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Mossad and the Halloween false flag

Israel’s most secret and tried-and-true weapon is the false flag terrorist attack,” Wayne Madsen, July 25, 2011.

Last night, a truck-driver allegedly enacted a real Halloween scene in Manhattan. The Jewish media (CNN, BBC, Jew York Post, The Sun, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Newsweek, The Mail, etc.) announced that an Uzbekistan -born truck-driver by the name Sayfullo Saipov, 29, hit and shot eight people. It claimed that the man who landed in United States in 2010, was known to police for his criminal record. Furthermore, some witnesses claimed that he shouted “Allah-Akbar” while firing his two guns on the people celebrating Halloween. The man was shot by a NYPD officer and is alive in the hospital (watch a video below).

Ironically, the Jewish media forgot to mention that one of the victims of the false flag was a Jewish businessman Ariel Erlij from Argentina.

Interestingly, the idiot left a note in the truck claiming being a supporter of the US-Israel created ISIS which is a good proof that Israeli Mossad with the help of Israeli-trained US internal security officials is behind this automobile terror.

Sayfullo Saipov is married with children. His New Jersey neighbors claim: “‘He was generally a happy-go-lucky person who loved America.”

Mohammad Hamza Amzher, a witness, said the suspect was holding a paintgun and looked Hispanic and strongly denied the man shouted Allah Akbar (Allah is the Greatest).

The purpose of the false flag is to gain support for Donald Trump’s war on Iran for the Zionist entity.


Netanyahu wants Hamas to disarm, cut ties with Iran

On Tuesday, the West Bank ruling Fatah prime minister Rami al-Hamdallah chaired Fatah and Hamas cabinet meeting in Gaza Strip for the first time since 2014 in a move toward establishing a Palestinian Authority unity government between the Islamist and pro-US secularist factions.

Hamdallah told ministers that the meeting was a major step in a reconciliation process promoted by neighboring Egypt and other US-allied Arab countries.

Today, we stand before an important historical moment as we begin to get over our wounds, put our differences aside and place the higher national interest above all else,” Hamdallah said.

Hamas political bureau chief and former prime minister of Gaza Ismail Haniyeh said: “There might be some difficulties on the road, but we will conclude reconciliation, regardless of the cost.”

It’s wishful thinking, I must say. It’s Western move to demilitarize Islamic resistance groups allied to Iran, Qatar and Hizbullah and make its poodle Mahmoud Abbas as ruler of both West Bank and Gaza. Abbas refuses to abandon chairmanship of Palestinian Authority which expired in January 2009.

The Islamist resistance groups Hamas and its ally Islamic Jihad took over control of Gaza from Palestinian Authority in 2007 after Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas carried an armed coup against Hamas with the help of the US and Israel.

Fatah receives cash from the US, EU and Israel to run its ghetto entity. Hamas receives cash from Imam Khomeini Foundation and Qatar.

Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu call the Fatah-Hamas cabinet meeting bogus reconciliations. He also warned the Palestinian Authority administration that Israel will never negotiate with it until it recognize Israel as a Jewish state, disband the Hamas military arm and sever its alliance with Iran (watch video below).

Hamas has never pulled out of the Palestinian Authority but its armed wing and Islamic Jihad doesn’t recognize Mahmoud Abbas authority.

Last month, during his speech at the UNGA meeting, Netanyahu threatened Islamic Republic by invoking Talmud’s story of Queen Esther of Persia, by saying:”Whosoever tried to destroy Jews – Jews destroyed him.”

Interestingly, Israel’s surrogate mother United States has not recognized the entity as Jewish state since its birth on May 14, 1948 (see the document signed by US president Harry Truman above).

Zionists and Nazis – Birds of a feather?

 If one study European history during WWII from some objective source, he would come out of his coma after finding out that Zionist Jew terrorist militias which became Israel Occupation Force (IOF) in 1949, had collaborated with Hitler and Mussolini. But Zionists hatred and barbarism toward Arabs and Muslims far exceed Nazis hatred toward Jews, Christians and Gypsies put together.

Last week, this evilness was revealed by Israeli justice minister Ayelet Shaked, confirming that Zionists hate religious morality, human rights and universal justice. Ms. Shaked is not only a politician, but also considered Rati Devi, the goddess of sexuality. Last year, a nude portrait of Ayelet Shaked by an Israeli artist Yam Amrani was removed from exhibition at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

In June 2017, Patrick J. McShay posted an article describing how the United States has turned into another Zionist-Nazi entity – full of religious bigotry, racism, anti-human rights and a mass-killing.

The Middle East slaughter, or Crusade as George the dumber once awkwardly called it, before the war cabinet settled on the ominous sounding War on Terror has been chiseled into the minds of the American public through years of government lies, propaganda, brainwashing,  shady dossiers and anonymous sources. After Die Hard, almost 30 years ago,  movie bad guys were mostly Arabs, to embed the demonization into the American psyche. This barrage of disinformation would have never been successful without the mainstream news and their highly paid teleprompter readers, mindlessly reading government approved propaganda. Their reporting is producing grave results for the poor people we are claiming to liberate,” said McShay.

The big lie of course, is why we are in the Middle East in the first place. Once you understand that, you begin to understand a lot about US  foreign  policy and why we are spending trillions of dollars, bankrupting our country and cutting programs that benefit American Citizens. Most will believe the government explanation when the next false flag gas attack in Syria occurs, because they still believe that Al-Qaeda was behind 911. ISIS, of course, the new boogeyman invented by the Pentagon, will carry the terror baton for the Pentagram until they serve their evil purpose. ISIS is the mysterious army of murderous miscreants, who seem to hate everyone, and have attacked, Muslims, Christians and every country in the area with the exception of Israel. A specter of evil right out bad guy central casting. Mr Orwell would be impressed. Turns out, Al Baghdadi, the leader of this so called army of scary Arabs, who are torturing, raping and killing people of all faiths, is an Israeli Mossad trained Jew. As a matter of fact, most in the US are unaware that there is mounting evidence that the US Government, their NATO Allies, the psychopathic Saudi’s and our BFF’s the Israeli’s are arming, funding and training several terrorist groups in the Middle East including ISIS and Al Qaeda. What is John Traitor McCain’s role in all of this. Saudi Arabia has recently given  Traitor McCain’s corrupt foundation a million dollars. Suspicious? You bet. just the past week Syria has accused Israel of twice bombing Syrian positions in support of ISIS. Israel is making Billions of dollars in oil profits on land stolen from Syria in the Golan Heights. Now they are bombing them. Where is the international outrage?,” adds McShay.

Israeli terrorism and US cover-up


Former US Marine and 27-year veteran of Tulsa police force, Lt. Col (ret) Craig Roberts has written 13 books since 1989. His latest one is  Medusa File II which is based on his investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing (watch Roberts interview below) which killed 168 people.

The Jewish media immediately blamed Muslims for the bombing but later started making excuses when the FBI claimed the bombing suspect Tim McVeigh was not a Muslim.

When Roberts’ investigation lead to Israeli Mossad fingers behind the Oklahoma City Bombing, Bill Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno (died 2016), a Jew lesbian, took Craig Roberts off the investigation. She was on the board of directors of the B’nai B’rith ADL which works for Israeli Mossad.

Roberts doesn’t single-out Mossad for the bombing in order to avoid being labeled as Jew-hater, but claims bombing was an inside job that’s why the justice department refused to follow his investigation.

In April 2017, families and friends of the people killed gathered at the memorial and museum built at the former site of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building for the 22nd anniversary of the deadliest act of foreign terrorism in the US. The gathering was addressed by no other than Ben Carson, an anti-Muslim Israel-Firster who is Trump’s current secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Like the Oklahoma City Bombing all other major terrorist attacks in United States were never allowed to be investigated by an independent panel in order to suppress Israeli Mossad and local Jewish and neocons involvement in these assassinations, terrorism and fake news such as assassination of president JFK, Malcolm X, 9/11, Zionist lies about Iraqi WMDs, Iran to nuke Israel, Assad used chemical weapons on Syrian and off the biggest lie of the last century, Holocaust.

Since the WW II the US department of justice has been headed by either Zionist Jews or Zionist Christian. At the time of 9/11 terrorist attacks, John David Ashcroft (Jew) was the attorney general. Same goes for the CIA. FBI and DHS. Therefore, it’s very convenient to hide Israeli and local Zionist terrorists.

In 2005, FBI reported that Jew fanatics committed more terrorist acts (7%) than Muslim fundamentalists (6%) during the period between 1980-2004.

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database

Mossad behind Barcelona van attack

A White van was driven into a crowd of pedestrians close to one of Barcelona’s Jewish deli – killing 13 people and injuring another 80.

Even before the local police call it a terrorist act – Richard Verber, senior vice-president of the Board of Jewish Deputies, said: “We utterly condemn this brutal attack by terrorists intent on murdering and maiming innocent pedestrians in Barcelona. People of all faiths and none must come together to defeat this evil.”

The Jewish media had reported that Barcelona attacker took hostages in a nearby Turkish restaurant, however, the claim was dismissed by the local police.

As expected, ISIS, a US-Israeli creation, took responsibility for the attack – just like Charlie Hebdo, Paris terrorist attacks, and all the recent terrorist attacks in London.

Pity, ISIS didn’t exist in 2004 to take blame for the Madrid bombing which had Israeli Mossad fingerprints all over. The train bombings occurred one year after one million Spaniards joined up to 30 million other people around the world in protesting the imminent Iraq invasion, an Israel’s proxy war, and in the context of the Spanish people’s overwhelming rejection of the presence of Spanish troops in Iraq.

Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old man born in Morocco, whose passport was found near the kosher deli surrendered himself to police. He denied being present in the area during the accident and said he reported his passport being stolen to police station last week. British daily Guardian reported on Thursday that Oukabir was not driving the white van involved in the killing.

Mossad agents are famous for stealing foreigners’ passports.

On August 17, British Daily Star reported that Manchester Arena bomb survivor Chris Pawley, a convicted drug dealer, was spotted near the kosher deli at the time of the incident.

Catalans are holding a referendum on October 1, 2017 to split from Spain. In June, the regional president Carles Puigdemont said Catalans will be asked to answer yes or no to a single question: “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?” He also said the vote was non-negotiable because Catalans backed his plan for secession by voting for his coalition of pro-independence parties at the end of 2015.

Spain’s Jewish Lobby is against an Catalonia State, fearing a pro-Palestine country in Europe. Most Catalonians support BDS movement.

Catalonia, a wealthy region in northeastern Spain, represents a fifth of Spain’s GDP and has a population of over seven million – 15% of which are Muslim immigrants from Morocco, Palestine, Turkey and Pakistan.

Spain had been under Muslim Rule for nearly 850 years (711-1492).

Richard Falk: Israel was created on ‘Jewish terrorism’

Despite pressure from Israeli embassy in Dublin the University College Cork (UCC) went ahead with its scheduled conference to debate that Israel has no right to exist on March 31, 2017.

Professor James Bowen (UCC) who sponsored the conference was interviewed by Hassan Baker, editor Motely magazine (here).

UK’s Southampton University had cancelled this conference in 2015 under pressure from British government and local Jewish groups.

American Jewish academic and former UNHRC envoy for occupied Palestine, Richard Falk was the keynote speaker.

Israel was created as result of the most successful Jewish terrorist campaign in history,” said Dr. Falk.

Dr. Falk co-authored the recent UN report labeling Israel being an Apartheid State which was later removed under the US, UK, and Israeli pressure.

It remains our central hope, one shared with ESCWA, that the widespread availability of this report will lead to a clearer understanding of the Palestinian plight and encourage more effective responses by the UN, by governments, and by civil society. Beyond this, it is our continuing wish that people of good will throughout the world, especially within Israel, will work toward a political solution that will finally allow Jews and Palestinians to live together in peace, with justice,” Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley wrote in the report.

Richard Falk described in detail the European Jewish terrorism vs Torah teachings in an article published in December 2008 (here).

On March 19, the Geneva-based AJC affiliated Israel’s advocacy group UN Watch asked prime minister Theresa May to expel Richard Falk from Britain over anitsemitism and glorifying anti-Israel jihadis. Interestingly, in June 2013, UNHRC envoy Richard Falk had demanded the UN Watch should be remove from the World Forum.

On March 25, Jeff Dunetz spilled his Talmudic filth against his fellow American Jew at the Constitution. com with the heading: the UN Crony Richard Falk Hates America, Israel and Jews but the Arab World Loves Him.

Richard Falk didn’t say something new. In 2009, British writer and athlete David Icke also made a similar statement. “The Israeli bully-boys spend most of their time condemning the terrorism of others and yet their very state was created through terrorism of the most grotesque kind via groups Irgun and Stern Gang, which bombed and terrorized Israel into being.”

Israeli army is world’s best terrorist organization

Before some idiot call me antisemite – the title of this post comes from Israel-American author and human rights activist Miko Peled 2012 statement (watch video below).

US Army Capt (ret) Joe Cortina made a similar statement about Israeli army during an interview he gave to Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari in August 2012.

On December 17, 2015, the Jewish News Online published an interview with Jurgen Todenhofer, the German reporter who had spent 10 days with the US-Israel created terrorist group ISIS in Iraq – claiming the terrorist group only fears Israeli army – knowing the latter is far greater terrorist organization than ISIS.

On December 12, 2001, Rob Miller (Jew) posted an article, entitled, Israel: A terrorist success story at Australia’s Green Left Weekly.

Ran HaCohen, an Israeli academic says that if someone need to see Israel’s best terrorism in action – he/she should visit Hebron City. Israeli army’s ex-sergeant Eran Efrati who participated in wars against Palestinians claimed in a recent interview (below): I was the terrorist.

It’s interesting to know that 13 Jew terrorists were elected as prime ministers of the Zionist entity.

Israeli and Zionist leaders, and the Jewish-controlled Western mainstream media have long succeeded in brainwashing the Christian world that any group or nation which resist the Judo-Christian occupation and imperialism, is a terrorist organization. While Israeli terrorist state receives billions of dollars in aid and charity from Western governments – no Muslim or Christian charity is allowed to send a few hundred-thousand dollars to feed and clothe victims of Israeli and western colonialism.

Israeli writer and human right activist Lilach Ben-David wrote at +972 blog (March 13, 2016): “In order to understand why the political leadership of Palestinian citizens of Israel does not view Hizbullah as a terrorist organization, we must first rid ourselves of one of the unspoken conventions of internal Zionist political discourse and ask ourselves a simple question: do Israel’s Arab neighbors – be they Palestinians, Lebanese or others — have the moral right to defend themselves against Israeli (and American) military aggression?”

Then she provide answer to the question by saying: “In the Israeli political consensus is such an unequivocal negative that merely posing the question is considered treasonous. According to the same political consensus, Israel has the supreme moral right to behave in the Middle East like a thuggish child behaves in a playground, and the moral obligation of the neighboring Arab peoples is to suffer quietly from Israel’s attacks and not raise any military entity that might deter Israeli aggression and defend the lives and land of the Arab peoples.”