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Feminism and Jews

The Jewish activists have always played a leading role in Western Feminist movement. However, they have double standard for fighting for women rights among the Jewish communities and especially when it concerns their Israeli sisters.

The recent saga of Rabbi Marc Gafni who took refuge in Israel after he was accused of sexual attacks by several Jewish girls and women in 2004. None of the so-called “Feminist” criticized the good rabbi who seeks to reinvent himself now.

Same goes for Israeli Rabbi Eliezer Berland, head of Shuvu Banim Breslov sect, who escaped to South Africa after several of his women students including a 15-year-old girl accused him of sexual assault in 2013. Rabbi Berland is reportedly have over 30,000 followers living in Israel, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa.

Last week British Laour Party suspended its MP Simon Danczuk (Jewish) after he was accused of having sex with a sleeping woman by his second ex-wife. He is also accused of tweeting sex messages to women. None of British newspapers or feminist groups condemned Danczuk. On the other hand, The Journal and The Guardian defended Danczuk, calling accusations as witch hunt.

Betty Friedan (born as Betty Naomi Goldstein) is considered the “Mother” of Feminist movement in United States. In her biography Betty claims to be a loving wife and mother. However, her ex-husband Carl Friedan called her unstable person.

Modern feminism is supported by the Jews and the privileged White folk who detest religion but worship their races.

Being from the East is a problem for the West; being a Muslim from the East is a big problem, but the greatest is being a Muslim woman from the East,” professor Merve Kavaksi (George Washington University) and former member of Turkish parliament. Read more here.

In November 2014, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan was chased by western media and feminist groups for saying at a women conference in Ankara: You cannot bring women and men into equal positions; that is against nature because their nature is different. For example, in work life, you cannot impose the same conditions on a pregnant woman as a man.

Listen below famous Indian author and feminist Arundhati Roy’s views on feminism.


UK’s anti-Black ‘Jewish Scandal’

Last week, the leader of British prime minister David Cameron’s cabinet and his senior-most adviser, Oliver Letwin, was exposed for his racism against 4% of country’s African population.

In recently released government archives, there is a memo written 30-year-ago by Oliver Letwin, then a junior adviser to UK’s former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, a Zionist poodle, in which he advised her to ban all government benefits to African citizens who were protesting against police brutality during the Tottenham Broadwater Farm riots in 1985. The Blacks were protesting the death of Broadwater Farm resident Cynthia Jarrett died of beating she received at the hands of four policemen burst into her home during a raid on 5 October 1985. Police said they were looking for property stolen by her son; they found none.

Historically, as a Jew, Letwin was not out of line. Jews have history of hatred toward Black people, even if they’re Jewish.

Letwin is Conservative MP from West Dorest since 1997. He is member of Conservative Friends of Israel. In 2010, he was appointed Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster.

Letwin is a close friend of two other Israel-First British Jewish traitors involved in Liam Fox Affair.

Letwin like GOP presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, edited his Wikipedia profile, and his religion from Judaism to Atheism. I have no problem with that, as from Theodor Herzl to Gen. Ariel Sharon, all Zionist Jewish leaders have claimed to be atheists.

Most White supremacist and anti-immigration writers including Peter Hitchens and John Derbyshire have supported Letwin’s Talmudic prophecy 30 years ago that non-White immigration is not good for the western world.

Stephen Berkoff: Leave Al-Aqsa Mosque alone

On December 10, 2015, British veteran Jewish writer, actor and director Stevphen Berkoff, 78, penned an Op-Ed for Israel’s top British Hasbara organ, Jewish Chronicle, in which he slammed Israeli Jew extremists for the “most pointless bloodshed caused by their boneheaded desire to fulfill their need to shtup (Yidish for gross and selfish need) themselves into the Al-Aqsa Mosque area”.

Berkoff said freedom to walk along Tel Aviv beach is what should be sacred to Israeli Jews. “We must not risk this for something so utterly trivial, so shallow, just to fulfill our nostalgic needs,” he said.

He adds: “Why is there such an important need to step into the place where once the Jewish temples stood? It has gone, gone, over 2,000 years ago. Get over it!”

Berkoff who has played parts of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, is no ‘self-hating’ Jew. In an earlier interview he gave to Jewish Chronicle in 2009, Berkoff claimed that Zionism is political wing of Judaism, and one cannot survive without the other. He also equated anti-Zionism with antisemitism. However, he said that he despised extremist leaders like Arial Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu because they delegitimize Israel and make people hate Jews more.

In November 2014, in an interview Berkoff gave to Nathan Bevan, he called BBC “garbage”, and dubbed critics “a sordid bunch of bilious scum”.

Richard Edmondson posted a good article on Israeli Jewish plan to build the so-called ‘Third Temple of Mount’ on top of the so-called Wailing Wall which in fact used to be part of an old Roman fortress.

UK’s Bishop Stephen Sizer is of the opinion that building of the Third Temple at Al-Aqsa complex is against Bible.


Lobby: Abortion clinic shooter is not a terrorist

Why Colorado Planned Parenthood Clinic shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, 57, arrested on Friday, was not labeled “terrorist” by the Jewish-controlled media? Because he is not a Muslim.

On Monday, Dear appeared in a local court to face charges of killing one policeman and two civilians while wounding seven others.

Robert Lewis Dear’s shooting ‘official story’ did puzzle me. I cannot believe Dear entered the clinic to harm doctors or the patients. He didn’t threatened anyone of them during the six hour hostage taking. Instead he opened fire on the police and people outside through the clinic window.

American investigative reporter Jim Stone’s comment of the shooting goes as follows:

Supposedly this guy held everyone hostage for six hours. Not one hour, not five hours, not three hours, but SIX HOURS, which is a Jewish code for “this is a lie”, folks, any time your see SIX in any news report it’s suspicious – see it more than once, double suspicious, see it more than twice and the report is a confirmed lie. When you add up this highly suspicious components to all the other highly suspicious details in this hoax, it begins to ooze fakeness like a cracked bottle of saccharin.

What percentage of terrorist attacks in United States and Europe are committed by Muslims? NONE, says Dean Obeidallah at Jewish Daily Beast, January 14, 2015.

I know CNN would not even agree with FBI’s 2006 report which admitted that American Jews carried more terrorist attacks (7%) as compared to Muslims (6%) – the rest were carried out by Christians and atheist extremists.

On Sunday, GOP presidential hopeful, Sen. Ted Cruz, the winner of 2015 Defender of Israel award, claimed that Dear is not against abortion because he himself is a “transgender”.

The media promptly wants to blame him on the pro-life movement when at this point there’s very little evidence to suggest that. It’s also reported that he was registered as independent and as a woman and transgendered leftist activist,” claimed Ted Cruz.

Now, whom you think this Defender of Israel is defending – and why Israeli propagandist website VOX is criticized Ted Cruz for insulting a transgender?

Interestingly, most of pro-Israel Republican ‘Islamophobe’ leaders are against abortion. For example, Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor, who in July 2015 said on CNN that he would rip-up the US-Iran nuclear deal on Day 1 if elected country’s next president.

A poll conducted by PEW in 2013, claimed 90% of American Jews favor abortion.

In October 2015, the old “Dam of US Feminism” and prominent campaigner of Planned Parenthood, Gloria Steinem (Jewish), in an interview she gave to Joanna Cole, editor-in-chief Cosmopolitan magazine, claimed that Pope Francis is supporting global warming without realizing that he in fact is creating it by not supporting abortion. “I’m glad the Pope spoke out about global warming and it was very helpful, but does he know he’s causing it?,” she said.

Sen. Schumer: War on terror is Israel’s proxy war

On November 15, Sen. Charles Ellis (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY) speaking at the Jewish Education’s 75th annual dinner in Manhattan (NY), like Benjamin Netanyahu, also claimed that West’s war against terrorism is a proxy war for Israel.

Had the world come down when the terrorists shot the Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics or hijacked El AL planes, and come down on them hard, we would not have had what happened in Paris on Friday,” Schumer proclaimed.

I’m glad Schumer, though unknowingly, accepted that both Munich (in 1972) and El Al hijacking (in 1976) with the blessing of Israel First Gen. Idi Amin, were false flag operations (here, here) meant to terrorize Christian world and make it fight Israel’s proxy war against Muslim world.

The message other than fighting terrorism is to make sure that when it is directed at on nation – like it has been directed in Israel for now decades – it is directed at every nation. And the world must unite to defend Israel against the terrorism that is used against her day in and day out,” Schumer added.

Now, if Schumer had studied Israel’s history from some objective source, I bet he would have called on the world powers to bomb the Zionist entity to ground level in order to save the rest of humanity. It’s Israel which has invaded all of its neighboring countries, and still occupies some of their lands. In addition to that Israeli Mossad operates assassination squads not only in the region but around the world. It has assassinated more foreign political leaders, scientists, presidents, prime ministers, resistance leaders, and aid workers than its godfathers United states and Soviet Russia put together.

Chuck Schumer (Jewish), a senior Democrat senator was lauded by the Jewish Lobby for voting against his own party over the US-Iran nuclear agreement. He has told his pro-Israel constituents on several occasions that his last name drives from Shomer, the Hebrew word for defender and described himself as a defender of Israel.

Chuck Schumer has supported all American wars which could benefit Israel, such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, etc. Many political observers have called him Traitor (here).

UK: Jewish Warden found guilty of 25 rape charges

Yesterday, Oxford Crown Court, found Trevor Bolton, 78, former teacher at Jewish Carmel College, guilty of all 25 sexual charges committed with boys aged 11 to 15 during 1968-1988 when he was warden of the college boardinghouse.

Bolton was reminded in custody, with sentencing expected today.

Prosecuting at Oxford Crown Court, Simon Wilshire said that Bolton would “systematically identify and then target boarding pupils who were particularly vulnerable, be it through homesickness or bullying. He would win their trust by showing affection and providing emotional support before gradually grooming them to perform sex acts on him as well as assaulting them.”

Adrian Foster, chief crown prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service said that as a warden at the school, Bolton had “abused his position of trust and took advantage of his status to systematically prey on vulnerable or homesick young boys by inviting them to his flat to watch TV and smoke. He then abused them for his own sexual gratification.”

Carmel College was Jewish, a mixed boarding school, which ran from 1948 till 1997. The college was founded by Rabbi Yaacov Kopul Rosen (d. 1962) on the banks of the Thames and made use of the manor house which already occupied the site, which was the inspiration for the mansion in Agatha Christie’s “Mouse Trap”. The college was closed down in 1997 due to mismanagement and lack of students. However, the campus synagogue and Julis Gottlieb gallery are well kept and draw lot of Jewish tourists.

Rabbi Rosen, who lived all his life in Britain, was buried near Netanyahu’s grandfather at Mount of Olives cemetery in Jerusalem built over an Arab cemetery for over 1300 years.

The child sex abuse is quite common within the Jewish communities including rabbis and political leaders in United Kingdom (here, here). Also watch a video below.

Forgotten British Victims of Jewish Terrorism

tn-470801-Exp-edit[1]On August 1, 2015, members of a newly-formed group Forgotten British Heroes Campaign held a wreath-laying ceremony near Trafalgar Square, London, in remembrance of Jewish terrorist attacks on British servicemen, Crown servants and civilians in British occupied Palestine in the late 1940s. The wreath-laying ceremony was followed by an indoor meeting and film show in West London. The meeting was addressed by Jez Turner of London Forum, Peter Rushton, assistant editor Heritage and Destiny magazine and Lady Michele Renouf, director of Telling Films.

The ceremony recalled the following victims of the Jewish terrorism.

1. The two 20-year-old British Army sergeants, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, who were kidnapped in Palestine by Menachem Begin (latter prime minister of the Zionist entity), head of the Irgun Jewish terrorists, and then on 31st July 1947 were hanged with piano wire in the eucalyptus groves at Netanya. Their bodies were booby-trapped in the hope of killing those who came to cut the bodies down (see picture on top).

2. The 100 British Army personnel, Crown servants and civilians who were murdered by means of a huge bomb planted by the Irgun in the basement of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, on 22nd July 1946;

3. The murder by parcel-bomb in May 1948, in Britain, of Rex Farran, brother of Captain Roy Farran DSO, MC – an SAS anti-terrorism specialist. Rex opened the parcel addressed to “R. Farran” at the Farran family home.

4. Tthe murder of Walter Edward Guinness (Baron Moyne) DSO, and Bar, Secretary of State for the Colonies, and his British Army driver, Corporal Fuller, on 6th November 1944. The hand-gun assassinations were carried out in Cairo by the Lehi (also known Stern Gang) Jewish terrorist group.

5. The massacre of Arab civilian villagers at Deir Yassin, Palestine, in a combined operation by the Irgun and the Lehi on 10th April 1948 – killing 100 villagers half of them women and children.

On the day, a letter was delivered to the Israeli Ambassador in London, Daniel Taub, recollecting the details of the above and other Zionist crimes which continue until this day, and demanding, among other things, that Israel pay compensation to the families of the victims of Jewish terrorism, build a ‘Museum of Zionist Terrorism’ in Jerusalem and institute courses about Zionist terrorism in Israel’s schools as a warning to future generations.

The letter was signed by Martin Webster, Richard Edmonds, Jeremy Turner, Lady Michèle Renouf, and Peter Rushton.Watch video below.