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Prince Charles and ‘The Jews’

Poor Prince Charles! The Crown Prince of Britain for 65 years, and surrounded by Jews all his adulthood is still considered ‘foreigner ‘ by the organized Jewry. Charles’ first wife princess Diana’s mother Frances Shand Kydd, was Jewish – born Frances Ruth Burke Roche, a Rothschild. Based on Halakhah (Jewish Shari’ah) that makes her two sons, Prince William, 34, and Prince Harry, 32, koshers. Furthermore, Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton was born into a Sephardic Jewish family of Carole Goldsmith – not related to Jemima Goldsmith.

Last year, Prince Charles attended Shimon Peres funeral. During the visit, Charles also secretly visited his grandmother princess Alice Battenburg’s grave in the occupied East Jerusalem.

Washington-based Sally Bedell Smith, the ‘British Royal Biographer’ and the Jew York Times ‘Best selling author’ in recently published book, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, writes: “The vision we all have of him is of this extremely buttoned-up stereotype – double-breasted suit encasing him – a stiff, an old fogey, the guy who ruined Diana’s life. I was so struck by how different he was: funny, informal, warm, with this incredibly sexy voice – 26 years ago when I first met him.”

On April 10, 2017, British Jew novelist Zoë Heller posted an article at The Jew Yorker, entitled, Where Prince Charles went Wrong – claiming that “the Prince of Wales makes himself most unpopular when he tried hardest to be a worthy of the throne.”

She claimed that a great majority of Brits still likes the ‘royalty’ to keep Brits united. However, ‘the pundits’ predict that Windsor dynasty could hit the bottom once Charles becomes the King of Britain after the death of her mother, Queen Elizabeth II. She also claims that only 25% of Brits want Charles to be the next King. The majority wants Prince William to ascent the thrown.

Throughout Charles’s youth, he was pushed through demanding institutions for which he was neither temperamentally nor intellectually suited, and where rules and standards had to be discreetly adjusted to accommodate him. When he went to Cambridge University, the master of Trinity College, Rab Butler, insisted that he would receive no “special treatment.” But the fact that he had been admitted to Trinity at all, with his decidedly below-average academic record, suggested otherwise, as did the colloquium of academics convened to structure a bespoke curriculum for him, and the unusually choice suite of rooms (specially decorated by the Queen’s tapissier) that he was granted as a first-year student. When he received an undistinguished grade in his final exams, Butler said that he would have done much better if he hadn’t had to carry out royal duties,” Zoë Heller said.

Even Charles’s love life was choreographed for him with the sort of elaborate care and tact usually reserved for pandas in captivity. Throughout his twenties, his public image was that of a dashing playboy. But this reputation appears to have been largely concocted by the press and his own aides, in an effort to make an awkward, emotionally immature young man more appealing and “accessible” to the British public. Charles’s great-uncle Lord Mountbatten blithely informed Time that the Prince was forever “popping in and out of bed with girls,” but to the extent that this was the case it was thanks mostly to the assiduous efforts of his mentors. Having told Charles that a man should “have as many affairs as he can,” Mountbatten offered up his stately home as a love shack,”  Zoë Heller adds.

Prince Charles is not listed in Zionists’ Kosher Book for his admiration of Islamic Civilization. He also irked the organized Jewry for visiting Iranian city of Bam in February 2004 after the devastating earthquake as ‘patron’ of British Red Cross. He met then Iranian president Ayatullah Mohammed Khatami (d. 2017), Zionist lobby’s most favorite Ayatullah in Tehran.

Canadian Lobby against Chinese investment

On March 28, a news item in the Globe and Mail made my day. It quoted MP Tony Peter Clement, Tory public safety critic saying that allowing Chinese electronic company, Hong Kong-based O-Net Technology Group to buy Montreal-based ITF Technologies, a leader in fibre-laser technology is against the national interest.

This does not bode well for Canada’s interests, especially in a Canada-China free-trade deal. How much more is Trudeau willing to give away?,” said Clement.

Many Canadian still remember how MP Tony Clement, son of a Syrian Jewish family, had always supported Israel’s interests over Canada’s interests during Tory government under Israeli stooge Stephen Harper.

The Zionist regime has a long history of selling US military technology to China which it gets free thanks to American traitors in the Congress and the Senate.

Another pro-Israel security expert, Ward Elcock, former director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (1994-2004), which is accused of fabricating Muslim terrorist events for the benefit of Israel, said: “If the technology is as sensitive as the report you mentioned in the ‘Globe and Mail’ would suggest, then I would have to say that it is not something I would have recommended be approved.”

Ottawa needs Chinese investments in its effort to reverse Canada’s sagging economy. China, too, wants a free trade agreement with Canada. It wants to invest in tar sands pipeline projects and an extradition treaty so that people accused of crimes who flee to Canada can be extradited back to China.

While Zionist Jews and pro-Israel White supremacists are targeting Muslims in the US and Europe, in Canada, the Chinese are starting to feel the heat once again. Canada’s Jewish-controlled media led by the anti-Muslim National Post had been running anti-China campaign since 1971 when as result of Justin’s father, prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s diplomacy, the Communist China sent its first ambassador to Ottawa.

China and Pakistan have been allies since 1948. Both countries have always considered India as regional threat. Pakistan have fought three major wars with India while China fought only one short war with India.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited China last year. Former prime minister Stephen Harper had visited China in 2014.

It was during the elder Trudeau’s premiership that the organized Jewry tookover Canada.

Rabbi honors UK Muslim student leader


On March 27, 2017, UK’s Muslim News gave its annual Good Citizenship Award to Malia Bouattia, the first-ever Muslim president of Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS).

The citation said she had campaigned tirelessly for equal rights and the underprivileged as well as opposing the government’s prevent strategy. Malia Bouattia has taken on these tasks although she has herself been vilified in the (Zionist-controlled) media for taking up principled positions.

The Good Citizen Award is named after Bosnia-Herzegovina’s first president Alija Ali Izetbegovic who died in 2003.

Fifteen Muslim men and women were given various awards for their excellent contributions to British society in 2016.

The winners were selected by a panel of five headed by US-born UK’s Rabbi Janet Darley. She was chief rabbi at South London Liberal Synagogue until last year.

The guest of honor was Sajid Javid, the Israel-loving secretary of state for communities and local government. I wonder why Jewish lobby’s favorite London Mayor Sadiq Khan missed the presentation.

Malia was chased by Israeli propagandists and White Christian racists even before she was elect NUS president last year. Why? Because she supports Palestinian struggle against the Zionist entity and refuses to apologize for her religion for the actions of terrorists working for CIA, Mossad, and MI5.

Last week, the Jewish press accused Malia of not mentioning the “murder” a policeman as result of a car accident on Westminster Bridge which was a false flag operation conducted by MI5. Adrian Elm aka Khalid Masood, 52, was born to a White Christian mother and a Nigerian father. Elm had Gambian Rohey Hydara as live-in partner, and the union produced two kids like French Jewish president Francois Hollande. That’s is proof enough that the dude could be a Jew or Christian – but not a Muslim.

Last year, Zionist thugs chased MP Diane Julie Abbott, UK’s Labour Party shadow home secretary over sharing a platform with Malia Bouattia.

Dershowitz: Ellison’s defeat is good for Israel

Last month, Afro-American Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison lost his bid to chair Democratic National Committee (DNC) by a narrow margin to organized Jewry’s candidate Tom Perez who was also supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Ellison ended up as ‘deputy’ to Tom Perez.

The notorious American Jewish lawyer Alan Morton Dershowitz who had threatened to resign from Democratic party if Emerson won the chair – wrote at Algemeiner news website on February 27, 2017 that Ellison met the defeat not as result of Jewish lobby campaign but his actions such as his association with the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, his voting against American taxpayers’ paying US$950 million toward Israel’s Iron Dumb Dome, and his blessing of US-Iran nuclear deal in September 2015.

Former Ohio Senator professor Nin Turner in an interview claimed that Ellison lost as result of Jewish donors’ blackmailing the Democratic party (watch the interview below).

I for one am tired of the perpetual whining of Alan Dershowitz and international professional Jews like Bernard-Henri Levy, who is frequently in the US doing richly rewarded speaking tours on the so-called “Synagogue circuit.” And someone should wake UN ambassador Nikki Haley up to the fact that her job is to take care of the American people, not Israel. Quite frankly, if these folks are so much in love with Israel they should go live there and leave the rest of us as well as the US Treasury alone,” Philip Giraldi wrote on March 11, 2017.

America’s rotten political system was well-explained by famous American Muslim activist Malcolm X in a 1963 interview at Columbia University. He described the Democratic Party (John F. Kennedy) as a pack of foxes and the Republican Party (Barry Goldwater) as a pack of wolves. When the wolf shows its teeth, the target can easily conclude malicious intent. But when the fox shows its teeth, it appears to smile. Despite their stark aesthetic differences, the wolf and the fox are both canines and swallow their prey all the same.

I only feel pity for Ellison for not learning that as long as he has a Muslim tag, no matter how much he lick Jewish Lobby’s AZZ – his loyalty to Israel would always remain doubted. In 2009 Ellison abstained from voting for or against America’s support for the Israeli invasion of Gaza. He has criticized both Hamas and Hizbullah for taking armed resistance against the Zionist regime. In 2013, Ellison supported Israel’s proxy war against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Ellison has stated on numerous occasions that Israel has the right to exist in Palestine.

Lobby: 20,000 Moldovan Jews live in poverty

On March 2, 2017, an article by Daniel Sugarman published at UK’s top Israeli propaganda media outlet, Jewish Chronicle, shocked my humanitarian conscience. Sugarman claimed that 20,000 Moldovan Jews are living in poverty and depend on charity donations from London-based World Jewish Relief.

The news was quite a surprise me – knowing that Israeli billionaire Ilan Shor who was sent to jail in 2015 for stealing US$1 billion from Moldovans.

Since then, the organized Jewry have not forgiven the 3.5 million Moldovans even though Pamels Geller (Zionist Jew) claimed at her Frontpage magazine that Moldovan people consider Muslim refugees from Syria worse than cancer.

On March 8, 2017, Cristina Gherasimov, fellow at UK’s Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs), a Zionist-controlled think tank, posted an article at the group’s website, entitled, Moldova: The Captured State on Europe’s Edge.

The sale of parliamentary votes has been a practice in Moldova since the 1990s, in part due to poor salaries and the inability to adequately manage state resources even by senior politicians. More recently, however, vote selling has become widespread to the extent that MPs openly declare that they are offered significant sums of money to vote for certain key decisions taken by parliament,” she wrote.

Doesn’t she realize that such practice by the powerful Jewish lobby groups has existed in Britain and United States for centuries while the majority of American politicians who receive Jewish money are filthy rich themselves such as Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, John Kerry, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden, John Bolton, etc. (here)?

According to the World Jewish Congress, there are 15,000 Jews living in Moldova. Another 80,000 Moldovan Jews immigrated to occupied Palestine since the communist rule ended in 1990s. Moldova has maintained its brotherly relations with the Zionist entity not only on ambassadorial level but also in human organ trafficking.

On March 5th, Moldova’s Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur and Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu had an official visit in the United Arab Emirates. Both governments agreed establishing embassies in both countries. They also decided to abolish visa requirement between the two states. In return, UAE announced package for Moldova in the airlines domain, IT, agriculture and financial services.

The Holocaust Industry claims that 45,000 to 60,000 innocent Jews were killed in areas controlled by today’s Moldova in 1941. Interestingly, USSR dictator Joseph Stalin who established the Jewish state in USSR, annexed Moldova in 1940. So one wonders who killed those 45,000-60,000 Jews!

However, in July 2016, Moldovan parliament did condemned the ethnic-cleansing of Jews in Moldova. A move was praised by Elie Wiesel Institute for the Study of the Holocaust.

Why the organized Jewry got interested in one of Europe’s poorest tiny nation? Because, Moldovan elected an anti-Zionist-controlled European Union president Igor Dodon who defeated pro-EU Maia Sandu. Moldova is member of Warsaw Pact.

In December 2009, Christian protesters in Moldovan capital of Chisinau, toppled Jewish Hanukkah menorah and replaced it with a cross. The government condemned the uncivilized act – but the Moldovan Orthodox Church “accused Jews of starting the trouble by placing the menorah at a public place – as Hanukkah which symbolizes the victory of Jews over non-Jews.”

The province of Moldova was partially ruled by Ottoman Muslims from Istanbul during 1484-1774 (here) but didn’t establish Muslim settlements in Moldovan land under it control.

Orthodox Church in Moldova has always considered Islam as a threat to its absolute authority in the country. It was only in 2011 that Islam was given official recognition. Since then, according to the UNHRC Muslim community is thriving in Moldova. There is no proper mosque allowed to be built for the 3,000 Moldovan Muslims so far. They use old rundown buildings to observe the daily prayers.

Gaza student victory at Exeter University scares Jews

Gaza-born Malaka Shwaikh, 25, is a PhD candidate in Palestinian studies at the University of Exeter, Devon, UK. Last month she become one of 15 students representatives on the National Executive Council at the National Union of Students (NUS) despite a vicious character assassination campaign by various Jewish groups.

Malaka who organized a protest against British prime minister Theresa May’s invitation to Donald Trump at Exeter, was accused by Jewish Hillel being hypocrite claiming that six of the seven Muslim majority countries banned by Trump administration (Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) have long imposed banned on Jew visitors.

One has to excuse these lying Israeli propaganda pigs as Iran is home to region’s largest Jewish population (35,000) after Israel. Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen also have Jewish communities which are NOT persecuted as African Jews are persecuted in Israel. Beside, Trump didn’t ban Muslims from Saudi Arabia or Israel whom Israeli Jews would love to leave their properties for Europe’s unwanted Jews.

Malaka has been accused of the so-called antisemitism. Being a Palestinian, I’m sure Malaka has more chances of being Semite than 90% of the 13 million world Jewry.

UK’s taxpayers’ funded Israeli watchdog, the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) headed by Gideon Falter, a UK-Israel citizen, continues its vilification of Malaka even after her victory.

I believe the attacks against me have been an attempt to defame my character, particularly as a Palestinian activist and as a Muslim woman. It’s no coincident that they coincide with my election to various positions in Exeter University Student’s Guild,” she says (here).

Last year, UK’s Jewish groups ran a similar campaign against NUS president Malia Bouattia, an Algerian-born Muslim female student.

Malaka Shwaikh is a freelance writer. Her articles have been published at Moment, Mondowiess, Huffington Post, etc. She lives in Sheffield (UK). She graduated with a BA in English literature from the Islamic University of Gaza and a MA in global politics and law from the University of Sheffield in Britain. She describes herself as follows:

As a Palestinian, peace for me means the end of Israeli policies of the occupation of our historical lands, ethnic cleansing, colonization, and racial discrimination that has been continuously condemned by human rights and international law organizations, yet Israel chooses to ignore these calls with full impunity. Peace is by putting so much pressure on this settler colonial state to abide by human rights and international law. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is one of the tactics that has proved its success to tell Israel that you’re no more immune; the world is watching and looking for a peaceful Globe. I use writing as a way to raise awareness and to express myself. It is good to have approachable platforms that one can use to reach large audiences around the world.

Trump: Jews fake anti-Jew events

bomb3[1]On February 28, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro claimed that US president Donald Trump said on Tuesday for the second time that he believed the current anti-Jew events (gravestone vandalism, bomb threats to JCCs, etc.) could be false flags pulled by Jews themselves in order to make his administration and supporters to look bad.

That’s exactly what I posted on February 24, 2017.

Democrat Josh Shapiro (Jew) was among the AGs from several states who met Donald Trump at the White House. He directly asked Trump during the meeting what his administration was doing to counter the rise in anti-Jew events since his inauguration.

White nationalist David Duke also agreed with Donald Trump claim on his Twitter account.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of B’nai B’rith ADL an Israeli lobby group was shocked to hear such remarks from the president whose own family members are committed Zionist Jews.

We are astonished by what the President reportedly said. It is incumbent upon the White House to immediately clarify these remarks,” he told Jew Buzzfeed magazine.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (Zionist Jew), Democrat minority leader tweeted: “That is an absurd and obscene statement.”

In 2015, Schumer had claimed if the West had believed that Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics or hijacked El AL planes were act of Arab terrorism it didn’t have to fight the so-called War on Terror. Schumer was lying then and is lying now. The both terror acts against Jews were false flag operations (here, here).

On February 28, Sarah Wildman headlined the so-called vandalism at Jewish cemetery and threats to JCCs, A new wave of antisemitic attacks at Jewish Vox news website, as if such things never happened to Jews since the birth of United States over three centuries ago. In fact American Muslims and their Islamic institutions are threatened more by pro-Israel Judo-Christian politicians and White racists than American Jews have ever been in the US history.

Interestingly, the Organized Jewry which originally claimed 10 JCCs received bomb threats – Wildman has raised the bar to 90 JCCs under threat. One wonders what it takes a Zionist faker to pick-up of a phone and threaten a JCC? Zionist thugs are famous for faking such anti-Jew hate crimes around the world – even killing some fellow Jews.

In conclusion, the organized Jewry led by ADL is really pissed off over Trump’s not highlighting the 6 million Jews died story in his message on Holocaust Day and recently not accepting ADL’s whining that Americans’ hatred towards Jews keeps on rising under his Zionist/Jewish administration.