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Did Mossad kill JFK? You will never know

On October 26, Donald Trump, the Judas goat, announced the release of only 2,800-pages out of 113,000-page CIA file on the assassination of former US president John F. Kennedy. The release of the complete FBI file was required by the 1992 Congressional Act known as “JFK Assassination Records Collection Act,” which was signed as law by then president George HW Bush.

Some credit of the said act goes to Olive Stone’s 1991 movie JFK. Since then, Oliver Stone who claims to have Jewish family roots, was declared conspiracy theorist and antisemite. His son Sean Stone converted to Islam four years ago.

Trump’s decision was based on the advice of top pro-Israel members of his administration including his son-in-law Kushner, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Gen. James Mattis, FBI director Christopher Wray, AIPAC-controlled Republican lawmakers and Jew oligarchs who oiled Trump’s presidential campaign express.

The three brains behind JFK assassination; crime don Meyer Lansky, prime minister of Zionist entity David Ben Gurion and CIA director James Angelton, were all Zionist Jews.

Lyndon Johnson had demonstrated his strong support for Israel throughout his political career. The government of Israel, therefore, had every reason to believe that its interests would be better advanced with Johnson as president. And indeed they were. After Kennedy’s death, the United States, for the first time, began large-scale shipments of arms to Israel. During the June 1967 war, Johnson covertly provided both military equipment and personnel to aid Israel. Certainly, the Mossad possessed the resources to carry out an assassination almost any place on earth. And the Israeli government has been willing to sacrifice American lives to its own purposes. An example was the unprovoked Israeli military assault that killed 34 crewmen of the USS Liberty in June 1967,” wrote former Congressman Paul Findley on March 28, 1992.

Michael Collins Piper (died 2015), was a political investigative writer and author of several books such as Final Judgment, The Judas Goats, Target Traficant, etc. In 2004 bookFinal Judgment, Piper claims that Israeli Mossad with the help of America’s fifth column (Zioncons) and CIA planned and executed the murder of JFK.

On June 3, 2015, Gordon Duff, senior editor Veterans Today claimed that Michael Collins Piper was murdered by Israel Lobby.


Israel provokes Syria to start a new war

On Thursday, Jew fighter jets attacked the so-called chemical factory killing two civilians near Masyaf in northwestern Syria.

This aggression comes in a desperate attempt to raise the collapsed morale of the ISIS terrorists after the sweeping victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism at more than one front, and it affirms the direct support provided by the Israeli entity to the ISIS and other terrorist organizations,” the Army Command said in a statement according to the Syrian news agency SANA.

The attacks come on the tail of the key victories of the Syrian Arab Army, backed by Iran, Hizbullah and Russia, against ISIS in the Deir Ez-Zor region and city, which has been under siege for three years by the terrorist group, putting residents of the city under conditions of a dire humanitarian crisis.

Over the past years, the Jewish military has carried out sporadic attacks against various targets across Syria in what Damascus views as an attempt to boost the ISIS terror groups that have been taking heavy blows from the Syrian army and allied forces on the battle ground.

Last week, former British diplomat Alastair Crooke said that Netanyahu is in panic over the collapse of his proxy war in Syria and will launch an attack on Syria based on some lie in order to provoke a new war in the region.

America’s ambassador at United Nations, Nikki Haley in a recent tweet message said that the US will shoot first and ask questions later if any chemical used in the area. She reminded her fans that Syria used chemical weapons in 2014 which has since proven to be Fake News.

Last month Netanyahu told his host Putin that he would prefer ISIS to win over Syria and Iran and would attack Syria to prevent that happening.

Watch below Australia-based Maram Susli aka the Syrian Girl.

Khamenei warns Muslims of Zionist Evildoers

On August 29, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in his Hajj message warned the Muslim world of the anti-Muslim agenda of the Israel and Zionist-controlled western governments.

Today, the world of Islam is suffering from insecurity: moral, spiritual and political insecurity. The main factor behind this is our negligence and the brutal invasion of the enemies. We Muslims have not carried out our religious and our rational duties in the face of the invasion of the vicious enemy. We forgot to be both Strong against unbelievers and Compassionate among one another; Holy Quran, 48: 29,” said Khamenei.

The result of this is that the Zionist enemy is provoking sedition in the heart of the world of Islam’s geography while by ignoring the definite duty of saving Palestine, we Muslims are busy with domestic wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain and with confronting terrorism in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the like,” added Khamenei.

The heads of Islamic countries and political, religious and cultural personalities in the world of Islam have heavy responsibilities on their shoulders: the responsibility of creating unity and preventing everyone from tribal and denominational conflicts, the responsibility of informing nations of the enemy’s methods and the treachery of arrogance and Zionism, the responsibility of equipping everyone for the purpose of confronting the enemy in the various arenas of hard and soft wars, the responsibility of urgently preventing catastrophic incidents in Islamic countries – the bitter example of this today being the affairs in Yemen which are a source of sorrow and protest- the responsibility of offering determined support for the oppressed Muslim minorities such as in Myanmar and other such minorities, and most importantly the responsibility of defending Palestine and offering unconditional cooperation and assistance to a people who have been fighting for their usurped country for nearly 70 years,” said Khamenei.

Iran’s Press TV asked for comments on Khamenei message from Kevin Barrett, PhD, and Shabbir Hassally (listen below).

American academic, writer and author Kevin Barrett said that the wars, regime changes and terrorism in the Middle East is part of Western plot to “redrawing the map of the Middle East to essentially allow Israel to continue to expand without hindrances.”

Barrett said: “Israel in collaboration with the United States is trying to carry out the Oded Yinon Plan for promoting sectarian divisions in order to dismember the Middle Eastern countries and pave the way for the Zionists to take advantage from instability in the region.”

British Islamic scholar and activist Shabbir R. Hassanally said: “The Muslim world has been remarkably negligent because we (Muslims) have allowed the fallacy of Takfirism also known as Wahhabism to come along and infect us and to pit Muslim against Muslim for reasons which have no basis in reality.”

Israel and N. Korea exchange threats

Last month Israeli defense minister Avigdor Liberman, a Zionfascist and Russian gangster at the Meir Dagan Conference of Strategic Affairs in Netanya identified North Korea, which is 5,000m away, as the greatest threat to Israel. Islamic Republic was second followed by Islamic resistance groups Hamas and Hizbullah.

Pyongyang has crossed the red line with its nuclear tests,” claimed Liberman. I’m sure the Zionist filth is aware of the fact that he has over 240 nuclear warhead under his fat butts – Kim Jong-un has only 15 bombs in his pocket.

Lieberman’s attack on North Korean leader doesn’t come as a surprise to someone who has watched Israeli frustration over Pyongyang’s close ties with Iran, Pakistan, Syria and its support for Palestinian struggle against Jewish occupation. The communist country has been on Israel’s list of rogue states for decades.

In March 2017 at a security conference in Israel, senior security idiots argued over which country or terror organization was the number- one threat. Mossad director Yossi Cohen said it was still Iran; IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkot ranked Hizbullah first; former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo insisted that the unsolved conflicts with the Palestinians and the Arabs represent the greatest danger. Last August, Tamir said that civil war in Israel was the only existential threat. Now defense minister Avigdor Liberman has declared that North Korea has overtaken Iran as the gravest threat to world peace.

Alon Levkowitz, a fellow at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) in Israel in a study has accused North Korea of selling arms to both Hamas and Hizbullah which are used to kill peace-loving Israelis. The study also claimed that Hizbullah had received training in North Korea, and technical assistance was suspected in the construction of Hamas’s Gaza tunnel network.

In response, on April 30, Pyongyang accused the Zionist entity of being the only illegal possessor of nukes and threat to peace in the region.

Unlike the Zionist entity, North Korea doesn’t pose any threat to US occupied neighboring countries such as South Korea and Japan. Its missile force is not designed to attack the far-away United States but rather to deter any invasion or nuclear attack by the US forces. The US Air Force underlined this potential threat by flying two nuclear-capable B-1 heavy bombers near the border with N. Korea. It would be suicidal for Pyongyang to use nuclear weapons against 38,000 US forces stationed in South Korea as radiation cloud blow back could kill millions of country’s 28 million citizens.

The Israel-First madman in the White House might think that a pro-Israel regime change in N. Korea is as easy as in Iraq or Libya – but hardly anyone has pointed out that North Korea can and almost certainly would retaliate against US assets in the region. Like the Korean War 67 years ago – this time it could draw China and Russia which are now nuclear powers on the side of North Korea.

Beside Israeli poodle in the White House, British, Australian and Canadian poodles have promised to the White House their support against Pyongyang. However, North Korean nuclear and missile deterrent has worked thus far in starving off American military action, and China, despite its frustration with Kim, remains, at least for the time being committed to the survival of a communist regime in Pyongyang for its own security interests.

Recently, powerful Zionist advocacy group, Council on  Foreign Relations (CFR) released a task force report which advised Washington against striking a peace deal with North Korea on the grounds that Pyongyang would expect US troops to withdraw from the peninsula. Were the United States to quit the peninsula militarily, its strategic position relative to China and Russia, namely, its ability to threaten its two near-peer competitors, would be weakened, the report warned. Accordingly, Washington was adjured to refrain from promising Beijing that any help it provided in connection with North Korea would be rewarded by a reduction in the US troop presence on the peninsula.

The Jewish Brookings Institute calls for all-out economic warfare on the North Korean people. “A more robust approach should go after the financial lifeblood of the North Korean regime in new ways: starving the regime of foreign currency, cutting Pyongyang off from the international financial and trading system, squeezing its trading networks, interdicting its commerce, and using covert and overt means to take advantage of the regime’s many vulnerabilities. A strong foundation of military measures must underline this approach,” it advises

Interestingly, on April 30, the kosher Pope Francis urged both Washington and Pyongyang to come to a peaceful solution to save (Judeo-Christian) humanity.

Several Israeli and US Zionist media outlets have banked on Pyongyang’s counter threat to Tel Aviv by claiming that Hamas had thanked North Korea for kicking Israeli AZZ… However, no word on Hizbullah’s reaction on this topic.

UN report blasts Israel’s ‘subjugation of humanity’

Just days after a UN report calling Israel an apartheid was pulled as result of pressure from Washington and Tel Aviv, UN Human Right Council (UNHRC) issued a scathing report on Monday accusing the Zionist regime of acting worse than Nazis in Palestine.

In the report, Canadian professor Stanley Michael Lynk, the UN special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, charged Israel with the subjugation of humanity in Palestine and intensifying a crackdown on human rights campaigners.

Professor Lynk made the claims in a report presented to the UNHRC during the Geneva-based body’s mandated session on Israel, known as Agenda Item Seven, which has always irked Washington. As result, the US envoy Erin Barclay boycotted Monday session of UNHRC in Geneva claiming the “world body is obsessed with Israel.”

He decried how Israel’s “illegal settlement enterprise has moved at an alarming pace” since Donald Trump assumed the US presidency in January, calling the practice a flagrant violation of international law.

His report also pointed to how the illegal settlement building is accompanied by “high rates of demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.”

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, a Portuguese Zionist bitch, felt like some Arab spit on his face. Rex Tillerson, Muslim-hating secretary of state publically threatened to withdraw from UNHRC over its targeting the only denocracy in the region.

However, as part of its obligations under the Israeli agenda item, Guterres’ office presented its latest findings to the council Monday.

Chronic violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law by all parties have persisted,” the secretary general’s office said, condemning Israel over settlement expansion among other offenses.

The US State Department blasted the UNHRC again on Monday for holding its Israel debate and vowed in a statement “to vote against every resolution put forth under this agenda item“.

On March 8, during a meeting with Rex Tillerson in Washington, Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman urged United States to leave UNHRC because it’s infiltrated with Hamas sympathizers.

Washington funds roughly a quarter of all UN activities but Trump’s initial budget proposal foresees significant reductions.

In 2015, Russian MP Vyacheslav Nikonov called for the removal of United Nations headquarter out of the United States due to the fact that Washington has always used the international forum to serve its imperialism.

I would like to end this post with a statement by Alison Weir: “When I was born, Palestine referred to the whole of the historic land that your founders then ethnically cleansed and renamed. Now, it officially refers to a few segments of land, surrounded and trapped.”

Jordan refuses to extradite Ahlam al-Tamimi to US

Last week, pro-Israel Donald Trump administration added Jordanian citizen Ahlam Aref Ahmad al-Tamimi, 36, to its Most Wanted Terrorist list. Trump’s Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, a pro-Israel Muslim-hater renewed Washington’s demand to Amman made in 2013 for her extradition to face the US justice.

On Monday, Jordan’s highest court upheld a lower court decision to deny US request for the extradition of Ahlam Aref Ahmad al-Tamimi, who had already served 8 years in Israeli jail for the crime she never committed. Furthermore, the prsiding judge said that the US-Jordan extradition agreement signed in 1995, was never ratified by Jordanian parliament.

The Human Center for Democracy and Rights in Gaza has called the US extradition request against Jordanian journalist Ahlam al-Tamimi, originally from Palestine, a racist decision and against human ethics and norms.

I guess, it’s high time for Donald Trump to phone Jordanian King Abdullah II and tell him – No more US$350 million annual bribe anymore dude.

Ahlam al-Tamimi was arrested by Israeli internal terrorist agency Shin Bet for ‘directing’ the alleged suicide bomber at Jerusalem Sbarro pizza restaurant killing 15 Jews including two American-Israeli dual citizen.

The suicide bombing had the usual marks of an Israeli false flag operation to portray Jewish occupation being victim of Palestinian resistance groups. Israeli military used the incident as an accuse to occupy PLO’s political headquarter, Orient House in occupied East Jerusalem.

Ahlam al-Tamimi was released along with 1,207 other Palestinians in a prison swap for Israeli Jew soldier Noam Shalit captured as POW by Hamas fighters in 2007. The Palestinian detainees freed were arrested or kidnapped by Israeli soldiers, and kept in jails without trial. Most of them, like al-Tamimi, were tortured and sexually abuse in order to extract false statements.

Ahlam al-Tamimi, former student of Bir Zeit University got engaged to a fellow Palestinian prisoner Nizar al-Tamimi who is currently serving a life sentence in Ashkelon prison of which he has served 16 years. On October 19, 2011 when she arrived in Amman from Cairo – Ahlam received a warm welcome at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman by her relatives, residents, political activists and union members, who also carried Palestinian flags and signs welcoming her.

Canadian Israeli hasbara filth, CIJ News (July 6, 2016) , accused Toronto teacher Nadia Shoufani, who spoke at the 2016 Al-Quds Day rally in Toronto, of calling Ahlam al-Tamimi a hero (watch video below).

Yemen: Trumps military advisers are stupid

Last month, Trump’s first so-called counter-terrorism operation cost one US Seal dead and six others wounded during an operation against Shi’ite militia fighting Saudi forces in Bayda Province of Yemen.

Trump’s reaction to American soldier’s death was no surprise to Muslims.

Americans are saddened this morning with news that a life of a heroic service member has been taken in our fight against the evil of radical Islamic terrorism. My deepest thoughts and humblest prayers are with the family of this fallen service member. I also pray for a quick and complete recovery for the brave service members who sustained injuries,” Trump said in a statement.

Naturally, Christian Zionists like Donald Trump are not supposed to acknowledge that according to FBI, 94% terrorist activities against US interests were carried out by radical Christan and Jew terrorists.

However, the brave Seal were able to kill a few dozen civilian – mostly women and children including 8-year-old daughter of US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki (here).

On February 7, Yemen government informed the White House that it was revoking its permission for the Pentagon to operate ground operations against the so-called terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda – both US-Israel proxy armies (here, here).

A pro-Israel regime in Sana’a is very important for the Zionist entity. Yemen occupies a strategic position at the entrance to the Red Sea and its control of the Bab-el-Mandebo, Israel’s outlet to Indian Ocean and the Far East. Theodor Herzl was of the opinion that the Jewish occupation of Palestine couldn’t survive much longer without Lebanon’s Litani River and trade connection to the outside world without Red Sea.

This is not the first time Saudi ‘royals’ are fighting a US-Israel proxy war in Yemen. In 1962, Washington, Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Tehran under King Reza Shah armed Zaidi Shi’ite ruler Imam al-Badr, whose family ruled Yemen nearly 1,000 years. The communist rebellion against Imam al-Badr in the late 1950s was supported by Egypt under president Col. Gamal Abdul Nasser (d. 1970).

In 2010, Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman told Fox News: “Iraq was yesterday war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen could be our next war. That’s the danger we face.”

Maybe, it’s time for the anti-Muslim hawks in Donald Trump’s cabinet to realize that the US forces have been defeated in both Iraq and Afghanistan – and their fate doesn’t look different in Yemen either.

The current Houthi regime fighting US-Israel-Saudi Arabia is a branch of Zaidi Shi’ites – but much different from Iranian, Iraqi and Lenanese Shi’ites in theology.