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Peru: Israel dumps its former ally

Mosque Bab ul Islam, Tacna, PeruOn Sunday, Netanyahu blocked former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo’s (2001-2006) entry to Israel to join his French Jewish wife Eliane Karp, an Israeli citizen.

Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (son of a German Jew) has asked Donald Trump to extradite Toledo to Peru.

Toledo who is living in exile in United States for years, is wanted on corruption charges in Peru. He is accused of taking US$20 million in bribe from a Brazilian construction company.

Since Peru has extradition treaty with United States but not with Israel – Toledo like most of American Jew criminals decided to take refuge in the state known as ‘Heaven for Criminals’.

Toledo has a long friendship with Israeli businessman Yosef Maiman, who prosecutors accuse of acting as a middleman for at least $10 million in alleged bribes.

In January 2011, Peru joined seven other Latin American countries in recognizing an independent Palestinian state. The decision was condemned by Israel and the US. Then Peruvian president Alan Garcia also met PA president Mahmoud Abbas. Alan Garcia is a pro-US and critic of late president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Islam was brought to Peru by Spanish Muslims after the fall of Granada in 1492. However, the 5,000 Muslims living among the 24 million nation are most descendants of Muslims from Palestine and Syria. There is only one mosque in Tacna known as Bab al-Islam Mosque (see photo on top of this post).

There are close to 3,000 European Jews living in Peru who all claim that they’re descendants od Holocaust survivors. However, Israeli rabbis have succeeded in bribing over a hundred poor Inca Peruvian Christians to become the lost tribe of B’nai Moshe – only if the immigrate. These newly found ‘Jew’ are living in a settlement of  Alon Shvut in the occupied West Bank on land stolen from native Muslims and Christians.

Theoretically, the new Jews had the option of joining the Jewish community in Peru, but that was ruled out by Israel’s rabbinate council,” Ha’aretz quoted Jewish Agency official saying.


Israel: Trump’s safe zones plan is to oust Iran from Syria

On January 25, US president Donald Trump issued an executive order directing the Pentagon and the State Department to craft a plan to create several safe zones in Syria for the civilians fleeing the 5-year-old bloodshed there – in order to stop the refugees entering the US and the European Union nations.

Commenting on Donald Trump’s executive order, Israeli army connected newspaper DEBKAfile (January 26, 2017) said that Putin’s proposal is to create three zones – each controlled by the US, Russia and Turkey – thus ousting both Iran and Hizbullah from Syrian which would result in the fall of president Bashar al-Assad from power.

A deal has been struck between US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin this week to establish US, Russian and Turkish security zones in Syria. This scheme will transfer military control of the country to those three powers. Each of them will be responsible for a zone whose borders will be defined and agreed upon by Washington, Moscow and Ankara. As part of this arrangement, all forces from the Iranian military, the pro-Iranian Shiite militias and Hizballah will be required to leave Syria. The US military is to have two security zones – one covering the entire area east of the Euphrates River up to the Iraqi border including Kurdish areas (see attached map). This arrangement will partly resurrect the accord reached in late 2015 by US President Barack Obamaand Putin, for the division of Syria into areas of influence. All territory east of the Euphrates was allocated to the US, with Russia taking responsibility for all areas west of the river until the Mediterranean coast,” claimed DEBKAfile.

I’m not surprised by DEBKA’s revelation. I reported in an earlier post that it were Iran and Hizbullah which defended Bashar al-Assad for three-and-half years while Putin played golf with Netanyahu and Erdogan on the sideline. Putin got involved in Syria after Netanyahu convinced him that a Syrian regime under Iran-Hizbullah military influence would pose a great threat to Israel in the future.

Even if Russia-US-Turkey succeed in isolating Syria from non-Arab Iran – they cannot isolate Hizbullah from Syria. Both Syrian and Hizbullah are Arabs. Lebanon was part of Syria until WWI, and both countries have common religious, cultural and anti-Israel values. In 2015, former US president Jimmy Carter warned Obama that there would never be peace in Syria without Iranian blessings.

On January 25, the Jewish Wall Street Journal, reported that Donald Trump’s ‘safe zones’ plan represents a significant policy reversal from Barack Obama administration which long resisted pressure from Israel and America’s Arab allies in the region to establish safe zones along Syrian-Israel and Syrian-Turkey borders.

On January 23, Javier Solana, former secretary-general NATO advised Donald Trump to think seriously about America’s interests, and those of the region before escalating America’s military involvement. If he does, he will realize that the alternative to contributing to regional stability is to risk an even greater nightmare. He also told Putin to end his military adventure in Syria. As far as Turkey is concerned, he said that Erdogan is seeking an outcome to the Syrian conflict that aligns with its own policy toward the Kurds.

Tzipi Livni charms Saudi Prince

photo_2017-01-21_16-40-18-523x5001Recently former Mossad honeypot, Israel’s foreign minister and justice minister Tzipi Livni, 58, posted her photo with Saudi Prince Turki bin Faisal Al-Saud, former Riyadh ambassador in Washington and London, and director general of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, in Davos, Switzerland on her Twitter account.

If you think it’s a coincidence – guess what, the two lovers met in Belgium in May 2014 when Livni was Netanyahu’s foreign minister.

As far as I know, both have two things in common; their Jewish roots and hatred for Islamic Republic of Iran. She agree with Netanyahu that after the P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement, Iran has become a financial threat to Israel – as Western countries would now trade more with Iran and less with Israel. However, she believes the only way to win the hearts of Sunni Arabs would be to give Palestinians some space. Speaking at the Iran Risk Summit in New York City last year she said: “Freezing settlement activities for example is a small example of what can change the environment.”

Prince Turki al-Faisal has been leading a rapprochement between the Zionist regime and the Saudi ‘royals’ which is rooted in their common hostility toward the Islamic Republic.

Tzipi is a trained professional to use sexual relation to charm Arab leaders to cooperate with Israel. It was a big news in March 2014 about Tzipi having sex with two Palestinian officials Saeb Erekat and Yasser Abed Rabbo during the peace negotiation between Palestinian Authority and Israel. Israel’s chief rabbi defended her action by saying that “it was ok for her to perform sex with strangers as long as long as it benefits Israel.”

Wahhabism and Zionism are bedfellows. These two ideologies may seem like unrelated entities on the surface of it, however these two ideologies are in fact conjointly responsible for much if not all of the situation in the Middle East today; a situation that doesn’t just effect the Middle East, but as we’ve seen since 2011, it has affected the US and Europe while pushing Eurasian forces to unite in the face of the shock waves this conjoint force has discharged. These two ideologies are responsible for almost a century of violence, wars, suffering, occupation and manipulation. These two ideologies are in fact two faces of the same coin. Most importantly, these two ideologies can both be traced back to the same approximate era which is roughly 100 years ago, during the events of the First World War,” wrote Marwa Osman, journalist, TV show host, and lecturer at the Beirut University (listen her below).

Israel urges world to reject ‘Palestinian Unity Government’

bibi[1]On Wednesday, Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement urged the world leaders to reject the Russian-sponsored Palestinian Unity Government because it includes Hamas and Islamic Jihad which are dedicated to wipe Israel off map.

On Tuesday, Mahmoud Abbas led secularist Fatah, Islamic resistance Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreed in Moscow to form a unified government to challenge Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem since June 1967.

The three-day meeting was called-in by Russian foreign minister Sergey lavrov. The representatives from Ramallah-based Fatah, Gaza-based Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and Syria-based pro-Russian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) attended the meeting.

Fatah chairman Mahmoud Abbas, a double agent, Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal, and Gaza elected prime minister since 2006, Ismail Haniyeh didn’t attend the meeting.

We have reached agreement under which, within 48 hours, we will call on Mahmoud Abbas to launch consultations on the creation of a government,” Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmad told a press conference.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of Hamas’ political bureau, also described a unity government as the most effective tool to address divisions among Palestinian groups, adding that it is responsible to promote the solutions, including the holding of free and democratic elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The official noted that an agreement between Fatah and Hamas to achieve Palestinian unity is not considered a compromise by any means. The concept of unity, among all factions, is a win for all sides, rather than a loss, he said, adding, “Everybody will win.”

Mahmoud Abbas whose PA president mandate expired in January 2009, has repeatedly refused to hold new election under advice from Tel Aviv and Washington fearing that would give Hamas international mandate to rule both Gaza and the West Bank.

Hamas has never endorsed Mahmoud Abbas’s efforts at United Nations to get world recognition of a Palestinian state at less than 22% of historical Palestine because it would legitimize non-Palestinian Jewish occupation of 78% of Palestine. Furthermore, condemnation of Israeli expansionist policies at United Nations gives Zionist regime further excuse to establish more new illegal Jewish settlements on land stolen from the aboriginal people. The Zionist regime knows that the veto holding powers (the US, Russia, China, UK, and France) have no teeth to bite Israel.

Netanyahu wants Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas, or Gen. Mohammed Dahlan or Marwan Barghouti, 57, who is serving life sentence in an Israeli jail since 2002. Ironically, all the three Israeli choices are rejected by a great majority of nine million Palestinians living in occupied Palestine and in exile.

Russia along with the United States, United Nation, and the European Union, is the founding member (2002) of the so-called Quartet, headed by British former prime minister, Israel-First Tony Blair, a war criminal.

Hamas election victory in 2006 which was monitored by former US president Jimmy Carter and other western NGOs – shocked not only Fatah but also Israel, the US and Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. In 2007, the US and Israel supplied arms and training to Fatah fighters to topple Hamas government by force. However, mass public support for Hamas failed the coup.

Since 2008, Fatah has abandoned armed resistance against the Jewish army. Instead it has cooperated with Israeli security agencies to round-up Hamas lawmakers and sympathizers from the West Bank, and has provided security to the illegal Jewish settlements.

In January 2012, Hamas political Guru, Khaled Meshaal, who was living in exile since the Mossad failed assassination attempt on his life on September 25, 1997 in Amman, Jordan, refused to support Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and moved to Qatar. According to some Middle East sources, Qatar ruler rewarded Khaled Meshaal with US$250 million for abandoning Assad.

While Khaled Meshaal has visited Iran on several occasions and met presidents Rafsanjani, Ahmadinejad and Hassan Rouhani – and Iran’s Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei – Tehran has refused several requests by PLO and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas to visit Iran. In 1981, PLO Chairman, Yasser Arafat did visit Tehran to plead the release of American embassy staff.

Gaza-based Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders are common feature in Tehran. Last year, Ayatullah Khamenei told the visiting Islamic Jihad leaders that defending Palestine is defending Islam.

London: Israeli embassy scandal

Britain’s current prime minister Theresa May is a staunch ally of the Zionist entity. So was her predecessors David Cameron, and Tony Blair, a war criminal.

Last month, Theresa May slammed US secretary of state John Kerry over a speech in which he criticized the Zionist regime.

In October 2016, Theresa May blasted opposition Labour Party calling it a Party of Antisemites. May’s Labour problem is not with the party but with its leader Jeremy Corbyn, who claims that Israel will never live in peace unless it negotiate with democratically-elected of Hamas in good faith.

Since the rise of Corbyn, the Israeli embassy in London has joined with country’s powerful Jewish lobbying groups to target British lawmakers who ever dared to criticize in their political career. In June 2016, the Labour Friends of Palestine MP Helen Joanne ‘Jo’ Cox, 42, was stabbed and shot to death in broad daylight outside the public library in Birstall, Leeds, to the shouts of Britain First!.

On January 7, 2017, Qatar-based Al-Jazeera released its six-month undercover investigation revealing a vicious Israeli campaign against pro-Palestinian activists in the United Kingdom. Each episode of the four-part series The Lobby (watch below) will be broadcast daily on Al-Jazeera from January 11.

Israel’s London embassy’s senior political officer Major (r) Shai Masot (Israel Navy), is reported to be the head of the UK’s Political Watch network. He held executive positions in Israel’s Ministry for Strategic Affairs, before moving to the Israeli embassy in London. There he held many recorded meetings with British politicians, including giving briefings in parliament and at party conferences, and acted in a way that in general would accord with a rank around First Secretary to Counsellor.

Shai Mascot also spied on Scotland’s ruling Scottish National Party’s Friends of Palestine. Its founder Andy Murray was detained and deported from Israel in November 2015.

In order to counter Friends of Palestine, in 2016 a group calling itself SNP Friends of Peace in the Middle East was established by a former Israeli soldier, Sammy Stein. A leading member of the Scottish Jewish community called it, a front group for the interests of the Israeli government.

On January 9, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that Israeli officials insist matter is closed after public and private apologies to Deputy Foreign Officer Minister Sir Alan Duncan and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and with Shai Mascot fired and sent home.

Interestingly, Boris Johnson has Turkish Jewish family roots. Sir Alan Duncan, though supports Israel, but is against Jewish Lobby in the country. He had claimed in the past that United State is controlled by Israel lobbing groups.

We want Jewish people becoming involved in politics. We need British Jews for the Conservative, Labour, or other UK parties – but not the Israeli lobby for any party,” Sir Alan Duncan said.

Trump and the ‘Greater Israel’

US president-elect Donald Trump, who in his own words and his administration-members he has picked-up so far, proves that he would be best American Zionist dog, Israelis ever dreamed to fulfill Herzl’s dream of Eretz Israel (watch video below).

Donald Trump would support Israel’s annexing parts of the West Bank. It’s not just the commitment of an individual, it’s the commitment of an entire political party to support the state of Israel in ways that frankly Israel has not seen from this country before,” said David D. Friedman, Trump’s ambassador to Tel Aviv.

On December 30, in a post I said that Donald Trump is nothing but a Zionist shill. Trump administration is going to provide unprecedented booster to the establishment of Greater Israel plan over several Arab lands.

On December 30, 2016, Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow, PhD, wrote that when the US president-elect Donald Trump says Make America Great Again – he really means, Make Israel Great Again.

On December 27, Dr. Philip Giraldi, executive director of Council for National Interest, and former CIA counter-terrorism analyst for over two decades, published an article, entitled, Welcome to Greater Israel! The Tail will be wagging the dog under Donald Trump.

The problem with Israel and its American friends is that they are never satisfied and never leave the rest of us Americans alone, pushing constantly at what is essentially an open door. They have treated the United States like doormat, spying on us more than any ostensibly friendly nation while pocketing over $38 billion donation to their expanding state without so much as a thank you. They are shameless. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer has been all over American television sputtering his rage over the United Nations settlements vote. On CNN he revealed that Israel has clear evidence that President Obama was behind the resolution and he announced his intention to share the information with Donald Trump,” Giraldi said.

In order to punish United States for not vetoing anti-settlement resolution at the UNSC – Netanyahu has threatened to expose Washington Pedophile ring. One wonders if the serial liar Netanyahu knows that the pedophile ring leaders include Jewish billionaires like Jeffrey Epstein, and pro-Israel Christian Zionists Bill Clinton and even Donald Trump. There is a lawsuit against Donald Trump allegedly rapping a 13-year-old girl (pseudonym Jane Doe).

The US ambassadors are supposed to support American interests but Friedman would actually be representing and endorsing a particularly noxious version of Israeli fascism as the new normal in the relationship with Washington,” said Giraldi.

“The Trump team’s animosity towards Iran is also part of the broader Israeli agenda. Iran does not threaten the United States and is a military midget compared either to nuclear armed Israel or the US. Yet is has been singled out as the enemy du jour in the Middle East even though it has invaded no one since the seventeenth century. Israel would like to have the United States do the heavy lifting to destroy Iran as a regional power. If Washington were to attempt to do so it would be a catastrophe for all parties involved but that has not stopped hardliners from demanding unrelenting military pressure on Tehran,” Giraldi added.

On January 2, 2017, US military historian professor Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich (Boston University) lamented that while Israeli leaders care only for the interests of the Zionist entity – for the US leaders American interests come second to Israeli interests. Bacevich, like other Judo-Christian apologists – also demands that Islam needs reformation to be compatible with the West.



Israel vows Hindu tourists

Israel’s Tourism Ministry recently launched a major TV advertising campaign to attract 800 million Indian Hindus to visit the Zionist entity under the slogan: “On most vacations, you take a trip. But in Israel, you take a journey.” The visual elements of campaign underline the unique moving experience that Israel offers – ancient religious history, Arab-European cultural, open beaches, gay parade, and brothels.

What amused me the most that there is no Hindu shrine in the occupied East Jerusalem, unless Israeli guides can convince Hindus that the Jewish holy Temple Mount was in fact built by Hindu King Ashoka the Great (268-232 BCE).

The $2 million campaign, featured a TV commercial, as well as advertisements and marketing content in leading travel and consumer media.

The ministry also hired Bollywood actress and model Sonam Kapoor, 31, as Israel’s tourism ambassador. She visited Israel in July 2016 which included a photo-shoot in the Occupied Palestine for the June-July cover of Jewish magazine Harpers Bazaar Bride India, and a documentary film about her visit (watch below). Sonam is daughter of Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor.

Indian sub-continent had been home to several Jewish communities in the past. Since the creation of the Zionist entity, Israeli rabbis have found a few new Jewish communities which were not known in India in the past. Approximately 85,000 Indian Jews emigrated to Israel after 1948 and are enjoying living on properties stolen from Palestinians.

On June 29, 2009, US-based Israeli news website Tablet magazine boasted about Bollywood’s Jewish roots.

On September 29, 2014, Tia Goldberg reported at the Times of Israel that after Israel’s Gaza invasion, Israel lost 31% of its tourists – a loss of $544 million revenue in one year.

According to Indian media, 20 million Indian tourists visited foreign countries last year mostly the US, Canada and Europe. According to Israeli embassy, 40,000 Indian applied for tourist visas last year.