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India-Pakistan Air Force Chiefs exchange threats

On May 20, 2017, Indian Air Force (IAF) chief Air Marshal BS Dhanoa in an unprecedented move sent a personal letter to 1200 IAF officers to be prepared for operations against neighboring Pakistan at a very short notice and focus their training taking persistent sub-conventional threat into account.

Dhanoa highlighted the current worsening conditions in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir valley, cross-border firing along India-Pakistan divided Kashmir border (LoC), and pending execution of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.

Responding to IAF chief threat, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) chief Air Marshal Sohail Aman said that Pakistan will give a befitting response to any misadventure by India.

Our response to any aggression by the enemy will be such that their generations will also remember it,”Aman said.

In January 2017, Indian army chief had threatened both Pakistan and China with military action. India fought three major wars with Pakistan and one with China in the past.

On Tuesday, US defense intelligence agency chief Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart (an Islamophobe Christian) and Daniel R. Coats (Jew), Trump’s director for national security told the Israel-controlled US Senate Armed Service Committee that India could start a nuclear war with Pakistan under the pretext of fighting the Kashmiri separatist inside Pakistan-linked Azad (liberated) Kashmir.

Under Modi’s Hindutva regime India like America, France and Germany has become an Israel’s colony. India which had been a Soviet proxy against China and Pakistan for decades, has now joined the US axis against Russia, China and Pakistan.

Indian leaders love to brag about their military power against its small neighbors such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. However, since Pakistan achieved its nuclear deterrent, Indian government is using terrorism to demonize Muslim majority Pakistan.

Both Pakistan and India are nuclear powers. However, Pakistan’s 120 nuclear bombs are more destructive than India’s 110 nuclear bombs. The nuclear bomb stockpiles according to the Nuclear Control org., Russia has 7000, followed by America (6800), France (300), China (260), Israel (240), Pakistan (120), Indi (110), and North Korea (10).

On August 28, 2015, the Hindustan Times claimed that within next ten year, Pakistan would have world’s third largest nuclear arsenal!

India has much larger army (3.4 million) than Pakistan’s 1.3 million. 500,000 of Indian army is stationed in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir valley since the 1980s. India has a military budget of US$54 billion as compared to Pakistan’s US$7 billion.

Palestinian flag flies above Dublin’s City Hall

On May 15, despite objection from Israeli ambassador to Ireland Ze’ev Boker Dublin City councilors raised Palestinian flag above the City Hall to show country’s solidarity with the Palestinian people on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 occupation of Palestinian territories. The flag will stay there for one month.

The gesture is to support Palestinians living under an apartheid worse than South Africa,” said councilor John Lyons.

Ironically, Irish Christian lawmakers and religious leaders had played a major role in the establishment of the Zionist entity in 1948. Arthur James Balfour, also known as Bloody Balfour, one of the signatories of the Balfour Declaration, was chief secretary of Ireland before becoming UK’s foreign secretary.

Alan Cunningham, the last British high commissioner in Jerusalem was born in Dublin. He had been in charge during the mass expulsion of Palestinians by Zionist Jewish militias, an episode called the Nakba or catastrophe in Palestinian history.

On 14 May 1948, British rule in Palestine came to an end; David Ben Gurion declared a state that same day. The transition was marked in a low-key ceremony at which Alan Cunningham inspected a color party.

In November 2017, the Zionist regime and the organized Jewry in Western countries plan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the notorious Balfour Declaration which laid the foundation of a permanent Western colonial cancer in the heart of Muslim world.

In March 2017, Israeli president Reuven Rivlin extended an invitation to Queen Elizabeth and members of British royal family to attend the event. Queen Elizabeth has never visited the Zionist entity so far.

Three British lawmakers, Baroness Tonge, David Ward, and Lord Ahmad are leading a campaign – demanding that British government apologize for authoring and supporting the notorious Balfour Document which has brought immense sufferings to Palestinian and Arabs.

British prime minister Theresa May under pressure from Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and powerful British Jewish Lobby has refused to apologize for British part in the Balfour Declaration.

Muslim-Irish relations go back to 1847 Irish Famine during which Ottoman Sultan Abdul Madjid Khan I (1839-1861) donated money and food to save tens of thousands of Irish people.

Two Israeli poodles meet at Vatican

After spewing his warmongering filth against Islam, Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas during his first-ever visits to Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity, Donald Trump, accompanied by his third wife Melania Trump, who posed nude for a Men’s magazine before marrying Trump, made a short stop in Italy and met kosher Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday.

Like Saudi King Salman, Francis also honored Trump with a medal featuring an olive branch – a symbol of peace.

We can use peace,” Trump said. Yes the Judas goat can use peace after he has destroyed Syria, Lebanon and Iran for Israel.

In return, Trump presented Francis a gift of five books written by slain Afro-American preacher and human rights activist Rev. Martin Luther King.

Francis-Trump private meeting in the Holy Chamber lasted only 30 minutes. After the meeting Francis met Melania and Ivanka who covered their heads in a sign of papal respect, a gesture they did not partake in Saudi Arabia – while  Jared Kushner covered his head with skullcap.

The Jewish media such as CNN, WSJ The Atlantic, Time, TMZ, etc. reported that a cold-stone Pope Francis and a beaming Donald Trump discussed terrorism and immigration.

Cartoonist Mr. Fish at the Truthdig described the meeting, saying: The leaders of the two most toxic and murderous mythologies ever concocted by human beings meeting to discus how maintain a white-knuckled grip on bullshit is the best hope we have to save the species.

Both Trump and Francis have criminal record such as child sexual abuse and collaboration with military dictatorships (here, here). Some of the other common traits they share include blind support for the Zionist entity even though there is no difference between Jewish army and ISIS, both insist that Muslim leaders should control radicalization of Muslim youth even though Jews are more radicals than Muslims. Both calls Holocaust denial as madness.

On June 20, 2014, Canadian Jewish academic Henry Makow, PhD claimed that Pope Francis is a Jewish Imposter. That could be a common reason to hate Muslims.

Manila imposes Martial Law in Muslim South

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte. Photo: EPA

On Tuesday, Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte imposed martial law in Muslim majority Mindanao state in South Philippines after a fierce bout of fighting erupted between Philippine army and the US proxy Abu Sayyaf which allegedly supports the ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighting Syrian army.

Two soldiers and a policeman were killed and 12 wounded amid chaos in Marawi, a predominantly Muslim city of about 200,000 people, where members of the Maute resistance group (composed of former Moro Islamic Liberation Front) took control of several buildings.

The military setback forced Rodrigo Duterte to cut short his visit to Russia. Duterete was born in Mindanao to a Pilipino Christian settler family. Duterte is former Mayor of Davao City on Mindanao island with 20% Muslim population.

Islam was introduced to the Sulu Archipelago and Jolo, what’s Philippines now, by Arab, Malaysian, and Indonesian traders in the late 14th century. No Muslim army had ever entered in Filipino, Malaysian, and Indonesian islands. As Islam spread among the native people – they established Sultanates of Maguindanao and Sulu.

Two century before the coming of Western colonizers to the Philippines, the Muslim enjoyed full independence, and had a well-organized government, the sultanate, which attained various achievements at the height of its power. The sultan served as both political and religious leaders, protector and defender of Islam, following the Islamic political system of no separation between church and state.

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is composed of the provinces of Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi, but excluding Isabela City in Basilan and Cotabato City in Maguindanao.

Islam is the dominant religion in only the 5 ARMM provinces, with Sulu and Tawi-Tawi having the biggest percentage of Muslims composing their respective populations.

After the fall of the last Sultanate of Spain in 1492 – the Christian crusaders invaded  Sulu Archipelago and Jolo to control spice route from India. They coined the name Moro for the Muslim islands assuming they’re Moors from Spain. After defeating the Sultanates – the crusaders named the islands after King Philip II (died 1598) of Spain, Portugal and Sicily. All these three countries had been ruled by Muslims for centuries in the past.

Filipino Muslims has a long history of armed resistance against the European and American colonists.

The history of Christian occupied Muslim islands is no different than the Jewish occupation of Palestine. Until fairly recently Mindanao and other islands in the south were inhibited almost completely by Muslims. After World War II, the Muslim-majority areas of Mindanao were viewed as a frontier that could be settled by Christians from the northern islands. After independence in 1946, Christian settlers from the northern and central islands began migrating to Mindanao. The newly-arrived Christians generally settled where the land was most fertile and became richer while Muslim remained poor.

To end the Muslim Huk uprising in the 1950s, President Magsaysay resettled some of the Philippines’ non-Muslim poor on Mindanao and gave them title to the land they settled on. Later more people from the overcrowded islands in the north were resettled on the so-called unused jungle in Mindanao – a move that eventually tipped the balance of landownership and political power in favor of the Christians. Muslims were denied title to land they had lived on for generations. By 1970, immigrants outnumbered local Muslim groups.

Professor Hannbal Bara’s History of Muslims in Philippines is worth studying.

Muslims make the largest religious minority (11 million) among 100 million Filipinos who are mostly Roman Catholics.

WATCH: Rabbi celebrates at Manchester False Flag

Rabbi Shneur Cohen of Chabad Manchester city was spotted serving coffee and donuts to cops after the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester arena on May 21, which resulted in the death of 22 people and sending another 59 to hospital. Chabad is Jewish supremacist group with ties to Israel Mossad.

The attack came ahead of June 8 general election which Jewish lobby fears anti-Israel Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party leader might win.

US officials claimed within hours of the incident that the perpetrator Salman Abedi, 22, was a suicide bomber belonging to ISIS terrorist group created by the US, Israel and Britain in the first place in order to provide humanitarian excuse to invade and destroy anti-Israel governments in region.

The UK’s Zionist-controlled mainstream media has already started blaming Muslims without any proof. Considering that Britain is the most heavily surveilled state in the world, one can only ponder.

Salman like all the false flag Muslim pasties was under observation by the British intelligence agency and London police – but was not considered as threat to the White or Jewish communities.

As happens in false flags, the security services held a counter-terrorist drill before the incident (watch below).

British pop singer Steve Brookstein, who became the first Jew to win the X-Factor award in 2005, irked his tribe by tweeting on May 23: Theresa May has a terrible day. Awful press and guess what an explosion in Manchester. Can’t make this S**t up.

Recently elected Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham just visited the Zionist entity – all expenses paid by Labour Friends of Israel. He believes that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has failed to curb antisemitism in his party. Manchester is home to second largest Jewish community after London.

Britain is home to Europe’s second largest Muslim community (2.1 million) after France (7-9 million). a great majority of Brit Muslims supports Corbyn.

American academic and author Kevin Barrett, PhD, also claimed on May 22 that Manchester carnage was a false flag operation by the British and Israeli intelligence agencies.

Bollywood actor: Use Arundhati Roy as ‘human shield’ in Kashmir


Paresh Rawal, Veteran Bollywood Hindu actor and MP belonging to Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP party provoked a twitter storm by suggesting that famous Indian author Arundhati Roy should be tied to a military jeep against the stone-throwers in Indian occupied Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Arundhati Roy has been subject of a smear campaign by Hindu extremists and Zionist Jews for her support for Kashmiris and Palestinians (here).

On April 9, 2017, Indian army Major Nitin Gogoi  tied a Kashmiri Muslim to his military jeep as human shield to protect himself from stone throwing Kashmiri youth (see photo at the top).

The state’s chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti, claimed that a First Information Report (FIR) was also lodged at a local police station against the army unit. She sought a detailed report from the state police.

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah tweeted: “A warning can be heard saying that stone pelters [in held Kashmir] will meet this fate. This requires an urgent inquiry and follow up now.”

In response to the social media condemnations, India’s Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi disapproved of growing criticism of a human shield the army used to thwart stone-pelting protesters in Indian-held Kashmir.

Indian army awarded Major Gogoi a medal for his bravery. I bet, Major Gogoi learned this act of bravery from Israel army which have even used 7-year-old Palestinian kid as human shield.

In June 2013, United Nations human rights body accused Israeli occupation forces of mistreating Palestinian children, including by torturing those in custody and using others as human shields.

Kashmir has seen unprecedented violence ever since the killing of top Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in July last year, in which more than 80 people were killed.

Modi government is contemplating to impose Governor rule in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Last year, US-based pro-Israel Brookings Institution in a report said that India blocked access to the internet in various regions to prevent demonstrations 22 times in the 12 months starting in July 2015, more often than Muslim-majority Syria, Pakistan and Turkey did put together.

Theresa May: Corbyn victory is scary

Israeli poodle, British prime minister Theresa May has warned Britons against voting for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the June 8 general election, saying: Corbyn as the next prime minister should scare us all.

In an opinion post at Jewish Daily Mail, Theresa May said it was a cold, hard fact that if her party lost six seats at June’s General Election that Jeremy Corbyn could lead the country.

The ruling conservatives won 330 seats in 2015 against Labour’s 232 seats. A total of 326 seats are needed for a majority.

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs who support his leadership have been target of a vicious smear campaign run by the organized Jewry and Tony Blair, a war criminal. Corbyn has been accused of antisemitism for suggesting that London should stop blaming Hamas and Iran of terrorism and hold dialogues with them. He is also against British support for the Syrian rebels fighting Assad government.

Both former prime minister David Cameron and Theresa May have accused Labour party of harboring antisemites like Ken Livingstone with Jewish family roots, MP Naz Shah, and MP Dr. Rupa Asha Huq.

Jamie Stern-Wiener, Jewish writer and blogger claims that Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got an antisemitism problem. His opponents do.

Theresa May admires US president Donald Trump and France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron, a Rothschild agent. All three have openly shown their hatred of Muslims and blind support for the Zionist entity. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand, dislike the two. Last week, Corbyn called Trump a great threat to world peace.

The latest poll shows Conservatives are losing their lead over Labour.

Ian Greenhalgh’s latest article, entitled, Assange, Wikileaks and how Israel enslaved the British shows why the British organized Jewry supports Theresa May against Jeremy Corbyn.