Iraq reinstate ban on Israeli flag

There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United States,” Patrick Buchanan said in 1991.

The Washington Post reported on November 1, that Israeli Kurd Jews (estimated 200,000) are furious over Iraqi parliament’s unanimous decision to reinstate ban on the display of Israeli flag in public. According to WP, the Iraqi decision was in response to Netanyahu’s support for Iraqi Kurdistan referendum.

The ban was originally imposed by Saddam Hussein after America’s invasion of Iraq in 1991 on behalf of Israel. After US-NATO invasion and occupation of Iraq on 2003 Purim eve, the said ban was thrown in waste basket.

In November 2014, Israeli Knesset made waving Palestinian flag during anti-government protests by Palestinians or Israel’s human right groups, a serious crime against the state.

The recent US-Israel supported free Iraqi Kurdistan referendum has backfired as result of infighting between pro-independence and pro-Iraq Kurd factions. On Sunday, Kurd parliament sacked (74:36 votes) pro-Israel president Masoud Barzani of autonomous Kurd province KRG.

Iraqi government has cancelled KRG’s autonomy status established during the US occupation in preparation for a new pro-Israel state of Kurdistan based on Kurd-majority regions in Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia. The Kurdistan Project (Sykes-Picot-1916) like the Israel Project (Belfour Declaration-1917) was brainchild of the British-French colonial powers to install their proxy regimes in the Muslim Heartland in order to destroy any chance of emerging a new Ottoman Empire in the future.

Naturally, leaders in Baghdad, Ankara, Damascus and Tehran are against this new US-Israel plot to divide the Middle East and further bloodshed for the Zionist entity.

On Tuesday, war criminal Netanyahu said that “Israel has great sympathy for Kurdish aspirations and the world should concern itself with their wellbeing.” He is the same idiot who has history of labeling anyone who concern himself for the wellbeing of Palestinians, as Anitisemite.

Trump’s national security advisor, Lt.Gen. H.R. McMaster (married to Jewish Kathleen Trotter) has blamed Iran for spoiling the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan. He said that Iranian influence in Iraq poses a great threat to both the US and Israel.


Jew author: Send Black NFL players to Nigeria



On October 27, 2017, American Jewish author of 14 books and professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, Robert Weissberg, 76, posted an article at The UNZ Review, entitled, Solving NFL’s Anthem Crisis: Send Them to Africa.

“The NFL seems at a loss on how to deal with the current controversy over players (most of whom are black) knelling (“taking a knee”) during the national anthem to protest about American racism, politic brutality, rotten ghetto schools, white privilege and all the rest and hope that this gesture ends the brouhaha,” said Weissberg.

Frankly, I’m not aware of a single African Lobby in United States (not controlled by Jews) whining about over 45 million Blacks living in the US – but I know 50 powerful Jewish groups representing less than six million American Jews and entire mainstream media whining if someone says: Israel is an Apartheid state.

In order to show NFL’s Black players how lucky they’re – Weissberg suggesst that NFL should have a pre-session game in Muslim-majority Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja. Incidentally, Nigeria is ruled by organized Jewry’s most hated African leader, the Sharia President Mahammadu Buhari.

“The NFL is about 75% African American, and the ancestors of most African Americans hail from West Africa, this pre-season contest would be a “homecoming” for many black athletes,” adds Weissberg.

According to Weissberg, during a week stay in Nigeria, the Black atheletes along with their wives, girlfriend and NFL’s American fans would have surprise awakening – as nothing works Africa (maybe that’s why the European colonists, partially funded by Weissberg’s tribe, went to Africa to fix Black people’s problems).

“The black players would be shocked by a poverty that would make East St. Louis look like Beverly Hills. Their response would, of course, be a typical reaction of any American tourist who encounters Third-World slums, dogs and pigs openly rooting around garbage and the like but it would be especially painful for American blacks who fantasize about their old “homeland.” Let them see what happens when whites are expelled and blacks run everything,” said Weissberg.

I would love to hear Weissberg’s explanation of why Jews left behind the prosperous and civilized Europe for the poor and uncivilized Palestine? Furthermore, how come after 70-year Jewish rule pampered by US taxpayers’ US$3 trillion – one out of every three Jewish children in Israel lives in poverty? (reported by Jerusalem Post, December 22, 2014).

A good statement on Weissberg’s rant came from Minister Louis Farrakhan on October 26: Colin Kaepernick took a knee. That brother was not trying to disrespect the flag.; he was disturbed over police killing of Blacks and Brown people outside the law of justice and he wanted to draw attention to it. Because all of the evil that we have suffered, we suffered under the Confederate flag, and we suffered under the so-called American flag. So Colin took a knee on September 1, 2016, when the flag was presented and the national anthem was played. It has generated much controversy. But did you know there is a code how to respect the American flag?,” said Farrakhan.

I’m sure, professor Robert Weissberg is aware of his tribe’s major role in African Slavery .

At least a dozen of NFL’s 32 teams are run by Jewish owners. There is no Black owned NFL team at present. The only NFL team owned by a non-White person happens to be Jacksonville Jaguars whose owner is Pakistan-US billionaire Shahid Khan.

Mossad and the Halloween false flag

Israel’s most secret and tried-and-true weapon is the false flag terrorist attack,” Wayne Madsen, July 25, 2011.

Last night, a truck-driver allegedly enacted a real Halloween scene in Manhattan. The Jewish media (CNN, BBC, Jew York Post, The Sun, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Newsweek, The Mail, etc.) announced that an Uzbekistan -born truck-driver by the name Sayfullo Saipov, 29, hit and shot eight people. It claimed that the man who landed in United States in 2010, was known to police for his criminal record. Furthermore, some witnesses claimed that he shouted “Allah-Akbar” while firing his two guns on the people celebrating Halloween. The man was shot by a NYPD officer and is alive in the hospital (watch a video below).

Ironically, the Jewish media forgot to mention that one of the victims of the false flag was a Jewish businessman Ariel Erlij from Argentina.

Interestingly, the idiot left a note in the truck claiming being a supporter of the US-Israel created ISIS which is a good proof that Israeli Mossad with the help of Israeli-trained US internal security officials is behind this automobile terror.

Sayfullo Saipov is married with children. His New Jersey neighbors claim: “‘He was generally a happy-go-lucky person who loved America.”

Mohammad Hamza Amzher, a witness, said the suspect was holding a paintgun and looked Hispanic and strongly denied the man shouted Allah Akbar (Allah is the Greatest).

The purpose of the false flag is to gain support for Donald Trump’s war on Iran for the Zionist entity.

Nikki Haley sheds crocodile tears in Congo

Last Thursday, Israeli poodle Nikki Haley, the US ambassador at United Nations was in the so-called “Democratic Republic of Congo” – also known as African Israel to meet country’s pro-Israel dictator Joseph Kabila, former chief of staff Congolese Army.

Haley tried to blackmail her host by demanding that Kabila holds general elections next year instead of in 2019 as he promised to the opposition parties. Kabila’s term expired in December 2016.

For every day which goes by without holding elections, a woman is raped, a child has an unwanted pregnancy, children are inducted by armed groups,” Haley said.

I wonder if Nikki Haley knows that in United States a woman is rapped every 90 seconds – and in her motherland India, a woman is rapped every 30 seconds. On October 25, 2017, a 17-year-old school-girl died of internal bleeding as result of gang-rape by three people including one minor in Nikki’s Indian Punjab province.

Contrary to that US and Israel has kept Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas in power even though his mandate ended in January 2009.

During her trip, Haley also visited Mungote Camp in Kitchanga housing hundreds of victims of Congolese civil war. As good actress she broke in tears (watch video below). DRC was Haley’s last stop which took her earlier to two other pro-Israel African countries, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Nikki Haley was dispatched to the three African countries by Trump administration to put some mascara on the face of US imperialistic ambitions in Africa to exploit Africa’s remaining natural deposits (gold, diamond, uranium, oil, etc.) left behind by the former European colonists.

DRC, former Belgium colony, got its independence on June 30, 1960. Country’s first prime minister, Patrice Lumumba, anti-imperial socialist, was eliminated in a CIA-backed military coup in 1961.

There are over 15 million Muslims among country’s total population of 79 million. They have been target of government-backed ethnic-cleansing by Christian militias for decades.

To save Israel, US must curtail Iran, sanction Hizbullah

On October 24, 2017, Washington-based Israel’s online propaganda newspaper The Hill, published an Op-Ed penned by German Gen. Claus Naumann (Jew), former head of German army and Gen. Sir Francis Richard Dannatt (Crypto-Jew), former head of British army. The Op-Ed was entitled, “A third Lebanon war looms: To stop it, US must curtail Iran, sanction Hizbullah.”

“Neither Iran nor Hizbullah have any remotely credible reason for their enmity of Israel today – yet they are engaged in an implacable campaign of deadly hatred animated by their version of radical Islam. Hizbullah additionally has to explain to the Lebanese population it claims to represent why it has been killing Muslims in Syria at a furious pace. The best way to close this credibility gap is to attack Israel. Both Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s rhetoric, and his terrorist operatives’ actions on the border with Israel confirm this,” wrote the morons.

The general knowledge of the two military idiots makes me laugh. The “new looming war on Lebanon” will be fourth and not “third”. In the past Israel had invaded Lebanon in 1975, 1982, and 2006. However, this time it will be Israel’s third defeat at the hands of Hizbullah which defeated Jewish army in 2000 and 2006 in the past.

Hizbullah never claimed to represent Lebanese population which consists of Sunnis, Shi’ites, Christians, Druze and Jews. However, a great majority of Lebanese population and country’s Christian presidents has acknowledged Hizbullah as the “Defender of Lebanon against Israel“. Even former Israeli prime minister Gen. Ehud Barak called Hizbullah, “Lebanon’s real army“.

Based on a study from Tel-Hai University located in north of Israel, more than 80% of Israelis trust Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the others trust their own leaders.

Hizbullah enmity toward the Zionist entity is based on Lebanon being at war with Israel since 1975. Furthermore, Israel is still occupying Lebanon’s Sheba’a Farms.

Israeli leaders have been campaigning for a regime change in Tehran since Israel’s embassy was closed in 1979. Both Imam Khomeini and the current Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei consider Israel being a Western colonial plot, which needs to be removed from the Muslim Heartland.

I dare to ask, why Israel which has a stockpile of 400 nuclear bombs, hesitate to attack non-nuclear Iran instead of begging the US to wash its dirty laundry?

I’m at loss to understand how American sanctions could harm Hizbullah, which doesn’t receive financial aid from foreign government; doesn’t have bank accounts in the US or Switzerland or real-state investment in the US, UK or Monte Carlo. Hizbullah’s armed wing is not a conventional army – thus it doesn’t need to buy F16s, tanks, submarines or helicopters from the West, Russia or China. Hizbullah fighters use home-made rockets, guns and Shi’ite concept of martyrdom to defeat Israeli army and the pro-Israel Christian, Kurd Jews and Wahhabi militants in the region.

The Hill was founded by US millionaire Jerry Finkelstein (died 2012) in 1994. It’s run by his son Andrew now.

Muslim Martin Luther and the Jews

On October 29, the Times of Israel reported that three women have accused anti-Israel Tariq Ramadan of sexually assault. The Israeli online newspaper also claimed that the three victims were feminist activists, which is a Zionist/Jewish racket.

Tariq Ramadan has rejected the accusations calling it a Zionist defamation campaign against him.

The news reminds me Israeli Ha’aretz July 2008, news item on professor Eyal Ben-Ari (Hebrew University) who was arrested for waging ‘academic sex terror’ after several female students and doctoral candidates accused him of “extorting sexual favors in exchange for promoting them and providing funding for their research.”

On February 2002, Paul Donnelly at the Salon, declared: Tariq Ramadan as Muslim Martin Luther. Tariq Ramadan is author of 1998 book, To be a European Muslim (listen to him below). On March 26, 2015, Newsweek cried: “We need a Muslim reformation.” Huffington Post whined: “Islam needs reformation from within.” Then came the solution from Financial Times: “Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi could emerge as Martin Luther of Muslim world.”

I must say, el-Sisi was a good choice – because he is as much Jewish as Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Tariq Ramadan’s parents were Egyptian immigrants who fled to Switzerland to escape Gamal Abdul Nasser’s crackdown on Islamists. Ramadan was declared a “moderate Islamic scholar” by the Zionist mafia based on his criticism of Egyptian Islamic scholar Sayyid Qutb’s interpretation of Holy Qur’an and support for Palestinians.

However, Ramadan fell from Jewish Lobby grace in 2004, when he urged his fellow Jew-liberal “intellectuals” and human-right campaigners such as Dr. Bernard Lewis, Bernard-Henri Levi, and Cheryl Benard, Austrian Jewish wife of Bush’s best Afghan Zalmay Khalilzad, to criticize Israel over its violation of rights of Palestinians and Africans living in Israel.

In 2004, Tariq Ramadan was declared a security threat to the US under pressure from Jewish groups and was banned to enter United States to take an academic post at the Catholic University of Notre Dam.

Professor Farish Ahmad Noor ( Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) defines the so-called “moderate Islam”: “A ‘moderate Islam’ that is Islamic shall remain rooted in the fundamentals of Islamic authenticity and the eternal values of Islam’s universal worlview, not the short term demands of US oil companies, conglomerates and think tanks. Central to this is the struggle for universal justice and equility, which is at the heart of the Islamic message.”

Personally, I think Tariq Ramadan is a hypocrite and an insult to be called an “Islamic scholar”. My judgment is based on the interview he gave to anti-Muslim neocon mouthpiece Foreign Policy (December 10, 2004) during which he said:

  1. Israel has the right to exist.
  2. It’s a conspiracy theory to blame Israel and Jews for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
  3. Palestinians have the right to resist Israeli occupation but only by non-violent means.
  4. Ramadan is against introducing Islam to non-Muslim in Europe. He just wants them to assimilate into Western culture while maintaining their Muslim identity.
  5. Ramadan said: “When I criticize Saudi Arabia, I’m not called “Islamophobe” – but when I criticize Israel, I’m called antismite. Why?”. He believes that Jews, Christians and Muslims should all fight antisemtism and Islamophobia.
  6. Ramadan said that Muslims in general don’t hate Americans. They hate US government for its blind support for Israel.
  7. Tariq Ramadan believes Hijab is mandatory for Muslim women – but it shouldn’t be forced upon them.

Modi: No freedom for Kashmiris

On October 29, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi slammed opposition Congress Party over demanding greater autonomy for Muslim-majority Kashmir state occupied by India since 1948.

Modi accused Congress of shamelessly lending its voice for Kashmir Azadi (Freedom), a demand spoken by Pakistan.

It seems, Modi was imitating his role model Netanyahu who has claimed that Syrian Golan Heights occupied by Israel since 1967 is part of Israel forever. As Netanyahu refuses to have dialogues with Hamas to resolve the Israel’s occupation of PA territories – same way Modi refuses to talk to Islamabad to have plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir valley as per UN Security Council’s Resolution 47 – signed by both India and Pakistan governments on April 21, 1948.

Modi was addressing a meeting of his ruling BJP workers. “All of a sudden, those who were in power till yesterday, have taken a U-turn. Shamelessly, they’re making a statement and lending their voice for Kashmir’s Azadi (freedom),” Modi said.

Indian occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir (population 3.6 million), is the only so-called “Indian state” with Muslim-majority (70%). To control Muslims’ resistance to Hindu occupation of the valley, India maintains a 700,000 army and security force in the valley which has been condemned over summary killing, rapping and using Muslim youth as shield by Western human rights groups and Amnesty International.

On August 10, 1948, The Times, London reported that 237,000 Muslims were massacred in the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian paramilitary forces and local Hindu militants since the creation of Hindu-majority Indian state by the British Raj on August 15, 1947.

During the last 25 years every Muslim Kashmiri family has suffered some of the indignity, brutality and cruelty of the Indian Security Forces as it has as it has ethnically- cleansed about 150,000 Muslim kids, youth and adults. The Indian army and military police are protected by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act which gives them a license to commit any crime without arrest or prosecution.

Indian propaganda of being the largest democracy in the world is as much a myth as the Jew Holocaust.

Last year, America’s Jewish philosopher Norman Chomsky in an interview compared Indian occupied Kashmir with Israel’s occupied Palestine.

India’s Hindu leaders know that if a plebiscite (referendum) is ever held – the great majority of Kashmiris would vote to join Pakistan or for an independent state of Kashmir – but not to join India.

Earlier this month, BJP veteran leader Yashwant Sinha admitted the reality on ground by saying: India has lost Jammu and Kashmir valley emotionally.