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Putin-Trump meeting: Iran is the ‘big winner’

Personally, I believe both Russian president Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump sucks to local Jewish lobby groups and the Zionist regime (here and here).

However, after reading an article at the anti-Muslim Zionist website, The Daily Beast (July 12, 2017), entitled, How the Russian Suckered Trump in Syria, and Iran Comes Out the Big winner, I agreed with the claim that the organized Jewry is master in creating a controlled opposition.

The article, which gives the impression that Putin-Trump meeting resulted in looking after the Iranian interests and not the US and Israel’s interests which planned the conflict in the first place.

The author of the said article is no other than Brooking Institute’s Middle East expert, Charles Lister. Interestingly, Neri Zilber, a fellow at the Israel advocacy group WINEP admitted at the Daily Beast (August 2, 2016) that Israel is using Syrian civil war to its own interests in bringing an anti-Iran regime change in Syria.

After scaring the hell out of his brainwashed American audience of Iran’s plan to commit a new Holocaust of Jews in Israel and around the world, and criticizing Uncle Sam of not serious about a regime change in Syria – Lister concludes with the following Talmudic prophecy, which I wish comes true.

Putin-Trump counterterrorism strategy paired with a tacit admission of Assad’s victory means Iran has won a huge strategic victory. Over the past several years, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have exploited instability in order to establish a large and intricate network of Shia militias across the Middle East. Today in 2017, Iran may exert overwhelming influence, if not de facto control over more than 230,000 militiamen in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon combined. That number includes 150,000 in Syria alone,” claims Lister.

In July 12, 2012, Dr. Gabriel M. Scheinmann, a visiting Fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), admitted that the Zionist entity is in fact the winner of the so-called “Arab Spring,” Made in USA for Israel.

Russia, the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel are all fighting in Syria and Iraq to keep Iranian influence away from Israeli occupation borders – but seems to be losing at the hands of Syrian army, Hizbullah and Iranian fighters.

On July 13, Robert Ford predicted at the Israeli propaganda mouthpiece, The Atlantic that Trump’s ceasefire in Syria id doomed. Why? Because Trump team says president Assad has to go. On the contrary, Putin and its Iranian and Hizbullah allies are bent on keeping Assad in power and refuse to condemn Assad regime’s crimes against its own people and even using chemical weapons – a US-Israel false flag operation.


Iran: President’s younger brother detained over corruption

US Secretary of State John Kerry [L] speaks with Hossein Fereydoun [C], the brother of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif [R], before the Secretary and Foreign Minister addressed an international press corps gathered at the Austria Center in Vienna, Austria, on July 14, 2015 [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

On July 16, Iranian media reported that Hossein Fereydoun, brother and adviser to Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani was detained over allegedly corruption charges. But since he couldn’t come up with the bail money, he was sent to jail.

Rex Tillerson, the anti-Iran secretary of state immediately called upon Iran to release any US citizens or other foreigners being held on fabricated charges.

That reminds me the saga of the three innocent US Jews who were arrested by Iranian authorities on July 31, 2009 over spying for CIA and Mossad. They’re sentenced in a court of law. However, after serving only 10% of their sentences – then president Ahmadinejad ordered their release on health reasons – a huge mistake.

For me, it was a non-significant news item to waste my time as former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the most demonized by the Zionists and the Iranian supporters of Rouhani, the so-called Reformists (the so-called “moderates” who want to re-establish friendly relations with the US and the Zionist occupied European nations).

Marc Champion in an article published at Israeli hasbara Bloomberg (March 8, 2016) warned the US lawmakers that there was no difference between the so-called moderate Reformists and the hardliner Conservatives – as when it comes to Israel and Jews, both Iranian political camps hate them.

Many non-brainwashed people wonder why these two groups in power since the 1979 Islamic Revolution have not slaughtered country’s 30,000 Jewish minority which refused to migrate to the Zionist entity.

Then I remembered reading an ‘investigative’ article published at Israeli propaganda website Al-Monitor.com (January 4, 2017) claiming that a coup was planned by the 47 Conservative members of Majlis (Parliament) by demanding an investigation of moderate president Rouhani’s younger brother Hossein Fereydoun. The article also enlighrened me that president Rouhani changed his family name Fereydoun to Rouhani (meaning spiritual person). I was surprised that the website didn’t accuse Rouhani being born into a Jewish family as it had accused Ahmadinejad in 2007.

This not the first time that hard-liners have accused Hossein Fereydoun of corruption as part of efforts to attack Rouhani. On July 12, 2016, Ghoddousi accused Fereydoun of imitating the voice of his brother and ordering economic centers not to stop import of some unauthorized goods from the US,” claimed the al-Monitor.

I always see a Zionist agenda whenever an Israel-hasbara media defends a Muslim leader, Politician, writer or cleric. I learned that fact from my friendly blogger Gilad Atzmon once said: “When a Jew says Shalom, he doesn’t mean peace for non-Jews – but what is good for the Jews.”

Hossein Fereydoun was member of Iranian delegate in Vienna (Austria) nuclear talks headed by FM Dr. Javad Zarif (see him in middle with Zarif and John Kerry in photo at the top taken on July 14, 2015).

550 cartoonists mock Donald Trump at Tehran exhibition

550 cartoonists from 70 foreign countries submitted cartoons mocking the current US Jew president Donald Trump (watch a video below).

Hadi Asadi of Iran, who won first prize and a $1,500 award, said he wanted to highlight the “money-mindedness and warmonger nature” of Trump. His cartoon shows Trump wearing a jacket made of dollar notes while drooling on books, a reference to cultural material.”I wanted to show Trump while trampling symbols of culture,” said Asadi, who produced the cartoon in two weeks using a stylus pen digital printing method.

Contest organizer Masoud Shojai-Tabatabaei said the aim of the contest and exhibition is to show wrong behaviors by Donald Trump in the framework of satirical portraits such as Islamophobia, and violence against women, media as well as building walls were among themes of the contest.

The exhibition, which opened Monday and will continue for one week, includes the works of some 1,614 Iranian and foreign participants from 74 countries, including four works from American cartoonists, of which two were awarded citations.

Iranian and foreign artists compete in Iranian contests not for money but to avail freedom to express their personal views on world personalities and topics without fearing fine or imprisonment like in the so-called democratic and liberal Western countries.

The Jewish media such as Washington Post, Daily Mail UK, Newsweek, BBC, Jew York Times, Republic World, Times of Israel, Ha’aretz, National Post, CNN, Fox News, News 24, etc. which defended their Ukrainian Jewish brother Flemmimg Rose over publishing anti-Islam cartoons in 2006 – showed their outrage for mocking pro-Israel Donald Trump.

However, this time Zionist outrage is not as vicious as when in 2006, a Tehran newspaper held a Holocaust Conference to expose Western double standards when it comes to freedom of speech. The conference was attended by 70 historian and academics including six western rabbis and Austrian-born Lady Michele Suzanne Renouf.

In May 2015, Tehran held its second International Holocaust exhibition .

Fear of Iran may resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

During his ‘landmark’ visits to Riyadh and Tel Aviv in May, Donald Trump singled out Iran being the mother of all terrorism in the Middle East even though Iran has not attacked another country since 1900.

In February 2017, both Israel and Saudi Arabia announced their de facto marriage to bring a regime change in Iran.

In May 2017, the Gaza-ruling Sunni resistance declared it’s intention to accept two-state solution based on pre-1967 borders without Israel’s occupation of the remaining 78% of the historic Palestine.

Earlier this month, four USraeli Arab poodle (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain) cut all their ties with Qatar until it cancel its ties with Iran and Hamas.

Last week, Saudi King Salman appointed his young son Mohammed bin Salman, a pro-Israel anti-Shi’ite creep as the new crown prince of the kingdom.

In May 2017, Emmanuel Macron, an anti-Muslim Zionist whore like his predecessor Hollande, became the new president of France.

Watching the above mentioned anti-Iran events, Gilles Pargneaux, French Jew member of European Parliament and Jew professor Alon Ben-Meir (New York University) have claimed on June 26 that Arab and Israeli fear of Islamic Iran provides a golden opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to revive the Israeli-Palestinian Authority, headed by the double agent Mahmoud Abbas.

Both Zionist Jews admitted that since Benjamin Netanyahu is not interested an independent Palestinian state – and with Donald Trump’s pro-Israel Republican base and his Jew son-in-law’s close bonds with Israel – Trump would never be able to force Netanyahu to restart the so-called two-state negotiations to resolve the issue. But both dudes claim that Emmanuel Macron is in a position to bring both sides together.

Geopolitically, a crescent of mutual interest, starting from the Arabian Peninsula to Israel, exists. Iran’s regional ambitions deeply worry Arab states while Israel feels threatened by Tehran. This reality has paved the way for full cooperation in intelligence and collaborative security measures. A diplomatic rapprochement on the Israeli-Palestinian issue is becoming increasingly a possibility in the current prevailing reality,” said the two.

With the election of President Macron, France must now assume the leadership role and build on the two conferences of June 2016 and January 2017 to capitalize on the work done by the previous government. There is a window of opportunity that should not be missed. To this end, the French government should focus on two objectives: First, President Macron should convince Europe to drop the Quartet, which does not include a single Arab state and makes several unacceptable demands on Hamas: to abandon violence, recognize Israel and ratify previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinians, which are tantamount to Hamas’ surrender. Instead, France, with the support of Turkey and Qatar, which have a significant influence on Hamas, must spare no effort to persuade Hamas and Israel to adopt the diplomatic umbrella of the Arab Peace Initiative. It alone provides a common basis for negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Let us be clear: the abandonment of the Quartet is a practical necessity. Second, before the resumption of the peace negotiations, which would lead nowhere. France and the European Union must promote a process of reconciliation to mitigate three decisive obstacles to peace: the profound mistrust between both sides, their deep concerns about security, and the illusions of many right-wing Israelis and extremist Palestinians who believe they can have a state on the entire holy land while denying the other a state of their own,” Adds both.

Well, the problem is, Turkish president Erdogan is famous for his pro-Palestinian rhetoric. He maintains diplomatic and trade relations with both Israel and Saudi Arabia. He has never supplied even a single gun to Fatah or Hamas. Qatar has given political asylum to Hamas’ political guru Khaled Meshaal since he left Damascus, and US$250 million cash but no arms. Contrary to that, Iran has been providing financial, military and moral support to Palestinian resistance groups since 1980s.

If President Macron wishes to assert himself on the international stage, as he has shown recently, he should convene, with the support of the European Union, an international conference in line with the spirit of the previous French initiative and focus on this new diplomatic approach. A majority of Israelis and Palestinians will support such an approach, on which basis they can urge their respective leaders to act to end this debilitating conflict. The stakes are enormous, France and Europe have an historic opportunity to rise to the occasion,” said the two Jew experts on Middle East.

Iranian missiles hit ISIS positions in Syria

On Tuesday, Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani praised IRGC missile attack against headquarters and logistics of the US-Israel created ISIS terrorists in Deir Ez-Zor, the largest city in eastern Syria, on Sunday night (watch below) to punish perpetrators of the June 7 twin terrorist attacks  targeting  Iranian Parliament (Majlis) and mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Iran’s approach regarding regional and global issues has not changed, but if a group wishes to harm Iran’s glory, it will receive a crushing response. The Islamic Republic will continue its path with grandeur and dignity,” stressed Rouhani.

After the ISIS terrorists’ attacks in Tehran which left more than a dozen killed and many more wounded, the IRGC had announced that the shedding of innocent blood will not go unanswered.

During the operation, a number of surface-to-surface mid-range missiles targeted ISIS terrorists from IRGC’s bases in Kermanshah and Kordestan provinces, in western Iran,” said a statement by the IRGC after its missile attacks.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said in a statement that the strike killed a large number of ISIS terrorists as well as destroyed important equipment and weapons.

American journalist, author, peace activist and blogger, Robert Fantina, penned an article on June 20, entitled, For the First Time in 30 Years Iran Has Bombed Anyone, A Warning to the US and Israel.

“The peaceful Iran, which has not invaded a country in over 200 years (are you listening, US?), recently bombed ISIS strongholds in Syria, in retaliation for the recent ISIS-sponsored terror attack in Tehran. This is the first time in thirty years that Iran has bombed anyone, which indicates that the patience of the leaders of that country is wearing thin. Israel and the US would be well-advised to proceed cautiously, before widening a war that will include Iran. When one plays with fire, one is bound to be burned eventually,” says Fantina.

The missile strike by Iran could be a mid-term game changer in the sense that it places Iran squarely into the frame of fighting international terrorism and ISIS. Up until this point, parties in the US led by pro-Israel neoconservatives, the Trump White House, and the sister lobbies of Israel and Saudi Arabia – have tried hard to enforce a strict party line that Iran is somehow The number one state sponsor of terror on the planet, despite the fact that no evidence is ever presented to back this sensational geopolitical plank,” Patrick Henningsen wrote at the Consortium News on June 21, 2017.

Khamenei blasts US over terrorism rants

On June 12, speaking to head of government branches, officials and a group of statesmen, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei accused United States of being the main actor behind terrorism in the Middle East. He said that America’s so-called anti-ISIS Coalition is not to fight the terrorist groups but to protect them from those who are fighting to defend Syrian people.

Referring to Donald Trump’s anti-Iran rants in Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity in which he accused Iran as the mother of all terrorism against Israel and American allies in the region – Khamenei said: “What does this region have to do with you! You and your agents are the source of destabilization in the region.”

Khamenei said that the US created ISIS to serve Israel’s interests in the region.

The US claim that it has established a coalition against ISIS is nothing but a big lie; of course, the US is against an ‘unrestrained ISIS’, however, if anyone truly seeks to eradicate ISIS, they will have to fight against it,” said Khamenei.

Last year, Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevy, chief of Israel military intelligence admitted that Israel does not want the situation in Syria to end with the defeat of ISIS. He made the statement during an address at a security conference in Herzliya which was attended by military officials from the US, UK, Germany and France.

In June 2014, even Benjamin Netanyahu boasted that ISIS is good for Israel. Israeli make-shift clinics have been treating ISIS wounded fighters. Israeli media even published pictures of those clinics visited by Netanyahu.

The so-called White Helmets in Syria is nothing but a PR front of CIA-Mossad-ISIS.

Ayatollah Khamenei urged the government officials to act vigilantly, meticulously and very cautiously wherever it is required to work with foreigners. “Remarks should not be made in a way that implies trusting the enemy, as it will have a negative effect on both inside the nation as well as among the foreigners,” he said.

Commenting on FM Dr. Zarif’s letter to European foreign policy makers, the Leader of the Revolution added, “The Foreign Minister is obviously not against negotiating, but because he is a religious, conscientious and responsible person, he has explained in his letter different instances of breach of the Joint Plan of Action.”

The Supreme Leader had warned the Iranian government that he opposes normalization of relations with Washington even after the nuclear agreement with P5+1 powers as US leadership is never sincere about relations with Iran. Practically, United States has long been colonized by Israel.

Kuwaiti ruler has met with Saudi King and Qatar ruler to resolve their political differences. There are rumors that Saudi King wants Qatar not only to distant itself from Iran but also demands that Hamas’ political bureau head by Khaled Mishaal be expelled from Doha before the sanctions against Qatar are lifted. Since there is no chance Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is going to forgive Mashaal’s betrayal – he might seek asylum in Iran.

If that happens, the abandoned Israeli embassy in Tehran would be the most appropriate location for Hamas foreign headquarter. In February 1979, PLO chairman Yasser Arafat visited Tehran. He met Iranian prime minister Mehdi Bazargan and some leaders of Islamic Revolution. He was offered the keys to Israeli embassy to open PLO’s first foreign office but in order not to jeopardize his relations with Riyadh and Cairo, he declined the offer.

Iran sends 100 tonnes of foodstuff to Qatar per day

Since Saudi Arabia blockage of Qatar on last Monday, Iran has sent six cargo planes carrying 100 tonnes each of vegetable and fruit to the besieged city of Doha.

Qatar has been in talks with Iran and Turkey to secure food and water supplies after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut links, accusing Doha of supporting Iran, Hamas, and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt consider them ‘mother of terrorism’. Qatar says the allegations are based on lies.

Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani was in Moscow last week to discuss with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov the Persian Gulf conflict. During the visit he gave an interview to RT Arabic on Saturday.

As far as our relations with Iran are concerned, everyone wants positive relations with Iran. Iran is a neighbor. The strategic choice of all countries is to maintain dialog with Iran. We, in the state of Qatar, support these efforts,” said Al-Thani.

Hamas’ presence in Qatar doesn’t mean there’s support for Hamas in Qatar. Hamas’ presence is a political representation of the Hamas movement. We do not support Hamas, we support the Palestinian people,” added Thani.

Qatar, a small peninsular nation of 2.5 million people, was importing 80 percent of its food requirements from Saudi Arabia before Riyadh cut ties with it.

On Monday, in an interview with Press TV, American radio host and political commentator Max Igan said the Qatari foreign minister’s calling Hamas being a “legitimate a resistance movement” and not a terrorist organization, is based on facts.

“When you look at what is going on with the Palestinian people, look at the treatment they are receiving at the hands of Israel. Israel has openly said that it wants to have a one Jewish Israeli state and that there is no room in that state for non-Jews, so what we have got here is a policy of ethnic cleansing and Hamas is a legitimate resistance against that ethnic cleansing,”Igan said.

On June 5, Zvi Bar’el admitted at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz that Qatar crisis also has Israeli connection. He gave the credit to the Washington-based neocon think tank the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and UAE ambassador in Washington. The FDD was created two days after 9/11 to provide cover to Israeli involvement in the terrorist attacks. It has very close links with Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders. In 2002, it joined Israel’s two major lobbyists, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and Hudson Institute to run campaign against Iran, Hizbullah, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. The FDD also played a major part in the so-called ‘Green movement’ against anti-Israel Ahmadinejad’s re-election in 2009.

It seems Saudi ‘royals’ are following the 1990s example of Kuwaiti Emir paying US$200 billion bribe to US president George Bush Father to get his kingdom back from Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. They have paid Donald Trump US$410 billion bribe in arms purchase and investment in the US infrastructure to occupy Qatar for them.

Incidentally, the Zionist expert on Middle East, Bruce Riedel, former CIA official and currently a senior fellow at Israel’s lobby Brookings Institute has claimed that the US-Saudi US$110 billion arms deal was a Fake News!