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Egypt’s dictator against Saudi war with Iran or Hizbullah

On Wednesday, Egypt’s pro-Israel military dictator Gen. al-Sisi in a news briefing in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh said that he was against Saudi Arabia’s war hysteria against Iran and Hizbullah. He suggested that Saudi ‘royals’ should use dialogue to sort-out their grievances with Iran and Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah to avoid regional turmoil.

Our point of view when it comes to new troubles with either Iran or Hizbullah or any other issue is that we have to deal with great care so as not to add to the challenges and troubles of the region,” he said.

However, al-Sisi did support Riyadh on its crackdown on royal family members, former cabinet minister and businessmen – saying it’s country’s internal issue.

The new tension in the region is the result of the failure of Israel’s proxy war in Syria – thanks to Iranian, Hizbullah and Russian support for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Determination to roll back Iranian power unites the unlikely triumvirate: Benjamin Netanyahu, Crown Prince Salman and Donald Trump,” reported Jewish Bloomberg on November 10.

On Friday, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in a televised speech from Beirut said that he was shocked by the resignation of prime minister Sa’ad Hariri which represented unprecedented Saudi intervention into Lebanese internal affairs and a declaration of war on Lebanon and Hizbullah.

I want to tell Saudi Arabia and its followers that they will lose in their interventions in the affairs of Arab countries. Hariri is a prisoner in Saudi Arabia, and cannot return to his own country. Saudi Arabia is trying to impose its will on Lebanese government. It’s trying to sow the seed discord among various political factions here and pit them against each other,” said Nasrallah.

Nasrallah also accused Saudi ‘royals’ of working with the Zionist regime to attack the organization which has its members in Hariri’s cabinet and country’s parliament. He accused the ‘royals’ for funding Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, which resulted in a crushed defeat for the Jewish army.

Lebanese Christian president Gen. Michel Aoun in a statement said that Sa’ad Hariri must return to Lebanon to resign his post.

On November 4, Iran’s foreign ministry rejected Sa’ad Hariri’s accusation of Iran’s meddling in Lebanese internal affairs. Interestingly, in September 2017, Sa’ad Hariri in a statement had accused the Zionist entity of faking lies about Iran.


Pakistan-Turkey celebrate 70 years of friendship

On November 9, Pakistan and Turkey held several events to celebrate 70 years of their alliance and friendship. Islamabad and Ankara jointly issued a postal stamp to commemorate the event.

The joint stamp depicts two great poets and political thinkers – who left deep imprint on the hearts and minds of Muslims and Hindus of British occupied India and Turkish people – Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), the national poet of Pakistan and Mehmet Akif Ersoy (1873-1936), the writer of Turkey’s national anthem.

November 9, 2017 happens to be Allama Iqbal’s 140th birthday.

Both Iqbal and Ersoy were devoted Muslims – thus hated by Hindu fascists and anti-Islam Kemalists. Being a pro-Ottoman Khilfat, Ersoy was labeled as traitor by the Young Turks – mostly Crypto Jews.

Iqbal’s poetry was based on Islam and Islamic civilization. It has been translated more than 20 different languages. Allama Iqbal received his Doctoral degree from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich in 1908.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, has translated some of Iqbal’s poetry from Urdu to Persian language.

Muslims who ruled Indian subcontinent for over 1,000 years, have always felt love for the Khilafat in Istanbul. During WWI, they sent aid to Ottoman Turkey and held protest rallies against British invasion. After Gen. Mustafa Kemal (died 1938) abolished Ottoman Khilafat and banned Arabic language, Islamic studies and call of prayer in public – many Muslim leaders distanced themselves from supporting the so-called “modern Turkey”.

Pakistan and Turkey along with Iraq and UK were members of United States led CENTO military pact against USSR during the Cold War – but in fact it’s to protect Israeli interests in the region. It’s dissolved in 1955.

Saudi King detains 11 princes and 38 ministers

On November 4, the Saudi ‘royal guards’ rounded up 11 princes and 38  former ‘royal ministers’ and businessmen in a bid to remove any resistance to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s accession to the throne expected in the near future. All princes are detained in 5-star hotels.

The dismissals and detentions suggest that Prince Mohammed rather than forging alliances is extending his iron grip to the ruling family, the military, and the national guard to counter what appears to be more widespread opposition within the family as well as the military to his reforms and the Yemen war,” says Gerald Michael Feierstein (Jew), senior director at US-based Middle East Institute, an Israel advocacy group, and former US ambassador to Yemen.

One of the detained princes include billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a former business partner of Donald Trump. Currently he is a business partner of Jewish media Mughal Rupert Murdoch. He is a fan of Michael Jackson and spends his vacations in UK, Monte Carlo and Maldives.

In 2015, prince Alwaleed slammed Trump over his proposed ban on Muslim visitors to United States – reminding Trump how he bailed him out twice in the past. Prince bought Trump’s yacht and a stake in New York’s Plaza Hotel in the 1990s.

My spat came with Trump when he attacked my religion – Islam. Now he is taking a conciliatory note and wants to be more inclusive, so that’s welcomed by me, the Arab and Islamic world,” Alwaleed tweeted (listen to an interview with Alwaleed below).

Prince Alwaleed is the owner of Riyadh-based Kingdom Holding Company and is considered US$19 billion worth.

The other major Saudi business hit by Prince Muhammad was Riyadh-based Saudi Oger Construction Co. owned by Lebanese prime minister Sa’ad Hariri who resigned last week and currently living in exile in Abu Dhabi.

The US-Israel have been expressing their displeasure with the cohabitation that Hariri and other West-leaning parties in Lebanon have accepted with Hizbullah and its ally President Michel Aoun. They fear this gives Hizbullah political cover that only serves anti-Israel interests.

Yosi Melman, Israel’s prize wining journalist at the Jerusalem Post claimed on November 6 that Hariri’s resignation and Saudi-Iran tension had created a new political turmoil in Lebanon which is good for Israel as it would stop Hizbullag attacking Israel in the near future.

Pakistan mourns Quaid-e-Azam’s daughter

Dina Jinnah Wadia (born August 15, 1919) the only child of the Father of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Maryam Jinnah (born as Rattanbai Petit, daughter of Lord Dinshaw) passed away in New York on November 2, 2017. She was 98 year-old.

Pakistan’s president Mamnoon Hussain and prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi led the Pakistani people in offering condolences to Dina Wadia’s son Nusli Wadia, Chairman Wadia Group, saying she was greatly respected.

On September 11, 1948, Dina Wadia visited Pakistan to attend her father’s funeral in Karachi where she stayed with her aunt Madar-i-Millat (Mother of the Nation) Fatima Jinnah. Later she visited Pakistan in 2004 as guest of Pakistan’s former president Gen. Pervez Musharraf to watch a cricket match between Pakistan and India.

Dina was born in London where her father was member of Royal Privy Council. Her mother known as Rose of Bombay, converted to Islam at age 18 in order to marry one of India’s top lawyers, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 42. However, she failed to adopt Muslim way of life and after three-year marriage returned to her Parsi family in Bombay taking Dina with her. Jinnah never saw her until her death in 1929.

After Rattanbai Petit’s death, Muhammad Ali Jinnah asked his sister Fatima to raise Dina. According to Jinnah’s chauffer Bradbury, Jinnah himself requested his sister Fatima Jinnah, to teach her niece, Dina about Islam and Holy Qur’an.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah stopped visiting her daughter Dina after she married to one of India’s richest businessman Neville Ness Wadia, a non-Muslim Parsi. However Dina’s marriage like her mother didn’t last much longer. She got a divorce in 1943 after five year married life and left Mumbai first for London and then for New York.

After the establishment of Pakistan, Dina like Jinnah’s three sisters (Maryam Bai, Rehmat Bai and Shireen Bai) decided to stay in India while the youngest sister Fatma Jinnah immigrated to Pakistan with her brother Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

During her 2004 visit, she visited the hall where Jinnah’s personal belongings are on display. Dina showed a liking for three pictures and requested for blow-ups. One of the pictures shows Dina with her parents, another is that of her mother, while the third, which she liked the most, shows Jinnah dictating a letter to someone. Later she paid her respects at the tomb of Fatima Jinnah, her aunt.

See Quaid-e-Azam family photos here.


Iraq reinstate ban on Israeli flag

There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United States,” Patrick Buchanan said in 1991.

The Washington Post reported on November 1, that Israeli Kurd Jews (estimated 200,000) are furious over Iraqi parliament’s unanimous decision to reinstate ban on the display of Israeli flag in public. According to WP, the Iraqi decision was in response to Netanyahu’s support for Iraqi Kurdistan referendum.

The ban was originally imposed by Saddam Hussein after America’s invasion of Iraq in 1991 on behalf of Israel. After US-NATO invasion and occupation of Iraq on 2003 Purim eve, the said ban was thrown in waste basket.

In November 2014, Israeli Knesset made waving Palestinian flag during anti-government protests by Palestinians or Israel’s human right groups, a serious crime against the state.

The recent US-Israel supported free Iraqi Kurdistan referendum has backfired as result of infighting between pro-independence and pro-Iraq Kurd factions. On Sunday, Kurd parliament sacked (74:36 votes) pro-Israel president Masoud Barzani of autonomous Kurd province KRG.

Iraqi government has cancelled KRG’s autonomy status established during the US occupation in preparation for a new pro-Israel state of Kurdistan based on Kurd-majority regions in Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia. The Kurdistan Project (Sykes-Picot-1916) like the Israel Project (Belfour Declaration-1917) was brainchild of the British-French colonial powers to install their proxy regimes in the Muslim Heartland in order to destroy any chance of emerging a new Ottoman Empire in the future.

Naturally, leaders in Baghdad, Ankara, Damascus and Tehran are against this new US-Israel plot to divide the Middle East and further bloodshed for the Zionist entity.

On Tuesday, war criminal Netanyahu said that “Israel has great sympathy for Kurdish aspirations and the world should concern itself with their wellbeing.” He is the same idiot who has history of labeling anyone who concern himself for the wellbeing of Palestinians, as Anitisemite.

Trump’s national security advisor, Lt.Gen. H.R. McMaster (married to Jewish Kathleen Trotter) has blamed Iran for spoiling the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan. He said that Iranian influence in Iraq poses a great threat to both the US and Israel.

King Salman pays $100 million to Putin to end Yemen war

King of Saudi Arabia signed billionaires of dollars military contracts during his landmark visit to Russia earlier this month.

Senator Chris Murphy, an Israeli whore, has claims King Salman also signed a US$100 deal with Russian president Vladimir Putin to help the Kingdom get out of Yemen crisis with head up.

Chris Murphy recently participated a Geneva-based Gulf Rsearch Center meeting for the Democratic Management of the Armed Forces titled Views on Yemen held in Cambridge.

Murphy’s obsession with Saudi Arabia is well-known. In fact, he is against US selling arms to any Muslim country. However, he has always voted for billions of dollars Washington’s military aid to the Zionist entity.

On October 13, 2017, Democrat Senator Murphy, slammed Donald Trump over ripping US-Iran nuclear deal – calling it a catastrophic self-inflicted wound for America because it would force Iran to acquire nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the map.

However, he didn’t forget to demonize Iran for Israel. “The developments of Yemen are actually under the Iranian control. The Saudi-led coalition is in fact on the brink of collapse and King Salman is now well aware of the Yemen impasse and Iran’s role in this war. His visit to Moscow was an attempt to convince president Putin to talk with Iranian leaders to reconsider their strategy in Yemen war,” he said.

Russian media, recently, reported that Russia has offered its services to broker peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

On Monday unmanned US drones launched 12 missiles at two villages in Yakla and al-Abl in southern al-Bayda province in support of ISIS terrorists fighting Shi’ite Houthis fighters belonging to Ansar Allah – killing over a dozen people.

Earlier this week, former British secret service (MI6) agent, diplomat, author and editor-in-chief The WorldPost, Alastair Crooke, wrote: “While Iran, Oman and Russia have been busy working on a political initiative (while also seeking to restrain Ansar Allah on the ground), the US has been quietly discouraging the Saudis from continuing the Saudi aerial campaign. The campaign has had little impact on the Ansar Allah-Saleh military effectiveness but has made life hell for most urban Yemenis, with estimates of 1,000+ dead and thousands more injured.”

In short, Yemen portends a major humiliation for Saudi Arabia. Its bold ambition to assemble a new coalition Sunni army that would confront Iranian influence across the region has stumbled badly. It suffered early and unexpected defections by Pakistan and Turkey, and a distinct lack of enthusiasm on the part of Egypt (which demanded a huge fee in order to participate), Iraq (whose PM criticized the venture roundly) and Jordan. Worse, Saudis more recently have come to suspect UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of conspiring with Ali Saleh behind their backs to fix a political solution in the Saleh interest,” adds Crooke.

Kashmiri Muslim activists receive Norwegian award

Two Kashmiri activists to get prestigious Rafto Prize for human rights

Last month two Muslim human right activists from Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir state, Parveena Ahanger, a mother, and Imroz Imroz Parvez, a lawyer, won Norway’s prestigious human rights  Rafto Prize. The award carries a cash of US$20,000 and a citation – will be given on November 5 at a ceremony in Norwegian town of Bergen.

Parveena Ahangar and Imroz Parvez have long been at the forefront of the struggle against arbitrary abuses of power in Indian-held state of Jammu and Kashmir that has borne the brunt of escalating violence, militarization and international tension. Their long campaign to expose human rights violations, promote dialogue and seek peaceful solutions to the intractable conflict in Kashmir has inspired new generations across communities,” the Rafto Foundation said in a statement.

Parveena Ahanger is founder and chairperson of Association of Parents of Missing Persons. She founded the organization after the Indian Occupation Force (IOF) kidnapped her 17-year-old son in 1990. He is still missing and presumed murdered.

Imroz Parvez is founder of Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, an organization that promotes human rights and non-violence. It has meticulously documented the Indian occupation troops’ use of torture in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

It is uncertain whether the two winners would be allowed to travel to Norway to receive their prize. In the past, India has blocked their travel by withdrawing their passports and in some instances even detaining them at the airport before they boarded a flight out.

However, the Rafto Prize to two Kashmiri human rights activists vindicates Pakistan’s position that India is guilty of egregious crimes against state’s Muslim-majority.

The Rafto Prize is an annual prize given by the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights. It was established in 1987 in memory of Professor Thorolf Rafto (died 1986), an iconic lecturer in economics at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway. Thorolf Rafto became a darling of world organized Jewry when he campaigned against the persecution of Jews in the former Soviet Union even though Jewish elites controlled the country.

The first recipient of Rafto Prize working outside Europe, was given to Aung San Suu Kyi, the current Butcher of Muslims in Myanmar in 1990.

Last year, Iraqi human-rights activist Yanar Mohammed won the Rafto Prize.