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Athens: First Mosque in 200 years

golden-dawn-anti-muslim-poster1In August 2016, after many delays since it was first discussed back in 1894, the Greek parliament approved plans for the construction of the first government-funded mosque at a former military base at Votanikos, near central Athens. The mosque wouldn’t have the traditional minarets.

Athens Muslim community, however, fears that once the mosque is opened, government may close all makeshift mosques.

The project, which will be undertaken by a consortium of Greece’s biggest construction firms (J&P-Avax, Terna, Aktor and Intrakat) was due to start in November and is scheduled to be completed by April 2017.

According to Giorgos Kalantzis, the secretary general for religious affairs: “It is estimated that the mosque in Athens will have a capacity of approximately 350 people and it will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The governing committee of the mosque of Athens shall administer, manage and maintain the mosque.” The cost of this construction is forecast to be one million euro ($1.06m) and will be funded in its entirety by the Greek state.

Speaking in parliament in August, Nikos Filis, the minister of education, research and religious affairs, made his intentions clear when he assured the Muslims of Athens they would have an official mosque: “The existence of makeshift mosques is a shame for the country and the Muslims who live here,” he said.

In response to criticism of the plans, he said: “It is much better having an official mosque that you know where it is and who controls it, and the people inside are safe, rather many unofficial makeshift ones.”

Greece was ruled by Muslims from 1458 to 1821 CE. During this period, Greece like Spain, Sicily and Malta became the most prosperous, enlightened and free of religious persecution by the Church against Jews and Gypsies. However, during such a long rule, Muslim remained in minority which was due to the fact that Muslim elites did not force their religion upon the native Christians like the Christian did once they became rulers again after the decline of Muslim power in those countries.

Several Greeks who converted to Islam under Ottoman rule – occupied high positions at the Royal Court. For example, Huseyin Hilmi Pasha (1855-1922), whose Greek Christian grandparents had converted to Islam, rose to become Grand Vizier (prime minister) of the Ottoman Empire.

Following the so-called War of Independence (1821-1828), a great majority of Muslim population fled the country and took refuge in neighboring Turkey and Cyprus. Those who chose to stay back were, like in Spain, Sicily and Malta, either expelled from their lands, massacred or forcibly converted to Christianity.

During the Ottoman rule Athens, the capital city, had 72 proper mosques open for five-times daily prayers. After 1828, they were all turned either into army barracks, or parking lots, or supermarkets.

Athens is the only European capital which doesn’t has a single mosque for city’s 200,000 Muslim population. Greek Muslim community is one-million-strong. Contrary to that there are two synagogues and a Jewish Museum for city’s 2,500 Jewish population.

It’s a crime in Greece to deny that Nazi killed six million Jews during WWII.

Some readers may not know that the word Holocaust is of Greek origin meaning sacrifice by fire, even though no gas chamber has ever been found inside the so-called concentration camps. The Jewish historians and scholars have also failed to come up with any reasonable proof that Nazis did sacrify 6 million Jews on fire.

Norway to honor two American Mass Murderers

Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama’s former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinsky have been invited to be keynote speakers at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo to be held on December 11, 2016. The topic of this year’s Forum will be “The United States and world peace after the Presidential Election.

Ironically, both speakers are known for their hatred toward the so-called “world peace”. They’re behind America’s major wars (Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, etc.), and violent regime changes (Chile, Syria, etc.).

The Forum is hosted by the Norwegian Nobel Institute in close collaboration with the University of Oslo. Approximately 500 ‘distinguished guests’ are invited to participate in an enlightened two-hour session in the beautiful Aula at the University of Oslo to listen to the two experts to prove that America under Donald Trump administration would be worse than it was under BUS, Clinton and Obama administrations.

The Nobel Peace Prize Watch  partnered with progressive group RootsAction launched a petition on Tuesday for the arrest of Kissinger, who is “complicit or a main actor in many violations of the Genocide Convention and of the Geneva Conventions,” says the petition, already signed by over 5,000.

Kissinger himself was awarded the prize in 1973 alongside his Vietnamese counterpart, Le Duc Tho, who refused to accept the award, for negotiating a cease-fire between the countries, which was ultimately ignored.

Warsaw-born Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national adviser to Jimmy Carter played a major role in supporting King Reza Shah of Iran against the Islamic Revolutionaries in 1979. Later, he directed American policy to use Afghan Mujahideen leaders to destroy Soviet Union as world power in the 1980s.

The Nobel Peace Committee is under control of Swedish government. Thus it’s prime minister Kjell Stefan Löfven’s responsibility under country’s constitution to arrest and prosecute these two American criminals for their crimes against humanity.

If Kissinger will enjoy automatic impunity it stands out in shameful contrast with denying protection to whistleblower Edward Snowden for a stay of two days to receive the Ossietzky prize from Norwegian PEN,” wrote Jan Oberg of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research. “Can Norway really have offered protection to one who has committed the most serious international crimes and at the same time denied it to one who has exposed grave crimes against the US Constitution?

Both the Nobel Peace Prize, and UNESCO’s Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize are Western tools to award its most criminal foot soldiers. Henry Kissinger must feel honored to join the “mass killers club” whose members include three Israeli Jew mass killers, Menachem Begin (1978), Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres (1994), Jimmy Carter 2002, and Barack Obama (2009).

The recipients of the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize include French Jew president François Hollande (2013), Jimmy Carter (1994), Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres (1993) along with Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) during the Oslo I Accord as an attempt to set up a roadmap to a resolution to end the Palestinian arms resistance to the Jewish occupation of Palestine. The Oslo Accords actually failed since Israel never ended its occupation and continued to build illegal Jewish settlements.

I guess, British author George Orwell was correct when he wrote in his 1949 classic novel 1984 that “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength.””

Russia, China veto UN Resolution on Aleppo

On Monday, Russia and China vetoed UN Security Council resolution suggesting a 7-day ceasefire between advancing Syrian army and the trapped US-Israel created ISIS terrorists. The resolution was supported by the US and its pro-Israel regimes in Germany, UK, France, Egypt, New Zealand, Ukraine, Uruguay, Japan, Malaysia, and Senegal. Venezuela voted against the resolution while Angola abstained.

These kinds of pauses have been used by fighters to reinforce their ammunition and to strengthen their positions and this will only worsen the suffering of civilians,” said Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s permanent envoy to the UN.

The Americans in particular are insisting on demanding a truce, because their terrorist agents are now in a difficult situation. Washington would have no more trump cards to show if Aleppo is liberated. Aleppo was the last hope of militants and their supporters, after their failure in the battles of Damascus and Homs,” president Bashar al-Assad said in an interview gave to al-Watan newspaper expected to be published on Thursday.

According to Lebanese media nearly 78% of the Eastern Aleppo has already been liberated by the Syrian army and its Hizbullah and Iraqi Shi’ite allies.

On November 29, during a meeting with European NATO allies in Berlin, Barack Obama spoke of the need to immediately stop the advancing Syrian forces at Aleppo areas held by the terrorists.

The Zionist-controlled US Congress and Senate want to drag Syrian conflict to the coming administration under Muslim-hating Donald Trump. The US lawmakers and the Jewish lobby groups expect that Trump’s family ties with Israel would force him to commit US Forces in Syria and Iran.

On December 3, 2016, Richard Spencer reported at UK’s The Times that European Union has offered hundreds of million dollars financial bribe to president Bashar al-Assad if he let the rebels rule part of the country along Israeli border.

In July 2016, the US Peace Council sent a delegation to Syria for a week in order to meet with Syrian secular and religious leaders. What they discovered there shocked even those members of the peace movement who had assumed a certain level of US propaganda. They returned to the US to speak at the UN where they denounced the entire US/western depiction and narrative of Syria as a propaganda lie.

The president of US Peace Council, Alfred L. Marder, 94, is Jewish and former member of American Communist Party. His parents were Ukrainian immigrants.

British investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley who just returned from Aleppo was interviewed at Ron Paul Liberty show (watch below). She claims that the Jewish-controlled Western mainstream media is full of lies about Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his allies against Western-funded terrorists.

US bans ‘Criticism of Israel’ at Campuses

Freedom+of+Speech[1]On December 1, the so-called Anti-Semitism Awareness Act 2016 was passed by the US-Senate without debating or even putting to a vote. The Act was authored by two Israel-Firsters, Senators Tim Scot (R-SC), and Bob Casey (D-PA). The Act requires the US Department of Education (DOE) to monitor criticism of the Zionism regime, denial of Holocaust, and support for BDS, Hamas, Hizbullah, and Iran in evaluating complaints of anti-Jewishness at the campuses.

The Act is supported by AIPAC, ADL, Simon Wiesenthal Center, ZOA, AJC, and the Jewish Federation of North America.

The text of the Act comes right out of the Israel’s Hasbara Textbook:

  1. Calling for, aiding or justifying or killing or harming of Jews. How about Jews killing or harming Jews in Israel?
  2. Accusing the Jews as people, or Israel as a state, inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust. How about proving in a court of law that Holocaust is NOT based on fakes, frauds, and forgeries?
  3. Demonizing Israel by blaming it for all interreligious and political tensions. Israeli historian Israel Shahak says Zionist empire is the real criminal in the region.
  4. Judge Israel by a double standard that one wouldn’t apply to any other democratic nation. Talking of double stand – Why United States has used 37 vetoes at the UNSC to shield the Zionist regime from the criticism of the world body? Only American corrupt lawmakers would believe that the Zionist entity is a democratic state.

If you think the above four reasons are ridiculous to declare someone antisemite – checkout former prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper’s speech at Israeli Knesset on January 20, 2014. He said that whosoever hates Jews ends up hating everyone else. I believe the idiot never heard of Talmudic prayer for male Jews: Thanks G-d for not making me a Gentile, a woman or a slave.

The Act reminds me a quote from Dr. Hajo Myer, who claims to be a Nazi Holocaust (Auschwitz) survivor: An anti-Semite used to be a person who disliked Jews. Now it is a person who Jews dislike.

Some Jewish groups have condemned the Act – they way it’s passed and its real agenda of stifling freedom of thoughts at the US educational institutions.

“Instead of fighting the anti-Semitism entering the White House, this bill will go after 19-year-old students carrying protest signs against Israel’s human rights abuses. This is not how to fight anti-Semitism, this is a recipe for restricting civil liberties like the right to criticize a government for its policies,” said Tallie Ben Daniel, academic program manager of Jewish Voice for Peace in a statement on December 1, 2016.

Last year, Kenneth Stern, in an Op-Ed in the Jewish Journal claimed that if a speaker at the campus says that Israel has no right to exist, it cannot be labeled as antisemitism. But if the same statement is made by an official of a UN member-state, it would be considered an act of antisemitism.

The US lawmakers are morally so corrupt that they make such laws to shield the crimes of a foreign country, which according to Dr. Philip Giladi, former CIA counter-terrorism specialist, has harmed the US the most.

As the Act is clearly intended to restrict First Amendment rights if they are perceived as impacting on broadly defined Jewish sensitivities, it should be opposed on that basis alone, but it is very popular in Congress, which is de facto owned by the Israel Lobby. That the legislation is not being condemned or even discussed in the generally liberal media tells you everything you need to know about the amazing power of one particular unelected and unaccountable lobby in the US,” wrote Giraldi on December 6, 2016.

I recently attended a conference on the Iraq invasion of 2003 at which the role of Israel manifested through its controlled gaggle of American legislators and bureaucrats as a factor in going to war was not even mentioned. It was as if it would be impolite or, dare I say, antisemitic, to do so even though the Israeli role was hardly hidden. Former Bush administration senior official Philip Zelikow has admitted that protecting Israel was the principal reason why the US invaded Iraq and others have speculated that without the persistent neocons’ and Israel’s prodding Washington might not have gone to war at all. That is apparent what then Secretary of State Colin Powell also eventually came around to believe,” said Giraldi.

So let’s stop talking about what Russia or Iran is doing to the United States, which is relatively speaking very little, and start admitting that the lopsided and completely deferential relationship with Israel is the actual central problem in America’s foreign policy. Will the media do that? Not a chance,” he said.

US: Somali al-Shabaab did 9/11

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]In case like hundreds of millions people you too believe that Israel committed 9/11 – fasten your seat-belts because last week the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the ‘duck president’ Barack Obama administration decided to add Somali al-Shabbab to America’s long list of the groups that had been blamed for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. So far, Washington has blamed al-Qaeda, Taliban, and Saddam Hussein while Jewish Lobby has blamed Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia being perpetrators of 9/11 attacks.

Interestingly, al-Shabaab was not even born in 2001.

The next so-called “Islamist terrorist groups” to join the 9/11 list would be ISIS and Boko Haram.

Ironically, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir and former Iranian president Ayatullah Rafsanjani have claimed that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and Boko Haram were created by the US and Israel.

American investigative journalist Wayne MADSEN says that US, Israel, Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab are a big happy family.

The extension of the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed on September 14, 2001 will allow pro-Israel Donald Trump to continue War on Islam aka War on Terrorism.

On November 15, 2015, pro-Israel Sen. Charles Ellis (Chuck) Schumer admitted unintentionally that War on terror is Israel’s proxy war.

I’m sure  Gen. (ret) James Mattis, the defense secretary-in-waiting would love to kill a few thousand Somalis to avenge the US military humiliation during October 3, 1993 raid on Somalia.

In June 2006, the Jew York Times reported that CIA saw the emerging Islamic Court Union (ICU), which aimed to build Somali unity based on Islam, as a dangerous alternative even though it was a broad coalition involving moderate as well as Islamist factions – led by the US-sponsored current president Sheikh Sharif and Sheikh Hassan Aweys (now one of the anti-government leaders). The ICU quickly gained the popular support and defeated US-supported warlord alliance. For the rest of 2006, the Somali capital saw its most prolonged period of relative peace in more than 15 years.

The Somali community in United States is 100,000-strong. A great-majority of it supports Palestinians. It recently elected a Hijab-wearing Ilhan Omar to Minnesota Congress. She defeated Zionist Jewish Phyllis Kahn who held the seat for 42 years.

On December 3, 2016, UK’s Israeli propaganda organ Daily Mail, whined that London is pumping half a billion pound to defend the West-installed Hassan Sheik Mohamud regime but most of the military aid has fallen into the hands of the so-called “anti-Israel” al-Shabaab.

Both the US and UK have its forces in Somalia which are guiding the 22,000 African Union troops from Christian majority Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda – and Barack Obama’s kosher ambassador Katherine Dhanani.

Somalia has great strategic importance for both Israel and the US. Somalia lies at the tip of the Horn of Africa and north to the Gulf of Aden, a crucial part of the Suez Canal shipping route. Approximately, 21,000 ships pass through the Gulf each year, carrying 11% of world’s petroleum. The World Bank and United Nations ranks Somalia as the second most important country for unexploited oil reserves in North-East Africa.

OPEC: Iran is the new ‘power’

thumbnail61The recent decision by the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to curb the level of output maybe the “dawn of a new power play” in the oil market for the next few years.

Mehrdad Emadi, consultant at the UK-based Betamatrix International Consultancy says OPEC’s decision to impose a ceiling on output below the existing level of production by the member countries may be considered the most significant agreement since 2006 reached by the organization.

According to Emadi, the new agreement was reached only after all member countries agreed that Iran will be exempted from the voluntary cuts and/or freeze on the production levels. He said the decision will enable Iran to regaining its footprint in the crude oil market after losing its market share due to the Zionist sanctions.

The decision to exempt Iran was made despite objection from Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

In my view, this actually may benefit the organization in that the willingness of the other OPEC members to accommodate Iran in return for a united voice in the energy market and acknowledging the role of Iran as a key producer will make it much more likely to see the reemergence of a more disciplined OPEC that will put unity and long term interests ahead of regional bickering and short terms gains. Such a unity will generate a new level of political and economic credence to the organization in the global energy market,” Emadi believes.

Naturally, the Zionist Jews at the Stockholm-based Middle East Observer were not happy with Iran’s refusal to bow to the pro-western Saudi-Algeria campaign. On November 23, the MEO whined that “Iran is using its oil output as a pressure tool in regional power conflict.” It accused Shi’ite Iran and Iraq united against Sunni (Wahhabi) Saudi Arabia.

Now, the Sunni-Shia conflicts setting Saudi Arabia and Iran at each other’s throats, particularly in Syria and Yemen, make the relationship between the two even more fraught,” claimed MEO.

I’m sure some of readers must have heard the old saying: Jews never kill Jews.

Jew Bloomberg carried the headline: “In OPEC Poker Game, Iran and Iraq called Saudi Arabia’s Bluff.”

On November 30, the Jew York Times scared the hell out of its readers by warning: “OPEC Reaches Deal to Limit Production, Sending Prices Souring.” The paper claimed that Iran’s influence in OPEC, and indeed in the region, has been growing since the lifting of nuclear-related international sanctions. I wonder why UK’s former FM Lord David Owen made a similar statement in December 2011?

The Jew York Observer predicted: “OPEC Teetering & May Collapse.”

The Masjid-i-Suleiman, located in the Khozestan province in the south west of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was country’s first oil well. It’s drilled in 1908. It’s also the first oil well drilled in the Middle East.

Brazil: Zionist power and Muslims

Brazil’s president Michel Temer who came into power as result of a Zionist coup against democratically elected first native president Dilma Vana Rousseff has refused to attend the funeral scheduled for Saturday for Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team who were killed in a plane crash, due to fears that he might be booed again. During the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016, Temer was booed by Brazilian team as being an American stooge. Temer didn’t attend the closing ceremony.

Like United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union, Brazil’s media and banking sectors are totally controlled by pro-Israel Jews and Christians.

In June 2016, Rio Federation of Jews took an independent media source Vermelho to court for claiming that Brazilian Jews spearheaded the coup against Dilma Vana Rousseff as result of her criticism of Israel and rejection of Israeli ambassador.

Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Brazilian Jewish and Zionist groups have used their media to vilify country’s 1.5 million Muslim population.

In November 2009, former Brazilian president Lula da Silva angered Barack Obama by providing a red-carpet welcome to Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad. Obama in a message to da Silva demanded him to distance from Iran and support American sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program.

In May 2010, Obama slammed da Silva and Turkish president Erdogan for signing a deal with Ahmadinejad over Iran’s nuclear program.

The Turkey-Brazil-Iran Agreement: Thanks, but No Thanks?

In November 2010, former Brazilian president Lula da Silva angered both the Zionist regime and Washington by recognizing an independent Palestinian state over the West Bank, Gaza, and the East Jerusalem occupied by the Jewish army in 1967.

In November 2009, Israeli president Shimon Peres, a war criminal, paid a week-long visit to Brazil, a few weeks ahead of Ahmadinejad visit. During his meeting with Lula da Silva the Zionist Jew warned his host about Iranian threat to the South America.

Rio de Janeiro-based journalist Catherine Osborn, whose articles have been published by Jewish-owned media like Time, The Atlantic, CS Monitor, NPR, Foreign Policy, Next City, etc., penned an article, entitled, Deciphering Islamophobia in Brazil, for the The Islamic Monthly on April 13, 2016.

By 2015, Islamophobia increased a notch in a country where there has never been an attack by an Islamist extremist. The day after the shootings at Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January 2015, São Paulo’s biggest mosque was vandalized with “Je Suis Charlie” graffiti. That week, someone threw a rock at Muslim theater professor Sarah Ghuraba, 27, as she headed to the doctor’s office. Coverage of the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the later Paris shootings ran prominently in the Brazilian media for weeks, and many Brazilians enthusiastically changed their Facebook profile pictures to designs of #JeSuisCharlie and the French flag. U.S.-based wire services provided much of the coverage,” Osborn said.

Many writers and bloggers have claimed that Charlie Hebdo was an Israeli Mossad false flag operation (here, here, here, here).

In July Paris admitted that Nice attack was a false flag operation.

Although racism and religious intolerance are crimes that can earn jail time, Brazilians are rarely arrested for those reasons, and the 103 pages sent by Rio’s Luz mosque to the public prosecutor remain, at the moment, open investigations,” Osborn said.

Under Michel Temer regime the persecution and prejudice of Muslim minority has peaked.

Brazil is home to 120,000 Jews even though the Jewish Lobby has been claiming for years that “Brazilian Jews are moving to Israel in record numbers.” But, like the so-called ‘Holocaust survivors’ population, it has never decreased.