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Celebrating 38th Birthday of Islamic Iran

22[1]On Friday, tens of millions of Iranian turned out in streets in 100 cities to celebrate the 38th Birthday of 1979 Islamic Revolution.

On February 8, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei pardoned or commuted sentences of several hundreds of eligible inmates to mark the 38th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution lead by Imam Khomeini.

What was unique about the mass rallies in Iran this year? According to Jewish propaganda mouthpiece, The Chicago Tribune, instead of shouting Death to America, Death to Israel, and burning US flag – the Iranian spread a large US flag on ground and Iranian walked over it. May be they couldn’t find an Israeli flag large enough for Iranians to walk over!

Despite the 8-year long resistance against the West-Iraq war, crippling sanctions by the Zionist-controlled United Nations, the US, and EU – and war threats by the Zionist entity, and its western colonies – Islamic Republic not only survived but became one of the most powerful nation in the region – both economically and military-wise. How it happened? The answer lies in the power of Islam.

Iran is now proudly standing shoulder to shoulder with those countries that have decisively rejected Western dictate. It became inseparable part of the mighty anti-imperialist alliance, which includes such nations as Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa and Syria.

Iran had been a victim of Western imperialism for 100 years. It has not attacked any of its neighbors many of which have been victims of Israel’s proxy wars since 1948.

The latest threats coming from Donald Trump and the Israeli dogs in his administration have failed to scare Iranian leaders because they’re accustomed to such B.S. for the last 38 years.

“Iran refuses to succumb to brutal force. It exercises its undeniable right to defend itself by developing its own defense systems. It patrols its seas and its airspace, and when provoked and insulted, it even sends its naval fleet to the neutral waters near the United States coast. It refuses to act as a weak state, and as a victim. Like China, Cuba and Russia, it inspires other countries of the world by showing pride and dignity, meeting challenges with decisive actions, showing strength and courage when its safety and dignity gets challenged,” says Andre Vltcheck.

Glen Ford, the executive editor of Black Agenda Report, penned an excellent article, entitled, Talking Peace and Justice with Ahmadinejad, in 2012. It is worth reading to understand why the Western leaders are suffering from the Jewish disease known as Iranophobia.

The United States is merely seeking excuses in order to perpetuate animosity to Iran which started from the day Iranian people completed the Revolution in 1979. Consumers of the US corporate media have become acclimated to the inevitability of a military assault against Iran,” Glen Ford wrote.

Somalia: Buffalo man elected President

On Wednesday, in one of the most corrupted election in history of Somalia – Washington succeeded in installing Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmaajo) Mohamed, 55, as country’s new president. He is resident of Buffalo, N.Y. He is former prime minister of Somalia (2010-2011), and holds Somali-US dual citizenship.

Only about 14,000 people out a nation of 11 million were allowed to participate in the election, and there was widespread evidence of bribery and vote-buying.

Somalia is one of the seven Muslim-majority countries whose citizens were banned by the newly-elected US Jewish president Donald Trump from entering United States.

Somalia has been a victim of western colonialists Britain and Italy (1840-1960). The first uprising against colonialism occurred in 1899 when Somalis sought to push the Ethiopians out of the Ogaden region but then expanded to target European colonists as well. The Dervish State, headed by Mohammed Abdille Hassan, an Ogaden himself who the British referred to as “Mad Mullah,” for trying to establish a Sharia-based state. The Somali resistance was finally defeated by the British army in 1920.

Italy maintained control of Italian Somaliland as a part of its African empire (including Ethiopia and Eritrea) until 1941. During WWII Great Britain also took over these areas and ruled them as military protectorates until 1949, at which time the newly formed United Nations granted Italy a trusteeship over most of present-day Somalia. The British maintained a trusteeship over what is today the self-declared state of Somaliland.

The northern protectorate of Somaliland gained independence from Britain on June 26, 1960.  Five days later, the two former colonies united to form the United Republic of Somalia under president Aden Abdullah Osman Daar, Prime Minister Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, and a 123-member National Assembly representing both territories.

In 1967 Shermarke succeeded Daar but was assassinated in 1969. On the day of Shermarke’s funeral, the Somali army, led by Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre, staged a bloodless coup. Under Barre’s military dictatorship, Somalia became a US-EU nuclear waste dumping site.

In order to maintain good relations with the Israel-controlled United States, Said Barre kept secret contacts with apartheid Israel and the apartheid South Africa. In 1984, Barre met R.F. Botha, the foreign minister of South Africa and in 1985, Barre sent his son-in-law Abdel Rahman Abdi Hussein on a two-week visit to Israel to discuss military cooperation. The resulting agreement covered Israeli arms sale and training of Somali military officials. This cooperation lasted until 1991 when Said Barre was kicked out of power. He died in exile in 1995.

The Islamic Court movement brought some peace in the country by banning clan militias working as mercenaries for foreign powers. This did not go well with the anti-Islam West. So in order bring chaos back – US-Israel created Red Sea piracy and Al-Shabaab terrorist groups. Last year, Obama administration blamed Al-Shabaab for carrying out 9/11 – even though Al-Shabaab didn’t exist in 2001.

Gelareh Kiazand: Iran’s female filmmaker

gk02-300x3001Iranian-born Gelareh Kiazand, 35, graduated in media from Toronto, and has worked in major Hollywood film productions alongside Brad Pitt, Bill Murray and Tina Fey, but it’s her independently directed documentaries on such subjects as plight of women, civilian war casualties, Climate Change, and fading cultural heritages that have not caught the eyes of the world.

Kiazand’s parents left Iran for Dubai in 1986, and she was brought up between Abu Dhabi, London, and Toronto before returning to Iran in 2003. Since then, she worked as photographer and cinematographer in Iran for six years. Her work has exhibited at Iran’s Museum of Modern Arts, and nominated three times for best film photographer. She has also worked as reporter in Afghanistan and India – and broadcast correspondent for Vice News – run by Josh Tyrangiel, a Zionist Jew (watch a video below). You can read more on her personal website, here.

On January 30, 2017, Tehran Times published an interview with Gelareh Kiazand.


Ivory Coast: The future Islamic State

ivory-coast-flag-2561On the weekend, the government of Ivory Coast and the mutinying soldiers agreed to stop rebellion at the end of talks in Bouake. Soldiers in Bouake mutinied earlier this month, firing rocket-launchers and terrifying residents of Bouake and took country’s defense minister as hostage, while demanding bonuses, better pay and housing. Later the protests spread to other cities, including the economic capital Abidjan.

Some independent African sources have claimed that National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US government funded imperialist tool is behind the mutiny. In July 2015, Russia banned NED calling it a threat to Russian security.

Exactly six years ago this month, Pamela Geller, the Jewish Acid Queen of Islamophobia had predicted that Muslims don’t need a majority to impose Islamic Shari’ah in Ivory Coast – they will turn the West African nation into an Islamic state by adopting Islamic financing.

Considering country’s first president Houphouet-Boigny’s (1960-1993) admiration of Jewish terrorists like Yithak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres – I had no interest in Ivory Coast even though half of its population is Muslim.

Houphouet-Boigny (died 1993) was born into an animist tribal chieftain family. He converted to Christianity in order to get admission in a French military institution. In order to gain a broader public support, in 1930, he married Kady Racine Sow (1913-2006) from a wealthy Muslim family from Senegal.

In 1990, Catholic professor Laurent Gbagbo challenged president Houphouet-Boigny but failed to unseat him – and was imprisoned on fraud charges. He won presidential election in 2000. When his mandate expired in 2005, he refused to call new election and continued his rule under the protection of French soldiers. Gbagbo is married to Simone Ehivet, 67, an evangelical with close ties to pro-Israel American evangelical leaders.

In 2010 presidential election, Gbagbo was defeated by Alassane Ouattara with PhD in economic from University of Pennsylvania, who was not allowed to contest 2000 election. Gbagbo refused to accept his defeat that created political turmoil.

Gbagbo was captured in April 2011 by forces loyal to Ouattara and delivered to the International Criminal Court charged with crimes against humanity. Ouattara was sworn in as president a month later.

President Alassane Ouattara visited the Zionist entity in June 2012. He was welcomed by Shimon Peres at the President House. Quattara told his host: “We have the ambition and the intention to reinforce fifty years of cooperation.  And we expect a lot from Israel, that it will help us accelerate the growth and development of our country.”

During anti-Gbagbo riots in Bouake in 2005 – nearly 800 Ivorian Christian migrated to the Zionist entity. During his visit Netanyahu urged Quattara to take them back.

images11President Alassane Ouattara married Afro-American Christian Zionist Barbara Jean Davis in 1965. Ivory Coast’s First Lady, Dominique Claudine Nouvian Folloroux, 61, was born into a rich Algerian-French Jewish family which left Algeria after the withdrawal of French colonial power in 1962. She converted to Catholicism before marrying professor Jean Folloroux, 22-year older than her. She accompanied her husband to Ivory Coast in 1975 where he got a teaching job at Abidjan University. Her husband died in 1983 leaving two children. She met Ouattara, then Deputy Governor of the BCEAO in Dakar in 1984. Both married in Paris on August 24, 1991. She has not converted to Islam. The marriage was officiated by Nocolas Sarkozy then Mayor of Neuilly, France.

Ivory Coast population in 2016 was 23 million. Despite the instability, Ivory Coast is world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans and its citizens enjoy a relatively high level of income, compared to other countries in the region (more info here).

US ambassador threatens Jordan

alicew1US ambassador to the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan, Alice G. Wells has threatened Jordanian government officials during a meeting at the US Embassy in Amman that Washington would cut-off USAID to Jordan in the not too distant future.

She accused Jordan for not helping USrael enough to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Two years ago, United States and Jordan signed four agreements on US aid to Jordan totaling 8.786 millions of dollars in return for assurance and promise of Jordan for dominating Syrian capital Damascus. After three years from Jordan’s promises and assurances and after two years from signing agreements, Jordan has failed to fulfill its promises and keep up with US’s interests in Syria,” she said.

Assad regime became more powerful now than three years ago. US has made a mistake to trust Jordan’s hollow promises. Now is the time to back of its promises,” she added.

In the past, Alice Wells worked at US embassy in Moscow, Islamabad, Riyadh, and New Delhi. She speaks Russian and studied Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic. On April 26, 2016, she was interviewed by professor Safwan Masri, executive vice-president for Global Centers, Columbia University, and an adviser to Jordan’s Queen Rania on education. During an hour-long interview, Wells talked mostly Iran’s non-existence nukes, and Iran’s ally president Assad being two greatest threats to the region.

Iran is a regional presence by geography, population, and trade, and its policies have a very real effect on the Middle East, from Syria to Iraq to Yemen and beyond.  Iran must decide whether to use the opening of this nuclear deal to play a constructive role in the region – the onus is on Iran to rebuild trust and resolve its differences with its neighbors after decades of destabilizing activities in the region. This deal did not attempt to resolve all of our differences with Iran and conclusion of this deal does not absolve Iran from responsibility for its dangerous and aggressive actions. We continue to vigorously enforce sanctions pertaining to Iran’s support for terrorism, human rights abuses, and ballistic missile program,” she said.

On USAID to the Hashmite Kingdom she said: “As a friend, the United States has supported Jordan in the past and will support Jordan in the future, whether we talk about bilateral assistance, US investment, or military cooperation. The United States has provided over $15 billion in economic assistance to Jordan since its founding. Just last year we signed an MOU to provide Jordan $1 billion annually for three years, and our 2016 budget allocates even more – in total almost $1.6 billion.”

One wonders if Alice Wells knows that during 1970-2004, American taxpayers donated $3,000 billions in military, financial and soft-loans to the Zionist entiy. The outgoing US president Barack Obama gave more aid to Israel than any previous president. With the election of Donald Trump, Israel has hit the gold mine.

In 2015, Alice Wells like British ambassador to Ukraine, Judith Gough (a Jewish lesbian) irked the ‘uncivilized people’ by delivering a speech at a LGBT event in Amman.

On Thursday, Jordanian information minister Mohammed Momani told The Associated Press that US president-elect Donald Trump move to shift US embassy from Tel Aviv to the Zionist occupied City of Jerusalem would be a “red line” for Jordan and would inflame the Islamic and Arab streets.

Momani noted that the transfer of the US diplomatic mission could disrupt relations between the US and regional allies, including Jordan, stressing that Amman will make use of all available political and diplomatic avenues to prevent such a decision.

Earlier, Benjamin Netanyahu had blasted Jordan government for voting in favor of UNESCO resolution which claimed that Jews occupying Palestine have no historic link with Old Jerusalem city.

In September 2015, King Abdullah II of Jordan snubbed Netanyahu over Jewish-Palestinian riots in East Jerusalem. In an interview with the Washington Post in January 2011, the king accused Netanyahu of not interested in peace in the region.

Last month, former US Army deputy chaplain and founder of Israel’s Voice website David Weissman posted an open letter to president-elect Donald Trump asking him to dump King Abdullah II – claiming that the king is no friend of the US or Israel.

Jordan established diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity on October 26, 1994 – becoming the second Arab nation after Egypt (March 1979) in return accepting one billion dollars bribe from the United State.

The tiny Kingdom is a former British colony carved out of the Greater Syria under Ottoman empire.

Regime change in Damascus thwarted

asd_a[1]The so-called ‘civil war’ against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad which started in 2011, was in fact a US ‘color revolution’ for the Zionist entity. Hilary Clinton’s email released in early this year, confirmed that the Obama administration had deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the best way to help Israel.

In an indication of her murderous and psychopathic nature, Hillay also wrote that it was the right thing to personally threaten Bashar Assad’s family with death.

In the email, released by Wikileaks, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that the best way to help Israel is to use force in Syria to overthrow the pro-Iran government.

Tehran smelled the Israeli skunk in July 2011, when a conference was convened in Paris by French Jew philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy. The conference was attended by Syrian rebel leaders and Israeli officials.

When the Syrian army failed to defeat the rebels supported by the US-Israel-Turkey and their Gulf allies – Iranian military advisers and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah fighter joined the war against the foreign trained and funded rebels. Russian started supporting Syrian army over a year ago. Russian involvement was hailed by Benjamin Netanyahu who feared ISIS defeat in Syria and Iraq would boost Iranian influence in those two Arab nations.

Since the recapture of strategic Aleppo region by the Syrian army and its allies has shattered Washington’s agenda to bring a pro-Israel regime change in Damascus in order to destroy the anti-Israel Axis of Resistance (Iran-Syria-Hizbullah).

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has claimed that Iran and Russia would continue supporting president Bashar al-Assad until the Syrian territory is cleansed of the foreign-trained Takfiri terrorists.

Former Congressman and GOP presidential candidate in 2012, Ron Paul wrote on December 19 that after the recapture of Aleppo – new US administration needs a new Syria policy based on American interests and not the interest of Israel and other western poodle ruling the region.

The pro-Israel propagandist The Washington Post has blamed Obama administration for the loss of Aleppo for not putting American boots in Syria like it did in Libya.

By refusing to intervene against the Assad regime’s atrocities, or even to enforce the ‘red line’ he declared on the use of chemical weapons, President Obama created a vacuum that was filled by Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard,” said the Jewish paper.

In fact, it’s Barack Obama who parroted Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement on August 14, 2011: “For the sake of the Syrian people the time has come for President Assad to step aside.” Western leaders echoed the Obama  – Assad must go!

Irony is while Assad is still in power, his pro-Israel adversaries such as UK’s David Cameron and Canada’s Stephen Harper are gone down the drain. US president Barack Obama will be out of the door in four weeks followed by French president Francois Hollande.

Benjamin Netanyahu and American Jewish Lobby has a consolation prize in president-elect Donald Trump as far as the Occupied Palestine is concerned.

US: Russia supports Taliban!

Even though, US president-elect Donald Trump has filled his administration with pro-Israel Jews and anti-Muslim White Supremacists – the Jewish Lobby refuses to forgive him for showing his love for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump has not received any praise for his hatred toward Iran or China.

Recently, the Fake News whores have blamed Russia for supporting Taliban who have been fighting against US-NATO occupation since October 8, 2001.

Alexey Dedov, Russian ambassador in Islamabad has debunked the allegation in an interview last week – calling the Western allegations as fantasies that Russia is assisting the Taliban in their fight against US-led forces in Afghanistan.

We have never ever provided any kind of assistance to Taliban,” the ambassador said. Instead, he said, Russia is assisting the Afghan government and has granted some light weapons to its forces and is running programs to train Afghan police and military personnel in Russian institutions.

Dedov insisted that Moscow strongly supports the Afghan peace and reconciliation process, saying improvement in the situation in security in Afghanistan is in the interest of Russia.

On December 4, 2016, while attending a ministerial conference in Amritsar (India), Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, the US-India poodle, blamed Pakistan, Iran, and Russia for the bloodshed in his country. He asserted that Taliban who controls nearly 80% of Afghan territory “wouldn’t last one month without Pakistan’s support.”

Taliban victories in the recent years have alarmed Russian and Chinese governments which fear that US could broaden its Daesh terrorist operation inside northern Afghan provinces, which border former Soviet Central Asian states.

Soviet Russia, was a staunch ally of India against Pakistan since 1950s. Moscow was the largest arms supplier to India during all major India-Pakistan wars including the demise of East Pakistan in 1971. However, in recent years, India under Modi regime has joined the US block which has forced Moscow to rethink its policy toward Pakistan.

Contrary to Soviet long love affaire with India – China which considers India a regional threat, has always maintained friendly relations with Pakistan. Pakistan was the first Muslim-majority nation to recognize communist China in 1950 and refused to recognize US-occupied Taiwan. It was Pakistan which negotiated presiden Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1972.

Both Soviet Russia and China have long viewed Pakistan as a ‘corridor’ via Gawadar (Balochistan) to reach Persian Sea for its year-round trade with the outside world. This was the reason Red Army invaded and occupied Afghanistan in 1979 which turned out to Moscow’s Vietnam. Afghan Mujahideen resisted Soviet Jewish/communist occupation for nine year – forcing the Red army to withdraw from Afghanistan in February 1989.

Both Afghanistan (2001), and Iraq (2003) were invaded not for oil but for Israel.