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Mandela grandson: Expel Israeli ambassador from S.A.

Chief Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, ruling party ANC lawmaker and grandson of Nelson Mandela has called for the expulsion of Israeli ambassador Arthur Lenk from South Africa and to recall S.A. ambassador Sisa Ngombane from Tel Aviv and cutoff diplomatic and other relations with the Zionist entity.

Young Mandela was addressing protesters at a mass Al-Aqsa rally in Cape Town last week.

History calls upon us to take similar measures to those taken by freedom, justice and peace loving communities that supported the global anti-apartheid movement against the brutal and illegitimate South African regime,” he said.

In response to Mandla Mandela call, parliamentarians from the ruling African National Congress (ANC) have turned down a request to meet an Israeli Knesset (parliament) delegation due to visit late this month.

There was a planned visit by an Israeli Knesset delegation, but ANC MPs rejected it,” ANC’s parliamentary caucus spokeswoman Nonceba Mhlauli said.

Mandla also praised the decision made by South African parliament members to turn down an Israeli delegation’s request to visit the country.

Parliament has stayed true to Nelson Mandela’s commitment to stand by the Palestinian cause until Palestine is free,” he said in a statement.

Zwelinzima Vavi, secretary general of South African Trade Union has also called for the expulsion of Israeli ambassador.

This government of ours must, not tomorrow but today, buy a ticket for the ambassador of Israel, take him to the airport and send him back home. They should send a ticket to our ambassador in Tel Aviv and bring him back with his entire family, never to go back to that racist country. We want government to cut all diplomatic ties with that Israel government,” Vavi said during a speech at a  BDS protest rally in Pretoria.

Most South Africans especially members of the ANC resistance against the White rule have historically supported the Palestinians due to similarities between the Israeli occupation and South Africa’s apartheid era.

South African Nobel peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu who had visited Israel in 2002 – addressing a rally in Cape Town in 2014, said: Liberation of Palestine will liberate Israel too.

Tehran since 1979 Islamic Revolution, supported South African struggle against the White-rule. Nelson Mandela visited Tehran in 1992 after his release from Robben Island prison and then again as president of South Africa to thank Iranian people for their support. During a meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, he called him MY LEADER (watch video below).

Muslims though make less than 2% South Africa’s 56 million population, have played a significant role in the downfall of the White apartheid rule in South Africa. Some of the Muslims who fought along with Nelson Mandela include professor Fatima Meer, Nelson Mandela’s family friend Ahmed Mohamed Kathrada and the youngest prisoner on Robben Island Achmad Cassiem.

In February last year, Mandla, 42, converted to Islam in order to marry Rabia Clarke, 23, born to a mix racial parents. The couple had their first baby in May 2017. Mandla is married-divorced three times before.Mandla Mandela, Rabia Clarke

Nicaragua: Jewish population on the rise

On August 1, 2017, JTA reported that just in the last month (July 2017) 117 Nicaraguan, mostly teenagers, converted to Judaism. 73% of Nicaraguans follow Catholic Church and 15% of Catholic kids studies at schools run by pro-Israel Evangelicals.

On July 23, following the conversions conducted at the Managua home of a community leader, 22 couples wed according to Jewish tradition in a Managua social hall rented for the occasion by the New York-based Jewish group Kulanu (Hebrew for All of US),” reported JTA.

According to JTA, there were only 50 Jews in the country in 2012 – but this mass conversion, Judaism has become the fast-growing religion despite the fact that Nicaragua had no diplomatic relation with Israel since 2010 and its socialist government supports Palestinians and maintains friendly relations with Iran.

The Kulanu has its Zionist wolfs disguise as humanitarian workers can be spotted in poor ghettos in India, Ghana, Peru, Madagascar, Gabon, Nigeria, etc. They lure poor kids and families to become the so-called ‘Lost Tribes’ and immigrate to Israel and help the Zionist regime to grab more Palestinian lands.

In the US and Canada, Kulanu works with the B’nai B’rith international to fight criticism of Israeli policies and the so-called antisemitism.

In February 2011, Kulanu demanded that Toronto (Canada) York Regional Police fire its Jew chaplain Rabbi Mendel Kaplan who happened to head Mossad-connected Jewish supremacist Chabad sect.

In a sermon, the rabbi had slammed Jewish groups such as the Canadian Jewish Congress, the UJA Federation, and the Canada-Israel Committee for calling on Jews to join Kulanu at the Toronto Pride Parade in summer 2010,” reported by Life Site News.

The Muslim community in Nicaragua is close to 2,000 – mostly descendants of immigrants from Palestine and Libya.

114 Army Veterans slam Modi’s anti-Muslim campaign

On July 30, 2017, in an open letter to the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi 114 veterans of Indian Armed Forces condemned his government’s racist policies against Indian Muslims (150 million) and Dalit (180 million untouchable Hindus and Christian).

What is happening in our country today strikes at all that the Armed Forces, and indeed our Constitution, stand for. We are witness to unprecedented attacks on society at large by the relentless vigilantism of self-appointed protectors of Hinduism. We condemn the targeting of Muslims and Dalits. We condemn the clampdowns on free speech by attacks on media outlets, civil society groups, universities, journalists and scholars, through a campaign of branding them anti-national and unleashing violence against them while the State looks away. We can no longer look away. We would be doing a disservice to our country if we do not stand up and speak for the liberal and secular values that our Constitution espouses. Our diversity is our greatest strength. Dissent is not treason; in fact, it is the essence of democracy,” days the letter.

Indians belonging to all faiths (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism) are protesting all over India as part of the Not In My Name (watch a video below)campaign against lynching of Muslims and Dalits over consuming cow meat by anti-Muslim extremist Hindu groups known as Hindutva allied with the ruling party BJP.

The Dalit, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Adivasi, which make more than 45% on India’s 1.2 billion population  – mostly consume beef. Mahatma Gandhi and Hindu historian Dr. D.N. Jha (Delhi University) has claimed that Hindu scriptures never banned eating beef and many of earlier Hindu religious leaders consumed beef and other meat products.

According to Indian sources, country’s 8 largest beef exporting companies are owned by Hindus. Indian government hopes to increase leather exports to US$9 billion by 2020 from its present level of US$5.85 billion.

In Modi’s home-state Gujarat, cow slaughter is now a non-bailable offense, punishable with life imprisonment, meaning that people who kill a cow will serve the same time as a murderer.

Indian Muslim community has always been victim of Hindu violence since the partition of British India in August 1947 which resulted in a Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan against the wishes of the Hindutva parties. However, the anti-Muslim violence has increased two-folds after the victory of BJP in 2014. In June 2017, the Mumbai-based Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS) and the UK-based Minority Rights Group International (MRG) released a joint report claiming that Modi party BJP stroke violence against Muslims.

Communal violence over the last five years has taken a huge toll on minorities, including Christians and Sikhs. But Muslims – who form 18 per cent of the country’s population – have borne the brunt of these hate crimes, such as lynching, threats, attacks on places of worship and forced conversion,” said the report.

In 2002, as chief minister of Gujarat state, Narendra Modi supervised the Hindu mobs which slaughtered over 2000 Muslims and rapped several hundred Muslim girls and women. Modi government accused Muslims for setting the Sabarmati Express to fire which resulted in the death of a dozen Hindu passengers. Justice Markandey Katju (a Kashmiri Brahmin), former judge at India’s Supreme Court, however, claimed that it’s a false flag operation by a right-wing Hindu organization. Justice Katju claimed that “the Godhra incident was planned in a precursory way to kill Hindus and find a reason to ignite communal riots in Gujarat.”

UK Chief Justice: Tony Blair is kosher!

On Monday, UK’s Lord Justice Baron Roger John Laugharne Thomas and one of his stooges, Sir Duncan Brian Walter Ouseley at country’s highest court declared that former prime minister Tony Blair couldn’t be prosecuted for war crimes over joining US president George Bush invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Why? Because “there is no crime of aggression in English law under which the former prime minister could be charged.”

The judges excuse is laughable. The crime of waging aggressive war was specifically cited in the Nuremberg trials, and so its existence in international law is at a minimum 70 years old. And while it may be argued that the entire international community did not explicitly endorse the Nuremberg proceedings, there is no doubt that the British state endorsed them. The British state was a lead player and key participant in the entire process. So the British state has plainly recognized the crime of waging aggressive war at least since Nuremberg.

The decision blocks an attempt by Gen. Abdulwaheed al-Rabbat to bring a private war crimes prosecution against the former pro-Israel and anti-Muslim prime minister. Gen. al-Rbbat was Iraqi Army’s chief of staff under Saddam Hussein and Governor of Nineveh. After US occupation of Iraq in 2003, he took residence in UAE.

Baron Laugharne Thomas, who is to retire in October 2017, is not an elected justice but was appointed by the prime minister. He became a celebrity after rejecting the extradition appeal of anti-Israel Egyptian-UK preacher Mustafa Kamel Mustafa aka Abu Hamza.

In 2012, Tony Blair along with George Bush was declared a War Criminal by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) in Malaysia.

Tony Blair, has made tens of million dollars by creating wars and conflict around the world and lobbying for dictatorial regimes. He is sought for war crimes by several groups.

Former UK’s MP George Galloway has produced a documentary The Killing$ of Tony Blair over Tony Blair’s creating conflicts and wars to serve Israel’s interests.

Anyone who knows that like the US, British judicial, political, banking and media is totally controlled by the organized Jewry is not surprised that Tony Blair is not prosecuted over joining the illegal invasion of Iraq which killed over one million Iraqi civilians including 500,000 children – because it served Israel’s interests.

Jews make less than 1% of the British population but country’s Supreme Court is headed by a Zionist Jew Baron David Edmond Neuberger. Four out of 11 judges at the Supreme Court are committed Israel Firsters.

Russian police to protect Jew-occupied Golan Heights

Russian media reported on the weekend that Russian military police has taken positions to monitor two safe zones including one watch post inside Syria along Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights – two-third of which was occupied by the Jewish army during its 1967 war of aggression.

The plan was agreed-upon by two Friends of Israel, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump during the recent Greedy-8 summit in Germany.

Both Netanyahu and his defense minister Avigdor Liberman have said that they would rather prefer American boots in Syria to monitor Syrian and Hizbullah activities which pose threat to Israel’s security. However, Netanyahu admitted that both Trump and Putin had assured him that Russian military police would defend Israeli Golan Heights from Syrian, Hizbullah and Iranian violations.

A paranoid Netanyahu told reporters: “Any arrangement in Syria must include a cessation of Iranian belligerence toward Israel from Syria.”

Netanyahu wants another Israel’s spying nest like UNIFIL peacekeeping force along Lebanon-Israel borders.

On July 14, David Makovsky whined at the Trump’s Syrian Ceasefire Makes Israel Nervous. Why? Because it will allow Iran to build a missile base near Israeli border which it will use to wipe Israel off the map.

On November 22, 1967, the United Nations security Council passed Resolution 242 unanimously – rejecting the occupation and annexation of Syrian Golan Heights by the Zionist regime. Syria never invaded to recapture its lost territory. However, in 2010, Barack Obama’s special envoy to Syria and Lebanon Frederick Hof (Jew) claimed that he discussed with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad a proposal by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defense minister Lt. Gen. Ehud Barak for Israeli army’s withdrawal from Golan Heights if he distance himself from Iran. According to Frederick Hof, Assad’s answer was: NO.

And finally latest revelation from the Jew master of Fake News, Sean Adl-Tabatabai, editor-in-chief Your News Wire (June 9, 2017): The Jewish Bible (OT), Ezekiel 38-39 had prophesized the coming battle in the Golan Heights (Bashan) – apparently between the God’s Chosen People supported by Christian West and Communists supported by Shi’ites. I bet Sheikh Nasrallah would be glad to know his Hizbullah organization was even known to prophet Moses!!

Trump equates Hizbullah to ISIS and Al-Qaeda

On July 25, Donald Trump, the idiot, received Lebanon’s billionaire prime minister Sa’ad Hariri at the White House. During a press conference at the Rose Garden, Trump told a perplexed Sa’ad Hariri and reporters: “Lebanon is on the front lines in the fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.”

Trump’s statement showing his self-denial of Middle Eastern colonial history was hailed by Netanyahu and the Saudi ‘royals’.

Israeli pleasure is understandable because its world’s 4th powerful army was defeated by Hizbullah fighters in 2000 and 2006. Last week they kicked the AZZ of pro-Israel ISIS from Arsal.

Saudi enmity of Hizbullah is based on religious and political basis. The Islamic resistance group was establish by Shi’ite community leaders in south Lebanon under Israeli occupation in late 1980s. It is dominated by Lebanon’s Shi’ite majority to this day though after it victory in 2006, its ranks are joined by other religious minorities such as Sunnis, Christians and Druze. Hizbullah supports Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Islamic Iran and Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas.

The irony is, both ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorist organizations were created and funded by America to serve its imperial agenda and secure the bastard Zionist entity. Furthermore, Lebanon has no conventional army; no military tanks, no air force, and no navy. Lebanese territory has been defended by Islamic resistance Hizbullah against Jewish army’s successive invasions since late 1980s. On June 9, 2014, The Christian  Science Monitor quoted Israel’s top gun, Gen. Benny Gantz saying, Hizbullah is stronger than any Arab Army. As a Canadian, I wish the paranoid Israeli dog was telling the truth. Hizbullah don’t have hundreds of billions of dollars modern arms sold to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Egypt by the US and Britain.

Sa’ad Hariri, a Saudi-Lebanese citizen, a non-practicing Sunni Muslim, has family reason to hate Hizbullah. He believes in Jewish propaganda that his father Rafik Hariri, former prime minister of Lebanon, was assassinated by Syrian and Hizbullah agents. The 2005 assassination was an Israeli Mossad false flag operation to drive Syrian forces from Lebanon.

British veteran journalist Patrick Seale reported at The Guardian (February 23, 2005) Rafik Hariri couldn’t be assassinated by either Syria or its ally Hizbullah because that would amount to a suicide of the Assad regime in Damascus. He said that only beneficiary of the assassination was Israel which had long been trying to destabilize both Syria and Lebanon for their support for Tehran.

Rafik Hariri was not a diehard enemy of Syria. For ten of past 12 years, he served as Lebanon’s prime minister under Syria’s aegis. A few days before his murder on February 14, he held a meeting with Syria’s deputy foreign minister Walid Mualim. They were reported to have discussed Hariri’s forthcoming visit to Syria to meet Bashar al-Assad,” Seale wrote.

Hizbullah has both military resistance and political party wings. Hizbullah leads the opposition group in country’s parliament. It has parliament speaker Nabih Berri (Shi’ite Muslim) and country’s Christian president Gen. (ret) Michel Naim Aoun on its side.

Trump fires top Iranophobe Derek Harvey

July 27, brought joy and sorrow to the organized Jewry. On that day, the White House announced that National Security member and top Trump adviser on Iran Colonel (ret) Derek Harvey has been fired effective immediately.

In order to balance his allegedly anti-Israel action – Trump appointed Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as US ambassador at-large for international religious freedom. As a pro-Israel Christian Zionist fanatic – his task would be to strangle freedom of speech when it come to criticism of Zionist entity, Holocaust or powerful Jewish lobby groups – which is labeled as Antisemitism.

Harvey’s sacking shows that Israel-First Rex Tillerson and James Mattis disagree with Derek’s hawkish views on Islamic Republic.

Harvey urged Donald Trump to cancel the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed by the US, UK, China, France, Russia and Germany clearing Iran’s nuclear program of seeking to make a nuclear bomb.

Harvey was against 2003 invasion of Iraq because he believed Saddam Hussein to be Israel’s first line of defense against Iran.

Harvey was appointed to the NSC by Gen. Michael Flynn, an anti-Iran hawk. During US occupation of Iraq, Harvey worked under discredited Crypto-Jew Gen. David Petraeus.

The Jewish-controlled media has blamed White House top security adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster for the sacking of Col. Harvey. McMaster who served in both Israel’s proxy wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, was declared an ‘American hero’ by the organized Jewry – but fell from Zionist-grace when like Barack Obama, he refused to blame Islam for radicalization of Muslims joining the ISIS terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

On June 2, 2017, Jeet Heer called Gen. McMaster who is not retired from US Army as yet, at the New Republic – a FOOL.

“The swift decline in McMaster’s reputation, from a widely admired figure to Trump’s lackey apologist, shows how foolish it was to put so much faith in military appointments. The truth is that to keep Trump’s confidence, McMaster and the other generals have to meet Trump more than halfway. They have to constantly cover for his erratic behavior and justify his policy chaos,” wrote Jeet Heer, Canadian-born Jewish journalist and editor of the New Republic. He also contribute anti-Muslim article at the Canada’s notorious Maclean’s magazine.