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Eric Walberg: Iran can save the Middle East

IMAGE635837052860624240[1]The only honorable alternative for the United States to protect its national interests in the Middle East is to distance itself from Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which have created bloodshed in the region for decades, and make an alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran – the sooner the better.

The above observation was made by Canadian writer, journalist and author, Eric Walberg, in a recent interview he gave to the Al-Quds news media.

However, Eric Walberg pointed out that considering the incredible political, economical and media muscles carried by the Jewish and evangelical Christians in America – it’s almost impossible for a US president to pressure Israel over American interests in the region.

Eric Margolis also confirms that the four-year-old Syrian conflict is an Israeli project with the sole purpose of isolating it from the anti-Israel alliance of Iran-Hizbullah-Iraq.

Earlier this year, David Steele, a 20-year US Marine intelligence officer and former CIA counter-terrorism official, had claimed that there was no “Islamic” Al-Qaeda or other “Islamic” terrorist groups. He asserted that all terrorist events for which Muslims were blamed, in fact false flag operations committed by US intelligence agencies with the help of their foreign collaborators.

Netanyahu has made it clear more than once that he has no intention as prime minister of ceding any more settlements or of stopping their expansion. His goal is to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, to lead the way to destruction of al-Aqsa Mosque and the building on Temple Mount, a Jewish temple dedicated to King Solomon,” Walberg said.

This (Israel-Turkey-Saudi Arabia) coalition is literally a pact among devils. It can only lead to further unnecessary bloodshed. The only consolation is that their schemes are bound to fail. The only honorable coalition is that of Iran, Russia, Hizbullah and Syria. What is needed, at the very least, is a ‘coalition of the coalitions’ to deal with ISIS in Syria and Iraq,” Walberg added.

Sunni anti-Shia sectarianism has weakened the Sunni case everywhere. A ‘New World’ in the region requires reconciliation with Iran in particular, and between Sunni and Shia in general, whether it be in Iraq, Yemen, or Bahrain. US-Saudi acts there show that long-term Sunni dominance and persecution of Shia continues to be behind their unresolved crises. Suddenly, Iran is at the center of resolving the Middle East nightmares. Even the western mass media can no longer deny this,” Walberg said.

Let’s not forget Israel, where there is some open criticism from both left and right, more so than in the West. The incitement campaign against Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin, who dared expressing sympathy to Gazans’ suffering, has broken all records of hatred and verbal violence in the Israel mass media. Yes, against the President himself, who is a staunch right-winger and supporter of the settlements. But he finally had enough and decided to speak out,” Walberg added.


Europe: The Muslims are Coming

On September 21, 2010, Jewish EU Times quoted German Chancellor Angela Markel saying that “Germans have failed to grasp how Muslim immigration has transformed their country and will have to come to terms with more mosques than churches throughout the countryside.”

In January 2015, Angela Markel condemned the anti-Muslim rallies by Pegida which were joined by Israeli and German Jews. Watch below a video of Pegida rally in Frankfurt in which an Israeli Jew equated Muslims with Nazis, murderer and rapists- despite the fact that there were 150,000 German Jews in Nazi army as compared to not a single Muslim.

The Pegida held anti-Muslim rallies in London and Montreal which were given wide publicity by the Jewish mainstream media.

Now the same Jewish media has called Angela Markel a “Marxist traitor” without realizing that Karl Marx was born into a rabbanic family. Why? Because Markel has announced that German may accept 800,000 foreign migrants and refugees. Even though 600,000 of those are from poor East European seeking better life in Germany. The remaining 200,000 are refugees from Syria and African countries devastated by the US and EU for greed or Israel. But the Jewish media and anti-Muslim “nationalists” have put all of them together in same basket with a label: Unwanted Arab and African refugees.

The organized Jewry is scared to death that Muslim immigrants will eventually help western nations shed-off their guilty conscience of Jewish victimization by educating them how the so-called victims of Nazism have been acting worse than Nazis in Occupied Palestine and the rest of Muslim world.

Interestingly, the scared European white racists don’t mind their nations controlled by far less Jewish population than Muslims; Germany (120,000 Jews vs 4 million Muslims), France (500,000 Jews vs 7 million Muslims) and Britain(300,000 Jews vs 2.3 million Muslims).

Western fear of Islam played a major role in the destruction of Muslim heritage in Bosnia and Albania.

The West fears Muslim, like Pharaoh feared the coming of Moses.


The Real Troublemaker in the Middle East

zionist+free+speech+police[1]American circus over US-Iran nuclear agreement is becoming amusing every day. Every joker who wants to win GOP or Democrat nomination for the country’s next president is claiming that a nuclear agreement with Iran would pose an ‘existential’ threat to Israel. Some have promised Jewish-purse holders that their first act as president would be to throw Obama-Rouhani agreement in garbage bin. These Israeli AZZ-lickers don’t want to accept that the UNSC has already declared the P5+1 and Iran deal kosher, making it obligatory for all the seven signatories to abide by it under international law.

Interestingly, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, the Jewish founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are much wiser than these presidential hopefuls. Jewish news website, Breitbart, reported on August 19, 2015 that the couple has come out in support of Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

This proves without any doubt that the next president will use all his ‘constitutional power’ and beyond to protect Israeli interests in the region, including covering Israel’s terrorist activities on American soil and in the Middle East, and proxy wars run by ISIS/ISIL and other jihadi groups on behalf of the Zionist regime.

The AIPAC has already put the wheel in motion by blaming US-Israel’s current regional banker, Saudi Arabia, for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which killed 2,840 people but no Jew. The claimed is based on Bushes’ ties with Saudi prince Bander and the so-called 19 hijackers; seven of whom were later found alive in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Morocco.

Saudi Arabia is no democracy or free press or haven for women – but it couldn’t be worse than Israel. The Zionist entity is not a democracy by any standard. Israeli government and army has the power to control the local and pro-Israel US press under gag order. Jewish women in Israel are discriminated not at one place but eight places.

Saudi Arabia has always been a ‘Cash Cow’ for the US, UK and France. It has pumped more than $300 billion into Western arms industry. On the contrary, Israel has sucked over $3 trillion from US taxpayers. The ‘US needs Saudi oil’ claim doesn’t stand on two-legs as the US imports less than 6% of its oil needs from Saudi Arabia. Canada has become the top exporter of oil to the US followed by Mexico and Venezuela.

Obama to bypass Congress on Iran’s nuclear deal

p19[1]Jewish media knows how to do ‘kosher slaughter’ when it comes to American foreign policy toward anti-Israel countries, both Muslim and non-Muslim. The latest example is an Opinion post by David E. Sanger at the Jew York Times on October 29, 2014.

In the post, the Israeli propagandist tried to pull the ‘Jewish rug’ from under AIPAC-controlled US Senate and Congress by warning that during the next five weeks, there is a possibility Tehran might agree with Washington’s demand to freeze its nuclear program before achieving the “capability” to make a nuclear bomb. But since president Barack Obama knows that the majority of US lawmakers are against such a deal, he may use his special presidential privilege to ratify the deal without Congress approval.

No one knows if the Obama administration will manage in the next five weeks to strike what many in the White House consider the most important foreign policy deal of his presidency: an accord with Iran that would forestall its ability to make a nuclear weapon. But the White House has made one significant decision: If agreement is r President Obama will do everything in his power to avoid letting Congress vote on it,” Sanger wrote.

The very next day, Eric Schultz (Jewish), White House spokesperson, called JYT’s report being a propaganda lie. “The notion that we are trying to avoid congressional consultation and input on this is preposterous,” he said.

Derek Davison (Jewish), a Washington-based researcher and former employee of notorious anti-Muslim RAND Corporation, claimed at the LobeLog website that Iran sanctions cost US economy billions of dollars each year.

Stephen Lendman, American Jewish writer and radio talk-host, says that Iranian should never trust the United States because its agreements are’nt worth the paper they’re written on. America has a long history of violating treaties and other agreed on obligations.

Michael A. Cohen, fellow at the Century Foundation, a Jewish advocacy group, wrote at The National Interest on August 4, 2014: “In order to achieve greater accommodation with Iran, the United States could provide less unqualified support to Israel and approach the region with greater even-handedness. This could manifest itself in stronger pressure on Israel to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, diminished backing for Israeli military adventurism or greater acceptance of Iranian influence in the region. With Obama focused on the so-called Asian pivot, a deal with Iran would also be yet another piece of evidence that America and Israel’s interests in the region are moving in divergent directions.”

French philosopher, author and anti-Imperialist activist Thierry Meyssan in a recent article has accused Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani for sabotaging Imam Khomeini‘s anti-Imperialist 1979 Islamic Revolution by pulling Iran out of the ‘Axis of Resistance’ alliance later nurtured by Ayatullah Ali Khamenei and Rouhani’s predecessor Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Meyssan has claimed that Rouhani administration under the cover of a P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal is pushing Iran into Western imperialist world dominated by the US and Israel.

Contrary to a simplistic idea spread by Atlanticist propaganda, the Islamic Revolution was not made ​​with the Shiite clergy, but against both it and the Shah. Even the clergy described the Ayatollah Khomeini as “schismatic” until it followed the popular movement and eventually went along with the imam. Relations between the revolutionaries and the clergy soured again during the war imposed by Iraq at the time, the Guardians of the Revolution-including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad- noticing that the children of the clergy were absent from the front,” Meyssan said.

More than a year after his election, the popularity of Sheikh Rouhani is plummeting, public opinion divided between those who accuse him of not having changed much and those who accuse him of promoting a social class at the expense of the majority. Upon the evidence, if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was allowed to run in the next presidential election, he would be elected in the first round. However, it is doubtful that the opportunity will present itself. In 2013, his candidate, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, was forbidden to compete, while polls gave him victory in the second round. Everything will be done to rule out Ahmadinejad’s election in 2017, Meyssan added.

In the likely event – barring the premature death of the Supreme Guide – of the failure of the Rouhani plan, Washington continues to prepare its “Plan B”: a vast destabilization of the country, far more powerful than that of 2009. At the time, the idea was to lead people to believe in a rigging of the presidential election which would otherwise have been won by the pro-US side. [6] This time, there should be a remake of the Syrian pseudo-revolution of 2011,” Meyssan said.

In the event of the fall of Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, Washington will launch false news that the public will believe. With digital techniques, it is possible to display fictional current events, as has been experienced in Libya (with the fall of the Libyan Jamahiriya aired four days in advance to demoralize the population) and in Syria (with the many protest events that everyone has seen but which never existed). The rejection of the Rouhani project will therefore only give the signal for a new confrontation,” Meyssan concluded.

Sheikh Rouhani’s “agenda” described by Meyssan above reminds me renowned investigative journalist and author of the ‘Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of Iran Nuclear Scare’, Gareth Porter, who addressed Tehran’s New Horizon Conference earlier this month. Trevor LaBonte says Porter in an interview told Jewish magazine Buzzfeed that New Horizon conference was a gathering of conspiracy theorists, who don’t believe in the official story of 9/11

NAM: Israel must pay for war crimes in Gaza

gaza[1]The Islamic Republic which holds the rotating presidency of the 120-member states Non-Aligned Movement NAM) has urged the world community to punish the Zionist entity for its war crimes against Gazans during its recent 50-day war.

Iranian Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Hossein Dehqani made the call during a speech at the UN Security Council open debate on Children and Armed Conflict on Monday.

During the recent Israeli war on civilians, the Jewish army killed more than 500 children in the besieged Gaza Strip, home to 1.7 million Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine is holding an extraordinary session on September 24 that will look into Israel’s Crimes (including War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and the Crime of Genocide) during the so-called ‘Operation Protective Edge’ (against Palestinian kids as a future “existential threat’) as well as complicity of its western sponsors.

The panel of judges is composed of Michael Mansfield QC, John Dugard, Vandana Shiva, Christiane Hessel, Richard Falk, Ahdaf Soueif, Ken Loach, Paul Laverty, Roger Waters, Ronnie Kasrils, Radhia Nasraoui and Miguel Angel Estrella will listen to testimonies from Paul Behrens, Desmond Travers, David Sheen, Max Blumenthal, Eran Efrati, Mads Gilbert, Mohammed Abou-Arab, Mads Gilbert, Paul Mason, Martin Lejeune, Mohammed Omer, Raji Sourani, Ashraf Mashharawi, Ivan Karakashian, Agnes Bertrand and Michael Deas.

Former Archbishop of South Africa, Desmond Tutu, in a message applauded the Russell Tribunal for its timely decision to expose Israel’s never ending war crimes.

Many in the world have viewed Israel’s response to rocket fired from Palestine as horrendously disproportionate. This is not only illustrated by the body counts (2,156 Gazan vs 7 Israelis civilians) but also by the utter devastation of infrastructure in Gaza (see a photo above). There is no military solution to the conflict in the Holy Land. Violence begets violence, which begets more hatred and violence. Civil society must step into the breach, as it did in South Africa’s struggle against apartheid,” Tutu wrote.


India buys Israel’s discredited MDS

After two-year US-Israel lobbying, New Delhi announced on April 2 that it has agreed let Israel Aerospace Industries (ISI) to provide technical expertise in building India’s own missile defense system (MDS) against attacks from Pakistan and China. India, Israel, Pakistan and China are all nuclear powers. Among them, only China is signatory to NPT.

The Indians were looking for Israeli expertise and technology that would allow New Delhi to eventually work on its own MDS. They’re not interested in off-the-shelf Arrow purchase,” said Israeli negotiator.

The initial agreement would partner IAI as well as Israel’s state-owned
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems which produced Arrow with India’s Defense Research and Development Organization, Bharat Dynamics and Bharat Electronics. All of the participants are state-owned entities, and Bharat Electronics has developed the Prithvi air defense system, scheduled for deployment in 2015.

A study done by ballistic missile expert Dr. Natan Farber of the Israel Institute of Technology, challenges the Israeli propaganda of the effectiveness of its missile defense system since the July 2006 war against Hizbullah.

Farber, a 30-year veteran of the Israeli military complex, calculates that in the next war, Israel could face the threat of around 800 Iranian ballistic missiles, 400 Syrian Scuds, between 500 and 1,000 tactical missiles (like Fateh and Fajr) possessed by Hezbollah and Hamas, and probably more than 100,000 short-range rockets between Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas.

In an addendum to his earlier study, Farber has recently claimed that Israel has no satisfactory defense against Iran’s 800 ballistic missiles. That means the Zionist regime and Jewish generals’ claim that Israel is safe from attacks should Israel decide to attack Iran alone, is just a bluff – which makes Netanyahu’s military threats against the Islamic Republic – either an exercise in lunacy or the Zionist entity’s suicide.

As for the Iron Dome, Dr. Marsha B. Cohen, an American Jewish analyst specializing in Israel-Iran relations, called it America’s one billion dollar ‘Iron Dumb’.

Last month, Obama administration donated another $429 million taxpayers money to fund Israeli Iron Dome project. Interestingly, two weeks after robbing US taxpayers of $429 millions, the Israeli Iron Dome malfunctioned badly by firing two interceptor missiles in Eilat.

Dr. Reuven Pedatzur, a highly respected Israeli security analyst claims that Iron Dome’s successful interception rate may well be 5% or less — far below the 84% success rate cited by the Israeli Defense Forces and other defenders of the program.

Pedatzur also said: “One missile of Iron Dome will cost 100,000 dollars and a Qassam (rocket) costs about 5 to 10 dollars. So what the Palestinians have to do is just accumulate more and more Qassams – because there is a limit to the number of missiles that Israel can buy.”

It seems, Pentagon is not happy with the performance of the Israeli MDS. The Jewish Washington Post reported in 2012 that Pentagon has footed $100 million toward building an underground military command and control bunker at Israel’s top-secret ICBM complex at Sdot Micha.

Some pro-Israel lawmakers have been campaigning for America to buy Israeli MDS to defend itself from future “terrorist attacks”!

The Zionist entity sells $1 billion worth arms to India annually since New Delhi established diplomatic relation with Tel Aviv in 1992 – making Israel second largest supplier after Russia. Watch a 2009 video below in which an Israeli arms firm used sex to sell arms to India.

Bishop Sizer: Rebuilding of Temple Mount is against Bible

Bishop Stephen Sizer is vicar of Christ Church, the community church of Virginia Water in Surrey, Britain. Sizer is patron of several Christian groups in the Occupied Palestine – some of which are declared anti-Israel by Abraham Foxman, the national director of ADL.

On February 27, 2014, Bishop Sizer posted an investigative article based on the teachings of the New Testament – claiming that the Christian Bible doesn’t mention the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple on top of the so-called Western (Wailing) Wall.

There is in fact not a single verse in the entire New Testament which predicts that a Jewish Temple will ever be rebuilt or that a 2000 year ‘parenthesis’ should be placed between references to its desecration and destruction in Daniel, or that a future Temple in Jerusalem will play any part in God’s future purposes. We have seen how the followers of Jesus Christ are described as a living Temple, indwelt by the Holy Spirit,” says Bishop Sizer.

The Temple sacrifices, at best, only ever provided a temporary cover for sin. The daily sacrifices, and the smoke rising from the altar were a constant reminder of the need for a Savior. How then could God encourage the sacrificial system to be reinstated when he had sent his son Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice, to shed his own blood on the cross to take away our sin? To suggest sacrifices must be made once more undermines the New Testament’s teaching that the work of Christ is sufficient, final and complete,” adds Bishop Sizer.

My post is not to challenge Bishop Sizer or John Hagee’s interpretations of the Bible. I just want to bring to Bishop Sizer’s attention that the Dome of Rock is not the third most sacred mosque (other two being Ka’aba in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinnah, Saudi Arabia), as he kept mentioning in his article. In fact, the Dome of Rock is not a mosque but a museum for some artifacts related to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) journey to Heaven, known as Isra and Miraj in Islamic Faith. It contains Cave of Ibrahim and the rock on which the Prophet (pbuh) climbed on the Buraq (a White animal with two wings).

The Haram Al Sharif (Al-Aqsa Mosque), a separate building a few yards away from the Dome of Rock (see photo above) is the third most sacred worship place for the 1.7 billion Muslims around the world.

According to the Masonic Jews, four things are needed to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple; the Ark of the Covenant, the building plan, six million stones and a Red Heifer. Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Israel’s Temple Institute, during his visit to the US in January 2011, claimed that his group already has the first three requirements and are waiting for the birth of the Holy Red Heifer.

The first temple built by prophet Solomon in 960 BC, was burned to the ground by the Babylonians in 586 BC. The second temple rebuilt by pagan King Herod in 20 BC was destroyed by Titus in 70 AD. The Byzantine Christians used the site as city garbage dump until 638 CE, when it was cleaned and handed over to the Chief Rabbi of Palestine by Islam’s second Caliph Umar who took over the city of Jerusalem without a fight.

The site remained vacant for over 100 years. Then it was sold to Umayyad Caliph Abdul-Malik, who began the construction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. It was completed during the reign of his son Caliph Al-Walid. There are three Muslim structures on the Mount, Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of Rock and the tiny Umar Mosque.

Since the Zionist Jews occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 – they have been planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild their so-called ‘Third Temple of Mount’.