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British MP and the ‘Holocaust Joke!’

On Thursday, British organized Jewry hit Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn over his refusal to join British PM Theresa May and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the Balfour centenary gala dinner.

A pro-Corbyn former deputy leader of Labour party and a veteran parliamentarian Hurriet Harman has been accused telling a Holocaust joke which is considered a Jewish territory.

Ms. Harman is being accused of telling an old British joke alive on Jew-controlled BBC during Thursday night broadcast of This Week hosted by Andrew Neil (Zionist Jew) which goes like this: How you get 100 Jews into a Mini? One at the driver’s seat and 99 in the ashtray.

I’m at a loss to understand what the heck an ashtray has to do with the Six Million Died, which many Jews claim is based on lies and fraud. Unless it reminds the organized Jewry of the Nazi Gas Chambers myth.

On Friday, Simon Johnson, self-appointed voice of 350,000 British Jews, slammed Ms. Harman over making the antisemitic joke. “I cannot recall being disappointed in a politician. Harriet Harman must surely know better than to repeat a vile Holocaust joke, irrespective of the point she was trying to make. She must apologize and do so quickly,” said Johnson.

What Ms. Harman’s point was that how come it’s okey to make sexist jokes but not about Jews.

I’m not sure if Ms. Harman would apologize for making anti-Jew joke – but one thing is certain, the Jewish media will come-up its own apology on behalf of Ms. Harman as usual.

Ms. Harman, a feminist, has been criticized in the past for demanding human rights not only for the White women but also for the African women (her constituency has the largest African population in UK).


Jew academic: ‘When Elie Wiesel grabbed my ass’!

On Sunday, the Jewish Daily Forward claimed that New York academic Jennifer Listman, PhD, mother of 4, had accused the Father of Holocaust Industry and Iranophobe, Elie Wiesel of grabbing her ass at a charity fundraising event when she was age 19.

Jenny Listman runs a personal blog at Medium online website. On October 19, 2017 she posted her story under the headline: “When I was nineteen year old, Elie Wiesel grabbed my ass.”

When I was nineteen years old, Elie Weisel grabbed my ass. It was a calculated act and worse than you think; he mistook me for an ultra-religious underage girl who was unlikely to tell anyone about it. In other words, he purposefully chose to molest someone who he assumed was a minor and who would be compelled into silence,” she wrote.

The incident happened in 1989 when Jenny Listman, a sophomore biology major at the University of Pennsylvania attended the annual fundraising dinner of a large Jewish charity event at a New York City hotel ballroom.

During a family photo Elie Wiesel’s right hand had reached my right ass cheek, which he squeezed. The photo was over, the photographer leaned back from crouching over his camera, the group separated, smiling at each other, and Elie Wiesel immediately RAN, disappearing straight into the crowd of over 1000 people who were nearly all standing up. Already gray-haired at that time, Wiesel’s agility impressed me as he fled the scene of the crime,” Ms. Listman said.

Jenny Listman is an anthropological geneticist who works in a psychiatric genetics laboratory at the Yale University School of Medicine. She studies human evolution and migration using genetic data. Listman received her PhD in physical anthropology from New York University.

I must say, I find Wiesel’s story more enjoyable than Harvey Weinstein’s sexual adventures with nearly 50 beauties, mostly Jewish.

In 2014, British holohoaxster, Lord Greville Ewan Janner was also accused of sexually abusing boys at a Jewish orphanage.

Anne Frank costume for Halloween

On October 31, 2017, Halloween fans will have the chance to learn the horrors of Jewish Holocaust in Germany while enjoying trick-or-treat.

A US-based website with access to Israel, Australia, Canada, Britain and several European nations, is advertising a Halloween costume for girls featuring a picture of a girl clad in WWII-style clothes next to the title: Anne Frank Costume for girls.

The costumes in Europe can be purchased for 14-24 Euros, while in Canada the Holocaust PR costumes are on sale for $19-32.

Anne Frank diary is an icon fixture of Holocaust Industry. Last year, the Switzerland-based Anne Frank Foundation, finally admitted that the diary was a fraud.

The organized Jewry is known for marketing its narrative of Holocaust via pornography, comics and children games.

Halloween, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica has Western Pagan roots which like many other pagan customs were adopted by earlier Catholic church in an effort to attract more sheep.

Most Jews don’t celebrate Halloween as they have festival of Purim when the kids dress-up in costumes and celebrate how their ancestors murdered 72,000 Persian (Iranian) civilians as described in the Book of Esther. Israeli professor Gerald M. Steinberg (Bar Ilan University) claims Christmas is anti-Israel.

Hindu religious fanatics in India are also against Halloween – but they don’t mind wasting US$1 billion on Divali (Deepavali) due on October 19 this year.

I have always enjoyed giving candies to trick-or-treating kids – but I do agree with people who believe Halloween to be a US$2 billion scam – second to Christmas.

Six Million Jews Dead, No Way!

On Friday, British Jews and Christians groups called upon the UK government to ban Sheikh Ekrima Said Sabri, Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque from entering the country.

Israeli propaganda outfit Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri), has accused the Sheik saying in a 2000 interview in Arabic language he gave to pro-Israel Italian newspaper La Republica: Six Million Jews Dead, No way. They were much smaller.

Memri has also accused Sheikh Sabri of saying in a 1999 interview: “Al-Aqsa compound belongs to Muslims. But we know the Zionist Jews are planning on destroying it. The Zionist Jews will get Zionist Christians to do their dirty work. This is the way they have always done.”

In July 2017, Sheikh Sabri who was injured by Israeli police firing at Muslim protesting against the lock-up of Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Zionist regime.

We strongly reject the provocative Israeli measures and confirm our rights to worship and the need to spare the Al-Aqsa Mosque any tension,” Sabri said in a statement.

Ismail Haniyeh, head of Islamic resistance Hamas’ political bureau made a phone call to Sheikh Sabri while he was in the hospital recovering from injury.

Sheikh Sabri was appointed Mufti of Palestine by PA chairman Yasser Arafat. He was sacked by US-Israeli poodle Mahmoud Abbas in 2006.

Sheikh Sabri is visiting London as part of a delegation from Paris-based NGO EuroPalestine next week to meet British MPs.

In 2010, in an interview, Hollywood director Oliver Stone said: Jewish control of media is preventing free Holocaust debate.

Israeli philosophy professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz said a few years ago that the belief in the Six Million Jews Dead is the new Jewish religion. The Holy Figure included 4 million Jews killed at the Auschwitz Nazi camp.

In 1989 Israeli historian Yehuda Bauer said that it’s time to finally acknowledge that the familiar four million figure is a deliberate myth. In July 1990, the Auschwitz State Museum, a Polish government agency, along with Israel’s yad vashem Holocaust center, announced that altogether perhaps one million people (both Jews and non-Jews) died at Auschwitz.

American Jewish writer, author and former GOP campaigner David Cole has crossed the redline. On February 17, 2015, in an article he said: “In no other field are fakes, frauds, and forgeries tolerated as they are in Holocaust history.”

On December 12, 2006, five Western rabbis attended The Holocaust, Global Vision conference held in Tehran, Iran. The group included Rabbi David Weiss from United States, and Austria’s chief rabbi Moshe Arye Friedman. During their speeches none of them claimed Nazis killed six million Jews. They estimated that nearly one million Jews perished during WWII. In 2007, Israeli thugs ruffed-up Friedman at the Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial in Poland.

Elie Wiesel, the father-figure of Holocaust Industry has been exposed a liar.


Poland fires tourism boss over insulting Auschwitz

The organized Jewry has always obsessed with Holocaust and Antisemitism – and for good reasons because without these two forgeries it cannot control the Western world.

The Jewish-controlled media never misses a chance to provide its readers the daily dose about these two pillars of Zionist occupation of Palestine which most of the time is laughable.

On Wednesday, Polish tourism minister Witold Banka fired the president Poland’s National Tourist Organization Marek Olszewski over his statement which was declared antisemitic by the country’s powerful Jewish Lobby.

As the head of the Polish Tourist Organization, who loves his country, I want to show its best side, through our monuments, culture, hospitality, wonderful music. Auschwitz is not a tourist product but a place of martyrology, reverie and reflection, and we are promoting Poland as an attractive tourist destination. I do not need to expose places and events connected with the history of other nations,” Olszewski said in an article published in Gazeta Wyborcza on Wednesday.

He added: “It was Poles, not the Jewish elites, that were completely plowed and liquidated during the war. Let us remember that the whole Jewish culture in practice has survived.”

Marek Olszewski is said to be a former member of Poland’s nationalist Law and Justice party which believes in Poland First.

Poland is dotted with organized Jewry’s relics. In addition to Auschwitz, there is a Holocaust Museum in Warsaw and even a Gravestone Museum. In 1999, Holocaust studies were made mandatory for the non-Jewish Polish students of 13-19 year of age. Since then the Holocaust has been taught in various forms on different levels of education, mainly in history classes but also during Polish literature, civic education, and extracurricular lessons.

Over 92% of Polish people follow the Catholic Church. Thus they should be grateful to Jews for giving them John Paul II whose mother Emilia Kaczorowski (born Emily Katz) was Jewish.

Poland under the Piast dynasty maintained diplomatic and trade relations with the Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years. In 1795, partitions conducted by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Austria were completed, and Poland disappeared from the map for the next 123 years. Throughout that period the Ottoman Empire protected Polish interests. It became a second home for many Poles, who, after settling in Istanbul or Anatolia were not just ordinary refugees but they contributed greatly to Turkey’s development.

Islam was brought to Poland by Muslim Tatars expelled by the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin who is admired by the organized Jewry for first Jewish state in Soviet Union in 1934. Currently, there are 35,000 Polish Muslims among country’s 38 million people. But thanks to the organized Jewry and its White supremacist allies – Poland is Europe’s second most Islamophobic nation after France.

Lobby: Muslim school girls assaulted on Holocaust trip

You got to love this news item, I did.

On Wednesday, UK’s government-funded Zionist-controlled BBC reported that a group of Muslim girls from a Berlin school, became target of religious and racial abuse by local Polish Christians while on trip to learn about the Jewish Holocaust on Tuesday.

According to BBC, one of the girl wearing hijab was spat by a Polish man in street in Lublin while another one was told to leave a shop for speaking Persian on her phone. Another Muslim girl reported that she was threatened with a knife.

However, the local police after examining the CCTV footage of the incidents, said that it did “not show any incident involving foreigners“.

The school trip – fully paid by the Holocaust Industry (watch a video below) was designed to teach students about Germany’s anti-Jewish past. The school girls visited labor camps at Majdanek and Treblinka, as well as the cities of Warsaw and Lodz, which allegedly had large Jewish populations before the WWII.

The BBC article also mentioned that most Muslims believe that Nazis carried Holocaust in order to populate Palestine.

After UK’s Jewish Lobby (the Board of Jewish Deputies) and its Zionist poodle Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell MAMA, protested against the news item, BBC retracted the Fake News without issuing an apology.

Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) was established by pro-Israel former British prime minister David Cameron government in 2012. It has received hundreds of thousands of pounds from British treasury to act as an Israeli propaganda outlet among the Muslim community. In April 2014  April, 2014  when Tell Mama announced the names of its new co-chairs – it included Shahid Rafique Malik, a former Labour MP and first Muslim cabinet minister and  Richard Benson, former chief executive of the Israel lobbying group – the Community Security Trust.

Our Canadian Salman Rushdie, Tarek Fatah, hates Shahid Malik over his anti-Israel racism and boasting that Britain could have a Muslim prime minister by 2030. I doubt that prediction but the Londoners recently elected an Israel-loving Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Last year, Ken Livingstone, ex-Mayor of London was suspended from Labour Party for stating that Adolf Hitler helped Zionist Jews to established state of Israel in Palestine.

I don’t understand why the Berlin school needed to fool young Muslim girls when Netanyahu claimed in October 2015 that Hitler didn’t want to kill Jews, but Mufti of Palestine twisted his arm fearing those unwanted European Jews would flood Muslim-majority Palestine. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is more honest than Netanyahu. She rebuked Netanyahu for insulting Holocaust – claiming that it were Germans and not Muslims who committed Holocaust.



Comey: Good people committed Holocaust!

FBI director James Comey, who just got fired by Donald Trump, was a keynote speaker at ADL’s annual Holocaust conference held on Monday afternoon.

Although the slaughter of the Holocaust was led by sick and evil people, those sick and evil leaders were joined by and followed by people who loved their families, took soup to sick neighbors, who went to Church, who gave to charity. Good people helped murder millions,” Comey told the gathering.

Thanks Allah, Comey didn’t blame people going to mosques for the Holocaust.

Interestingly, Abraham Foxman, the US$688,000 per year Gorilla, who headed ADL for five decades, did not object to Comey’s statement. Rather, he called it extraordinary.

Comely understands that Germans and their accomplices, who loved their families and dogs, and religiously went to Church on Sunday, systematically murdered Jews because of anti-Semitic hatred preached and practiced for hundreds of years,” Abe Foxman told Jewish Insider.

Abe Foxman in his 2004 book, NEVER AGAIN, claims that Christian Bible (New Testament) is responsible for the slaughter of six million Jews during WWII.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, executive director Simon Wiesenthal Center, an Israeli advocacy organization, said that while he understands the point Comey wanted to make, to be clear, any German who participated in or abetted in any way Hitler’s Final Solution could no longer be considered ‘good people.’ By their words and deeds abetting genocide, they voided anything ‘good’ they had previously done.

Rabbi Cooper’s rant has no historical background. According to some German historians, Hitler had two Jew Field Marshals, fifteen Generals and 150,000 German Jew soldiers in the Nazi Army (here).

On May 10, Ron Kampeas wrote at the Times of Israel: “Fired by Trump, reviled by Democrats, Comely will be missed by those who protect US Jews.”

Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, late chief rabbi of Toronto in his 1990 book, The Man Who Would Be Messiah, claimed that Holocaust was committed by Frankist Jews.

One of the top German philosophers of 20th century, Martin Heidegger, in his diary, Black Notebooks written during 1942-1946, blames the Jews for the Holocaust.

Canadian-born Israeli writer and author Barry Chamish (d. 2016) also blamed Jews for the Holocaust.

Luxembourg-born Marxist Jew history professor Arno Joseph Mayer (Princeton) in his 1988 book, Why Did the Heavens Not Darken, wrote: “From 1942 to 1945, certainly at Auschwitz, but probably overall, more Jews were killed by so-called ‘natural causes’ than by ‘unnatural’ ones.”

On May 10, author and blogger Carolyn Yeager posted: “For me, what is of interest in Comey’s speech, made when he was still Director of the FBI, is his recognition and full acquiescence to the rule that when you speak to Jewish organizations, you must refer to the Holocaust and include words like ‘evil,’ ‘world’s most unimaginable evil,’ ‘hate,’ ‘antisemitism,’ and concepts such as ‘Never Again,’ and ‘Jewish courage and specialness.’ Comey did not disappoint. I was still transcribing this speech when I saw that Comey had been fired by President Trump. It was a real shot in the arm! We can be glad this man is gone.”

In April 2015, James Comey penned an Op-Ed for Jewish Washington Post in which he accused Poland for assisting Nazis to exterminate Jews. As result of Comey’s pandering to the organized Jewry, Stephen D. Mull, former US ambassador to Poland had to apologize to Polish government for Comey’s lie.