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Khamenei tells Putin to ‘ditch US dollar’


Russian president Vladimir Putin was in Tehran on Wednesday for bilateral talks between Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan . Putin held meeting with Dr. Rouhani and Aliyev (a Shi’ite Muslim) in Tehran. Afterwards Putin visited Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei. This was Putin’s sixth meeting with Ayatullah Khamenei.

During the meeting Khamenei highlighted the success of military cooperation between Iran and Russia with Syrian army in Syria – Khamenei said: “The defeat of the US-lead coalition supporting terrorists in Syria is an undeniable fact, but they continue to hatch plots.”

Khamenei also told Putin that both countries should utilize their recent useful regional and bilateral experiences to boost cooperation between the two countries.

Full resolution of Syria’s crisis needs strong cooperation between Iran and Russia. Our cooperation can isolate United States. This cooperation will restore stability in the region,” Khamenei told his guest.

Khamenei also suggested that both countries can nullify US sanction, isolate the US by various methods such as eliminating US dollar, replacing it with national currencies in bi/multi-lateral trade transactions.

Israeli propagandist in a smearing campaign are highlighting Khamenei’s suggestion to Putin to dump US dollar – but the idiots don’t realize that Putin in September 2017 instructed Russian Duma to pass a law making the ruble the main currency of exchange at all Russian seaports by next year.

Nearly 23 countries are abandoning US dollar including China, Germany, India, France and Britain in the near future. Latin America’s largest oil exporter Venezuela stopped accepting payment in US dollar in September 2017.

Both Iran and Russia are under US sanctions – Iran since 1980 and Russia since the Ukraine crisis.

In response Putin praised Iranian policies to bring peace and stability in the region. He also assured Russian support for 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers (US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany) which Donald Trump dumped last month.

According to some western financial pundits, if Russia begin dumping its treasuries en masse in the open market, then it could trigger an immediate US$16 trillion return of all dollars offshore as countries already wanting to get rid of US currency find the perfect opportunity to not be left holding the bag.


Sultan of Brunei celebrates Golden Jubilee

On October 5, the oil-rich Muslim Sheikhdom of Brunei marked the 50-year rule of Sultan Haji Sir Hassanal Bolkiah,71, with great pump-and-show. The celebrations are expected to last for one month and would include the opening of Brunei’s first cable-stayed bridge, the unveiling of a major new urban park and a state banquet at the gold-domed palace on Friday. The royal banquet will be attended by regional leaders as well as British prince Edward and princess  Sophie and Middle Eastern royalty. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is also in Brunei to attend to celebration.

In addition, over 200 foreign journalists have reached Brunei to cover the event.

Sultan Bolkiah, the 29th Sultan of Brunei, is world’ sixth richest monarch (US$40 billion) mostly invested in hotel chains, real-state, Halal food factories and commercial airlines in UK, US, China and Monte Carlo.

However, Bolkiah has a Zionist Problem; he refuses to have any dealing with Zionist entity, has lately implementing partial Islamic Shari’ah in his Sheikhdom, and supports an independent Palestinian state.

Bolkiah visited China in June which resulted in signing US$3.5 billion oil-gas exploration deal. China has strategically leveraged into Hassanal’s Vision Brunei 2035, a long-term state-steered plan launched a decade ago to reduce the nation’s dependence on fuel exports and reposition the country as a new Islamic Singapore.

Sultan Bolkiah is world’s second-longest reigning monarch after Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom. He was appointed Crown Prince at age 15 and ascended to the thrown in October 1967.

Oil and natural gas reserves were found in Brunei in 1929. Currently, Brunei is fourth top producer of oil in Asia and number one producer of natural gas in the region.

Brunei has a population of less than 400,000. There is no income tax and all education, and medical expenses are paid by the government (here).

Brunei, a British colony for a century, continue to pay over US$30 million per year for a battalion of British Gurkhas to defend it since its independence on January 1, 1984. Last year, former Indian vice-President Muhammad Hamid Ansari, during his visit offered Indian military help to Brunei against China.

Brunei is part of Malay Archipelago currently divided into Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, East Timor and Brunei. No Muslim army ever invaded Malay Archipelago. Islam was spread by Arab traders involved in camphor, pepper and gold. The first Sultanate was established in Brunei when its ruler Awang Alak Betatar accepted Islam and took the name Sultan Muhammad I (1368-1403). By 1478, most of people in neighboring islands ruled by Hindus, embraced Islam.

Tunisian Jews refuse to leave the country

This month, pro-US Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi has announced two good news to please world organized Jewry; 1) the state wouldn’t force gay men to undergo anal test, and 2) the state would support Muslim women to marry Jews and Christians.

Organized Jewry has long been lying for decades about the plight of the so-called dwindling Jewish communities in Muslim majority countries particularly in Islamic Iran and Tunisia. Both countries are home to the oldest Jewish communities – centuries before the Jews from Khazaria arrived in Christian Europe. Iran (Persia) is even mention in Book of Esther in Jewish Talmud, possibly authored by rabbis 100 years after the so-called ‘crucification’ of prophet Isa (Jesus).

After the Western creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine to solve their centuries-old Jewish problem – many Jews from Iran and French colony Tunisia migrated to Israel but ones who refused to be fooled by Zionist propaganda lies about Muslims – stayed-put in their ancestral homelands. Iran is still home to 30,000 Jews – the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside the occupied Palestine. Tunisia is home to over 2,000 Jews who boast of having Africa’s oldest El-Ghriba synagogue in Riadh.

The remaining Jews in Tunisia and Islamic Republic have refused to take bribes from their fellow Jews living in Israel and United States to immigrate to the Zionist entity. But the Israeli propagandists are known for taking “NO as an answer.”

On September 25, 2017, Cnaan Liphshiz posted latest hasbara Shitz at the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), entitled, “In Tunisia, an ancient Jewish community braves uncertain future.” He claims that it’s hard for the Jews performing Minyan – the quorum of 10 Jewish men that Judaism mandates for certain anti-goyim prayers, and a threshold requirement for any viable community.

Everybody’s thought about leaving, myself included.The economy’s bad, the currency’s plummeting, tourism’s suffering because of terrorism and jobs are scarce and not well paying. It’s not perfect,”Liphshitz quote his imaginary Tunisian source to support his Zionist hasbara.

Yes, the tiny North African Tunisia is no Switzerland but it’s far better than the Zionist entity where one out of every three Jewish children are raised in poverty (reported by Lee Yaron, Ha’aretz, January 17, 2017). According to 2016 National Insurance Institute report, I in 5 Israeli live in poverty – worst among the OECD developing countries, despite to the fact that the Zionist entity has sucked more than US$3 trillion from American taxpayers since the 1970s.

People’s Tribunal: Myanmar is guilty of Muslim Genocide

On Friday Rome-based International People’s Tribunal on Myanmar held Myanmar guilty of genocide against Rohingya Muslims (watch video below) and said the “systematic targeting of civilians and other acts committed by the Myanmar Army must be qualified as war crimes.”

A seven-member bench of Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT), holding proceedings on atrocities and state crimes against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Buddhist Myanmar, said its army was committing the crime in the context of official duties.

On the strength of the evidence presented, the tribunal reached the consensus ruling that the State of Myanmar has the intent to commit genocide against the Kachin people and the other Muslim groups. Further, the State of Myanmar is guilty of the crime of genocide against the Rohingya group. Moreover, that genocide against the Rohingya is now taking place with ongoing acts of genocide and the possibility the casualties of that genocide could be even higher in the future if nothing is done to stop it,” the judgement read.

The tribunal heard first-hand horrific accounts of Rohingya women who had been raped in their homes in Rakhine State by the military forces. These women also witnessed other women who were raped or gang-raped in front of their eyes.

The four survivors’ testimonies also presented a horrific pattern that the Rohingya women who had been raped by the military were raped again several times and for months by the smugglers and other people who took advantage of the situation, in all their way from Rakhine to Thailand and Malaysia.

Amid the backdrop of tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing ethnic-cleansing in their ancestral country, the PPT held proceedings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and heard victims from the Myanmar ethnic communities, recorded their testimonies on their experiences in a court-like setting from September 18-22 at University Malaya’s Faculty of Law.

The Rohingya, a stateless mostly Muslim minority in Buddhist-majority Rakhine, have long experienced persecution in Myanmar, which calls them illegal immigrants.

More than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar’s Arakan state across the border to Bangladesh since August 25.

Hasina Mujeeb Wajid, prime minister of Bangladesh, who met Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly last week said Trump ignored her plea to help stop killing of Muslim minority in Myanmar. She told reporters that she “expects no help from him as he has made clear how he feels about refugees especially the Muslims.”

India’s BJP government has accused 40,000 Rohingya refugees of terror ties and is trying to deport them.

Muslims around the world are condemning genocide of fellow Muslims in Myanmar. Turkey and Iran have sent humanitarian aid for Rohnigya refugees in Bangladesh.

Iraq: No ‘second Israel’ on its territory

On September 16, Iraqi Vice-president Nouri al-Maliki, former US Viceroy in occupied Iraq, told US ambassador Douglas Saliman that Iraqi nation will not allow a “second Israel” to be created in Northern Iraq.

Masoud Barzani, president Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) with family link with World Zionist movement, is holding a referendum for the independence of his Kurdish entity on September 25 which is opposed by world powers such as the US, UK, Russia, France, Germany and China.

Barzani is using the referendum to instill nationalism among the 4 million Iraqi Kurds – out of 24 million Kurd population world-wide. He is also using it to divert public attention from his government bankruptcy since 2014 when it lost its share of oil subsidiary from Baghdad and oil price drop. KRG’s major oil buyer happens to be the Zionist entity.

On Tuesday, Iraqi Supreme Court ordered the suspension of KRG referendum calling it a foreign conspiracy to break-up Iraq on sectarian basis.

Last week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed an independent Kurdistan state in the oil-rich Northern Iraq. Iraq’s autonomous state of Kurdistan (KRG) was created under the guardianship of the US and Israel during America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The Jewish Lobby blamed Saddam Hussein testing chemical weapons on Kurdish town of Halabja in March 1988 killing nearly 5,000 people. However, the Zionist dogs don’t bark at Washington which sold mustard gas and sarin gas to Saddam Hussein in order to be used against Iranian civilians during the 8-year Iraq-Iran War which Saddam Hussein did to recapture Halabja from Iranian fighters.

There are over 200,000 Jew Kurds living in the Zionist entity over properties stolen from Palestinians.

On August 7, 2017, Israel’s former foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ari in an Op-Ed at the Project Syndicate Org. urged Washington to snatch Muslim Kurd majority territories from Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran to establish an Israel-friendly Kurdish state.

Turkish, Iranian and Arab press have reported a secret deal between Barzani and Netanyahu under which Israel would allow its Kurd Jew citizen to resettle in an independent state of Kurdistan.

Watch below 2014 BBC debate in which former MP George Galloway accused former British home secretary Jacqueline Jill Smith (Jew) of murdering one million Iraqi civilians during US-Iraq War. Jacqui resigned in 2009 after she admitted that her husband Richard Timney loved watching porn movies.

Let me just say, I knew he had used porn. Did he use it very much? No. Having said that, there were two movies on the same week,” Jacqui Smith said.

Netanyahu begs UN chief to bomb Iran and Hizbullah

On August 28, UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, a friend of Israel, from Portugal held a meeting with the Zionist professional liar Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. During the meeting Netanyahu, as expected, tried to fill Guterres’ ears with lies about Israel’s existential threats from Iran and Hizbullah.

The Jewish army has not tested Iranian army so far, but it had been defeated by Hizbullah fighters 3-times since 2000.

Last week, Netanyahu ranted the same lies during a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin – but since Russia loves to dip into Iran’s US$410 billion annual economy and its help to stabilize Syria which is home to Russia’s only foreign air force base – he refused to buy Netanyahu’s lies such as Iran controls governments in Damascus, Baghdad and Beirut. He also claimed that Iran is building its military bases in Syria, and arms factories in Lebanon which would be used to attack the Zionist entity in the future.

Since 2006, Netanyahu has never stopped recycling Wipe Israel off the Map lie in support of his propaganda against Tehran. Iran has not attacked any of its neighbors for the last 150 years while Israel has invaded each and every neighbor of it since 1948.

Netanyahu also accused the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for not reporting rockets fired by Hizbullah over Israeli civilians occupying Lebanon’s Sheba Farms and Syrian Golan Heights. The UNIFIL has long been infiltrated by Mossad agents. Both the US and Israel has long been using UNIFIL to blame Hizbullah for the murder of former prime minister Rafik Harriri, a supporter of Hizbullah.

There is no proof that Iran is building military bases in either Syria, Lebanon or Iraq. Furthermore, Iran is not building any arms manufacturing facilities in Beirut for Hizbullah. We heard a similar lie about Iran’s missile factory in Khartoum.

Afghanistan: Western lies never die

Every major Western leader and Jewish-controlled mainstream media have been telling their brainwashed audience that Afghanistan is a lawless failed state. They all blame Taliban for the current mess while exonerating the two Zionist-controlled evildoers, Soviet Russia and United State, which destroyed the 34 million 100% Muslim country in the first place.

Within 10-minutes of the 9/11 terrorist attacks George Bush and his Zioconservatives cheerleaders blamed Osama bin Laden and his non-existent Al-Qaeda for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks without even waiting for the investigation of the crime. It seems they already knew who was behind the crime and they wanted to protect the evildoers.

On September 26, 2001, Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul , former director of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI said in an interview with UPI’s Arnaud de Borchgrave: “Israeli Mossad and its American accomplices did it. The US spends $40 billion a year on its 11 intelligence agencies. That’s $400 billion in 10 years. Yet the Bush Administration says it was taken by surprise. I don’t believe it. Within 10 minutes of the second twin tower being hit in the World Trade Center – CNN said Osama bin Laden had done it. That was a planned piece of disinformation by the real perpetrators. It created an instant mindset and put public opinion into a trance, which prevented even intelligent people from thinking for themselves.”

On August 14, 2012, Canadian-born Israeli Jewish writer, author and radio talk-show host Barry Chamish (died 2016) in an interview he gave to US-based Salem-News  – Chamish admitted that Israel with the help of American neocons pulled the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

On July 28, 2017, American author James Perloff, PhD, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, said in a blog post entitled, 9/11 Simplified saying that 9/11 was planned and executed by Israeli Mossad.

American Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky was the first person to blame Saudi Arabia in his December 2001 book, 9/11 for committing the 9/11 which has become Jewish Lobby’s ‘official story’ after blaming it on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran.

The British, French and Indian press had claimed that invasion of Afghanistan was planned by Bush’s Zionist-controlled administration several months ahead on the 9/11.

In December 2016, representatives of Pakistan, China and Russia met in Moscow to discuss the US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan without inviting Afghan and Indian officials. This irked governments of Ashraf Ghani and Narendra Modi which are united against Pakistan for latter’s active support for Taliban.

Canadian war-reporter and author, Eric Margolis wrote on August 5, 2017: “Trump has proposed pressuring Pakistan, India and China to end the war. What an absurd idea. For Pakistan, Afghanistan is its blood brother and strategic hinterland. China plans to turn mineral-rich Afghanistan into a Tibet-style protectorate. India wants to outflank Pakistan by taking over Afghanistan. India and China are in a growing military confrontation in the Himalayas. Trump had better come up with a better idea. My solution to the 17-year war: emulate the example of the courageous Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev. He pronounced his Afghan War unwinnable, told his angry generals to shut up, and ordered the Red Army out of the war in Afghanistan.”

I think, my Canadian fellow is a little bit confused. In fact, China has offered to help Pakistan to mine US$1 trillion of its mineral resources.

Afghan war has cost US-taxpayers more than US$1 trillion so far. It has killed 104,000 Afghan people since October 2001. 31,000 of those killed were civilians. Over 41,000 Afghan civilians have been wounded while over four million civilian became refugees in Pakistan, Iran and India (here).