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9/11 – Israeli whitewashing for 16 years

On September 9, 2017, Joshua Kaplan posted another 9/11 cover-up crap at The Gateway Pundit (TGP), founded by Zionist Jew-gay Jim Hoft, in 2004.

Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals its embassy in Washington may have funded a “dry run” for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the claim employees and agents of the kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers and plotters,” claims Caplan.

Two years before the airliner attacks, the Saudi Embassy paid for two Saudi nationals, living undercover in the US as students, to fly from Phoenix to Washington “in a dry run for the 9/11 attacks,” alleges the amended complaint filed on behalf of the families of some 1,400 victims who died in the terrorist attacks 16 years ago,” adds Caplan.

WOW, only two years before the airliner attack, you say! Netanyahu predicted the attack in his 1987 book, Terrorism: How the West can win. In the book he speaks of plans to attack the United Nations building or the World Trade Center in order to unite Americans behind a War of Civilization; non-stop wars between the Christian world and Muslim world to destroy Israel’s enemies.

In May 2016, Saudi representative released a report refuting pro-Israel US lawmakers’ claim that allege Saudi government facilitate the 9/11 attacks. It contained past and present statements from US officials that confirm that there was no evidence that Riyadh was behind the 9/11 terrorist attack.

When Saudi ‘royals’ threatened to sell US$750 billion American assets if Congress passes a bill to force Riyadh to pay compensations to the families of Americans disappeared during the 9/11 terrorist attacks – Barack Obama threatened to veto any such move.

After that the Shylocks went to a Jew judge who slammed Iran with a US$10.5 billion on behalf of families of the Americans declared killed by the 19 Saudi hijackers carrying cardboard knives onboard four commercial planes whose ‘black boxes’ were never recovered.

September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by the US Zionists traitors with the help of Israeli Mossad is rarely mentioned by the Jew-controlled Western mass media or the Jew-bribed Western politicians – in-spite of overwhelming evidence.

Last year after Orlando shooting Jim Hoft asked his fellow gay community to vote for Donald Trump. Holt is also connected with pro-Israel Alt-Right, Fox News, Breitbart, and Sarah Palin.


9/11 and the Shylocks

Even after 16 years – the Zionist regime and its propagandists continue their efforts to divert world attention away from the terrorist entity which planned and committed the greatest terrorist aatacks on American soil.

In September 2001, the Jewish Lobby and its owned media blamed Al-Qaeda which currently helping the US to bring an anti-Iran regime change in Syria, behind 9/11. In 2002, the blame was pinned on Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. Later, the Jew York Times fired a smoking gun – Iran did 9/11. In 2016, Candidate Donald Trump in an interview with the Jew York Times blamed Saudi Arabia for committing the 9/11.

Last year, US Supreme Court, comprising of three Jews and six Zionist Christian judges, ruled that Iran should be made to pay US$2 billion to the families of some of Americans killed in 9/11 terrorist attacks.

On Tuesday, taking a cue from US top court, 15 survivors of 9/11 attacks have written to British prime minister Theresa May, urging her to make a British government report into the extent of Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremism public.

The report was prepared by a panel commissioned by former British prime minister David Cameron, a Jewish bitch to whitewash Israel’s involvement in 9/11.

According to the 9/11 official story – no passenger or crew onboard the four planes hijacked by the 19-Arab terrorist survived. However, several sources have claimed that 4000 Jews working at the WTC were informed by an Israeli site to take day off on September 11, 2001. Jewish groups called these sources, “Jew-haters, anti-Israel and anti-Zionist.” However, Beliefnet, a Christian religious website, reported that nine Jews employees at the WTC were mirraculously saved on September 11, 2001.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former White House official says: “Anyone who believes the official 9/11 story, like anyone who believes Oswald killed JFK, like anyone who still believes that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and Al-Qaeda connections, that Assad used chemical weapons, who believes the Gulf of Tokin lie, who believes that Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK, that Russia invaded Ukraine, etc. is too far gone far ever to be rescued from The Matrix in which they live in.”

American must find the truth about the criminals behind the 9/11 in order to stop the destruction of their nation. So far, the so-called War on Terror has cost them over US$2 trillion and 7,000 US soldiers killed and over 100,000 wounded.

Last year, candidate Donald Trump in a speech had claimed that US war on Afghanistan and Iraq cost US taxpayers US$6trillion.

We’ve spent $6 trillion, lost thousands of lives,” Trump said. “You could say hundreds of thousands of lives, because look at the other side also.”

In fact, more than one million civilians have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in America’s proxy wars for Israel since 9/11.

A must watch 9/11 video below:

James Perloff: 9/11 was an ‘outside job’ carried by Israel

For the last 16 years, anyone who dared to question the official 9/11 story blaming Muslims for the terrorist attacks, is immediately declared a Jew-hater, Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist by the organized Jewry despite the fact Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu described in detail what happened on September 11, 2001 in his 1987 book, Fighting Terrorism: How democracies can defeat Domestic and International Terrorism.

On September 7, 2006, B’nai B’rith’s ADL chief Abraham Foxman in a statement said that blaming Jews for committing 9/11 is old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

On August 14, 2012, Canadian-born Israeli Jewish writer, author and radio talk-show host Barry Chamish (died 2016) in an interview he gave to US-based Salem-News  – Chamish admitted that Israel with the help of American neocons pulled the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But in March 2015, when the leader of US-based Nation of Islam agreed Louis Farrakhan agreed with Barry Chamish (listen below), Abraham Foxman called him a Jew-hater, Holocaust denier and a nutcase.

American author James Perloff is holder of PhDs (from Harvard, MIT and Oxford), Nobel Prize winner in Physics, and former member of John Birch Society, a Zionist disinformation group, posted an article on his blog, entitled, 9/11 Simplified.

Perloff disagree with the 9/11 theorists who claim that 9/11 was an INSIDE Job. He is of the opinion that 9/11 was an outside job, done by Israeli operatives, but with consent and cooperation at the highest levels of the US government.

In order to prove his point, he gives the example of Israel’s vicious 1967 attack on the USS Liberty. It is well understood that president Lyndon B. Johnson and defense secretary Robert McNamara fully cooperated, by twice recalling US fighters that the Sixth Fleet had sent to rescue the Liberty, and later by ordering a cover-up. However, at the physical operational level, the attack was carried out by Israelis, not by Americans in this inside job.

OK, but what’s the evidence that Israel was behind 9/11? By far the best summary I’ve seen is the WikiSpooks post 9-11/Israel Did It. (Incidentally, as many of my regular readers know, I’m half-Jewish on my father’s side, so knee-jerk charges against me of “anti-Semitism” can be stuffed in the appropriate place),” says Perloff.

Left Forum: 9/11 discussion is anti-Jewish

On May 8, 2017, the New York-based Left Forum announced that three discussion panels; the 9/11 truth, the false flag, and faked terrorism had been cancelled from The Resistance conference scheduled at the John Jay College on June 2-4 this year.

The man behind this cancelation is reported to be Spencer Sunshine a senior fellow at the Political Research Associates (PRA), founded by Dr. Jean V. Hardisty (died 2015), an American feminist and author in 1991.

Frankly, I never heard of this Sunshine dude – but studying his views on who committed 9/11 you can smell the skunks funding him.

American academic and author Kevin Barrett calls people like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Amy Goodman, John Nichols, Spencer Sunshine, etc, Left Gatekeepers.

In 2006, I had an uninhibited discussion of 9/11 with John Nichols of The Nation magazine, another Left Gatekeeper outlet. John essentially admitted that he had read Nafeez Ahmed and knew the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) was a pack of lies. But prominent people, he said, would only admit it after they had had a few drinks. Obviously they were scared,” says Dr. Barrett.

Nafeez Ahmed is a British journalist, author and blogger. He is an apologist for the 9/11 and 7/7 official stories (here, here).

The Left Forum was founded in the 1960s by Jewish professors Bogdan Denitch (died 2016) and Stanley Aronowitz. The Forum holds the largest annual conference of left-leaning (socialist) thinkers. For years, the Left – or at least the Left leadership – has kept its distance from 9/11 and other truth topics. The 9/11 truth movement began making inroads at the Left Forum about three years or so ago with a small presence, mainly by 9/11 activists Dave Slesinger and Wayne Coste who gave presentations on Islamophobia and the controlled demolition of Building 7.

Watch below to learn how much 9/11 lie cost the US-taxpayers and Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.

9/11 and the Jews

On April 3, 2003, Ari Shavit admitted at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz that “Iraq War was conceived by 25 neoconservatives intellectuals most of them Jewish” – leading Bush administration to change the Middle East for Israel.

In March 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark (his father was a Jew) admitted during an interview that Washington had planned to invade seven Muslim majority countries (Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran) prior to 9/11. First four have already been invaded and destroyed for Israel while United States and its war collaborators are working on the remaining three countries.

The neoconservative pack is lead by Israel First Robert Kagan, one of the authors of PNAC (now Foreign Policy Initiative), report originally prepared for Benjamin Netanyahu. Kagan held a senior position in Dubya Bush administration and in Barack Obama’s State Department. Now he is leading Donald Trump into wars with Russia, Syria and Iran. He was the first to applaud Trump over missile attack on Syrian airfield.

American filmmaker Robbie Martin has exposed these pro-Israel anti-Muslim neoconservatives in a three-part 2016 documentary, A Very Heavy agenda. Martin was interviewed (watch below) by Mnar Muhawesh, editor-in-chief Mint Press News.

On April 24, 2017, former White House official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts posted an article, entitled, 9/11 Destroyed America.

Neoconservatives are a tiny number of people. No more than a dozen are of any consequence. Yet they have used America to murder millions. And now they are fomenting war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. The world would never survive such a war,” said Dr. Roberts.

In the United States today people can lie at will without consequence, but it is deadly to tell the truth. 9/11 was the manufactured excuse for the neoconservatives’ 16 years of war crimes against millions of Muslims peoples, remnants of which now seek refuge in Europe,” adds Dr. Roberts.

9/11: Eric Zuesse exonerates Israel

The first two American authors to whitewash Israel’s part in 9/11 were Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore, a Crypto Zionist, who has always avoided to write about Zionism, Holocaust, Israel, the Jewish Lobby, Palestine or anything which gives an excuse to the organized Jewry declaring him an antisemite.

American philosopher of science and author of book, America Nuked on 9/11, Dr. James H. Fetzer claims that September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were work of CIA, Neocons (mostly Jewish), and Israeli Mossad.

On March 27, 2017, the so-called “investigative journalist” Eric Zuesse in an article published at the Washington Blog claimed that September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was a Saud-US operation.

Why Barack Obama veto the bill that would allow the evidence regarding who financed the 9/11 operation to be presented and judged in a court of law?,” is one of Zuessue’s clue.

The answer to the above is very simple. Obama was afraid Saudi ‘royals’, as they threatened, would shred the “official 9/11 story”. In March 2016, a US court ordered Iran to pay US$10.6 billion in damages to the families of victims of the 9/11 attacks. Iran was never accused of committing 9/11 by Netanyahu, George Bush, CIA or even ADL. Later-on the Israel-occupied US Congress began pushing a bill that would allow the government of Saudi Arabia to be sued in American courts for their alleged role in the attacks. It’s all part Zionist scam to whitewash Israeli crimes.

The problem with Eric Zuesse’s Fake News is that Saudi Arabia since its creation by the British Zionist colonial power after WWI, has never carried a terrorist attack on American interests. However, Israel is the only state in the Arab world which has carried several terrorist attacks against United States assets before 9/11 (watch a video below).

Zuesse’s claims that Osama Bin Laden used al-Qaeda to commit 9/11. The fact is the Muslim al-Qaeda is myth created by the US in order to create hatred toward Muslims so that Muslim countries could be invaded, occupied and destroyed for being Israel’s enemies.

The myth of 19 Saudi hijackers who took control of four passenger planes on September 11, 2001 is another Zionist BS. Six of them were found alive. George Tenet, former CIA director has admitted that the names of the so-called 19 hijackers were not on the boarding lists – but were provided by a foreign intelligence source.

Frankly, I have never read Eric Zuesse’s “investigative journalism” until I spotted his 9/11 conspiracy theory. So I ran a little search on Google to find his background which told me that he is another Zionist dis-informer like Alex Jones. Mr. Zuesse has been called Jew Sweetie, Jew Shill, etc.

Eric Zuesse is author of 2001 book, Why The Holocaust Happened: Its Religious Cause and Scholarly Cover-up. Zuesse, like Abraham Foxman, blames the Christian Bible’s (NT) teachings for the hate and murder of Jews during WWII. Contrary to that Rabbi Marvin Antelman in 1974 book, To Eliminate The Opiate claimed that the Crypto-Jew followers of Shabbetai Tzvi/Jacob Frank, known as Frankist Jews were responsible for the WW II and the Holocaust

Did Rudy Giuliani just deny 9/11 story?

Before nominating multimillionaire Rex Wayne Tillerson as secretary of state, Jewish president-elect Donald Trump was considering former Mayor of New York City Rudolph Guiliani for the post. The Jewish Lobby is not happy with Tillerson selection because as EXXON CEO, he has very good relation with Gulf oil producing states. Israeli propagandists fear that like Barack Obama and CIA director John Brennan (here), Tillerson could be a ‘secret Muslim’.

Rudy Giuliani did a great job in hiding Israeli fingerprints from September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. After stepping down as Mayor, Rudy tried to launch himself as a national political leader based on his great service to Jews and the Zionist entity. But in the end, he failed to convince the public that he was not a culprit in 9/11 tragedy himself.

In case some readers don’t know – on the day of 9/11, while the remains of the twin towers and WTC7 were still smoldering, one of Mayor Giuliani’s first concern was clearing away evidence from the crime scene. The City used 120 trucks to remove 1.5 million tons of debris from the so-called Ground Zero over night (watch video below).

It seems, finally, Rudy Giuliani’s Judo-Christian conscious caught hold of him or someone tried to put truth into it.

A word about 9/11. To those who believe the “official story”, you have been duped. You have been conned. And if you want to look in the right direction, don’t look at Saudi Arabia or bin Laden. That’s a nice little distraction. And look carefully at the tower structures and ask questions about how they fell. This is one of the greatest cover ups of all of history,” Giuliani posted on his twitter account on December 20, 2016 (watch below).