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Erdogan: European leaders are Nazis

On March 18, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan while addressing a ruling AKP rally, launched a scathing attack on European leaders, saying: If they were not ashamed, they would revive gas chambers for Muslims.

Frankly, I’m not surprised the Turkish crypto Zionist still believes in Nazi gas chambers.

Erdogan’s statement came after several Zionist-controlled European governments such as Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Bulgaria banned their Turkish citizens to hold political rallies over Turkish referendum to boost presidential powers approved by Turkish parliament last month.

Erdogan hit hard German government which has 1.5 million Muslim Turk citizens. “When we call them Nazis – the European leaders get uncomfortable. They rally together in solidarity, especially Merkel. She backed the Netherlands too. You too are practicing Nazi’s fascist policies. To Whom? To my Turkish brothers and sisters in Germany,” he said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s swift response was, “such language is unacceptable“.

French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (a Zionist Christian) called Erdogan’s statements about Nazism and fascism unacceptable and called on Turkey to abide to the European Conventions on Human Rights. Does the Israel-First know his country’s human rights abuses against eight million French Muslims?

On March 20, Bulgarian president Rumen Radev announced that his government is taking steps to prevent any attempt by Turkey to influence an election next week in favor of pro-Turkey DOST party representing country’s largest Turk Muslim minority of one million.

Earlier this month, Netherlands government had deported Turkey’s two cabinet ministers; foreign minister Dr. Mevlut Cavusoglu , and family minister Dr. Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya.

Erdogan reminded Dutch government of its UN peacekeeping battalion’s active participation in Muslim genocide in Bosnia (watch report below), saying: “We know the Netherlands and the Dutch from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians there.”

It seems, Erdogan has finally realized that the Judeo-Christian White Club aka European Union has no intention to accept Muslim-majority Turkey as its member.

UK Muslim leader: Put Trump in Guantanamo Bay

British-born ex-Guantanamo Bay aka America’s Auschwitz prisoner Moazzam Begg says the US president Donald Trump needs to be in Guantanamo Bay for his bigotry toward immigrants especially the Muslims who made great contributions of which the Westerns brag about now (listen to him below).

Speaking from a stage in Parliament Square as part of Saturday’s March Against Racism, Begg referenced a speech by Trump in which he said he would be sending more inmates to the America’s concentration camp on the Cuban mainland which the US got on lease in 1903, but now refuses to hand it back to Cuba.

Begg said: “The rise of the far right and the Nazis and fascists has seen a new wave with the election of Donald Trump, who said when he came to power, ‘I’m going to load up Guantanamo with some bad dudes.”

So my response is: ‘When are you going there, dude?‘.”

Despite the UK government, all its four major parties, its media and banking institutions are totally controlled by Zionist groups – a 2015 poll showed that Muslims are more loyal to UK than Jews. A recent research  shows that young Muslims face the most discrimination on religious and ethnic basis in United Kingdom but a little less in Scotland.

A group belonging to the pro-Israel White racist English Defence League shouted insults at the participants of March Against Racism.

An estimated 30,000 people joined Saturday’s march, which started outside the BBC’s London offices in Portland Place at midday, before moving to Parliament Square at the base of the Palace of Westminster – now famous for scenes of political protest and upheaval.

Anti-racism supporters carrying signs with colorful slogans including Migrants make our NHS and Black Lives Matter led a peaceful, but spirited, course through the fashionable thoroughfares of Regent Street and Haymarket, banging drums and singing songs as they marched.

Labour MP Catherine West said the meeting had been the “worst image in all of the TV coverage this week.”


India: Muslim teen idol and Hindutva

On March 14, Nahid Afrin, 16-year-old Muslim playback singer from a northeast Indian state of Assam became the target of Hindutva Fake News. The state is ruled by pro-Israel prime minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim BJP party.

Assam Hindu media reported that a fatwa signed by 40 Muslim clerics called upon her not to participate in a musical even to be held on March 25 – claiming singing in public is forbidden in Islamic Shari’ah. Afrin, in a statement, rejected the call saying singing in public is forbidden only if it spread immorality. Personally, I agree with her.

However, when I read that Assam state anti-Muslim chief minister Sarbanand Sonowal , Bengali anti-Islam Zionist whore Taslima Nasreen (she is banned to enter Bangladesh since 1998), Hindu actor Paresh Rawal and Hindu author Shobhaa De have thrown their support behind Nahid Afrin – I said to myself – the fatwa smells fishy.

I was not wrong – the so-called fatwa was Hindutva false flag.

No fatwa or Islamic edict was issued by any organisation or group of individuals against Afrin. Yes, her name was not mentioned anywhere in the leaflets. What’s more, the alleged fatwa was actually a leaflet issued by 46 people, requesting the public not to engage in activities prohibited by Shari’ah,”reported M. Reyaz at Daily O on March 16, 2017.

Pity, Islam is not yet ‘liberated’ like Hinduism when it comes to abuse of women physically and mentally. For example, the Hindu Devadasi system in which young Hindu girls are donated to temples where they dance half-naked to the sexual amusement of Hindu gods and priests. The practice goes back to 6th century but was abolished by Muslim rulers but later revived by the British colonialists. The ruling Brahmin minority have never forgiven Muslims for rescuing Hindu women from ‘Holy prostitution’ to this day.

Nahid Afrin was born to an Assamese Muslim couple, Anower Ansari and Fatima Ansari. She is a classical soul singer. She won second national young singer award in 2015. She is playback singer lending her voice for Sonakshi Sinha’s latest movie Akira.

Netherlands deports Turkish female cabinet minister

On the weekend, Turkish foreign minister Dr. Mevlut Cavusoglu and Turkish female family minister Dr. Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya became victims of Dutch Islamophobia ahead of country’s March 15 general election.

Both Turkish ministers were detained and deported by Dutch authorities. The ban came only after Christian Zionist lawmaker Geert Wilders accused prime minister Mark Rutte of being too weak to stop rallies by pro-Palestine Turks in the Netherlands.

Kaya travelled into the Netherlands from Germany by automobile to speak at the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, which, according to international law, is Turkey’s sovereign territory. In an extraordinary action, armed Dutch police were dispatched to detain Kaya and expel her from the Netherlands back to Germany.

Kaya issued a statement declaring, “The whole world must take action against this fascist practice! Such treatment against a woman minister cannot be accepted.” She added that the Netherlands were “violating all international laws, conventions, and human rights by not letting me enter.”

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Dutch government of being Nazi remnants.

Wilders proclaimed that the humiliation of the Turkish ministers was a victory for his pro-Israel neo-Nazi Party for Freedom (PVV). “Great! Thanks to heavy PVV pressure a few days before the Dutch elections, our government did not allow the Turkish ministers to land here!!” he wrote on Twitter. “I say to all Turks in the Netherlands that agree with Erdoğan: go to Turkey and never come back.”

One wonders the moron would dare to tell thousands of Israeli expats living in Netherlands to go back to the Zionist entity if they agree with Netanyahu. There are 50,000 Dutch Jews living on properties stolen from Palestinians.

Wilders also posted a video denouncing Turkey and Muslims and insisting that Turkey would never be allowed to join the European Union (EU). “You are no Europeans and you will never be. An Islamic state like Turkey does not belong to Europe,” Wilders said. “We do not want more but less Islam. So Turkey, stay away from us. You are not welcome here.”

Does this Dutch Judas Goat know that Turkey may not be in Europe politically – but the part of Turkey that lies west of the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles is in Europe. Furthermore, Muslim Turks ruled several parts of Europe for 400 years – but remained in minority. Why? Maybe they didn’t rape White women like Russian and American soldiers did to hundreds of thousands German Christian women by the end of WWII (here).

The diplomatic fight comes at a tough time in the Netherlands, which has national election on March 15, and where issues of Dutch identity and relations with migrant communities and Islam have taken center stage. In a neck and neck race, the parties of either prime minister Mark Rutte or pro-Israel Muslim-hating Geert Wilders could end up the most votes.

Netherlands has very close relations with Israeli military and intelligence agencies. So much so, Netherlands supplies dogs to Israeli military which are used against Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank.

Dutch commandos receive training in Israel. Netherland along with several other European Union member countries subsidizes Israel’s arms manufacturing research.

Israeli Mossad terrorist false flag operations in France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, etc. have benefited Israel’s arms sales. On April 6, 2016, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported the Muslim refugee scare in Europe has double Israel’s arms sales to EU countries – from $724 million in 2014 to $1.63 billion in 2015.

Dutch press is a copy-cat of the US and British mainstream media which is controlled by six Jewish families. For example Dutch reporting on the run-up to the war in Iraq. The majority of the Dutch population was against war. Independent experts were of the opinion that Iraq had no WMDs and it’s an Israel’s proxy war to destroy a Muslim-majority Arab nation which had been considered a Jew-hating Babylonians. The US and British governments never provided evidence to the contrary. Lawyers warned that an invasion would be illegal. But the Dutch press praised Gen. Colin Powell’s mendacious speech before the Security Council and lent much more credence to the claims that Iraq possessed WMDs than the facts warranted.

Let’s not forget, during European colonial era – Dutch, French, and Brits were known as Merchants of Death. It’s the Dutch East India Company which gave birth to the British East India Company that colonized India and looted its vast natural resources for 200 year while killing millions of men, women and children.

Vogue magazine Hijab cover irks Islamophobes

The first-ever edition of Vogue Arabia featuring top US model Gigi Hadid (née Jelena Noura Hadid), 21, wearing a partial veil on the magazine cover and a Hijab on the inside pages, have irked the anti-Muslim creeps on the social media.

Gigi had appeared on cover of the US and UK editions of Vogue magazine over twenty-times in the past – featuring Western-style fashions such as Bikini and half-naked breasts without an objection.

Gigi Hadid was born to a Palestinian father and a White Dutch Christian mother has never claimed to be a Muslim. Her father Mohamed Hadid is former super model turned real estate mogul. When Mohamed Hadid was 18-month-old, his family was forced to flee from Nazareth (West Bank) in 1948 by the European Jewish terrorists. The family took refuge in Syria where Anwar Mohamed Hadid took a job at the University of Damascus.

That’s how we became refugees to Syria and we lost our home in Safad to a Jewish family that we sheltered when they were refugees from Poland on the ship that was sailing from country to country and no one would take them… they were our guest for 2 years till they made us refugees and they kicked us out of our own home. That my history. Strange thing that I and my family would do it again,” posted Mohamed Hadid in 2015 on his Twitter account.

Gigi Hadid’s sister Bell Hadid is an accomplished equestrian. She couldn’t represent United States at the 2016 Olympics in Rio due to her sudden illness.

British gossip media claims Gigi Hadid is dating British singer-songwriter Zayn Malik, 23, born into a English-Pakistani family.

Mohieb Dahabieh, a director from Vogue Arabia has defended the publication of Hijab.

The editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia is fashion entrepreneur and Saudi princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz.

The Vogue Arabia magazine is published by American-Indian millionaire Shashi Menon, CEO Nervora in association with Condé Nast International, an American mass media company headed by Robert A. Sauerberg, Jr (Jewish).

The problem with Vogue Arabia cover is it chose half-Palestinian Gigi Hadid over Israeli top fashion model Bar Refaeli or American top Christian model Kendall Jenner. Gigi Hadid may be proud of her father’s Palestinian background – but she never supported Palestinian cause in public ever.

One has to understand the Western fear of Hijab because it project women’s dignity and freedom as compared to Nun’s full cover as a religious garment which has failed to protect 40% of them from male sexual abuse in churches.

Mehdi Meklat: French Muslim journalist chased by Jews

captured%25e2%2580%2599e%25cc%2581cran2017-02-20a%25cc%258014-30-371Mehdi Meklat, 24, celebrated Muslim French journalist, chronicler, human rights activist and blogger is in hot water since he interviewed Francois Hollande’s (Jew) former Afro-French justice minister Christiane Taubira, 65, who resigned last year after openly disagreeing with the French president’s proposal to strip French nationality from Muslim dual-citizens who are allegedly involved in terrorism after the Paris attacks, Zionist false flag operation.

Last month, France’s powerful Jewish Lobby CRIF ordered its dogs to turn heat on him for his criticism of anti-Muslim pro-Israel political leaders such as Marine Le Pen, Manuel Valls, Emmanual Macron, and Francois Fillon.

On February 22, 2017, French website The New Antisemite wrote: “Mehdi posted on Twitter (under the nickname of Marcelin Deschamps before using his real name name) a spate of anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist messages while also targeting a number of personalities with vile messages which could land him in a court, is the responsibility of the media who hired, supported, promoted and praised him.”

On February 22, pro-Israel French newspaper Le Monde devoted an editorial to the Meklat affair. It called Meklat an apologist for Islamism, women hater and  particular hatred of French lesbian Jew journalist and editor Caroline Fourest.

On February 23, Donna Rachel Edmunds at Jewish Breitbart website called Mehdi Meklat, A Soro-backed blogger. I wonder if she knew that George Soro is a Jewish oligarch who is hated by the organized Jewry for calling Israel “racist and undemocratic entity”.

Emmanuel Navon whined at the Times of Israel (March 1): “While still in high-school, Meklat started a blog on life’s harshness in French banlieues (suburbs). He caught the attention of journalists and, within a few years, the articulate and soft-spoken wunderkind became the poster child of moderate Islam and of successful integration. Until, in February 2017, old tweets he published under a pseudonym between 2011 and 2015 were dug-out and exposed.”

Navon spilled his Jewish hatred of Muslims and Islam by adding: “The “Meklat Affair” not only exposed, once again, the moral bankruptcy of the French left. It also confirmed its stubborn refusal to face the fact that there is such a thing as Muslim antisemitism. French philosopher Pascal Bruckner (a known Islamophobe whose father was a Nazi official) has described the Meklat Affair as “the Titanic of the yuppie left.” As Bruckner explains, the French left will not let go of the axioma that former colonized people are always innocent by definition. They cannot possibly be racist, antisemitic, or oppressive. Impossible. In addition, Islam has acquired a special status in France: it is the only religion that cannot be scrutinized or criticized, and which enjoys a de facto protection from blasphemy.”

I wonder if the idiots know that only blasphemy in France is the denial of the “6 million died” myth – punishable with 3-year in jail or heavy fine or both. While Muslims make 15% of French population as compared to 1.5% Jewish  – there had never been a Muslim president, prime minister or even MP in the country while Zionist Jews have held all those posts in addition to control of all political parties, media and banking institutions.

On March 3, The Jew York Times’ Adam Nossiter poured more gasoline on character assassination of Mehdi Meklat, saying: “He has been revealed as the semi-hidden author, under a pseudonym, of hateful and obscene tweets – anti-Semitic, misogynistic, pro-jihadist and homophobic.”

Bring on Hitler to kill the Jews,” he tweeted during the Césars, the French Oscars ceremony; “Charb, what I’d really like to do is shove some Laguiole knives up his … ” he wrote about Charlie Hebdo cartoonist not long before the massacre in which Charb was killed; “I find the phrase, ‘I love death the way you love life,’ of Mohammed Merah troubling in its beauty,” he wrote about the murderer of Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse; “I miss Bin Laden,” Mr. Meklat said in another tweet,” wrote Nossiter.

UK: Sikhs are Muslims now!

Pro-Israel Jewish and Christian organizations spend tens of millions of dollars each year to demonize Muslims and Islam through media, Hollywood and false flag operation to maintain Islamophobia culture in the West for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

In 2015, UK’s Tell MAMA, a Zionist-controlled Islamophobia Watchdog reported anti-Muslim incidents increased 200% in the UK.

But the Zionist created hatred against Muslims and Islam does not just affect Muslims. A wide variety of people of different faiths, ages and countries of origin are being attacked for mistaken as Muslims. Despite the fact that they may not follow the Islamic faith, they are labeled as such because of their skin color, facial features, or hair texture and style.

Since the brainwashed extremist White Christians belonging to groups like English Defense League and German Pegida cannot understand that they’re being fooled by the anti-Christ Zionist Jews. These idiots who still believe that all Arabs are Muslims – now also have started believing that all South Asians especially people wearing turbans, are Muslims too. That’s the reason Muslim-born former president Barack Obama refused to visit Sikhism’s Vatican, the Golden Temple, during his 2010 landmark visit to India. He feared his turban-photo at the temple would give the Jewish Lobby another excuse to brand him a ‘secret Muslim’.

A recent survey taken among 382 teenagers and adults from diverse ethnic and religious groups in Scotland shows that most of them faced racism being mistaken as Muslims. Nearly all of the 33 young Sikhs who participated in the survey recalled being misrecognized as Muslim. This was the same for young Hindus and other South Asian young people, as well as black African and Caribbean youths. In some cases, south Asian Christians attending a Catholic school in central Scotland were assumed to be Muslim simply due to their ethnicity. Likewise, some Central and Eastern European migrants, originally from Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic, were also mistaken for being Muslims. According to one young man, some of his Slovakian friends had been assumed to be Muslim because they look Pakistanis (watch video below).