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Peace in Damascus after 5 years of Israel’s proxy war

City of Damascus is finally liberated of the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia funded Wahhabi insurgency. People are returning to city suburbs once occupied by pro-Israel al-Nusra and Washington’s so-called “moderate rebels”. The city and the residents are rebuilding the ancient city destroyed by the US and its regional allies for Bashar al-Assad support for Lebanese Hibullah and Tehran.

No one knows how long this calm will lost as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are a regime change in Damascus by all means. Why? Because the Zionist regime wants foreign powers to Balkanize Syria on ethnic basis such as Kurdistan, Alawistan, Druzistan, and an anti-Iran Sunni Syria.

My fellow Canadian, Chicago-born independent writer and blogger, Eva Bartlett, who lived in Gaza for three years and had visited Syria four times, posted a heart-warming article describing her recent visit to Damascus in June-July, 2016.

On prior visits to Damascus, staying in the Old City, the sound of mortars being fired from terrorist-held districts outside of the city was a constant. In recent months, the mortars on Damascus have stopped. Previously, Jebhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria), Jaysh al-Islam and the Free Syrian Army, among other terrorist factions, rained mortars daily on residential areas of Damascus, hitting schools, homes, vehicles and pedestrians, killing and maiming indiscriminately, leaving civilians, including children, with critical injuries and amputations,” she wrote.

With the recent absence of mortars, Damascenes have opened outdoor establishments where before it was formerly too dangerous. Sidewalks cafes and outdoor eateries open at night were unthinkable less than half a year ago, let alone rooftop cafes and lounges. Although Syrians nation-wide suffer immensely from an economy devastated by war and western sanctions, in Damascus there is a renewed sense of defiance, a refusal to give in, or as a young man in his twenties visiting from Aleppo said: ‘They have their own war against death by living’,” she said (listen to her below).

Watch below Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syrian ambassadors at the United Nations interview he gave to ABC’s Tony Jones.

Iran: Kurdistan will be another Israel in the region

Iran-Flag-128[1]On Sunday, Islamic Republic’s longest (16 years) Minister of Foreign Affairs under three presidents Dr. Ali-Akbar Velayati said that United States is plotting to establish a second Israel in the region.

Dr. Velayati, made the remarks in a ceremony marking the first anniversary of the so-called P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA).

The Americans are seeking to strengthen Syrian Kurds and link them to Kurds of Iraq and that of other countries to create a so-called independent Kurdistan,” Velayati said.

Velayati said that creating an independent Kurdistan is a potential threat to the international peace and security.

The US scenario to create an independent Kurdistan will give birth to a second Israel,” he said.

On June 24, 2014, Jewish Wall Street Journal, reported the Israeli plan to establish an independent Kurd state and how it could help Israel in fulfilling its cherished dream of Eretz Yizarel.

During the same month, then president of the Zionist entity, Shimon Peres, told US president Barack Obama that “the Iraqi Kurds have, de facto, created their own state, which is democratic. One of the signs of a democracy is equality to women.” In other words, the war criminal Peres unwittingly admitted that his own Zionist entity is not a democracy since women in Israel are treated as low-caste creatures like in Hindu India. In Israel, Jewish women are discriminated in at least eight places.

Both Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman told John Kerry, “Iraq is breaking up before our eyes and it would appear that creation of an independent Kurdish state is a foregone conclusion.”

In January 2016, Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s annexation minister also voiced her support for an independent Kurdistan state for all the Kurd people who don’t have state of their own like the Jews in the past. Last week, a nude painting of Ayelet Shaked by an Israeli artist Yam Amrani was removed from exhibition at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. BTW: I tried to the re-blog the colored portrait of the “young, smart and beautiful” Ayelet Shaked, but it’s censored by Israel’s GAG order.

So why these Zionist thugs love an independent Kurdistan so much? The current autonomous region of Kurd majority Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), is not only has oil-rich Kirkuk area, but the KRG is very friendly toward Israel. It’s already exporting oil to the Zionist entity at preferential rates. A pro-Israel State of Kurdistan would provide the warmongering Zionist Jews a launching pad to further destabilize the neighboring countries like Syria, Iran, and Turkey, where sizeable Kurd communities reside.

After WWI, the British, French and Russian colonial powers broke-up Kurd region under Ottoman Empire, and divided the 30 million Kurds among Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Azerbaijan. Near 100,000 Jewish Kurds migrated to Israel after 1948.

Dr, Mordechai Zaken in his book, Jewish Subjects and their Tribal Chieftains in Kurdistan, documents the historical links between Kurds (in Iraq) and the Jews, which Israel plan to exploit. In September 2006, BBC reported that Israel was providing military training to Kurd militia in northern Iraq.

After the Islamic Revolution – Tehran created an automonous Kurdistan province which encompasses all of Iranian Kurd lands in the 1980s. The majority of Kurds living in the region belong to Shia branch of Islam. The Iranian Constitution says that the autonomous region of Kurdistan, like the rest of their compatriots throughout Iran, will participate in running the affairs of the country through legal channels and without any form of discrimination.

Ouch! Djibouti refuses to arrest President Omar

Djibouti-Flag-128[1]In May 2016, Sudan’s anti-Israel president Omar al-Bashir visited two of America’s African allies, Djibouti and Uganda to attend the inauguration ceremonies of Djibouti president Ismail Omar Guelleh (his fourth term), and Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, a staunch ally of the Zionist entity. Israeli Netanyahu paid a ‘historic visit’ to Uganda only last week.

Yoweri Museveni visited Khartoum in September 2015 after ten years. Both Omar al-Bashir and Yoweri Museveni agreed to work together to bring peace into the embattled South Sudan.

Both ceremonies were attended by the US and French ambassadors. In case of Uganda, both American and French ambassadors Deborah R. Malac and Sophie Makame walked out of the inauguration ceremony in protest to Omar al-Bashir’s presence. But, in case of Djibouti, both American and French ambassadors, Tom Kelly and Christophe Guilhou remained seated and enjoyed al-Bashir company.

The Zionist-occupied International Criminal Court (ICC) which has refused to investigate former US president George Bush, British prime minister Tony Blair, and Israeli leaders for committing war crimes, lodged a complaint with UN Security Council this week demanding military and economic sanctions against Djibouti and Uganda over refusing to arrest Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir.

Last year, South Africa slapped ICC over Sudanese President arrest.

In 2009, the ICC indicted Omar for war crimes in Darfur where rebels were armed and funded by the US and Israel.

Both the US and France have military bases in the Muslim-majority nation of a million people. The Democratic State of Djibouti, a former French colony, is located at the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and serves as a gateway to Egyptian Suez Canal, one of world’s busiest shipping routes.

Suez Canal provides the shortest trading route to the Zionist entity to the outside world. This is the reason western powers waged wars to keep it open for the Zionist entity.

PM: Turkey wants to repair relations with Syria

Last month Turkish president Erdogan jumped into bed with Netanyahu – which amount to throwing Gaza people under bus. Erdogan also apologized to Putin who didn’t even bother to reply.

On Wednesday, realizing that Turkey’s 4-year-old proxy war in Syria and Iraq for Israel has collapsed, Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim announced that Ankara intends to repair its relation with Damascus and Baghdad which have maintained very close relations with Tehran.

We will expand the circle of friendship. We have already started doing it,” he said in a televised address.

“We have normalized ties with Israel and Russia. But I am sure that we will return to normal with Syria too,” he added.

It is our greatest and irrevocable goal: Developing good relations with Syria and Iraq, and all our neighbours that surround the Mediterranean and the Black Sea,” he said.

Turkish military’s former intelligence chief Ismail Hakki Pekin, in a recent interview said: “We have been systematically working to normalize relations between Turkey and Syria for a long time, and came up with an initiative to provide the necessary basis for dialogue between the Turkish and Syrian leadership.”

Syria along with Iran and Lebanese Islamic militia, Hizbullah, is known as AXIS OF RESISTANCE against the Zionist entity.

On Tuesday, Syrian ambassador at United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari urged UNSC members to force the Zionist regime to withdraw its forces from the Golan Heights it occupied in June 1967. He insisted that there will never be peace in the region if the Zionist regime refuses to withdraw to its pre-June 4, 1967 borders.

Israel’s Yinon Plan for the region has failed, and as result relations between Erdogan and Assad will definitely improve in order to fulfill Turkey’s regional ambitions. Erdogan will kiss the hand he tried to break.

On May 3, Robert Satloff, executive director of Israeli Lobby WINEP in an Op-Ed at the Washington Post compared Bashar al-Assad with Hitler and Syrian Army with Nazi Army, even though Syrian Army doesn’t have 150, 000 Syrian Jewish soldiers within it like the Nazi Army.

Edhi: A true Muslim honored by Pakistani nation

edhi-3[2]Abdul Sattar Edhi, icon social worker, philanthropist, and founder of Edhi Foundation, Pakistan’s largest non-profit charity and welfare organization, passed away at the age 88 on July 8, 2016 as result of kidney problem.

Innalilahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon (To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return).

Edhi Foundation provides humanitarian services in several foreign countries including the US, Britain, South Africa, and Canada.

Born in Indian state of Gujarat, Edhi migrated to newly established Muslim-majority state of Pakistan in 1947. He was a practicing Muslim who dedicated all his life helping others (Haqooq Ul Ibaad) as commanded by Holy Qur’an. He never accepted gifts or cash for personal use. He spent a very simple life. He never had more than two pairs of clothes and one pair of shoe. While he provided shelter to tens of thousands of widows, orphans and battered woman, he lived in a cheap rental house. He wished to be buried in one of his two pairs of clothes.

Edhi began his public service in Karachi in the 1950s by turning his old motor-powered ricksaw into an ambulance. He used to transport injured and sick people to hospital without charging them.

Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis Bano Edhi are known for extending helping hand both to Muslims and non-Muslims as part of Islamic tradition. The couple looked after Geeta, an Indian handicapped Hindu girl for 13 years in their home who was returned to India on the request of anti-Pakistan Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. Later Modi offered a $180.000 donation which was declined by Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Motivated by Islamic spirit of helping others in need, over the years Edhi and his team have created maternity wards, morgues, orphanages, shelters and homes for the elderly, picking up where limited government-run services fell short. Currently, it operates 1,500 ambulances.

Edhi and his wife, Bilquis Edhi, received the 1986 Ramon Magsaysay Award for public service. He is also the recipient of the Lenin Peace Prize and the Balzan Prize. In 1989, Edhi received the Nishan-e-Imtiaz from the government of Pakistan.

Edhi has been nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and appears on the list again this year again.

A grateful Pakistani nation gave Adbul Sattar Edhi a ‘state funeral’ with 17-gun salute. His funeral was attended by chief ministers of all four provinces and heads of Pakistan’s army, navy and air force. Watch a video below.

Imam Khomeini’s grandson visits Pakistan

Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, grandson of the late Leader of 1979 Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, is currently visiting Pakistan. He is there to visit the Imam Khomeini International University in Karachi.

While in Karachi, Hassan Khomeini paid tributes to the leader of Pakistan movement Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (died 1948).

On July 6, Hassan Khomeini lead the main Edd prayer in the city attended by both Sunni and Shi’ite worshippers. The gathering showed the love of the Pakistani nation for the late Imam Khomeini and Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei. Later, he visited Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum in Karachi and placed a wreath of flowers on behalf of Iranian nation.

Zionist regime is now happy for creation of ISIS terrorist group in the world of Islam,” said Hassan Khomeini, while reminding the teachings of the late Imam Khomeini on forging unity among Muslims. He expressed regret over fading of efforts to show the negative image of the Zionist regime in the world of Islam. He also called for unity among Muslims in the Indian sub-continent and Islamic states in the region. Hassan Khomeini met with a number of Shiia Ulema and clerics at Imam Khomeini University in Karachi and in talks with them, he touched on current developments in the region as well as in the world of Islam.

Both Iran and Pakistan along with India have a 1,200 years common history based on religion, politics and Persian language. Two Pakistanis who influenced the 1979 Islamic Revolution the most, were; Islamic scholar Sayyid Maududi, author of 108 books on Islamic teachings, commentary on Holy Qur’an, and the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and Muhammad Iqbal, philosopher, poet, author, and political activist under British Raj. Sayyid Maududi (died 1979) was the first Pakistani political leader who exposed King Reza Pahlavi as enemy of Islam. Imam Khomeini had acknowledged him as the man whose writings inspired him. Some of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (died 1938) poetry in Urdu had been translated into Persian language by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei: Muslims are victims of US-Israel-UK terrorism

ayatollahkhamenei[1]Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei claims that the recent carnage in Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia was the work of the intelligence agencies from the US, Israel and Britain with the evil agenda to consign Palestine into oblivion.

In Baghdad, several hundred families saw the loss of their loved ones at the hands of criminals and terrorists and those who want to promote a fabricated and fake Islam among people at the order of their masters. Also in Istanbul, in Bangladesh and elsewhere in some other countries, people fasting during the month of Ramadan came under terrorist attacks. This is the result of terrorism nurtured by security services of America, the Zionist regime and England,” the Leader said during Eid al-Fitr prayers in Tehran Wednesday.

Ayatollah Khamenei said Muslim countries are the target of a scheme to turn certain political differences into civil wars.

The enemies are trying to consign the Palestinian issue into oblivion. They want to have the Islamic world preoccupied with internal problems so that the Palestinian issue is forgotten and the Zionist regime is given a chance to pursue its wicked goals,” said Khamenei.

Ayatollah Khamenei predicted that the wave of terrorism wreaking havoc in Muslim countries would backfire on its masterminds.

They will be harmed by the things they have created in the Islamic world just as they are gradually seeing the fallout. But this is their sin and their crime which will not be forgotten,” the Leader said.

Ayatollah Khamenei described superficial denunciations of terrorism by the western countries and their ruling poodle in Middle East as false.

Khamenei said that in Syria, the pro-Israel western regimes turned a political conflict into a fratricide and then through financial and military support and illegitimate oil revenues, they brought individuals from various parts to Syria and Iraq and created this regional insecurity and suffering.

“The main aim of the global conspiracy, lead by the US, in wreaking tragedies in the region is to relegate the Palestinian issue to neglect,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

Khamenei called recovery of Palestine as the core issue of the world of Islam, saying no Muslim or non-Muslim country with a conscience should ever forget the Palestinian issue.

The Zionist regime will definitely get slapped for the atrocities which it inflict upon the besieged and oppressed Palestinian nation,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.