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Chutzpah: US pushes for ‘human rights’ in Sri Lanka

United State which happens to be world’s worst human-rights violator, is in the process of helping Sri Lankan government modify Constitution in order to improve country’s bad human-rights record.

In reality, the US and India are using Sri Lanka in their desire to control the Indian Ocean in order to isolate the two emerging regional nuclear powers, China and Pakistan which India regards it regional adversaries.

On August 31, 2017, Colombo hosted a 2-day conference of Indian Ocean Region (IOR) sponsored by the India Foundation. Notably both China and Pakistan were not invited to attend the conference while Alice Wells, US acting assistant secretary of state for Central and South Asia attended the meeting along with US ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives, Indian-born Atul Keshap and a delegate from American Jewish Committee (AJC).

American Jewish professor Dov Levin in a study claims that Washington interfered in 4 elections in Sri Lanka in order to bring the pro-Israel ruling UNP party in power. Strangely, the three major actors who played major part in this dirty game happened to be friends of Israel – John Kerry, former secretary of state, Jeffrey Feltman, the notorious anti-Hizbullah, UN under-secretary for Middle East and Victoria Nuland of Ukraine fame.

According to the India Foundation, the objective of the conference was India’s effort to counter China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean region.

Alice Wells in her address asserted that “the United States is and would continue to be an Indo-Pacific power.”

Wells also announced the first ever US-Sri Lanka naval exercise would be carried out next month.

On September 17, 2017, Tamara Kunanayakam wrote at the Defend Democracy Press: “Let’s be clear. The demands contained in the Human Rights Council resolution are not Burundi’s or Cuba’s or Russia’s or China’s. They are Washington’s. It was Yahapalana’s abject servility that made it possible for Washington to turn it into a weapon against the Sri Lankan people and their nation. As for the international financial institutions, they are dominated by Washington, which controls nearly 50% of the IMF vote share compared to Sri Lanka’s 0.19%!.”

In 2009, the Zionist entity took credit for the defeat of Tamil Tigers at the hands of Sri Lankan army based on its selling Kfir jets, Dvora and Shadag attack crafts and training of Sri Lankan soldiers. Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa was a close ally of Israel.

In June 2017, the Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Shelley Whiting along with Australian High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson, Tung-Lai Margue, ambassador of the European Union and 17 other foreign diplomats condemned violence against Muslims in Sri Lanka – urging the Sri Lankan government to uphold minority rights and freedom of religion.

Islam was introduced to Sri Lanka, known to Arabs as Indaleep (Island of pearls) by Muslim traders in late 7th century (here). Currently, Muslims make the third largest community (10%) after Buddhists (70%), and Hindus (12%).


UK: Indian doctor charged with 118 sexual offenses

On August 31, 2017, Indian-born family doctor Manish Shah from Romford, London, appeared in court. He is accused of assaulting 118 of patients including sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

The assaults are said to have taken place between June 2004 and July 2013 when he was first arrested. An investigation was launched after several people contacted police in July and August 2013.

Since Dr. Manish Shah is an Asian and Hindu, the Jewish-controlled British media and several White supremacist groups in the UK and US have made it an anti-immigration issue.

In May 2015, Sue Berelowitz, Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England warned: “Child sex abuse is so rife in Britain that there is not enough land in the country to build the number of prisons needed to house the perpetrators.”

In November 2015 UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis admitted that child sexual abuse among British Jewish community had become epidemic.

On January 11, 2013, UK’s daily Guardian reported that 69,000 female and 9000 male rape cases are reported in the country each year.

United Kingdom is home to one of West’s top paedophile industry. Manish Shah’s crime pale in front of country’s two top sex abusers – one of Israel’s top Catholic propagandist at the BBC, Sir James Savile who is accused of having sex with 400 young boys at BBC premises, and the former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Lord Janner, who sexually abused kids at a Jewish orphanage.

Last month, Labour Party’s shadow minister for women Equality, MP Sarah Champion (Jew) in an article at newspaper The Sun, accused British Pakistanis men of rapping White girls.

Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men – rapping and exploiting White girls,” she wrote. In other words, if a Pakistani has sex with his White girlfriend or pick-up some White prostitute or call-girl – it’s rape because his Muslim parents Pakistan hate Israel and are not like the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Cabinet minister Sajid Javid.

“On Septembers 5, American White racist Andrew Joyce, PhD, came up with a solution to colored doctors. “Britain has allowed itself to become dependent on foreign doctors. This dependency is due to a confluence of factors. The nation has inexplicably failed to devote the time and resources to training sufficient numbers of ethnic Britons at its world-class universities, while simultaneously setting meagre immigration standards for medical graduates from dubious Third World institutions,” he said.

The truth is people like Joyce cannot accept the fact that it’s the West which draining “brains” from the so-called Third World because they’re far more intelligent and hardworking than the great majority of White race which has low IQ and is too lazy to work at low paid jobs. They would rather live on welfare.

Britain is home to European Union’s 4th largest single parents (1.8 million out of which 650,000 on welfare) after Latvia, Estonia and Ireland.

Under Mughal rule, India was the most civilized and progressive society. During the same time, London was a city of 15,000 unwashed people,” claims Eric Margolis, Canadian columnist, author and blogger.

London Tube ‘bucket bomb’ – another terror hoax

On Friday, a bucket inside a train exploded near the Parsons Green tube station during the morning rush hour, panicking the passengers resulting in minor injuries to 29 of them but no one was killed.

As usual, the US-Israel created terrorist group ISIS took responsibility for planting the ‘bucket bomb’. This is the second London train bombing since July 7, 2005 – a MI5-Mossad false flag operation which killed 56 people including the so-called four terrorists.

Donald Trump, the Judas goat, claimed on twitter that “those responsible had been in the sights of Scotland Yard.” He also advised PM Theresa May to be tougher and more protective in the fight against terrorism (by whom?). A 2015 British poll had claimed that 2.7 million British Muslims are far more loyal to the country than 300,000 British Jews – many of whom carry Israeli citizenship.

It is also the fifth faked terrorist attacks since the so-called anti-Israel Jeremy Corbyn secured opposition Labour Party leadership.

US-based Aanirfan, news website has claimed the Parsons Green incident being a false flag.

British security agencies like their American counter-part, are also trained by Israeli forces.

It seems this is another terror hoax like the Boston Marathon bombing or the underwear bomber. Most probably the janitor was trying to sneak some drugs to his jobsite in his cleaning bucket and incidentally dropped a cigarette into it.

British prime minister Theresa May who has been called as Commander of an Israeli Tank, upped country’s terror level to critical. She chaired a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergencies committee to discuss the incident.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has appealed for calm, saying London “will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism“.

British Transport Police said: “We’re aware of an incident at Parsons Green station. Officers are at the scene. The station is closed.”

Scotland is looking for the suspect terrorist but has not been able to spot someone with a Muslim name!

Canada honors David Barsamian

On September 10, Vancouver-based Radical Desi monthly magazine honored Armenian-US author, radio journalist and human rights activist David Barsamian, 72, with Life Time Achievement Award for his tireless support for oppressed native people such as Palestinian, Kashmiris, and Hindu Dalit.

Narendra Modi government recently denied visa for David Barsamian to visit India over his writings supporting Kashmiri people living under Indian occupation since 1948 and 200 million untouchable low-caste Hindus (Dalit). He was deported from New Delhi airport on September 23, 2011. Even his recent appeal to Indian foreign affairs’ minister Shushma Swaraj didn’t work out.

Earlier, Barsamian had visited India regularly for three decades. He speaks Hindi and Urdu fluently and is a good sitar player which he learned from his Hindu guru in India.

Barsamian is a great admirer of Palestinian-American academic and author Dr. Edward Said (died 2003). Barsamian has co-authored books with Edward Said, Tariq Ali, Arundhati Roy, Eqbal Ahmad, Howard Zinn, Richard Wolf and Noam Chomsky.

Barsamian says Palestinians are fool to expect Washington to be an honest broker in Israel-Palestinian conflict – as the US will do what Israel wants.

“This has historical been big mistake. The PLO always thinks Americans are going to deliver for them and provide some kind of deal. The American will only do what is in the best interest of Israel. They don’t give a damn about Palestinians. They’re a nuisance for Washington. It’s Israel and oil that they’re concerned about. Arabs and Palestinians are so colonized by the US that they believe that patron of their oppressor is going to be their liberator. This kind of thinking has mad PLO lazy and ineffective. They may believe in the tooth fairy,” he said in an interview with Armenian-Lebanese Aztag Daily on February 12, 2004.

In Kashmir, the scale of human rights violations from collective punishment and assassinations to custodial deaths and disappearances is staggering. Yet little of what goes on in that Himalayan region reaches the outside. Why? India controls the cameras, microphones and print media and it has been skillful in framing Kashmir in the 9/11 terrorism discourse. Those who resist Indian rule, Delhi tells the world, are fundamentalist jihadis backed by Pakistan. Kashmir is an unresolved issue dating back to the disastrous 1947 British partition plan to divide the sub-continent in two: a Hindu majority India and a Muslim majority Pakistan. Today, Kashmir is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Both India and Pakistan have huge militaries and nuclear weapons. And the Kashmiris are stuck in the middle,” says Barsamian.

Barsamian has visited Israel but his criticism of the Zionist regime was never forgiven by the organized Jewry. In June 2011, his scheduled appearance along with British journalist, author and filmmaker John Pilger at Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe was banned and canceled by its Jew owner Patrick Lannan.

Watch below Barsamian’s interview with Arundhati Roy on American and Indian imperialism.

Netanyahu on a lying trip to Argentina

Zionist prime minister Netanyahu held a meeting with his buddy, Argentinian president Mauricio Marci in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. He told reporters that during the former presidents Nestor Kirchner and later his wife Cristina Kirchner, (2003-2015) Buenos Aires had been anti-Israel but things have changed as Marci takes Israel a role model to follow.

The above statement proves once again that Netanyahu is a compulsive liar. On October 27, 2010, JTA had reported that Jewish groups in Argentina and United States mourned the death of Nestor Kirchner who was considered a great friend of Jews and Israel.

Together with the people of Argentina, we are profoundly saddened by the tragic loss of President Kirchner. He worked hard combating antisemitism in Argentina and furthering the investigation into the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center building in Buenos Aires,” said American Jewish Committee Executive Director David Harris.

Bombing of Israeli embassy (1992) and AMIA (1994) in Buenos Aires were false flag operations conducted by Israeli Mossad with the help of local intelligence agency. Former Argentina Jewish interior minister, Carlos Vladimir Corach was charged for paying US$400,000 to put the blame on Lebanese Hizbullah for the bombing.

After the defeat of Adolf Hitler, a Crypto Zionist – hundred of Zionist-Nazi took refuge in Argentina such as Adolf Eichmann.

A pro-Israel Argentina is a fantasy of the hardcore Zionists. The Patagonia Region was the first choice of Theodor Herzl for proposed homeland for European Jewry to escape centuries-old antisemitism in Christian Europe from where they had been expelled 108 times. The fertile and full of natural resources, the region spans five provinces in Argentina, Chile, and Falkland, home to UK’s nuclear military base.

Germany: 2017 election is all about Israel

Germany is Europe’s top economy and arms exporter. 80.6 million Germans are set to elect their next Chancellor on September 24. However, like Americans, it seems they have no choice but to chose among the four front-running pro-Israel, anti-Muslim immigration parties; Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and its Bavarian-based sister lead by Horst Lorenz Seehofer’s Christian Social Union (CSU), Martin Schult’s (Jew) Social Democratic Party (SPD), and Frauke Petri’s Alternative for Germany (AfD).

All the four leaders believe in the new Jewish religion Holocaust.

Angela Merkel running for the fourth term, was made honorary doctor of philosophy (PhD) by Tel Aviv University in 2011. She received the Wiesel Award in 2014. She leads a unified European front against Russia. Many pundits believe that if she loses European Union could be in big trouble (Toby Nwazor at HuffPost).

The main challenger to Merkel, Martin Schultz, former president of European Parliament, received his honorary PhD from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University in 2014. He claims that Germany needs to continue its support to the Zionist entity to counter antisemitism among Palestinians.

Interestingly, 2014 survey conducted by American Jewish Lobby claimed that 27% of Germans hate Jews for various reasons. That’s is three-times more than the total Palestinian population around the world.

Frauke Petri, PhD, is a Lutheran Zionist Christian but ultra-German-nationalist. She has been branded as German Trump by the German organized Jewry. However, she has told Jewish leaders that her party would look after the Jewish and Israeli interests better than other parties.

Horst Seehofer is known for his hatred toward Turkish and Arab immigrants. He had been federal cabinet minister in the past. He is against Turkey’s membership in European Union, the Judeo-Christian White Club. He is staunch supporter of the Zionist entity. Last year, as Governor of state of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer slammed Berlin over awarding a tolerance prize to CODEPINK, Women for Peace NGO which supports the so-called BDS movement.

None of the four parties are promising to improve the economic conditions of its 16% poor citizens. All of them are dangling carrot how to save Europe from Muslim invasion, help Israel to remain the only military power in the region by wiping Palestinians off the map.

Yair Netanyahu’s antisemitic cartoon

The anti-Semitic cartoon published on Yair Netanyahu's Facebook.

Yair Netanyahu, Zionist prime minister’s son and man behind his social media stunts, beat Hungary’s Viktor Orban in hating the Hungarian- US Jew multibillionaire George Soro.

On Saturday, Yair posted a cartoon on his Facebook page portraying George Soro being the Jew Kingmaker who controls the Western World.

The cartoon (above) depicts George Soro dangling a globe in front of a lizard, which in turn dangle a Reptilian (a self-hating Jew) sign which in turn dangle money to Manny Naftali, the former superintendent of the Netanyahu’s residence, who is at the forefront of the campaign to put pressure on the police to indict Netanyahu and his wife Sarah for corruption, being baited by Israeli politico Eldad Yaniv, who is seen baited by former defense/prime minister Gen. Ehud Barak.

Yair published the cartoon after his mother, Sara, was officially told on Friday that she would face fraud charges for misusing public funds in her management of the prime minister’s official residence. The Netanyahu family has repeatedly sought to place the blame for those misused funds squarely on Naftali.

On Twitter Ehud Barak asked: “Is this the boy hear at home? Is it genetic or his own mental illness? No matter, in any rate, we should pay for his mental therapist and not his security detail and personal driver.”

In a comment at twitter Dr. David Duke said it’s good to know Yair acknowledged the truth.

George Soro is declared persona non grata in both Hungary and Russia. He is also hated by Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is visiting three Latin American countries, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico to seek their support against Syria, Iran and Palestinian Authority during the UN General Assembly meeting next month.