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Chutzpah: Lobby rejects UN report penned by US Jew

On Wednesday, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) released it report on occupied Palestine. The report accused Israel of being an apartheid state like former South Africa.

Naturally, the Jewish Lobby with hundreds of million dollars annual budget was not going to take such insult from Washington funded United Nations sitting down. Two Jewish fat-cats, Stephen Greenberg and Malcolm Hoenlein, the Chairman and CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations declared that the UN report was unacceptable because like South African Richard Goldstone 2011 report, the latest report was also written by a Self-Hating Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T) Jew – American academic and former US special envoy for Palestinian territories, Richard Falk.

The two Zionist creep said that the latest outrage perpetrated against Israel by a UN body must not be allowed to stand. They accused fellow American Jew Dr. Falk and Kuwait-Jordanian Dr. Rima Khalaf Hunaidi, the Executive director of ESCWA, of being serial purveyors of anti-Israel calumnies who abuse their official UN positions to launch unjustified and outrageous attacks on Israel.

The two called upon UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, an Israel-lover, to reject the report and demand an apology from Dr. Hunaidi for her hatred toward the Zionist entity. Guterres dutifully obeyed his masters’ command but Dr. Hunaidi refused to be intimidated by the Zionist thugs – and submitted her resignation on March 15.

Richard Verber, vice-president of British Jewish Lobby (Board of Jewish Deputies) called the latest report on Israel a shameful exercise in distortion, delegitimisation and propaganda. “We call on the governments of UN Member States to condemn publicly this outrageous report,” he said in a statement.

I’m sure Verber knows that since March 1949 when UN awarded 56% of Palestine to European Jews – 60 members of UN still don’t recognize the Jewish occupation of Palestine (here).

Knowing Richard Falk’s past history, I must say every Zionist moron, Jew or Christian, has G-d-given right to hate him. Dr. Falk is very proud to be an American Jew. He believes his loyalty must be to the United States and not to Israel. However, his definition of antisemitism is screwed-up. A few years ago he warned me that calling a Jew a Jew and not “Jewish” is antisemitism. I refused to buy his academic logic – so he banned me on his personal website.

Richard Falk usually had refused to apologize for his views despite threats and abuse from the organized Jewry – but on some occasions he did get scared. For example, during Jewish war on Qaddafi in July 2011, he removed a cartoon from his blog under pressure from his tribe. The cartoon depicted a dog wearing a shirt labeled “USA” and a yarmulke marked with a Star of Zion devouring a bloody human carcass. Lady Justice stands by blindfolded, holding the dog’s leash as it urinates on her feet.

Last year, Indonesian diplomat Dr. Makarim Wibisono who had replaced Richard Falk, resigned the post as result of Jewish lobby whining.

Some of activities Falk has refused to do Teshuva include:

  1. Young Falk accompanied by two other American peace activists visited Imam Khomeini during his exile in Paris in January 1979.
  2. On February 3, 2014 Falk penned an article published in Al-Jazeera English in which he called Khomeini: A True Revolutionary.
  3. Falk has refused to buy the official 9/11 crap.
  4. Falk claims that antisemitism among Arabs and Muslims at large is as result of establishment of state of Israel on Muslim-majority Palestine. “It is also relevant to observe that antisemitism was relatively rare in the Islamic world, which upheld freedom of worship by religious minorities although claiming a hegemonic role for Islam, especially in the era of the Ottoman caliphate. Until the problems generated by Zionism, antisemitism was not a serious issue in the Middle East where Jews in most Arab countries were mostly treated as an authentic religion and a respected minority. Throughout modern history Jews suffered mostly from European antisemitism with Russia considered part of Europe,” he wrote on his blog on September 1, 2014.

Activist: ‘Let’s free England from Jewish control’

As result of a vicious campaign by organized Jewry (Board of British Jewish Deputies, Campaign Against Antisemitism, etc.) the British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has agreed to review it earlier decision not to prosecute pro-Palestine activist Jeremy Bedford-Turner over claiming in a 2015 speech that Jews were behind the French Revolution and both World Wars.

Bedford-Turner is alleged to have appeared at a pro-Palestine rally in Westminster, where he said: “All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune, and the ruling regimes in the west for the last 100 years have danced to the same tune.”

He also allegedly said: Let’s free England from Jewish control while waving a Palestinian flag.

The CPS originally examined the allegations against Bedford-Turner by Jewish groups for five months, but decided in December 2015 that a jury was unlikely to convict him of incitement to religious or racial hatred.

Bedford-Turner didn’t accuse Jews wrongly. His problem is he is not Jewish – and in the West only Jews have the privilege to brag about their power. For example, Canada-born Israeli writer, author and blogger Barry Chamish (d. 2016) claimed in 2012 that Israel committed 9/11. American Jewish author and former GOP propagandist David Cole claims that Holocaust is a big lie. American famed Jewish journalist Carl Bernstein boasted in 2013 that Jew neocons were behind US-Iraq War. Billionaire Manny Friedman admitted in 2012 that Jews do control the media. In a recent speech at neo-Nazi group, Stand With US, Alan Dershowitz said; “people say Jews are too powerful, too strong, too rich, we control the media, we’ve too much this, too much that and we often apologetically deny our strength and our power. Don’t do that!”

All four British political parties are controlled by Jews through funds and media. UK’s longest member of House of Commons, Sir Gerald Kaufman (d. 2017) accused the ruling Tory party of being controlled by Jewish money in 2015.

Canadian award-winning Jewish author Naomi Klein in October 2009 interview had claimed that the Zionist regime create conflicts and wars to boost its economy through arms sale and more American aid. “I don’t think Israel’s politicians know how to not have a crisis,” she said.

On Friday, Lawrence Burns, 23, member of a White supremacist group was sentenced to four years in Jail for admiring Hitler and accusing Jews of having low IQ during a London rally last year.

Listen to Israeli-British writer, author, jazz-player and blogger Gilad Atzmon’s views on this Jewish episode below …..

Trump to break Russia-Iran-Turkey alliance for Israel

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Donald Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin had nothing to do with the new cold war between the US and Russia. It’s all about breaking Syria-Iran-Russia alliance against US-Israel created ISIS.

Since late last year Turkey switched sides on the US-Israel war in Syria – creating a new Russia-Iran-Turkey alliance to end 5-year-old Syrian bloodshed, it has put a spanner in Zionist empire’s plan to remake a new Israel-friendly Middle East. Now Trump administration has been given the task by its Jew masters to isolate both Putin and Erdogan from anti-Israel Mullahs ruling Iran.

On February 7, Donald Trump made the first call to his Turkish counterpart president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He talked highly of Turkey’s long-standing friendship with United States and its allies in the Middle East – and partnership in NATO. Turkey is home to NATO’s largest regional military base in Incirlik with a stockpile of 87 nuclear bombs.

On February 11, Israeli press reported that to bring Erdogan back on to US side in Syria – Trump promised to open extradition file on Turkish Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is blamed by Erdogan for the 2016 military coup against his rule – an Israeli false flag operation.

On February 10, the new CIA director Mike Pompeo, an Iranophobe arrived in Ankara on his first foreign trip to discuss plans for US-Israel-Saudi Arabia-Turkey military cooperation in Syria to save the Zionist baby ISIS. He was also handed the Gulen dossier. From Ankara, Pompeo travelled to Riyadh to call on Saudi ‘royals’ to foot the future bills for Washington’s continued efforts to bring an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus.

Erdogan is much too willy to burn his bridges with the US and Israel despite all they have done to undermine his authoritarian rule and Turkey’s position among Muslims around the world. It seems Erdogan and his advisers have finally come to realize that Turkey’s membership in the anti-Muslim NATO is not helping Ankara to reign over its neighbors. Furthermore, even after trying for the last 23 years – Turkey has failed to join the exclusive Christian Club, the European Union even though 40% of Turkish territory is located in Europe.

I remember the warning given by US-Hindu professor Rajan Menon (City College of New York) in a 2007 study he prepared for Washington-based Jewish think tank Hudson Institute, entitled, Is the United States losing Turkey?

Turkey remains a crucial US ally in the struggle against terrorism; it is a secular and democratic Muslim country; it sits atop an arc extending from Israel to Central Asia, a zone of actual or potential upheaval and war; it abuts waterways critical to the flow of commerce, particularly oil; its territory is a corridor for the strategically important Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline; and its cooperation is key to a durable settlement in Iraq and to an effective policy to counter the challenges posed by a resurgent and potentially nuclear-armed Iran,” wrote Menon.

Professor James Petras wrote on February 9, that Donald Trump’s policies toward Israel, Iran, and the rest of the Muslim world would not be any different than his opponent Hillary Clinton or his predecessor Barack Obama (here).

As my readers know, I have warned Iranian Islamists not to put much trust in either Erdogan or Putin because both have close relationship with the Zionist regime. Late Israeli historian Dr. Israel Shahak (d. 2001) reported that Israeli leaders planned the break-up of both Syria and Iran in the early 1990s.

Although the Russian-Turkish Strategic Partnership is getting stronger by the day, the historic gains of the past six months shouldn’t be taken for granted by Moscow. The US is noticeably trying to drive wedges between the two sides in a classic display of divide and conquer, this time declaring that it’ll back Turkey in its anti-terrorist operations around Al-Bab while knowing full well that this could possibly set the ground for Washington-Ankara vs Moscow-Damascus if Russian diplomacy isn’t successful in preempting this scenario. Moscow needs to be careful that it’s not perceived (whether rightly or wrongly) as making ‘concessions’ to Turkey in northern Syria in order to keep Ankara on its side and away from Washington, as this might fuel speculation that Russia is exploiting Syria’s sovereignty as a bargaining chip in gambling for geopolitical gains in the New Cold War,” says Andrew Korybko, Moscow-based US political analyst on February 9, 2017.

I like to end this post by quoting my favorite German blogger, Dr. Ludwig Watzal’s view of president Donald Trump:

God asks Trump: “What do you believe?”

Trump replies: “I think you’re sitting on my chair.”

Irish University: Israel has no right to exist

university-college-cork1The National University of Ireland, the University College Cork (UCC), is scheduled to hold a conference to debate that Israel has no right to exist. The 3-day conference will be held on March 31-April 2, 2017.

The conference is organized by Israel-born professor Oren Ben-Dor whose earlier attempt to hold a similar conference at the Southampton University was cancelled by then home secretary Theresa May under Jewish Lobby pressure in March 2015.

UCC professor James Bowen praised the decision to host the event in Cork saying academic freedom is still fairly well protected, unlike in the UK, where it seems to have come to be regarded as a disposable luxury.

Professor Geoffrey Alderman (University of Buckingham) who has accepted invitation to participate the UCC event said that he was very pleased the conference is going ahead, very sorry it is not going ahead in the UK.

Dr. Alderman is a committed Zionist Jew who has come under enormous  pressure from UK’s organized Jewry to pull out of this conference. However, he stood-up to Jewish bullies, and insists on delivering a paper, entitled, Jews, Judaism and the Jewish state: ethnic rights and international wrongs.

Irish Jewish Lobby (JRCI) has condemned the conference as no more than an anti-Israel hate-fest.

The Irish4Israel advocacy group concurred, expressing dismay that such hatred is still found in Ireland.

Dr. Denis MacEoin (Jewish), chairman of North-East Friends of Israel in England and a senior fellow at the Washington-based anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute, has been closely monitoring the activities of the conference since it was first introduced in 2015. He says the whole thing is rigged, because it is thoroughly biased in one direction, with only two pro-Israel speakers out of 45.”

On April 12, 2015, George Phillips whined at Gatestone Institute website: “Despite being a member of the United Nations along with Israel, Iran nevertheless does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. As Netanyahu has continually stated, a nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel’s existence and America’s existence.”

Doesn’t the idiot know that Iran was the first Muslim country which recognized the Jewish occupation of Palestine in 1949 – followed by Turkey in 1950? Currently, 36 UN member-states don’t recognize the Zionist entity. Why the coward Israeli Jews are afraid of a possible nuclear Iran in the future when Israel already has more than 240 nuclear bombs and backed by world nuclear powers such as the US, UK, France, and Russia?

In a statement the organising committee, which includes five academics from University College Cork, said: “Recent developments in some countries – particularly in the US and the UK – have evidenced an chilling repression of academic freedom when it comes to critique of Israeli state policy. The history of this conference reflects these developments. Originally it was planned to hold the conference at the University of Southampton, but growing pressure on academic freedom in the UK forced a decision to move the conference to Ireland.”

Jewish whining aside – Ireland’s ties with the Zionist entity remain resolutely unchanged despite the best efforts of various Irish human rights NGOs such as B’tselemGisha and al-Haq – and Palestine solidarity activists. Indeed the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) maintains healthy contact with Israeli officials and goods from illegal Israeli settlements still make their way into Irish supermarkets.

Alan Shatter, representing 1000 Irish Jews, mostly expelled from Spain and Portugal after the fall of Muslim rule, was country’s defense and justice minister (2011-2014).

UK’s artist: ‘Auschwitz a theme park!’

Last year I posted about the UK’s Jewish Lobby crusade to silence country’s solo acoustic artist and author of book, Autumn’s Here, poet, and blogger Alison Chabloz for making ‘political wrong statements’ about new Jewish religion, the Holocaust, and the Organized Jewry under the pretext of her rights to ‘freedom of speech’.

She happens to be supporter of a FREE PALESTINE (watch below).

This month, Chabloz, 52, was dragged into a Westminster court by UK’s Holocaust watchdog Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) over posting an anti-Jew video online in June this year. The video (below) is said to contain a song she had written called Survivors.

British prime minister Theresa May also known as Israeli tank commander, has refined Hate Law under which a statement offensive to the Organized Jewry, would be regarded as hate speech.

Lupe Fiasco: Muslim rapper chased by ADL

lupe-22On December 13, 2016, Jonathan A. Greenblatt, leader of the Jewish supremacist organization ADL, declared Lupe Fiasco (Wasalu Mohammad Jaco) a Jew hater for telling the truth that America’s music industry is controlled by Zionist Jews in his latest song, titled, N.E.R.D.

The lyrics about artists being robbed by ‘dirty Jewish execs’ are offensive. These lyrics reinforce the anti-Semitic myth of Jewish control of the music industry, a stereotype that has been exploited in recent years by well-known hatemongers. It is irresponsible for a recording artist to perpetuate the hateful antisemitic stereotype of the ‘greedy Jew.’ Even if Lupe Fiasco has concerns about exploitation of his artistic output, it’s deplorable to stigmatize an entire group in response. Fiasco has a well-earned reputation as a highly respected hip-hop artist,” Greenblatt said in a statement.

I know, talking sense out of professional propagandist Zionist Jews is nothing short of taking Holy Cow to a recording studio or to the office of some entertainment CEO office or show a door to Michael Jackson’s handlers. But you’re free to find out how Greenblatt farted from both ends of his deplorable body (here, here).

Lupe Fiasco is one of the top 10 most successful Muslim rappers.

Lupe Fiasco has never shied away from his Islamic beliefs, so when asked about criticism he might receive for being an openly Muslim rapper, he had this to say: “As a Muslim you just supposed to advise. You are not posed to criticize. You speak your peace and you move-on. Like, mostly I catch Muslims who come up to me who can’t relate to their father or can’t relate to a different struggle and be like you I’m glad-thank you, thank you Akhi for doing Muhammad Walks, which is a song I did on my first mixtape, you know, to Jesus Walks and flipped it and made it a little bit more universal and talked about Islam. And like, people-Muslims, young Muslim kids and stuff like that-was walking up like “yo thank you for doing that record yo”.

Some readers may recall how the Zionist dogs chased Kanye West in 2013 over comparing the mistreatment of Afro-Americans with Bible’s so-called ‘Chosen People’ treatment in Christian Europe.

On December 15, The Time of Israel reported that Lupe Fiasco has decided to retire as result of the backlash he received over insulting the Tribe. I have no time to argue because no one has ever succeeded in putting a duct-tape on Netanyahu’s mouth.

UK’s Home Minister: White supremacists hate Jews!

rothschild+pig[1]On Monday, UK’s home secretary Amber Rudd declared the White nationalist group National Action as a terrorist organization over its “antisemitic, racist, and homophobic.”

Last month, Amber Rudd in a speech at the Jewish News-BICOM Policy Conference at Westminster warned the Jewish community about the growing threat to it from the far-right White extremists.

Reacting to the sentencing of Thomas Mair, a sympathizer of National Action, who attacked and killed pro-Palestine Labour MP Jo Cox in June 2016. Rudd said White supremacists were becoming increasingly sophisticated in their operational methods.

Labour Jewish MP Luciana Berger have been whining about receiving threats from members of the National Action.

The Community Security Trust (CST) one of country’s Israel’s advocacy groups, ran a campaign for banning of the group.

With a standing applause, Rudd promised her Jewish audience that she would spend millions of pounds to protect every Jewish institution in the country, which is nothing new. The Organized Jewry has been looting taxpayers’ money for decades via the hoax of so-called Antisemitism.

But it doesn’t make any sense that the group allegedly involved in the murder of a White MP, who was known for her criticism of the Zionist regime, could be anti-Jew or anti-Israel.

The truth is almost every anti-Muslim group or individual happens to be pro-Israel such as UK’s prime minister Theresa May, David Cameron, Tony Blair, English Defence League, German PEGIDA, the US president-elect Donald Trump, French National Front president Marian Le Pen, Dutch creep Geert Wilder, former French prime minister Manuel Valls and former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper.

In 2012, anti-Muslim White supremacist Carlos Cortiglia, leader of British National Party (BNP) used to blog at UK’s top Jewish propagandist website Jewish Chronicle. Like EDL,BNP, and UKIP are anti-Muslims Zionist organizations.

UK’s prime minister Theresa May government has announced on the weekend that calling Israel being an apartheid state would be considered a hate crime against the Jews.

Last year, Theresa May (aka Israeli tank), banned American student leader of the White Student Union Matthew Heimbach, from entering United Kingdom for being a threat to country’s 320,000-strong Jewish community.

In 1975, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution determining that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination. The resolution was repealed in 1991 – thanks to the US and EU member countries.

Jewish groups swayed similar power before King Edward 1 expelled them in 1290 CE. It’s Crypto-Jew Lord Oliver Cromwell who allowed European Jews to return to England in 1656 CE.

On December 9, 2016, Richard Cohen, president of pro-Israel Jewish human-rights group SPLC said that since Donald Trump election, hate crimes against Jewish communities have increased.

On December 21, 2014, London-born Danny Cohen, former BBC boss told a conference in Jerusalem that watching the rise of anti-Jew incidents in the UK and most of European nations since the recent Israeli attack on Gaza has made him come to the conclusion that Jews are not safe in Britain.