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The ‘Axis of Resistance’ and the US-Israel terrorism in ME

AhmadinejadAssadSayyedNasrallah[2]It was former president George Bush’s Jewish speechwriter turned Atlantic magazine senior editor David Frum who took credit for coining the term, Axis of Evil for Israel’s enemies like Iran, N. Korea, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas in 2002.

Thirteen years after, it’s the Iran-led Axis of Resistance (Iran, Syria and Hizbullah) which is fighting the US-Israel created terrorist proxies in the Middle East. In fact, now the Resistance Bloc has been joined by Iraq and Yemen since the US-proxy regimes have been kicked out of those countries.

The Jewish-controlled western media has been painting the Axis of Resistance as anti-America and anti-West alliance. However, in reality, the alliance materialized to fight against regional dominance of Israel and its poodles in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin. Syria though governed by anti-religion Ba’athist party, carries great strategic importance to the Islamic Republic in order to provide military aid to regional Islamic groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah fighting the Zionist entity’s expansionism to fulfill its Eretz Yisrael dream.

For the Islamic Republic, the alliance has become a deterrant against the US-Israel-NATO-Saudi Arabia agenda to destroy the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Catherine Shakdam’s article, entitled, The Axis of Resistance – How Iran is leading the fight is worth reading to understand who are the ones behind the current bloodshed in the Middle East and for whom.

While many world nations remain under the impression that Washington and its regional allies in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia in the lead, are indeed conducting just wars in the region, fighting and opposing the rise of Wahhabi radicalism, it is really East they should be looking, as it is Iran which has risen a barrier and a bulwark against the cancer of this black plague. No power in the region has been more intent on breaking terror’s back than the Islamic Republic – so much so that Tehran has already committed its men and weapons in Iraq, offering Baghdad its unconditional support in its most dire hour of need. If not for Iran’s intervention and if not for Iran’s military impetus against ISIS, it is likely the Iraqi capital and more Iraqi provinces with it would have fallen under ISIS’ dominion,” says Shakdam.

And while western powers continue to spew their poisoned propaganda against Iran, arguing that Shia Islam stands a threat to world stability, let us remember which alliances they have chosen over Iran: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, the Wahhabi-radical trinity! And if in truth Iran does present a threat to neo-imperialism it is because its stands inherently opposed to any form of political and religious diktat. Let us remember that Iran’s republic was born in rejection of tyranny. To reclaim their freedom Iranians had to pay the ultimate price, rising a resistance against western hegemonic ambitions. Iran’s message and policy ever since have been in support of political self-determination, not subjugation,” adds Shakdam.



Chechen caught in the US-Russian crossfire

On the weekend, Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian appointed president of occupied Chechnya claimed that ISIS is a bastard child given birth by United States in order to incite hatred towards Muslims all over the world. Since he has close relation with the Zionist entity, he avoided to name it the only beneficiary of ISIS like 9-11. Kadyrov paid for a huge mosque in the village of Abu Ghosh located near the occupied Jerusalem. The mosque named Mosque of Peace cost $10 million. Kadyrov visited Israel in March 2014 to attended the dedication ceremony of the mosque.

Today, no one doubts the fact that this group has been spawned by America and other Western countries in order to spark hatred of Islam in the hearts of people all over the planet, to stop the process of mass conversion to Islam, Kadyrov said.

Last year, Jew-owned Financial Times reported that both Kadyrov and Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, head of Russian Muslim autonomous Republic of Ingushetia are sending soldiers to fight alongside the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.

Dr. Andrew Foxall, a Russian affairs expert at the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based American Zio-Conservative think tank, recently wrote: “The continuing instability in the North Caucasus speaks volumes about power projection in Putin’s Russia. Putin may give the impression of an all-powerful strongman, but the reality is that he does not control, nor has he controlled, all of Russia. Chechnya, with its strict Islamic law, compulsory dress code for women, and restrictions on (Jewish values) the sale of alcohol, more closely resembles a Middle Eastern sultanate than any part of the Russian Federation.”

After Red Army’s defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of Muslim resistance in 1991, and the dismemberment of Jewish-ruled USSR, the Chechen struggle for independence from 250-old Russian occupation was lead by Russia’s highest-ranking Muslim soldier, Gen. Dzhakhor Dudayev. He declared separation of Chechnya from Russian Federation. The Russian army entered Chechnya in 1994 to quell the independence. The invasion of Russian army was blessed by America’s secretary of state Madeline Albright (Jewish).

Russian prime minister Putin made his name from his response to the invasion of Dagestan by Muslim freedom-fighters from the neighboring republic of Chechnya in August 1999. The following month, a series of apartment bombings struck three Russian cities, killing 300 people. The Kremlin was quick to blame Chechens, but when an unexploded bomb was found in a fourth city, the perpetrators turned out to be Russian agents. Putin, nevertheless, sent troops to the restive Muslim republic, creating a wave of patriotic fervor that swept him to power.

Canadian war reporter for daily Toronto Sun, Erik Margolis, reported on September 31, 1999: “To many westerners, Muslims often seem like constant trouble-makers or, worse, terrorists. But let us recall the Muslim world was the principal victim of rapacious 19th and 20th century European and Russian colonialism. The majority of France’s, Holland’s, and Russia’s colonial subjects, and almost half of Britain’s, were Muslims. Muslims, including Dagestanis and Chechen, are fighting today in many lands to regain the freedom they long ago lost. Instead of branding the Dagestani and Chechen fighters as ‘terrorists,’ the west should be aiding them and demand Russia set free the peoples of the Caucasus.”

Both the Russian Jew Communists (the founder of Communism, Karl Marx including the first president after Russian Revolution, and later rulers such as Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Khrushchev, etc.) and their communist brothers, otherwise known as Zionist Jews (first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, was a Russian communist Jew), have one thing in common – They both want their occupied countries (Chechnya and Palestine) without the Native people. Watch a video below showing Muslim Holocaust at the hands of Russian soldiers.


Nasrullah: Israel cannot defeat the Resistance

01cq84[2]On Saturday, Sheikh Hasan Nasrullah, leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah in a speech said the Zionist regime knows that Hizbullah is much stronger than it was in Summer 2006, when it defeated the Jewish army. He also said that Hizbullah fighters in Syria are not fighting to defend Assad regime but to defend Muslim sacred places from the western-funded bloodsuckers.

We went to Syria to defend the Holy shrine of Sayyeda Zainab (AS) which is respected and loved by all Muslims,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. “Today, the Turkish government discusses that there is a shrine to grandfather the greatest of the sons of Ottoman, who does not know his name lots of Muslims, and considers that it’s a Turkish right to intervene militarily in Syria to protect this shrine.”     

The Jerusalem Post (March 29, 2014) and other Israeli media misquoted Nasrullah saying: “We are not looking for a war, but Israel is wrong to conclude that we will not enter a war because our fighting in Syria.”

Sheikh Nasrullah also claimed that Islamic Resistance began the day the western imperialists planted the Zionist entity in the middle of Islamic heartland.

The resistance in Lebanon exists since 1948 because they do not know what the resistance means. The Lebanese resistance existed since the first moment of the occupation (of Palestine) and it gained its legitimacy since that moment. These people know nothing about what border villages witness, nor do they know about the Zionist violation to our land, sea and air,” said Sheikh Nasrullah.  

Former Israeli national security council chairman Lt. Gen. Giora Eiland has admitted that Israel cannot defeat Iran as was proved during the Israel-Hizbullah war in 2006.

Israel does not know how to beat Hezbollah. Therefore a war waged only as Israel-versus-Hezbollah might yield better damage on Hezbollah, but Hezbollah would inflict far worse damage on the Israeli homefront than it did 4-1/2 years ago,” said Eiland during an Israeli radio interview in December 2010. Read more on this admission here.

Former Lebanese president Gen. Emile Lahoud (Maronite Christian) in a recent interview with Egyptian weekly Al-Ahram (March 12, 2014) repeated his admiration of Hizbullah and its secretary-general Sheikh Hasan Nasrullah. He told Hassan al-Qishawi that when he was Chief of Lebanese Army, the Resistance was already harassing the Jewish occupied army in 1993. At that time, country’s Supreme Council for Defense, which included the president and prime minister, ordered him to help the international peacekeepers of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (a den of CIA-Mossad agents) in disarming Hizbullah. Instead Lahoud resigned from his post and opted for a quite life in his native village.

Lahoud, in several interviews he has given to foreign news agencies in France, Britain and Al-Jazeera in the past, had never stopped showing his personal hatred toward the Zionist entity and admiration for Hizbullah. Lahoud resigned from presidency in 2007 after seven years in office. Watch al-Jazeera video below.

Fairuz: The icon Arab singer loves Hizbullah


Last week, prominent Lebanese composer Ziad Rahbani announced that his mother, the legendary singer Fairuz 78, supports Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. The news has rocked the anti-Hizbullah Jewish, Christian and Wahhabi/Salafi groups in the Middle East and far beyond.

Fairuz, a Syriac Orthodox Christian born in Beirut, is among the best known and most beloved singers in the Arab world. Listen some of her best songs below.

In November 2007, over 3,200 Israeli Arab citizens (Muslim, Christian and Druz) traveled to Amman (Jordan) to hear the “Arab world’s ambassadress to the stars,” Fairuz. Her songs were banned in Israel, Lebanon and several Arab states ruled by Western-puppets. Fairuz, who dedicated songs and entire performances to the Palestinians and the Resistance, felt no need to add to the message of her musical: Let the leaders, the people, the artists, all wake up!

Israeli newspapers, Ha’aretz and Jerusalem Post, gleefully claimed that Rahbani’s statement would fuel the country’s existing religious sectarian divide – and thus further isolate Hizbullah, politically and among the Arab population.

Lebanon’s Daily Star quoted Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt as saying: “Fairuz is too great to be criticized, and at the same time too great to be classified as belonging to this or that political camp, or to this or that axis.”

Rahbani hit back at critics in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV, saying: “Apparently it isn’t allowed in the age of strife for the princess of classy Arab art to voice love for the master of resistance,” in reference to Nasrallah.

Rahbani expressed his personal support for Nasrallah, saying: “How could Hezbollah not go to Syria? In doing so, it’s defending the whole region. If Fairuz didn’t support the resistance, there would’ve been an issue between me and her, and I wouldn’t have composed her songs.”

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in a statement appreciated Fairuz’s moral support for Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah. Hizbullah is the only Arab armed resistance which defeated 30,000-strong invading Jewish army in Summer 2006.

Based on our information, Hezbollah’s power has so much increased in recent years that they can attack any target in any part of the occupied territories with a high precision capability and with a very low margin of error,” Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force told Fars News Agency on Saturday.

Haniya: ‘We only fight the Zionist entity’

Yesterday, Palestinian Authority’s elected prime minister Ismail Haniya denied western media claim that Hamas fighters have joined armed groups fighting Egyptian dictator Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a Crypto-Jew, and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

We did not interfere in the affairs of any country and are not involved in the events or differences or internal conflicts of any country,” Haniya said.

This is our position regarding what has happened and is happening in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and all Arab and Islamic countries,” he said.

We are not involved in any incident,” he added. “Neither in the Sinai or elsewhere. We only act in the Palestinian arena and our guns are turned only toward the Zionist enemy“.

Haniya made the remarks during a speech marking two years since captured Israeli Jew soldier Gilad Shalit was exchanged for 1,027 Palestinian Muslim and Christian prisoners, feted in Gaza as a victory for the Islamic resistance.

As I wrote earlier, Hamas’ leadership made several mistakes after the rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Takfiri crusade against the pro-resistance Bashar al-Assad government. Since the pro-Israel military coup in Egypt, Hamas find itself isolated from its true supporters. Its newly found Sunni Arab friends among the Arab League, have already put Palaestinian cause for sale. They choose Mahmoud Abbas, the double agent, to sign the death certificate prepared by the Zionist regime.

Haniya and several senior members of Hamas’ in Gaza and the West bank were against the decision of Hamas’ politburo chief in exile Khaled Meshaal to move his headquarters from Damascus to Doha. After the fall of Dr. Morsi, Meshaal has become a political prisoner in Qatar. His statements in Qatar are censored to paint him being against military resistance like Mahmoud Abbas. There are rumours that Meshaal may shift his headquarters to either Sudan or Lebanon – as King Abdullah of Jordan has refused to let Meshaal operate from Amman.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a recently interview hinted that he is in no mood to accept Meshaal back. On the other hand, Hizbullah doesnt hold Hamas responsible for the actions of a few individuals, insisting that the decision by some in the movement to join the fight against the Syrian regime was a personal one, and not one officially taken by the leadership. Iran, too, has shown its willingness to mend fences with Hamas, particularly after Israel’s assault on Gaza in March 2012, which prompted Tehran to quickly replenish Islamic resistance’s military supplies.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the Jewish underground in Palestine was described as “TERRORIST.”  Then new things happened. By 1942, the Holocaust was occurring, and a certain liberal sympathy with the Jewish people had built up in the Western world. At that point, the terrorists of Palestine, who were Zionists, suddenly started to be described, by 1944-45, as “freedom fighters.” At least two Israeli Prime Ministers, including Menachem Begin, have actually, you can find in the books and posters with their pictures, saying “Terrorists, Reward This Much.” The highest reward I have noted so far was 100,000 British pounds on the head of Menachem Begin, the terrorist,” said professor Eqbal Ahmad (died 1999), in his presentation at the University of Colorado, on October 12, 1998. The entire presentation can be read here.

Rouhani: Netanyahu’s threats make me laugh


Yesterday, Iran’s President-elect, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, made fun of Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threat of military actions alone or with the help of United States over Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu repeated his threats in an interview with CBS last week. Netanyahu also called Rouhani “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Speaking at a gathering of Iraq-Iran war veterans on Wednesday, Rouhani said: “When some (the US) say that all options are on the table and when a miserable regional country (Israel) says such things, it makes you laugh.”

Who are the Zionists to threaten us?,” added Rouhani.

Rouhani also said that warnings of an Iranian retaliation had stopped Israel from carrying out its threats to launch strikes on the country.

On Tuesday, Rouhani reaffirmed Tehran’s continued support for Hizbullah, Hamas and Syria, while hailing their military resistance against the Zionist entity.

In response to Netanyahu’s rant, twenty-nine prominent former government officials, diplomats, military officials and national security experts sent a letter to Barack Obama on July 15, 2013, urging him to pursue direct negotiations with the newly elected Iranian president.

The letter cautions that “diplomacy will only succeed if we are prepared to leverage existing sanctions and other incentives in exchange for reciprocal Iranian concessions,” and said that “in the leadup to Rouhani’s inauguration, it is critical that all parties abstain from provocative actions that could imperil this diplomatic opportunity.”

What the anti-Ahmadinejad Jewish-controlled media hate to tell its audience, is that Hassan Rouhani, a Shia cleric, is very close to the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenie. Rouhani’s victory over his five non-cleric opponents shows how Iranians are committed to country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Professor Hossein Mousavian (Princeton University), a former spokesperson for Iran’s nuclear negotiation team lead by Hassan Rouhani, said in a recent interview that Iran’s position over its nuclear program under Rouhani administration would not change unless Washington stop bullying Tehran. “As long as the US policy of “all options on the table” remains valid, Iran as a sovereign state is forced to also have “all options on the table,” he said.

Hassan Rouhani: Meet Iran’s new President


Iran’s Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar announced Saturday evening that from a total number of 36,704,156 ballots cast in Iran’s 11th presidential election on Friday June 14, Hassan Rouhani won 18,613,329 votes, accounting for 50.7% of the votes cast in the election.

The President-elect, Hassan Rouhani (born 1948), aka “Diplomat Sheikh”, is a Shia cleric (Mujtahid) and a former member of Majlis (parliament) for 20 years. He held several senior government and religious positions during Ayatullahs Rafsanjani and Khattami regimes. However, when Dr. Ahmadinejad, an academic took over the presidency by securing 64.4% of total votes cast, Hassan Rouhani resigned as country’s chief nuclear negotiator after 16 years at that post and a member of Supreme National Security Council. This was enough reason for the Zionist-controlled mainstream media to elevate him as “moderate (Reformist)”. In Zionist mentality, anyone who criticises Ahmadinejad, Chavez or Nasrallah, is a “statesman” and whosoever, criticizes Benjamin Netanyahu, is an antisemite.

Hassan Rouhani, like late Dr. Ali Shar’ati, was a strong critic of King Reza Shah regime. He took self-exile in a foreign country to escape CIA-Mossad trained Iranian secret service SAVAK. Later he joined Imam Khomeini living in exile in Paris. He returned home along with Imam Khomeini in 1979.

The western powers did not call Rouhani’s victory as a “Fraud Election”, as they did in June 2009 when Ahmadinejad was re-elected for his second term. Former president, Ayatullah Rafsanjani called Friday election “the most democratic in the world”. The election process was witnessed by 450 foreign reporters.

The Christian Science Monitor, a Zionist mouthpiece, commented on Rouhani’s victory by saying: “Politically moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani won a first-round victory in Iran’s presidential election, a stunning result that herald change – both in tone, and almost certaily in substance for the Islamic Republic. The result has shocked (Supreme Leader) Khamenie and the rest of conservative establishment“. Scott Peterson, the Zionist moron writer, forgot to mention that conservatives control the Majlis and Ayatullah Khamenei is one who has the final say on Iran’s nuclear program and war with US and the Zionist entity.

Hassan Rouhani lacks Ahmadinejad’s chrismatic personality and public oration. He, certainly, would need someone else to represent Iranian people at international forums.

On Saturday, both Ayatullah Ali Khamenei and the incumbent President Ahmadinejad congratulated Rouhani on his victory in the presidential ballot. The Supreme Leader also thanked 51 million Iranian voters for the massive turnout in the June 14 presidential as well as city and village council elections.

The huge voter turnout on Friday showed off the strong bond between Iranians and the Islamic establishment to all ill-wishers who have resorted to “hundreds of political, economic and security ploys” to undermine the trust and affinity between the nation and the Islamic system,” said Ayatullah Khamenei.