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BDS turns 12

Last month, the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement celebrated its 12th birthday party.

I have always considered BDS as a Zionist diversion front to fool the nine million Palestinian to end their rights of armed struggle against the Jew terrorists occupying their ancestral homeland since 1948.

Israeli-born British author, Gilad Atzmon also agrees with my opinion. And so does German philosopher Ludwig Watzal.

So why I’m wasting my time on this dead horse? Well, it’s in response to professor Lawrence Davidson’s (West Chester University) July 28, 2017 article, entitled, BDS, Human Rights and the Jews, over BDS’s 12th birthday.

Israel’s inability to keep a favorable public image does not necessarily mean its near-term defeat. Here in the US there are two reasons for this: (1) as obnoxious as Israeli behavior is, and also as obscenely massive the U.S. aid package that helps to sustain that behavior, neither the behavior nor the aid package is yet a prime voting issue for most American citizens, and (2) due to the resulting lack of political pressure from the voters, American Zionists still have a clear field to use money and other forms of patronage to pressure both the US Congress and the political parties to ignore the blatant racism and continue to strongly support the Zionist state. That support can extend to becoming Israel’s ally in the effort to defame and then try to destroy BDS. The argument that BDS is a modern form of anti-Semitism has become the backbone of an effort to make it illegal. As noted above, the BDS movement is not anti-Semitic. It is anti-Zionist, which in fact makes it anti-racist,” wrote Davidson.

Despite Zionist contention that Israel and the Jews are equivalent, we know that this cannot be literally true. Israel’s sins cannot be the sins of the Jewish people as a whole. At the beginning of this essay I indicated that increasing number of Jews are actively supporting Palestinian rights and thus opposing both Israel’s undermining of the principle of human rights and its erosive effect on the moral status of the Jewish people,” adds Davidson.

However, the logic of the situation does make one thing literally true, and that is that the Zionist ideology, as it has evolved in practice, is a dangerous enemy of Jewish morality. As long as Zionism stands against human rights while at the same time insisting that Israel stands in for the Jews, it must be the enemy.

Unfortunately, UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis doesn’t agree with Davidson. The Zionist rabbi says criticism of Zionism is anti-Semitism.

Obviously Jewish lobbying groups are very allergic to freedom of speech if it’s directed toward Jews or the Zionist regime. It’s a serious crime to challenge Zionist narrative of Holocaust in 15 European nations. To criticize the Zionist regime is a Hate Crime in France, Canada, Britain and United States. In France and Britain people have been arrested and persecuted for just wearing shirts with BDS logo.

Israel lobby group AEI launched NGO Watch site in June 2003 to demonize so-called anti-Israel groups. On January 10, 2017, NGO Watch claimed that BDS has ties to terrorist groups which are supported by French government. If the idiot means Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah group in the West bank – which is also supported by the US, EU, and even Shimon Peres.


UK Chief Justice: Tony Blair is kosher!

On Monday, UK’s Lord Justice Baron Roger John Laugharne Thomas and one of his stooges, Sir Duncan Brian Walter Ouseley at country’s highest court declared that former prime minister Tony Blair couldn’t be prosecuted for war crimes over joining US president George Bush invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Why? Because “there is no crime of aggression in English law under which the former prime minister could be charged.”

The judges excuse is laughable. The crime of waging aggressive war was specifically cited in the Nuremberg trials, and so its existence in international law is at a minimum 70 years old. And while it may be argued that the entire international community did not explicitly endorse the Nuremberg proceedings, there is no doubt that the British state endorsed them. The British state was a lead player and key participant in the entire process. So the British state has plainly recognized the crime of waging aggressive war at least since Nuremberg.

The decision blocks an attempt by Gen. Abdulwaheed al-Rabbat to bring a private war crimes prosecution against the former pro-Israel and anti-Muslim prime minister. Gen. al-Rbbat was Iraqi Army’s chief of staff under Saddam Hussein and Governor of Nineveh. After US occupation of Iraq in 2003, he took residence in UAE.

Baron Laugharne Thomas, who is to retire in October 2017, is not an elected justice but was appointed by the prime minister. He became a celebrity after rejecting the extradition appeal of anti-Israel Egyptian-UK preacher Mustafa Kamel Mustafa aka Abu Hamza.

In 2012, Tony Blair along with George Bush was declared a War Criminal by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) in Malaysia.

Tony Blair, has made tens of million dollars by creating wars and conflict around the world and lobbying for dictatorial regimes. He is sought for war crimes by several groups.

Former UK’s MP George Galloway has produced a documentary The Killing$ of Tony Blair over Tony Blair’s creating conflicts and wars to serve Israel’s interests.

Anyone who knows that like the US, British judicial, political, banking and media is totally controlled by the organized Jewry is not surprised that Tony Blair is not prosecuted over joining the illegal invasion of Iraq which killed over one million Iraqi civilians including 500,000 children – because it served Israel’s interests.

Jews make less than 1% of the British population but country’s Supreme Court is headed by a Zionist Jew Baron David Edmond Neuberger. Four out of 11 judges at the Supreme Court are committed Israel Firsters.

Netanyahu wants regime change in Russia

After meeting with French president in Paris, Netanyahu told reporters that he opposed the ceasefire agreement between two “friends of Israel”; Russian president Vladimir Putin and US president Donald Trump because it perpetuates the Iranian presence in the country.

On July 16, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that the Zionist regime believes that Iran is planning to build air-force and navy bases in Syria to protect its two Arab allies, Assad regime and Lebanese Hizbullah.

Netanyahu has been demanding regime changes in Iran and Syria for decades but now, the Jewish lobby groups are demanding a regime change in Russia too.

The process of regime change in Russia began not over Putin’s alliance with Assad or Iranian government but to install a Zionist Jew government in Ukraine.

On May 18, 2017, American Jewish writer, author and radio talk host, Stephen Lendman, said that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want Syrian bloodshed to end until an anti-Iran regime is installed in Damascus – as war on Assad is really war on Iran and its Arab ally Hizbullah.

Michael Koplow of the Israel Policy Forum spills the truth on Israeli-Russian agenda in Syria. “No matter how good the coordination mechanism between the two sides – the fundamental conflict at the heart of Israeli-Russian views on Syria is that Israel’s redline is the establishment of a permanent Iranian presence in Syria and Russia’s redline is the elimination of a permanent Iranian presence in Syria.”

Christian activist and writer, Preston James, PhD, claims that Israel is the military arm of the Khazarian Mafia (Organized Jewry) which is terrorizing not only Syrian but also United States – and pulling false flag operations around the world to demonize Muslims and Islam (listen below).

ACLU slam anti-BDS bill

Earlier this week, the Jewish human rights group, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sent a letter to members of Congress opposing the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. The bill would amend existing law to prohibit people in the United States from supporting boycotts targeting Israel — making it a felony to choose not to engage in commerce with companies doing business in Israel and its settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Violations would be punishable by a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

The bill is supported by 43 Senators – 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats.

I’m glad to learn that finally ACLU has admitted that BDS is good for Israel. Former president Barack Obama also declared BDS being kosher in 2015.

The West which takes pride in blasting Muslim governments over anti-human rights and anti-freedom of speech rights, has fallen on its knees when it comes to rightful criticism of Israeli Zionnazi policies, Holocaust or even banking institutions. France, Britain, Canada, and Germany have even banned French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala over making anti-Establishment hand gesture.

In United States over 20 state Governors have been declared American Heroes by the Jewish and Christian Zionist lawmakers and organizations over adopting anti-BDS legislations.

On US and Canadian university campuses punishment of pro-Palestinian speakers and students for expressing criticism of Israel is so commonplace that CCR called it the Palestine exception to free speech.

ACLU has shown its double standard when it comes to anti-Islam Christian Zionist hate groups such as the Bible Believers.

ACLU was founded in 1920 by Flex Frankfurter (Jew) and Morris Ernst (Jew). Frankfurter became US Supreme Court Justice in 1939. Ernst was a close ally of J. Edgar Hoover. Another leading member of ACLU was Zionist Jew Stanley Sheinbaum (died 2016). In 1988, he lead a delegation of American Jews to meet PLO chairman Yasser Arafat in Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting resulted in Yasser Arafat allegedly promising to stop armed resistance against Europe’s unwanted Jews occupying Palestine which resulted the landmark hug-and-kiss between Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin, a war criminal, at the White House in 1993.

Jewish author J.J. Goldberg in his 1995 book, Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment, admits that both ACLU and $PLC are Zionist-Jewish fronts established to protect Jewish and Israeli crimes.

Trump declares ‘Zionist Holy war’ on Iran

During his ‘historic visits’ to Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity, Donald Trump accused Tehran of funding terrorism and fuelling the fires of sectarian conflict and terror – repeating Benjamin Netanyahu lies since the 1990s.

In April 2017, both US secretary of defense Gen. (ret) James Mattis and secretary of state Rex Tillerson issued military threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both dudes accused Iran of “remains a leading sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods.” Both are known anti-Muslims and pro-Israel warmongers.

John Feffer (Jew), director, Foreign Policy In Focus and Editor, LobeLog, in a recent article claimed that Donald Trump is very much interested in starting a military conflict with Iran for Israel and Saudi Arabia. He admits that the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia wars on Syria, Yemen and Qatar are all directed at Iran.

In May 2017, British leader of the opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn declared Donald Trump as world’s most dangerous leader.

Professor Robert Jensen Austin (University of Texas) writes: “Saddam Hussein was an ally or a monster depending not on the crimes he committed against his own people or threats he posed to other states, but on whether he was in line with US policy in the region. When he killed Iraqi Kurds (about whom US policymakers don’t care much) and Iranians (an official US enemy), that was okay. When he threatened Israel and Saudi Arabia (official US allies, despite their history of human right abuses), we had to destroy him.”

Ex-US Marine and anti-war activist Ken O’Keefe who has been declared a Jew-hater by the ADL for supporting Palestinians, Syria and Iraq (listen to him below).

Miko Peled: European politicians in bed with Israel

Israel-US author and human rights activist Miko Peled (listen to him below) is son of Israel’s 1967 war-hero Gen. Matti Peled (died 1995), first military governor of Israeli occupied Gaza Strip, and brother of Professor Nurit Peled-ElhananGen. Matti was considered a traitor by ex-leaders of Jewish terrorist group Irgun and Lehi, PM Menachem Begin and later PM Yitzak Shamir over calling for peace with PLO. He along with Yaakov Arnon and Uri Avnery met PLO chairman Yasser Arafat in Tunis in late 1980s.

MK Yael Dayan, daughter of one eye-patched Israeli war criminal Gen. Moshe Dayan, became the first female lawmaker to meet Yasser Arafat in Tunis in late January 1993. On her return she became a victim of Jewish vengeance by the entity’s prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli public, and her own Labor party.

Miko Peled in his latest article, entitled, A line I hear in every European country I visit: The Politicians Are All in Bed with the Israeli Government, a fact which I had discussed here for years.

Miko Peled recently visited Germany, Italy and several other European nations to promote his 2012 book, The General’s Son. In the book, the author debunks three major Israeli myths; i) country without people, ii) 1967 Israel’s existential threat war, and iii) Israel’s democracy.

The spineless attitude towards Israel and the lack of regard for human rights and human lives that are expressed both by the US and the EU create a reality in which anyone who does not stand clearly in opposition to Israel is in fact complicit with Israeli crimes. And while the European approach is somewhat different than that of the US, the result is the same – in both cases the governments work closely with Israel and ignore the plight of the Palestinian people. This places greater demands on people of conscience who need to act, to organize until the political climate is such that supporting Israel is political suicide,” wrote Miko Peled.

In fact, the above statement also applies to Canada, India whose prime minister Narendra Modi is in Israel now, and even Russia.

Merkel’s Jew opponent wants her to stand-up to Trump

Germany is heading for a presidential election in September this year. Angela Merkel, the incumbent president is facing German Social Democrat (SPD) candidate Martin Schultz during the coming election.

Merkel is hosting a summit of leaders from 20 Greedy Nations (G20) in Hamburg on July 7-8, 20117. Ahead of that summit, she is also hosting a meeting of the European leaders who will take part in the summit later on Thursday at the chancellery in Berlin. “We cannot expect easy discussions on climate change at the G20 summit. Our differences with the US are clear,” said Merkel.

Earlier, Donald Trump had blasted Germany for not living up to its NATO contribution, as well as pressing for trade equity between the two nations when it comes to automobile exports.

On the weekend, Schultz slammed Merkel for not standing up to US president Trump.

Should we be making concessions to Trump, Erdogan and Putin? NO,” said Schultz.

Germany’s powerful Jewish Lobby (Israel-German Congress) has thrown its weight behind Angela Merkel, who is the most popular European leader in Israel.

Martin Schultz (Jew), former president European Parliament was hooted by several Israeli Knesset members in February 2014 over mentioning Jewish water racism against Palestinian. After tirelessly reiterating his commitment to the Zionist entity and promising that a boycott of it will never take place. But he did make the antisemitic statement by mentioning: “The Palestinians in the West Bank don’t have the same access to water as Israelis.”

Zionist racist MKs refused to accept the truth that Schultz was representing the European Union and was not German Chancellor, US president, French president or British prime minister David Cameron or Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper for that matter, ready to suck Netanyahu’s bottom.

On February 14, 2014, Martin Schultz in an Op-Ed for Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz said: For me the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

In November 2015, as president of the European Parliament Martin Schultz during his meeting with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in Tehran praised Iran’s efforts to bring stability in the region.