Israel’s 100th birthday party

The Zionist Jews and their Christian collaborators are celebrating the 100th birthday of their plot to solve Europe’s centuries-old Jewish Problem – known as Balfour Declaration (watch a video below).

British prime minister Theresa May says British people are proud of British part in creating the Zionist entity. In fact, most of its credit goes to Soviet Russia and United States which poured trillions of dollars and one million Russian Jews to survival the anti-Muslim project to this day.

British main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has defied Jewish Lobby pressure to attend the 100th birthday party of the Zionist baby conceived on November 2, 1917. The birthday party is also attended by the world’s greatest psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu.

Neither Britain nor Zionists had the right to dictate the fate of Palestine. Even at the time, many Britons denounced the double dealing and contempt for indigenous people that underlay the Balfour Declaration – most prominently J.M.N. Jeffries in 25 dispatches in the London Daily Mail in January and February, 1923. Pointing to a clause in the Declaration, he wrote, “The people of Palestine are referred to as ‘non-Jewish communities.’ Does Lord Balfour call the British people ‘the non-foreign community in England?’ Today there can be no excuse for celebrating this sordid chapter in settler-colonialist injustice, especially in light of the ongoing al-Nakba: the catastrophe that Palestine’s “non-Jewish communities” continue to suffer in consequence,” professor George P. Smith (University of Missouri) wrote on November 5, 2017.

On Saturday, over ten thousands Brits protested against the celebration of the notorious Balfour Declaration. They marched from the US embassy in London to British parliament. Some protester carried banners declaring Balfour Declaration as British Holocaust of Palestinian. The rally was addressed by Jeremy Corbyn and Baroness Jenny Tonge.

On May 17, 2017, Israel-British author Gilad Atzmon said that Balfour Declaration is proof of a Century of Jewish Power in the West.


Algerian resistance idol: A model for Palestine

Zohra DrifIn September 2017, Zohra Drif Bitat, 82, a Marxist and former member of Algerian resistance National Liberation Front (NFL) and one of the key heroine of the 1957 Battle of Algiers was in United States for speaking tour of her recent memoir, Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter, in French. Andrew Farrand, director World Learning Algeria, has translated the memoir in English. Her 15-day tour was sponsored by the Just World Education.
Dr. Vacy Vlazna, an Australian human rights activist and coordinator of Justice for Palestine Matters, in the book review claims that Palestinian resistance groups fighting Jew occupation of their ancestral homeland can learn a lot from Zohra Drif’s memoir.

She rightfully claims that to achieve victory against occupation forces, resistance groups must create united leadership – from Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya to Philippines –  as the Algerians did.

A key element to that success was the understanding that it was necessary to put other differences aside, whether ideological, geographical, or even religious differences. If you were part of the Algerian people, you should all unite with one objective and not let other matters divide you. That might inspire other struggles elsewhere to get it right,” she said.

Hélène Cixous, French professor, feminist writer, poet, playwright and philosopher paid high tributes to Zohra in 2003.

Zohra Drif, who was declared a “terrorist” by the French colonial authority, was captured and sentenced to 20-year in jail. After Algeria’s independence in 1962, she was elected to the parliament and later served the country as Senator for 20 years.

As French occupation of Algeria for 120 years didn’t break the will of Algerian Muslim. Israeli Jews will become even more violent with the passage of time but the Palestinian Islamists will not give in. They will keep fighting back, using whatever means they can. In some way, Palestinian are in better position than Algerian. They have active support from Iran, Hizbullah and Venezuela and recognition of an independent Palestinian state over pre-1967 borders by 137 UN member countries.

Israel collaborated with France during Algeria’s war of liberation (1954-1962) and voted against Algeria’s membership in the UN. Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika met Zionist prime minister Gen. Ehud Barak at King Hassan II’s funeral in Morocco on July 25, 1999. Both discussed Algeria-Israel relations. Jewish communities have been living in Oran and other cities since late 14th century.

After the independence, a great majority of 140,000 Algerian Jews immigrated to France. After the creation of the Zionist entity in 1948, the remaining Jews migrated to Israel. Currently, there are 400 Jewish families living in Algeria. The Algerian taxpayers maintains country’s 25 synagogues.

In December 2013, former French president Francois Hollande (Jew) had claimed that Algeria is not safe for Jews.

Bosnian Muslim philosopher and the Jews


On June 29, 1945, Josef Stalin’s army occupying the Muslim majority Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), executed Muslim philosopher Mustafa Busuladzic for calling fellow Muslims and Christians to take arms against the foreign occupiers. At the time of his martyrdom in Sarajevo he was only 31-year-old.

Witnesses testified that Mustafa Busuladzic was very calm prior to martyrdom and he was reading Holy Qur’an all night long.

Mustafa Busuladzic was always hated by the organized Jewry for condemning the Soviet Union and the Red Army – both controlled by communist Jews.

In August this year, Sarajevo city renamed the elementary school where Mustafa Busuladzic had studied after him.

On November 7, the Zionist regime protested the naming the school after Mustafa Busuladzic, calling him a Nazi collaborator (let’s not forget there were over 150,000 German Jews serving in Nazi Army) and accusing him calling for the mass killing of Jews in Bosnia and Croatia – just like Netanyahu accused Mufti of Palestine of advising Adolf Hitler to kill Jews two years ago.

The organized Jewry’s other problem with Busuladzic is that as editor of Osvit Muslim weekly, he published an interview with Mufti El-Huseini in which the Mufti urged Muslims to support German people against anti-Muslim USSR and Britain monarchy which support World Zionist movement in its agenda of establishing a new Western colonial empire in British-occupied Palestine.

The Mustafa Busuladzic Elementary School in Sarajevo dismissed Israeli whining – reminding the Zionist regime that it has no right to talk about morals while building new illegal Jewish settlement on lands stolen from native Muslims and Christian Palestinians.

Israelis and Western Jew leaders, as usual, were also involved in Muslim genocide in former communist-ruled Yugoslavia. Last year, Israel’s Supreme Court last month rejected a petition to reveal details of Israeli arms exports to the former Yugoslavia during the genocide in Bosnia in the 1990s. The court ruled that exposing Israeli involvement in genocide would damage the country’s foreign relations to such an extent that it would outweigh the public interest in knowing that information, and the possible prosecution of those involved (reported by Israeli online newspaper +972 on December 5, 2016).

The country’s law affirms the right of every citizen to religious education. The law calls for a representative of each of the officially registered religious communities to be responsible for teaching religious studies in all public and private pre-, primary, and secondary schools and universities. Children from minority religious groups are entitled to religious education only when there are 18 or more students from that religious group in one class. Religious communities train and select their respective religious education teachers. These individuals are employees of the schools in which they teach, but receive accreditation from the religious body governing the curriculum.

According to Jewish agency, there are 1000 Jews in 3.9 million population of Bosnia-Herzegovina – mostly live in Sarajevo.

UK Hindu minister urges military aid to Israel

British foreign aid minister Priti Patel, 45, has urged anti-Muslim prime minister Theresa May to provide aid to Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to defend Israel from it next-door enemies – Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and Iranian fighters in Syria.

She also suggested that London should provide humanitarian to the Israel-occupied Syrian territory Golan Heights where Israel army runs field clinics to provide medial treatment to wounded members of ISIS terrorist group.

Priti Patel was in Zionist entity on a 12-day private trip in August this year. She was accompanied by a senior official from Israeli embassy. Israeli ambassador in London Mark Regev knew about the purpose of her “family trip” – but UK’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson, with Turkish Jewish family roots, claims that she didn’t inform him about her holiday in Israel (watch video below).

During her visit, she held meetings with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several of his senior cabinet ministers.

Labour’s shadow foreign aid minister Kate Osamor (Jew) said in a statement: “If priti Patel doesn’t resign, Theresa May must launch a full Cabinet Office investigation and uncover what really went on.”

Britain’s arms sale and military cooperation with Jewish army has existed for a long time.

Ms. Patel was born into a Ugandan Hindu family. She is Tory MP from Witham and a blind supporter of the Zionist regime. She has robbed UK’s taxpayers of £630,000 against sick-leaves since 2010. Her husband Alex Sawyer is paid £25,000 to run her office while holding two other jobs.

Ms. Patel is a supporter of death penalty. In a 2012 interview with Richard Porritt, she said: “For child murders I support capital punishment. I am talking about a deterrent in the justice system. Currently we spend far too much on our prisoners. What this Government is doing is looking at bringing in a payment-by-results for prisoners. I think that will improve the standards of rehabilitation.”

Ms. Patel’s parents were from Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, also known as the Butcher of Gujarat state.

It’s said that the Father of Zionist Entity, David Ben Gurion had advised his Zionist sheep that they would find best allies among Hindu and Christian extremists.

Saudi King detains 11 princes and 38 ministers

On November 4, the Saudi ‘royal guards’ rounded up 11 princes and 38  former ‘royal ministers’ and businessmen in a bid to remove any resistance to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s accession to the throne expected in the near future. All princes are detained in 5-star hotels.

The dismissals and detentions suggest that Prince Mohammed rather than forging alliances is extending his iron grip to the ruling family, the military, and the national guard to counter what appears to be more widespread opposition within the family as well as the military to his reforms and the Yemen war,” says Gerald Michael Feierstein (Jew), senior director at US-based Middle East Institute, an Israel advocacy group, and former US ambassador to Yemen.

One of the detained princes include billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a former business partner of Donald Trump. Currently he is a business partner of Jewish media Mughal Rupert Murdoch. He is a fan of Michael Jackson and spends his vacations in UK, Monte Carlo and Maldives.

In 2015, prince Alwaleed slammed Trump over his proposed ban on Muslim visitors to United States – reminding Trump how he bailed him out twice in the past. Prince bought Trump’s yacht and a stake in New York’s Plaza Hotel in the 1990s.

My spat came with Trump when he attacked my religion – Islam. Now he is taking a conciliatory note and wants to be more inclusive, so that’s welcomed by me, the Arab and Islamic world,” Alwaleed tweeted (listen to an interview with Alwaleed below).

Prince Alwaleed is the owner of Riyadh-based Kingdom Holding Company and is considered US$19 billion worth.

The other major Saudi business hit by Prince Muhammad was Riyadh-based Saudi Oger Construction Co. owned by Lebanese prime minister Sa’ad Hariri who resigned last week and currently living in exile in Abu Dhabi.

The US-Israel have been expressing their displeasure with the cohabitation that Hariri and other West-leaning parties in Lebanon have accepted with Hizbullah and its ally President Michel Aoun. They fear this gives Hizbullah political cover that only serves anti-Israel interests.

Yosi Melman, Israel’s prize wining journalist at the Jerusalem Post claimed on November 6 that Hariri’s resignation and Saudi-Iran tension had created a new political turmoil in Lebanon which is good for Israel as it would stop Hizbullag attacking Israel in the near future.

CIA file: Rev. MLK was a ‘sex maniac’

Late last month, the CIA released a 2800 pages of its file on JFK assassination. 20 pages of it profile Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. who is considered a friend of Jews and Israel by the organized Jewry.

In addition to adultery, the files claims MLK to be a Communist sympathizer – since his Jew legal adviser and close family friend Stanley David Levison was Zionist Jew and member of American Communist Party which was established and run by Jews. The party also played a significant role in the establishment of a autonomous Jewish state in Birobidjan, USSR in 1934 which still exists in Russia.

Martin Luther King Jr. is considered one of the pillars of Christian faith in United States by millions of Black Christians and a champion of human rights in the country by others. But there is no denying to the fact MLK was used as a pawn by organized Jewry and the Deep State.

The file also accuses MLK for faking his PhD degree.

Jewish groups lead by Israel Lobby ADL played a significant role in the recognition of MLK’s birthday (January 15) as a federal holiday in 1986 by Israeli puppet Ronald Reagan, which was not declared kosher by all 50 states until 2000.

The organized Jewry, Christian Zionists and Jewish press painted MLK as a Black Saint to counter the rising anti-Israel Black leaders such as Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan. American journalist and author Chris Hedges claims that Malcolm X understood Black peoples problems far better than MLK.

Michael Hoffman, American author and an authority on Jewish Talmud, wrote on November 5, 2017: “Martin Luther King was assassinated by his own handlers in 1968. He had become a liability as his sexual appetite increasingly entailed orchestrating group sex acts that were difficult to conceal. Meanwhile the nation was enduring escalating street violence on the part of his non-violent followers. The Cryptocracy that directed the Civil Rights revolution, King was worth more as a dead martyr than as a highly compromise hypocrite.”

Rev. Martin Luther King avoided to visit the Zionist entity. However, his son Martin Luther King III visited the Zionist entity to confer an award to activists in the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel. Israeli president Reuven Rivlin hosted the event at the President House.

Texas shooter kills 27 worshippers inside church

On Sunday, a Whiteman entered Baptist church in a small South Texas Christian community, opened fire killing 27 and wounding another 30 worshippers before killing himself.

The Wilson County Sheriff office reported that 57 people were inside the church at the time of shooting. The shooter has been identified as Devin Patrick Kelly, 26, an ex-US Air Force employee. Jewish media hasn’t accused him being a Muslim convert nor the ISIS has taken credit for the shooting as yet.

Kelly with two children, was a Bible-quoting Christian and his wife taught at the church (here).

According to the Jew York Times, the shooter lived with his parents, Michael and Rebecca in a US$1 million home.

Donald Trump tweeted on October 5: “May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan.”

Texas governor Greg Abbott, a Judas goat like Donald Trump, sent several tweets sympathizing with the victims and praising (?) local police and FBI officials. In March 2017 the idiot told his Jew backers, “Anti-Israel is anti-Texas.”

On November 5, Baxter Dmitry of claimed that “Kelly was an Antifa member who vowed to start a civil war by targeting White conservative churches and causing anarchy in the United States.”

Antifa (Anti-Fascism) like the Alt-Right and the good-old days KKK is White Zionist group (claimed by anti-Muslim Richard Spencer in August 2017) which is against Blacks, non-White immigrants but supports the Zionist regime.

It seems another false flag to impose gun-control which has long been a dream of organized Jewry.

Israeli historian Israel Shahak claims that Jewish hatred of Christianity is by birth. Listen below a Christian’s comments on this false flag and Jews.

In February 2016, a study released by The American Journal of Medicine claimed that United States has world’s highest death by non-war gun violence.