Book: When Israel stabbed India

After the end of the 50-year-long myth of Cold War in 1991, the Zionist Mafia needed a new enemy to replace Communism. What could be better than Muslims who hate West for blindly supporting the Zionist entity.

On September 16, 2001, former US president George Bush used the term ‘War on Terrorism’ – coined by his Jew speech writers (Noam Neusner or David Frum) which the Jewish-owned media turned into War on Islam.

Palestine-born German Jewish author, human rights activist and a renowned musician Elias Davidsson released his latest book, The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence, in June 2017. The book is about series of terrorist attacks that occured in Mumbai on November 286, 2008.

As usual, the governments in India, the US, Israel, and Judeo-Hindu press blamed Pakistan and Muslims for the attacks.

Davidsson accuses India’s major institutions such as government, military and intelligence agencies, police, Judiciary, press for suppressing the truth about Mumbai terrorist attacks on November 26, 2006. Furthermore, entities in the US and Israel also gained from the attack. The author could not find any benefits for the Pakistani government, military or businesses. The main profiteer seems the Hindu extremist constituencies (Hindutva) by the elimination of Hemant Karkare, who was on the verge of exposing Hindutva terrorist networks.

Davidsson calls on the Indian Civil society to ask for the establishment of a National Truth Commission on 26/11 mandated to establish the facts on the attacks of 26 November 2008. The Civil society itself should demand the creation of an International Commission of Inquiry on the previous terrorist attacks under the authority of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, including those committed in the US on 11 September 2001.

On November 14, 2015, Bruce O. Riedel posted a propaganda post at the Jewish Brookings Institute website claiming that the horrible Paris attack was modeled on 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks. In other words, the former CIA official was confirming that Israeli Mossad was involved in both terrorist attacks.

Earlier Davidsson authored an investigative 2013 book, Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11, debunking the official story of 19 Muslim hijackers. The book is based on Davidsson’s ten year research of terrorist activities in London, Turkey, France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, etc. to come to the conclusion that 9/11 was conceived and conducted by CIA, Mossad, FBI and the ZioCons in Bush administration.

Former CIA agent, Robert David Steele has claimed that every terrorist attack in United States was a false flag operation.

Canadian academic and 9/11 researcher, Dr. Graeme MacQeen has written an excellent review of the book.

Davidsson’s parents immigrated to British occupied Palestine in late 1930s to escape Nazi persecution of Jews. He lived his first years in Baq’aa, a neighborhood of Jerusalem, where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in peace side by side. These early years left a deep mark on him. Davidsson has lived in France, Germany, the United States, Iceland and Switzerland. He writes in German, English and French languages.

Grace Mugabe in SA court


FILE: Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe. Picture: EWN

Today, an overjoyed Jewish press reported that wife of anti-Israel Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe is appearing in a South African for allegedly assaulting Gabriella Engels, 20-year-old South African model with an extension cord in Sandton on Sunday evening.

South African police minister Fikile Mbalula has confirmed that Grace Mugabe is not under arrest and that she had agreed to defend herself against the assault allegation. He also said that the Zimbabwe’s First Lady is not covered by diplomatic immunity as she was not on a official visit to South Africa.

On Monday, BBC’s Pumza Fihlani reported that “Grace Mugabe allegedly attacked the woman with an extension cord after finding her with her two sons in a hotel room in Sandton, a plush suburb north of Johannesburg.”

Grace’s two sons, Robert jr, 25, and Chatunga Bellarmine, 21, were previously studying in Dubai but had to leave suddenly earlier this year, apparently after problems with their social life.

Grace Mugabe was in South Africa last week to receive treatment for her injured foot, and did not attend her husband’s youth rally in Gwanda, southern Zimbabwe, on Saturday.

Grace Mugabe, PhD, 52, is the leader of the powerful women’s league of Zimbabwe’s governing Zanu-PF party. Grace, a divorcee married president Robert Mugabe, 93 in 1996 to become his second wife. Both have three children. She is involved in charitable work and is also founder of an orphanage.

Both husband and wife are subject to Jewish controlled European Union and United States sanctions, including travel bans


Riyadh wants Iraq to resolve its conflict with Tehran

Recently, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman received two Iraqi leaders, Muqtada Sadr, a Shi’ite cleric who lead armed resistance against US occupation and Iraq’s current interior minister Qassim al-Araji.

On August 13, Qassim al-Araji claimed that prince Mohammad bin Salman and several other high-ranking Saudi officials have urged Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi to mediate between Riyadh and Tehran.

Mohammed bin Salman (the Saudi crown prince) officially demanded me that Iraq mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia to reduce tensions. King Salman had also earlier raised such a demand. We believe that friendly relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia will help the regional security,” al-Araji said in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli in Tehran according to Fars News.

Interestingly, on August 14, David Hearst (Jew) editor of the Middle East Eye, an online news paper, quoted two Zionist Jew US officials, Martin Indyk, the former US ambassador to Israel, and Stephen Hadley, a former US national security adviser, saying that prince Mohammad bin Salman told them that he wanted to end the war on Yemen, and that he was okay with Washington engaging with Iran.

If the above two news items are reliable – I hate to believe Saudi ‘royals’ have finally realized that United States will never attack Iran (as they want) unless Iran attack the Zionist entity first – which Iran doesn’t need as long as it has Hizbullah, Hamas and Assad on its side.

On Sunday, Israeli Mossad new chief Yossi Cohen warned Israeli cabinet that the areas from where the US-Israel’s bastard child ISIS is retreating are coming under Iranian influence.

Last month, the Jew York Times whined that removal of Saddam Hussein from power 14 years ago, made the US lose Iraq to Iran.

Last month, The Jew York Times, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal began a co-ordinated attack on Saudi ‘royals’ under the header, The Saudi Royal Family’s Laundry Get’s a Public Airing. Not long ago these three Israeli propaganda media organs had lauded Saudi-Israel alliance against Iran.

On January 24, 2016, Seth j. Frantzman wrote an Op-Ed at the Jerusalem Post, entitled, Iran Was The Ally Israel Wanted. It Got Saudi Arabia.

Personally, I have never trusted any nation-state created by the Western colonial powers. Like the Zionist entity, Saudi Arabia was also created by the British colonists to keep Muslim World divided. It was the Western plan to make sure no Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi or Ottoman empire reappear to challenge Western Judeo-Christian world dominance. After the downfall of the British empire – the United States adopted Saudi Arabia to maintain British legacy of divide and rule in the Muslim World (watch video below).

Pakistan Independence Day 2017

Today, over 160 million Pakistanis around the world are celebrating the 70th birthday of their nation on August 14, 1947.

Chinese vice-premier Wang Yang accompanied by a high-level delegation arrived in Islamabad to represent Chinese president Xi Jinping at the 70th anniversary of Pakistan Independence Day.

During his 3-day stay, Wang will participate in inauguration ceremonies of several China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects and witness the signing of bilateral memorandums of understanding between the two countries.

In addition to China, Turkey, United States and Saudi Arabia also joined the celebration in different ways. Riyadh’s iconic Kingdom Tower turned green to mark Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkish Air Forces took part in Air Shows in Islamabad and Karachi on 14th August Pakistan Independence Day.

On August 13, Pakistan Army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa hosted country’s largest-ever flag at Pakistan-India border in Lahore to kick-off the celebrations across the country. The  flag is 12oft by 80ft in size was hoisted 400ft high – making it first in south Asia and 8th highest in the world.

Pakistan’s national anthem was sung by Americans, marking the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan (listen below).

Lord Neuberger: Brexit is bad for Israel

Earlier this week, in an interview with BBC the president of British Supreme Court Lord David Edmond Neuberger (Jew) complained that Theresa May government must provide more clarity about how UK law will develop after Brexit. He said the Brexit Bill does not spell out how the judges would approach EU law after Brexit. He said parliament must be very clear in telling judges what to do about decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) after the UK leaves the EU.

This is the first time that a sitting top judge has commented on country’s politics outside the court.

The fact that arch-Remainer MPs Dominic Grieve, a Conservative, and Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrats’ Brexit spokesman, responded to Lord Neuberger’s interview by echoing his complaint gave the impression that this was merely the latest anti-Brexit grumble, part of a drip, drip, drip narrative that Brexit is fraught with too much complexity.

Good-old Neuberger is worried that after quitting European Union, some judges at country’s highest court may feel free to give an independent judgment involving Israel’s interests which are part of European Union’s Human Rights Act under which questioning the Six Million Died myth is a crime.

Theresa May insists that once Britain leaves EU, the EUJ has no jurisdiction over Britain. The ECJ is in effect the EU’s Supreme Court, overseeing the application and interpretation of EU law. Its rulings are binding on all member states.

Last year, former prime minister David Cameron British prime minister David Cameron said that Britain needs to remain in the European Union to look after Israel’s interests.

In June 2016, speaking at an Iftar (end of daily fasting) event at the Finchley Reform Synagogue (FRS) in north-west London, Pakistan-born London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that he was ‘concerned’ about the rise of antisemitism in the city as result of Brexit victory.

Professor Azriel Bermant (Tel Aviv University) and a former research fellow at Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), however, claims the UK-Israel relationship is more likely to flourish than flounder after Brexit; though without Britain, the EU may be less friendly towards Israel. For more about the bilateral relationship after Brexit.

The EU is Israel’s largest trading partner. But the UK is one of Israel’s strongest allies within the EU. Since the government of Tony Blair, the UK and Israel have enjoyed close relations. Britain is now one of Israel’s biggest export markets after the US.  Despite some differences over Israel’s settlement policy, the UK has become one of Israel’s leading supporters in the EU and a driving force behind the tougher European economic sanctions that eventually brought Iran to the negotiating table over the nuclear issue. David Cameron’s successor as Prime Minister, Theresa May and her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson are widely considered strong friends of Israel,” says Bermant.

Jews who makes less than 1% of British population. But among the 11 judges at country’s Supreme Court, 4 are Jewish (here). Muslims make more than 5% of UK’s population but are not represented at the Supreme Court.

Charlottesville protests and the ‘Car Terror’

Supporters of anti-Muslim, pro-Israel White nationalist Alt-Right held a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. Rabbis and Jew students held a protest march nearby to condemn Alt-Right’s support for US president Donald Trump (video below).

The confrontation between the Friends of Israel resulted in the death of three while 34 other protesters were injured.

Local police arrested a 20-year-old White Christian James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio on charges of ramping a car into protesters – killing a 34-year-old Jew woman protester. James’ mother told police that his son was influenced by his black friends.

If that was not enough, two state troopers were also killed when their helicopter, which had been assisting with the police response to the rally, crashed outside the city later in the day.

The rally was held in response to city’s plan to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a park in Charlottesville. Lee is considered a Jewish hero for fighting to save the African slavery in America (watch video below). Nearly 10,000 Jews fought under his command.

Sadly, these events didn’t make Jewish media as happy as the Muslim who ramped his BMW into a group of French soldiers in the suburb of Levallois-Perret in Paris earlier this week, wounding six solciers. The group belonged to the 7,000 French soldiers assigned to protect Jewish institutions from terrorists – mostly False flag operations to demonize Muslims.

Virginia state governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat and Israel-First who was against the White nationalist rally, has declared a state of emergency. McAuliffe’s Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli called him, A Jew from New York (reported by Washington Post, November 2, 2013.

Donald Trump who won the presidency mainly from White nationalists’ support – condemned the violence via tweet: “We all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!”

In response, Trump supporter David Duke in a few tweet messages questioned why the president is attacking White Americans who put him in the presidency.

Trump thanks Putin for expelling 755 US diplomats

On August 2, Judas Goat Donald Trump signed a bill imposing new crippling sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Russia, passed earlier by 532 US lawmakers in favor and 2 against it. Iran ignored the new sanction being used to them since 1980s while North Korea told Washington to GO TO HELL – and Moscow expelled 755 US diplomats in response.

The pro-Israel idiot in the White House, instead of expelling some Russian diplomats from Washington as retaliatory move – thanked Putin for helping the US Treasury to save millions of dollars by reducing US embassy staff in Moscow.

Donald Trump was forced to ratify the new sanctions on Russia as result of heavy ponding from both Congress and Senate – but his administration’s bullying Iran and North Korea is not that Iran or North Korea has threaten to wipe United States off the map, but because the regimes in those two countries have refused to accept the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

Last week, The Jew York Times published a report by Israel-First Jew journalist David E. Sanger entitled ‘Trump Seeks Way to Declare Iran in Violation of Nuclear Deal’ said that Donald Trump has instructed his national security advisers to find a rationale for declaring that Iran is violating the terms of the accord. Although last month, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, an Israeli poodle, testified before the US House of Representatives committee on Iran’s nuclear and said that in reference to the JCPOA, we’re not seeing any sort of violations of that although she did mention that they’re going to continue their nuclear capabilities and we just gave them a lot of money (??) to do it with following Trump’s view that the Iran’s nuclear deal was bad to begin with.

On July 28, 2017, Trita Parsi, PhD, founder and president of the National Iranian American Council, posted an article, entitled, The Mask is off: Trump is seeking War with Iran. Dr. Parsi is a non-Muslim and anti-Islamic government in Iran. He was a child when his parents immigrated to United States after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

President Donald Trump has made it clear, in no uncertain terms and with no effort to disguise his duplicity, that he will claim that Tehran is cheating on the nuclear deal by October—the facts be damned. In short, the fix is in. Trump will refuse to accept that Iran is in compliance and thereby set the stage for a military confrontation. His advisors have even been kind enough to explain how they will go about this. Rarely has a sinister plan to destroy an arms control agreement and pave the way for war been so openly telegraphed,” Parsi said.

Trump’s confidence may be misplaced on two levels. First, abusing the inspection mechanisms of the deal may prove harder than Trump has been led to believe. The inspections are the cornerstone of the deal, and Iran’s ability to cheat on the deal is essentially non-existent as long as the integrity and efficiency of the inspections remain in tact. But if Trump begins to abuse the mechanism to fabricate a conflict, he will end up undermining the inspections regime and actually enhance the ability of those in Iran who would like to pursue a covert nuclear program. Precisely because of the commitment of Europe and others to non-proliferation, they are likely to resist Trump’s efforts to tinker with the inspections. Second, by revealing his hand, Trump has displayed his duplicity for all to see. That includes the American public, whose anti-war sentiments remain strong and are a key reason they supported the nuclear deal in the first place,” said Parsi.

The American public knows the Iraq playbook quite well. Trump’s own supporters remain enraged by the disastrous war with Iraq. They know how they got played. It’s difficult to imagine why they would allow themselves to get played again by a president who has left little doubt about his intent to deceive,” concluded Parsi.