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Pakistan wins military sports tournament

flag_of_Pakistan[1]On October 23, 2016, a week-long world’s first ever Physical Agility Combat Efficiency System (PACES) tournament concluded at the Fortress Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan.

Army Services Sports of Pakistan won the first International PACES Competition.

Army teams from 16 countries including China, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey and England participated in the world’s first ever military tournament (watch video below).

Chief of the Army Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif was the chief guest who also gave away medals and prizes to all the winners. Listen his speech below.

Pakistan military taken active part in several sports especially field hockey, boxing, and polo, and have won several award at international and regional competitions. Of the twelve athletes selected to take part in the Olympic Games in 1960, eleven belonged to the Army.

Last year, Pakistan Army won the gold medal at an annual international military patrolling exercise, ‘Exercise Cambrian Patrol’ held in the UK.

In August 2016, Pakistan army won international snipping contest in Beijing.

The folks at Global Firepower have ranked Pakistan army being 17th most powerful armies headed by the US, Russia, China, and India.


Israel: Next war will be end of Hamas!

Capturesatan[1]Israel’s defense minister, Russian-born Avigdor Lieberman, in an interview he gave to Jerusalem-based Palestinian al-Quds newspaper on Monday, threatened Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas with total destruction in the coming Israeli attack on Gaza Strip.

Lieberman said the next war would be “their last. I would like to emphasize again: It will be their last confrontation because we will completely destroy them.”

“However, as minister of defense, I would like to clarify that we have no intention of starting a new war against our neighbors in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, Lebanon or Syria,” Lieberman added.

On the same day, the Jewish military launched an airstrike against what it called a position belonging to Hamas in yet another act of aggression against the blockaded coastal enclave – home to 2 million Muslims and Christians.

Lieberman has proven himself to be a lying Zionist pig. On June 9, 2016, British journalist and author Robert Fisk wrote at UK’s newspaper Independent: “Avigdor Lieberman’s political promises of beheading, a fourth Gaza war, and third Lebanese war – there in fact have been five Israeli invasion of Lebanon – but no matter – bode a very unhappy future for both Israel and its Arab neighbors.”

In the past he had blasted two of his Jewish brothers, South African judge Richard Goldstone, and American academic and ex-UNHRC envoy Richard Falk over Israel’s war crimes. In January 2015, Lieberman called for dismantling the ICC over launching a ‘war crime’ probe against the Zionist entity.

In May, Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh warned that the next Israeli war on Gaza would be a decisive one and said the Hamas resistance movement was not afraid of Lieberman and the Jewish military.

Gaza has been under USraeli blockade since Hamas electoral victory in 2007.

Instead of imposing sanctions against the Zionist regime over committing terrorism on daily basis against Palestinian children – the US recently rewarded the Zionist regime with $38 billion new military aid to continue its barbarism against Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese people.

While the Zionist poodles in the West are crying for sanctions against Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc. no one is talking about sanctioning the war criminal Israel.

Italy: Muslims protest against religious discrimination


On Friday, hundreds of Italian Muslim prayed near Rome’s Colosseum to protest at the closure of mosques and other places of daily five-times prayers. The prayer demonstration was staged in protest to government’s closure of five make-shift prayer halls recently.

Rome-based Dhuumcatu Association which sponsored the protest said in a statement on its Facebook page: “We are sick of the criminalization of our places of worship. There are no relevant regulations, and we cannot invent solutions independently of the authorities.”

Many Italian Muslims suspect local authorities are responding to a climate of Islamophobia, created and fueled by Zionist groups especially after the recent Mossad false flag operations in France, Germany, and other European nations.

Jewish press and bloggers claimed it as another Zionist victory against Muslims for opposing the Zionist regime.

Italy, like the US, UK, Germany and France, is also controlled by country’s powerful Jewish Lobby.

Islam is not recognized as a ‘religion’ in Catholic-majority Italy even though it’s the second most practiced faith with 2.2 million (3.7% of country’s total population) followers in the country. The Italian anti-Muslim hatred goes back to late 9th century when Muslims conquered most part of Sicily and ruled it until 1072 CE. This past history has been exploited by the Zionist controlled Vatican.

On May 3, 2016, European Islamophobia Report (EIR) was presented at the European Union (EU) parliament in Brussels. The aim of its authors, leading experts in the field from all over Europe, is to “analyze trends in the spread of Islamophobia in various European states.” For 2015, 25 states have been analyzed – the results prove the most of Europeans have returned to their medieval Dark Age.

Emran Feroz, an independent journalist based in Afghanistan says hating Muslims and Islam is a good politics in the West (here).

Throwing a pork head, or sometimes even a grenade, on a mosque. Assaulting a Muslim woman who wears a head scarf. Demonstrating against the building of a mosque or against the local supermarket which sells Halal food. Incidents like these are happening on a daily basis in 21st century Europe,” he said.

According to PEW 2016 Spring Survey, anti-Muslim culture exist in almost every European nation with Hungary (72%) toping the list – followed by Italy (69%), Poland (66%), Greece (65%), Spain (50%), Netherlands (35%), Sweden (35%), France (29%), Germany (29%), and UK (28%).

Pakistan-born British socialist writer, author, and film-maker explains the Western Islamophobia below.

Indian PM: Indian Army = Israeli Army

Israeli_Violations[1]Israel’s best friends among Asian leaders, Narendra Modi correctly compared Indian Occupation Force in Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir state this week with Israel Occupation Force. The comparison, though praised by the US and Canadian Jewish media, drew angry reaction in India.

Commenting on the so-called India’s surgical strike on Pakistan-allied Azad Kashmir, Modi said: “Earlier, we used to hear of Israel doing things like this. Now, everyone know our army can do it, too.”

On Thursday, India’s Tribune newspaper in an editorial took Modi to task, saying, “Surely the Prime Minister’s intention was not to equate the Indian armed forces with the trigger-happy Israeli army. Israel’s military actions have created a permanent sore the world over and motivate generations of Palestinians to settle scores with a much superior enemy.”

On the same day, veteran Indian journalist Manoj Joshi in an Op-Ed at The Wire, wrote: “Modi should have realized that comparing Indian action along the Line of Control with Israeli covert and military operations was hyperbole, pure and simple. But the fetishisation of Israel runs deep in the ruling BJP and its reason is no secret – deep anti-Islamic roots.”

India’s first prime minister Jawaherlal Nehru, one of the co-founders of the Non-Aligned Movement, was against a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi, even though he fell in love with a German Jew bodybuilder, was against the partition of Palestine between European Jews and the Natives.

However, Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi open the doors to Israeli arms sale and intelligence sharing between Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad. Israel played a major role in the break-up of Pakistan into Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971.

Israeli Mossad has a long history of helping RAW, and BJP in carrying out terrorist activities in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and blaming Pakistan for their false flag operations. Read here, here, and here.

In 1992, New Delhi and Tel Aviv exchanged ambassadors.

Joshi has confirmed what Khurshid Ahmad, the leading ideologue of Pakistan’s Jama’at-e-Islami, author of 35 books, and an ex-Pakistan federal minister argued not long ago that the US ruling elite, in collusion with Zionist Israel and Hindu India are determined to deny Muslims their rightful place in the modern world.

Israel has replaced Russia as the top arms supplier to India. According to the Times of Israel (April 6, 2016), India bought $5.7 billion worth military hardware from Israel in 2015.

On May 8, 2001, the Genome Research Journal reported that the upper caste Brahmin Hindus have common traits with the Jewish people – such as the caste superiority (racism) and ethnically the great majority of both Brahmins and Jews is rooted in Khazar tribes of Asia.

UC Berkeley: Zionism = Colonialism

zionistdictionary1Early last month, the University of California, Berkeley, announced it will offer a course on Zionist Jewish colonization of Palestine this fall. However, on September 13, the university chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks suspended the course under pressure from Israeli ambassador, ADL, Simon Wiesenthal Center, and of course Israel’s Campus watchdog, Hillel. The course is offered by Dr. Hatem Bazian.

On September 19, Dean Carla Hesse, after a meeting with student facilitator Paul Hadweh and group of students enrolled for the course, cancelled the ‘suspension’ order. A rare victory of Freedom of Speech at the Campus.

“Apartheid, annexation, mass displacement and collective punishment have become core policies of the state of Israel,” said American Jewish professor and former UNHRC’s special envoy for Palestine in an interview he gave on October 17 to David Hearst’s Middle East Eye news website.

On October 9, Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of Jewish supremacist ADL accused UC Berkeley of distorting history under the disguise of academic discipline. Funny though the tribe that distorted the Bible, is accusing others of distorting Jewish history.

On April 2, 2016, Rabbi Brant Rosen at his blog Shalom Rav admitted that Israel like United States and Australia, is indeed a settler colonialism – based on Professor of Anthropology Tate A. LeFevre’s (Franklin and Marshall College) definition.

Indian-born professor Partha Chatterjee (Columbia University) also believes Israel is a Zionist Jewish settlers colony’.

I have always boycotted Israeli institutions. Despite having dozens of friends in Israeli universities, I have never agreed to visit Israel. There was a particularly poignant moment a few years ago when I was invited to be present on the occasion of the release of the Hebrew translation of one of my books. It was hard for me to refuse the heartfelt invitation of my Israeli friends who, I knew, deeply disliked and actively opposed most of the policies of their government. But the thought of applying for a visa at an Israeli embassy, passing through Israeli immigration and, who knows, answering questions at check points and barriers put me off. An unfortunate fallout of this reluctance on my part is that I have been also unable to accept invitations from Palestinian institutions. But how else does an individual like me show, in a private capacity, my refusal to submit to the blatantly colonial protocols of the Israeli authorities in order to accept the hospitality of my Palestinian friends? (here),” Chatterjee said.

Ever since the inception of World Zionist movement under the leadership of Austrian Jew, Theodor Herzl, it presented its settlers colonial project as a mean to escape Christian Europe hatred towards Jews.

Ethiopia: Could an anti-Israel regime on the horizon?

Pro-Israel Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn recently declared a state of emergency in response to a wave of massive protests by that country’s 35% Oromo people, 85% of them Muslims. For decades the Oromo have been the targets of government oppression and political repression. The frequency and intensity of Oromo resistance has increased in recent months, and it was highlighted by a cross-armed gesture made during the Olympics by Feyisa Lilesa, an Oromo who ran the marathon for Ethiopia. (Holding the arms above the head to form an “x” is a gesture of Oromo resistance). Fearing for his life, Feyisa Lilesa is staying with his relatives in United States at the moment.

During Muslim Edd festival, Oromo protested against Ethiopian government persecution of country’s Muslim majority. In response the security forces fired alive bullets killing 500 people. In addition, by at least one account the government’s recent confiscation of Oromo farmland for purposes of commercial development for Israel and Dutch businesses sparked protests around the country.

US-Israel backed Tigray Christian minority government is terrified by the emerging solidarity between the Muslim Oromo and Ethiopia’s Christian Amhara people. In the past, successive Ethiopian regimes had encouraged hostility between the two in order to keep Tigray elites in power. At a recent rallies, attracting as many as two million people – Amhara activists have proclaimed: I am not Oromo but I stand with my Oromo brothers, and We are all Oromo.

On October 10, UNHRC called for an independent investigation of government violent crackdown of peaceful protests.

On October 14, European Union high representative for foreign affairs, Federica Mogherini, called Desalegn on phone to condemn his government actions.  She highlights the slippery slope that a state of emergency brings about for the compliance with civil liberties and urges the prime minister to comply with human rights standards as provided for by the Ethiopian constitution.

Ethiopian leaders in Israel and United States are appealing Obama administration to help the protesters by imposing sanctions against Ethiopian regime. There are 140,000 Ethiopian Jews and Christians living in Israel.

In July 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu visited Ethiopia. He urged Desalegn to let 9,000 Ethiopian Jews immigrate to occupied Palestine and be treated like dogs by the Israeli Jews.

On October 19, 2016, Eritrea-based American journalist Thomas C. Mountain in an article, entitled, Revolutionary Islam And Regime Change In Ethiopia, wrote: Presently all the liberation resistance movements in Ethiopia are ethnically based with their senior leadership in exile, mainly in neighboring Eritrea. The only organization with a national presence is the revolutionary Islamic religious community, whose recently freed leaders have sworn to liberate Ethiopia from the western backed Tigrayan ethnic minority regime presently ruling the country.

The revolutionary Islamic community in Ethiopia has a nation wide network of mosques and religious schools, with very respected locally based leaders and can provide the only legal point of assembly in the country.

Just as in the Iranian revolution in the late 1970’s where the only place revolutionaries could gather without being attacked by the police is the mosques, especially for large gatherings for Friday Prayers, the Islamic community in Ethiopia can provide the only place for the opposition to meet especially now that any and all gatherings are banned under Martial Law and the State of Emergency.

The regimes Agazi death squads have shoot to kill orders and the only place of safety for meetings is in the mosques, though how long the regime will tolerate this is not certain.

Having attacked the Islamic community four years ago, gunning down many and locking up the recently released leadership, the Ethiopia regime may be planning on cracking down on Muslims in a new wave of terror.

The maxim is oppression breeds resistance and even the Washington Post’s Editorial Board knows this, having pointed out how martial law and an iron fist will only lead to further protests and the eventual explosion that will drive the regime into exile and leave Ethiopia without any leadership.

The ensuing power vacuum could see the revolutionary Islamic community taking leadership and bringing unity to Ethiopia, for even if the country is divided along ethnic lines all Muslims no matter what tribe worship together in their mosques.

Most Ethiopians are muslims and their religious practices for centuries past forbid them from discriminating by ethnicity when it comes to their worship. The very idea is foreign to the country.

And Ethiopia’s Muslims practice a very tolerant Sunni variant and have lived side by side with their Christian brothers and sisters for over a millennia, sitting together to break bread and even intermarrying. Thank god the wahabi virus has not yet taken root in the country.

Obama’s pro-Hamas brother supports Trump!

Malik Obama, 58, elder Muslim half-brother of US president Barack Hussein Obama will attend the last presidential debate in Las Vegas as ‘guest speaker’. Muslim-bashing Republican candidate Donald Trump, whom he support for the US presidency had invited Malik a few months ago.

Kenyan-born Malik Obama son of Harvard-educated Obama Sr. is a US citizen and lives in Washington DC. The Zionist regime has refused to allow Malik to visit Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Hillary Clinton has invited NBA owner, Jewish billionaire Mark Cuban to face Malik at the debate. Hillary choice is a good proof of being a better Israeli poodle than her opponent.

Interestingly, Barack Obama’s Jewish half-brother, Beijing-based Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, is very upset over Malik’s support for Trump and Gaza-ruling Hamas. Mark was born to Barack Obama’s Jewish step-mother Ruth Ndesandjo. Mark visited Israel in 2014. His personal blog can be read here.

I love my brothers, but no one member represents the Obamas. Others in my family and I don’t support my brother Malik’s position on Mr. Trump,” Mark said in an email to Associated Press.

Organized Jewry has presented a 2010 photo of Malik Obama to Trump campaign committee which shows him wearing a Palestinian headscarf (keffiyeh) with some message in Arabic, which Israeli Memri translated into Long Live Hamas.

Trump invitation has turned Malik Obama into a Hollywood star – thanks to the Jewish-controlled media (NYT, WP, WSJ, Time magazine, Town Hall, Mediaite, Times of Israel, Independent UK, and the rest of lying pigs). Very soon we will hear Malik’s bank account being frozen for supporting Hamas. Incidentally, EU legal adviser Eleanor V.E. Sharpston QC has claimed that Hamas is not a terrorist organization. The Jewish Daily Caller even linked Malik to Libyan leader Qaddafi.

Malik Obama, being a Muslim is against same-sex marriage which makes him an ‘antisemite’ because 80% of American Jews support it (The Jewish Daily Forward, June 26, 2015).

According to anti-Trump Jewish media, Malik doesn’t believe in the accusation of Trump being a womanizer. He says it’s a political stunt just as the media carried earlier against Black Hollywood actor Bill Cosby.

Feliks Garcia at Independent UK (October 19) claims that the reason Trump is bringing Malik, to prove his earlier allegation that Barack Obama is an ‘alien’ and not born in Hawaii.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced that President Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, will be his personal guest at the final presidential debate in Las Vegas. The choice highlights an unusual division between Trump and some of the right-wing media outlets he often relies on, who have for years accused Malik Obama of having alleged ties to various extremist groups in a fringe effort to smear President Obama,” Nick Fernandez wrote at Jewish Media Matters on October 19, 2016.

barack obama malik obama wedding photo