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Iraq: No ‘second Israel’ on its territory

On September 16, Iraqi Vice-president Nouri al-Maliki, former US Viceroy in occupied Iraq, told US ambassador Douglas Saliman that Iraqi nation will not allow a “second Israel” to be created in Northern Iraq.

Masoud Barzani, president Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) with family link with World Zionist movement, is holding a referendum for the independence of his Kurdish entity on September 25 which is opposed by world powers such as the US, UK, Russia, France, Germany and China.

Barzani is using the referendum to instill nationalism among the 4 million Iraqi Kurds – out of 24 million Kurd population world-wide. He is also using it to divert public attention from his government bankruptcy since 2014 when it lost its share of oil subsidiary from Baghdad and oil price drop. KRG’s major oil buyer happens to be the Zionist entity.

On Tuesday, Iraqi Supreme Court ordered the suspension of KRG referendum calling it a foreign conspiracy to break-up Iraq on sectarian basis.

Last week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed an independent Kurdistan state in the oil-rich Northern Iraq. Iraq’s autonomous state of Kurdistan (KRG) was created under the guardianship of the US and Israel during America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The Jewish Lobby blamed Saddam Hussein testing chemical weapons on Kurdish town of Halabja in March 1988 killing nearly 5,000 people. However, the Zionist dogs don’t bark at Washington which sold mustard gas and sarin gas to Saddam Hussein in order to be used against Iranian civilians during the 8-year Iraq-Iran War which Saddam Hussein did to recapture Halabja from Iranian fighters.

There are over 200,000 Jew Kurds living in the Zionist entity over properties stolen from Palestinians.

On August 7, 2017, Israel’s former foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ari in an Op-Ed at the Project Syndicate Org. urged Washington to snatch Muslim Kurd majority territories from Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran to establish an Israel-friendly Kurdish state.

Turkish, Iranian and Arab press have reported a secret deal between Barzani and Netanyahu under which Israel would allow its Kurd Jew citizen to resettle in an independent state of Kurdistan.

Watch below 2014 BBC debate in which former MP George Galloway accused former British home secretary Jacqueline Jill Smith (Jew) of murdering one million Iraqi civilians during US-Iraq War. Jacqui resigned in 2009 after she admitted that her husband Richard Timney loved watching porn movies.

Let me just say, I knew he had used porn. Did he use it very much? No. Having said that, there were two movies on the same week,” Jacqui Smith said.


4 Pakistani students win $1 million Hult Prize

On Saturday night, former US president Bill Clinton presented Rutgers University’s Pakistani students Hassan Usmani, Hanna Lakhani, Moneed Mian and Gia Farooqi with US$1 million in start-up funding from the Hult Prize Foundation, a NGO dedicated to funding humanitarian initiatives.

The award ceremony was held at New York’s United Nations headquarters where contestants from universities around the world gathered for the end of the year-long competition.

The Pakistani group won the regional finals of the competition in March, out of 50,000 applicants, coincidentally a few days before Donald Trump announced a new executive order for a 120-day ban on Muslims from 7-Muslim majority countries entering United States. The Pakistani team beat groups from prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale and Purdue, and is one of five regional winners across the world, Umair Masood, Rutgers’ campus director for the Hult Prize, said.

The challenge was issued by Bill Clinton, member of Hult Foundation board of trustees, tasked contestants with finding a plan to address the world’s refugees, providing employment and restoring dignity by 2022.

The winning concept, Roshni (Light) Rides, is an eco-friendly rickshaw service, a two- or-three-wheeled passenger cart fueled by renewable energy that will allow refugees to travel with ease and without a financial burden.

Korangi Town is considered one of Asia’s largest slums housing about 2.4 million refugees from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

We hope to revolutionize the transportation world with Roshni Rides and help restore sufficiency and dignity to millions of refugees around the world,” Gia Farooqi said.

According to UNHRC there are over 70 million refugees worldwide. Muslim refugees make 60% of that count.

The Hult Prize is world’s largest prize for innovative university students. It was established in 2012 by Swedish billionaire entrepreneur Bertil Eric Hult, 76, who dropped-out from school after junior high.

Pakistan-Turkey-Iran against military solution to Afghanistan

Donald Trump during his presidential campaign had promised to end US-NATO’s failed mission in Afghanistan to liberate Afghan women, build a pipeline from Caspian Sea to Haifa refinery in Israel and return the country to become largest supplier to West’s drugs industry monopolized by the Zionist Mafia.

However, last month in his address to the nation, Trump announced his decision to deploy several thousands more US soldiers to help the US Viceroy Ghani in Kabul against anti-USrael Taliban.

Trump proclaimed that he intends to continue America’s failed colonial war in Afghanistan and might ask India, a military giant with feet of clay, to help defeat Taliban.

Last year, both China and Russia joined Pakistan to find a peaceful solution to 16-year bloodshed in Afghanistan and withdrawal of US-NATO occupation force from the country by installing a government consisting of Taliban and other Afghan groups.

Last week, Pakistan’s foreign minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif visited Turkey, Iran and China where he discussed Afghanistan issue with presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Dr. Hassan Rouhani and foreign ministers of the host nations. On September 13, in an interview, Asif said: “Turkey, Iran and China  agreed that there is no military solution to the problem in Afghanistan and the issue should be resolved politically. They also agreed that lasting peace in Afghanistan is important for stability of the region and vowed to continue working together for peace in Afghanistan.”

Asif said India is investing in Afghanistan along the border of Pakistan and we have serious reservations about it.

India backed-up by American Jewish Lobby, is against the withdrawal of US-NATO forces from Afghanistan.

The US-NATO invaded a non-military Muslim (100%) country of Afghanistan on October 6, 2001 on the pretext of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 even though none of the so-called 19 Hijackers was Afghan. The 9/11 attacks were planned in December 2000 by the Bush administration with the help of Israel Mossad, in order to provide an excuse to invade foreign states under the phony War on Terror.

US-NATO war against Taliban is entering in its 17th year next month – making it the longest and bloodiest war the America’s Vietnam War. It has cost US-taxpayers more than US$1 trillion so far. It has killed 104,000 Afghan people since October 2001. 31,000 of those killed were civilians. Over 41,000 Afghan civilians have been wounded while over four million civilian became refugees in Pakistan, Iran and India (here).

Qatar needs Jews on its side

On September 5, O’Dwyer, PR magazine reported that Qatar has retained the services of an American Jew public relations firm Stonington Strategy, to lobby for Qatari interests as result of the siege of the oil-rich Sheikhdom by Saudi Arabi and its regional clients.

Qatar government has agreed to pay US$50,000 per month to Canadian-born Jew millionaire Nicholas David Muzin, a Republican political strategist, founded the Stonington Strategy. The firm provided PR services to a number of pro-Israel Republican and Democrat politician and Jewish lobby groups.

Muzin was the driving force behind a coalition of more than 50 pro-Israel groups, including Tea Party, Evangelical and Jewish organizations, to oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

Engagement with Qatar can only be in the best interests of the United States and the Jewish community, as we cannot allow Qatar to be ostracized by its neighbors and pushed into Iran’s sphere of influence,” claimed Muzin.

After Turkish and Kuwait mediation failed to resolve Saudi-Qatar conflict – the Qatari ‘royals’ have come to the conclusion that since Zionist entity is behind the Saudi siege only organized Jewry could get them out of Arab isolation.

Muzin is a close friend and fundraiser for Sen. Ted Cruz. Both view Islamic Iran being greatest threat to Israel due to its support for Assad, Hizbullah and Hamas. Muzin is a former senior adviser to Sen. John McCain.

One of Muzin’s famous client had been Chicago-based Indian-US Hindutva billionaire Shalabh Kumar – the founder-chairman of Republican Hindu Coalition and an ardent Donald Trump, Narendra Modi supporter based on their common hatred toward Muslims. He donated US$1.1 million to Trump presidential campaign.

Muzin will advise Qatar ‘royals’ on ways to build a closer relationship with the United States and improve ties with the Jewish community world-wide. He will explore opportunities for political, cultural and economic cooperation with the US and Israel, especially in the areas of trade, real estate, job creation and technology.

World’s dictators, royals, mass-murderers, and terrorist organizations have long realized that in order to win Israeli and US lawmakers’ favors – they have to sleep in bed with the organized Jewry. Saudi ‘royals’ gave US$16 billion to Israel in order to keep their war on Iran. Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda became Netanyahu’s best African ally in order to whitewash his mass killing of African people. Even Iranian terrorist group MEK has courted American and French Jewish lobby groups.

Western colonists created Arab puppet regimes have always courted American Jewish groups and mass-media not to criticize their hundred-billion-dollars arms purchase from the US, UK and France to defend their illegal dynasties and wage US-Israel’s proxy wars in the Muslim world.

Khamenei warns Muslims of Zionist Evildoers

On August 29, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in his Hajj message warned the Muslim world of the anti-Muslim agenda of the Israel and Zionist-controlled western governments.

Today, the world of Islam is suffering from insecurity: moral, spiritual and political insecurity. The main factor behind this is our negligence and the brutal invasion of the enemies. We Muslims have not carried out our religious and our rational duties in the face of the invasion of the vicious enemy. We forgot to be both Strong against unbelievers and Compassionate among one another; Holy Quran, 48: 29,” said Khamenei.

The result of this is that the Zionist enemy is provoking sedition in the heart of the world of Islam’s geography while by ignoring the definite duty of saving Palestine, we Muslims are busy with domestic wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain and with confronting terrorism in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the like,” added Khamenei.

The heads of Islamic countries and political, religious and cultural personalities in the world of Islam have heavy responsibilities on their shoulders: the responsibility of creating unity and preventing everyone from tribal and denominational conflicts, the responsibility of informing nations of the enemy’s methods and the treachery of arrogance and Zionism, the responsibility of equipping everyone for the purpose of confronting the enemy in the various arenas of hard and soft wars, the responsibility of urgently preventing catastrophic incidents in Islamic countries – the bitter example of this today being the affairs in Yemen which are a source of sorrow and protest- the responsibility of offering determined support for the oppressed Muslim minorities such as in Myanmar and other such minorities, and most importantly the responsibility of defending Palestine and offering unconditional cooperation and assistance to a people who have been fighting for their usurped country for nearly 70 years,” said Khamenei.

Iran’s Press TV asked for comments on Khamenei message from Kevin Barrett, PhD, and Shabbir Hassally (listen below).

American academic, writer and author Kevin Barrett said that the wars, regime changes and terrorism in the Middle East is part of Western plot to “redrawing the map of the Middle East to essentially allow Israel to continue to expand without hindrances.”

Barrett said: “Israel in collaboration with the United States is trying to carry out the Oded Yinon Plan for promoting sectarian divisions in order to dismember the Middle Eastern countries and pave the way for the Zionists to take advantage from instability in the region.”

British Islamic scholar and activist Shabbir R. Hassanally said: “The Muslim world has been remarkably negligent because we (Muslims) have allowed the fallacy of Takfirism also known as Wahhabism to come along and infect us and to pit Muslim against Muslim for reasons which have no basis in reality.”

Hamas to re-join the ‘Axis of Resistance’

Former prime minister of Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh who replaced Khaled Meshaal as head of Hamas early this year, is showing his desire to re-join the Axis of Resistance (Iran-Syria-Hizbullah).

Relations with Iran are excellent and Iran is the largest supporter of the Izz El-Deen Al-Qassam Brigade (Hamas’ military wing) with money and arms,” Yahya Sinwar, Gaza Chief told reporters on Monday. Yahya Sinwar, 54, is one of the founding-commanders of Izz El-Deen Al-Qassam Brigade. He was freed in a prisoner swap in 2011 after spending more than 20 years in Israeli jail.

Sinwar, in his remarks, invited Israeli favorite Mahmoud Abbas , for talks on forming a new national unity government to administer both the Gaza Strip and the Israeli occupied West Bank. 

Khaled Meshaal abandoned his headquarter in Damascus in 2012, in order to avoid supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad against US-Israel sponsored insurgents. He found a new sponsor, the oil-rich tiny sheikhdom of Qatar. Since then the Jew York Times lead media have been spreading lies about Iran’s support for Hamas. Both Tehran and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah never stopped their support for Hamas – financially or otherwise.

Hamas leader statement reflects the latest developments in the region:

  1. The US-Israeli sponsored ISIS terrorists have been defeated in both Syria and Iraq – thanks to Assad’s foreign allies such as Iran, Russia, Hizbullah and Iraqi Shi’ite militia.
  2. Suadi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is planning to withdraw its forces from Yemen.
  3. Qatar has re-established its diplomatic relations with Tehran. Its ambassador Ali bin Hamad Al-Sulaiti returned to Tehran on last Friday. Qatar recalled its ambassador two years ago to please Saudi ‘royals’.

Both Khaled Meshaal and Ismail Haniyeh have visited Iran frequently since 2009 Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip to thank Tehran’s support. In 2014, Meshaal met Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, the greatest supporter of Palestinian people.

Hamas leaders have realized that Donald Trump with his Zionist Jew son-in-law Kushner as senior adviser on Israeli occupation, Hamas has no other alternative but to re-join the Axis of Resistance against the Zionist entity. They also know such entry must be blessed by Syrian government which would take time but could be achieved with help from Iran.

Muslim oligarch to build US$83 million University in Nigeria

Africa’s richest man, Nigerian Alhaji Aliko Dangote, 60, has launched a US$83 million university of technology in the country’s largest city, Abuja.

Dangote who is founder-CEO of Dangote Foundation, has set aside N200 billion to establish a world-class university in Abuja.

Dangote, worth US$18.3 billion, is world’s second richest Muslim businessman after Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (US$26 billion), founder and CEO of the Kingdom Holding Company. He is a business-partner of Donald Trump – followed by India’s Azim Hashim Premji (US$17.5 billion); Ethiopian Mohammed Al-Amoudi (US$11 billion), and Pakistan-Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov (US$10 billion).

Dangote is country’s top businessman but three things make him unique in the world; 1) he has not stashed his fortune in some foreign bank; 2) has no home in a foreign country, and 3) refuses to join politics.

Muslim majority Nigeria (70% of 186 million total population) has Africa’s largest oil and mineral reserves. Since the 1990s, it has no diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity but it has Israeli Boko Haram to terrorize Nigerian people and demonize Muslims and Islam. The Zionist regime is known for supporting the Biafra separatists. Last year, a Jew idiot, Paul Obi claimed that “Nigeria is losing US$7 billion per year as result of poor bilateral relations with Netanyahu regime.”

In June, 2017, Netanyahu became the first no-African leader to address the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) meeting in Liberia. Nigeria and Morocco boycotted the meeting in protest to Netanyahu’s presence there.

In November 2015, Israeli Mossad carried out bombing attack, in a crowded park in Yola, capital of Adamawa state in Northeast Nigeria – killing 35 people and injuring another 80 people.