainer took a free trip to Israel arranged by JINSA, and praised Israel as “Harvard of antiterrorism” (here, here).

Calling a terrorist state being “Harvard of antiterrorism” goes beyond human stupidity.

Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg and Jews

The-Devil-and-the-Jews[1]The Organized Jewry never liked Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg (1904-1959) for exposing some Jewish secrets. Trachtenberg was a American rabbi belonging to the so-called Reformed Judaism. He was author of Jewish Magic and Superstition (1939) and The Devil and the Jews (Yale University, 1943).

Since the creation of the Christian Church in Rome in 325 CE, Jewish elites have been equated with Satanic cult in the Christian world for their love of usury (interest on loan), political power, and anti-national activities in every country they lived. Contrary to that, Jewish communities found more religious and social freedom under Muslim rulers.

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia cites rabbi’s book Jewish Magic and Superstition as a rabbanical authority on these subjects.

In Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, American Christian author Elizabeth Dilling Stokes (d. 1966) explains how the Organized Jewry (AJC, ADL, B’nai B’rith) have infiltrated all sensitive sectors of American society to subvert Christianity and national interests.

Temple Emeth where Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg lead prayers from 1953 to 1959 has a library dedicated to him. The library contains 2000 books donated by rabbi’s surviving wife.