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An Iranian woman’s fascinating journey thru 4 religions

Iranian-born former mini-skirt wearing American model, feminist, real estate mogul, and now Islamic scholar, and human-rights activist, Raya Shokatfard, 68, had walked thru Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity before returning to Islam that was despised by her being fascinated by the Western myth of “secularism, lavish life-style, feminism, and the civilized society”.

Raya’s family migrated to California in 1969 when she was 20 years old. she drove a Rolls Royce and spent her time at a beach house, religion and modesty, so central to Islam were far from her mind. At some point, these luxuries grew old. “I have everything but I’m really empty,” she remembers realizing.

Divorced with two children Shokatfard retreated to the mountains of northern California to home school her children in Islam and lead a more peaceful life. As her understanding of Islam deepened so did her desire to share and combat misconceptions about the religion.

Raya spent 16 years speaking in schools, churches and wherever she was welcomed about Islam. At the same time she operated as a highly successful real-estate agent.

She explored Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity before finding peace in the religion of her birth.

The September 11 attacks piqued her interest in challenging some of the ways Islam was portrayed in the media. She views Islam as a religion of peace.

I was giving public presentations about Islam to try to bring a better understanding of Islam to people,” she said. “People were really, really receptive.”

Raya has studied in Egypt and Malaysia. Currently she lives at Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Recently, Catherine Shakdam, the Director of Program for the Shafaqna Institute interviewed Raya Shokatfard. Catherine Shakdam, an independent journalist with interests in the Muslim East, is herself a convert to Islam.


US Muslim academic defends Cosby: Irks Jewish Lobby

ksidd14-3[1]Pakistan-born American author and academic Kaukab Siddiqui (Lincoln University, Pennsylvania) has won more ‘Medal of Honor’ from the Jewish Lobby than Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and Steven Salaita put together. He has been called ‘antisemite’, ‘Israel hater’, ‘holocaust denier’, ‘anti-gay’ and ‘anti-Feminist’ in the past.

Dr. Siddique is also editor-in-chief of the online Muslim news website, the NewTrendMag.

In October 2010, addressing a rally in Washington DC, Siddiqui is reportedly called Muslim nation-states to unite to face the Zionist regime; by dismantling it, by peaceful means if possible, before it destroy the Muslim world by creating conflicts, wars and sectarianism.

On July 22, 2015, Jewish The Daily Beast added a new antisemitism crime to Siddiqui’s long list. It involves a statement on his Facebook page saying that Bill Cosby didn’t do worse than what most of his fellow Americans do.

Dr. Siddiqui wrote: The Info about Cosby is not very surprising. Most non-Muslims behave like he did and he had a lot of money. Date rape is common in American universities as the stats show. It’s common in show business. What I can’t understand why it took so long for the violated women to come against him. Was it:

  1. He paid them off.
  2. Many women are sluts.
  3. American women are slaves of rich men.
  4. Random sex is quite acceptable in America.
  5. I really want to know. These “liberated” women of America have taken 10, 20 even 30 years to complain openly. Why?

In august 17, 2015, Pennsylvania state senator, Anthony H. Williams, an Israeli poodle, wrote a letter to Lincoln president Green demanding a disciplinary action against Dr. Siddiqui. In the letter Williams challenged the university’s position.

Academic freedom is certainly important, but so is academic integrity. Allowing a member of your faculty to continue spreading hateful, vile lies in the public arena is irresponsible; to protect him from any form of discipline for such actions is unconscionable,” said Williams.

Dr. siddiqui is also accused of saying, “all Islamic scholars agree that insulting or ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or any of earlier prophets should be killed.” Ironically, under British Constitution whosoever insults country’s monarch should be put to sword.

Frankly, I never heard of Kaukab Siddique until yesterday. But, I can’t help searching the truth about people who are chased by the Organized Jewry no matter which religion they follow. After having a quick look at Dr. Siddiqui’s online magazine, I have come to conclusion that he is one of those millions of naïve Muslims who live in a fantasy world where anyone who hurts Westerners, Israeli or Hindus, is a hero. They don’t want to know that every false flage blamed on Muslims was carried out by the US and its allies. The so-called al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, and al-Shabaab are bastard child of the US and Israel to demonize Islam and Muslims (here, here).

Lincoln University is America’s first Black university founded in 1854.

Canadian Catholic teen becomes Islamic scholar

An enemy of one religion is enemy of all religions, said Dr. John Morrow.

Born into a French-speaking Montreal (Quebec, Canada) Catholic family, John Andrew Morrow, converted to Islam at age 16. Now the 44-year-old Canadian is a professor, Islamic scholar (alim), religious speaker and author of several books. In addition to his mother-tongue French, Dr. Morrow is also fluent in Arabic, Spanish, Italian and English.

Dr. Morrow is author of the 2014 book, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World. Read a review of the book here.

Dr. Morrow presented a copy of the book to kosher Pope Francis.

During a talk with Dr. Kevin Barrett at the Truth Jihad radio show, Dr. Morrow debunked the western claim that ISIS/ISIL belongs to Sunni Islam. He said they’re hired mercenaries and have nothing to do with any branch of true Islamic faith.

In December 2014, Dr. Morrow in an interview with Catholic scholar, Craig Considine, PhD, narrated his spiritual journey from Catholic Church to Islam.

Watch Dr. Morrow at Goldie show below.

Marzieh Yazdi invents eclectic method for Qur’an research

ip033[1]Marzieh Yazdi, 55, is an Iranian Islamic scholar, writer and researcher of Holy Qur’an. She is the inventor of an eclectic method for Qur’anic research and publishes her works in a number of languages to promote Islamic culture and teachings in foreign countries.

Yazdi is widow of Haj Mohammad-Hossein Derafshifar, who was martyred in 1986 while fighting against Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist army during the 1980-88 Iraqi invasion of Iran to serve US-Israel interests.

Yazdi’s Trilingual Dictionary of Quran Vocabulary in Persian, Arabic and English was published in July 2010.

Last week, Yazdi in an interview with Iran Daily described her work and mission.

I have devised an innovative method. It is something between translation, interpretation and exegesis. Common exegeses may bore readers. However, my exegesis is based on adaptation from old and new exegeses. My sources include ‘Tafsir-e al-Mizan’, ‘Tafsir-e Nemooneh’, ‘Tafsir-e Qur’an Majid’, ‘Tafsir-e Javan’ and ‘Tafsir-e al-Kashef’. I have written and published two exegeses based on two parts (juz’) of the Holy Qur’an. Of course, to be able to understand the book properly and benefit from its contents, the reader needs to know about some of the Qur’anic concepts,” Yazdi said.

The dictionary presents a simultaneous translation of Qur’anic verses into Arabic, Persian and English languages. I have selected 300 words from each of the first two parts of the Holy Qur’an and presented their meanings in Persian and English in this work. The book will help English readers better understand the Qur’an. The book, which has a circulation of 1,000, is published by Afaq-e Ghadir publications,” Yazdi added.

Yazdi have been fond of reading the Qur’an and Islamic teachings since childhood. However, she began her career in this field in 1986 after the martyrdom of her husband, an official at the ideological-political sections of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

Yazdi is author of 12 books of which 11 have been published. Of these, 10 pertain to the Holy Qur’an and religious pedagogy and one titled ‘A Leaf of My Red Life’ is related to the Iran-Iraq war in which she have recounted 50 memories which she still recall from my martyred husband. Each memory is related to a subject from Holy Qur’an.

For further information on Holy Qur’an translations and publication, visit Iranian Center for Organizing Translation and Publication.

Malcolm X: 50 years after Martyrdom

xandking[1]Over the weekend (Feb. 21, 22) meetings were held in several cities and Campuses in the US and Canada to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X. 50 years ago on February 21, 1965 Malcolm X was shot dead as he spoke at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. He had just taken the stage when shots rang out riddling his body with bullets. Malcolm X was 39 years old.

The official story of his assassination, like JFK, has been challenged by many scholars and investigative journalists. The most popular theory is that Malcolm X was assassinated by members of the Nation of Islam with the help of FBI and CIA. However, professor Manning Marable (died 2011), Malcolm X’s biographer doesn’t agree with the official story of Nation of Islam being the villain. He believes the New York Police, the FBI and possibly the CIA were involved in Malcolm X’s assassination to remove the ‘Black Power threat to the US ‘Inner State’ as result of possible Malcolm X-Martin Luther-Pink Panther anti-Establishment movement.

A new political reality is opening up in the United States today. A new generation of youth, of all nationalities, is radicalizing and mobilizing from Ferguson, Missouri to Staten Island, New York and across the US. This has been sparked by a wave of police killings of unarmed, mostly Black and Latino, civilians and subsequent Grand Jury exonerations in clearly manipulated settings. This reality now confronts the US ruling Establishment. The framework for this new consciousness and struggle is the grotesque obscenities that now mark the so-called criminal justice system in the US with its mass incarceration of youth, especially Black and Latino youth, the virtual impossibility of seeing any kind of justice in case after case of police killings and brutality, and more broadly the mounting impact of the permanent capitalist economic crisis, growing impoverishment, and increased working-class struggles for decent jobs and wages, against obscene inequality in education, health care, and so on. Those coming into the fight will find no greater champion and inspiration in the fight for their better future than Malcolm X. For those who take the time to search, discover, and study this towering human being, beautiful vistas will open up before you, says Ike Nahem, an American Jewish writer and member of the National Network on Cuba. You may like to read his blog here.

Malcolm X, in an Opinion Post at The Egyptian Gazette (September 17, 1974) said: “The number one weapon of 20th century imperialism is zionist dollarism, and one of the main bases for this weapon is Zionist Israel. The ever-scheming European imperialists wisely placed Israel where she could geographically divide the Arab world, infiltrate and sow the seed of dissension among African leaders and also divide the Africans against the Asians.”

The Organized Jewry never liked Malcolm X for his support for the oppressed Palestinians. The Jewish-controlled media portrayed Malcolm X as “Jew hater”, “anti-American” and Black racist”. Perhaps the most notorious example of Malcolm character assassination was a scurrilous editorial in the Jew York Times published on February 22, 1965. To the Times editorial board Malcolm X was “an extraordinary and twisted man, turning many true gifts to evil purpose.” With a stunning and brazen disregard for the slightest accuracy and truth, the editorial asserted that Malcolm X held a “ruthless and fanatical belief in violence that also marked him for notoriety and for a violent end.”

In 1989, Columbia University under pressure from the Jewish groups decided to demolish Audubon Ballroom where Malcolm X was martyred. Black community activists, Columbia students and landmark preservationists protested vigorously and forced the university management to retreat. Today the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial stands in the lobby of the Ballroom. A great majority of staff at Columbia University are Jewish including its President Lee Bollinger.

Six years ago, Jewish groups almost got Karen Salazar, a teacher at Jordan High School got fired for having student read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, a LAUSD approved text.

A few months after the death of professor Manning Marable (Columbia University) in March 2011, Israel-First David Horowitz’s magazine FrontPage published a hateful critique of his book, The Real Malcolm X?.

Former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney claims that Malcolm X, like Rev. Martin Luther was assassinated by the US government. she said: “In fact, it was reported that Malcolm X got a phone call from FBI agents on the morning of his murder who told him, ‘today is the day’. He didn’t have to go to the Audubon Ballroom; he could have left the country; he had friends all over the world; he could have gone back to Georgia, where he was from; but he showed up at the Audubon Ballroom and told his wife to get the children ready because ‘I want them there’. He went to the ballroom and he was killed. So my heroes did not cower out of fear just because they were going to die. Actually I guess it added depth to their lives.

Hedges: Malcolm X understood the US better than Dr. King

Malcolm_X_NYWTS_4[1]Malcolm X, unlike Martin Luther King Jr., did not believe America had a conscience. For him there was no great tension between the lofty ideals of the nation—which he said were a sham—and the failure to deliver justice to blacks. He, perhaps better than King, understood the inner workings of empire. He had no hope that those who managed empire would ever get in touch with their better selves to build a country free of exploitation and injustice,” Chris Hedges says at Truthdig on February 1, 2015.

Chris Hedges wrongly claims, “King was able to achieve a legal victory through the civil rights movement, portrayed in the new film “Selma.” But he failed to bring about economic justice and thwart the rapacious appetite of the war machine that he was acutely aware was responsible for empire’s abuse of the oppressed at home and abroad.”

Chris Hedges says that Malcolm was against Capitalism (Usury). He quotes Malcolm X: “It is impossible for capitalism to survive, primarily because the system of capitalism needs some blood to suck,” Malcolm said. “Capitalism used to be like an eagle, but now it’s more like a vulture. It used to be strong enough to go and suck anybody’s blood whether they were strong or not. But now it has become more cowardly, like the vulture, and it can only suck the blood of the helpless. As the nations of the world free themselves, then capitalism has less victims, less to suck, and it becomes weaker and weaker. It’s only a matter of time in my opinion before it will collapse completely.”

However, for obvious reasons, Chris Hedges avoid to mention that for the above two reasons, Malcolm X was hated by the Organized Jewry. Rev. King on the other hand, was, and still is, loved by the Organized Jewry.

Half a century after Dr. King walked arm-in-arm with rabbis to demand racial equality, his movement’s legacy ignites the activism of American Jews on both ends of the Israel spectrum, pitting ardent Zionists against Jews who beg to differ with King’s 1968 assessment of Israel as “one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done,” Matt Lebovic wrote at the Times of Israel on January 18, 2015.

King, like Barack Obama, was a product of Jewish money. Both are the “Black Front” of Zionism. Read here, here and here. King’s image was pampered by the Organized Jewry through media and Black lawmakers as a counterbalance to the rising influence of Nation of Islam, Malcolm and Imam Waris Deen Muhammad, son of the Founder of Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad.

Both Malcolm X and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. became threat to the Establishment for different reasons. While King was able to influence the Christian Afro-Americans – Malcolm X attracted admiration around the Muslim world and anti-imperialist groups in the West and Latin America. Therefore, it’s ridiculous on the part of US security agencies and the Organized Jewry to blame the Nation of Islam for the assassination of Malcolm X on February 21, 1965 as Malcolm X could not have become a threat to the Black Muslim organization which he along with Imam Waris Deen Muhammad left to the mainstream Islamic faith.

Roland Sheppard, a Black Union leader and a witness to Malcolm X assassination at the Audubon Ballroom, in his booklet, Why the US Government Assassinated Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., which is worth reading to find the truth behind the false flag operations.

No wonder, the US Congress declared the third Monday of January as Martin Luther King Day, a Federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King Jr. (died 1968) since the 1990s. American government and politicians don’t honor Malcolm X.

Jewish scholar: No Jew hatred among Muslims in the past

Former UNHRC special envoy for the Palestinian Territories (2008-14), Dr. Richard Falk in his latest blog Post, said: “It’s also relevant to observe that anti-Semitism was relatively rare in the Islamic world, which upheld freedom of worship by religious minorities although claiming a hegemonic role for Islam, especially in the era of Ottoman Caliphate. Until the problem generated by Zionism, anti-Semitism was not a serious issue in the Middle East, where Jews in most Arab countries were treated as an authentic religion and a respected minority. Throughout modern history Jews suffered from European anti-Semitism with Russia considered part of Europe.”

What Falk missed that historically, Arabs and African Berbers created an Islamic civilization in Spain in the eighth century which even the Islamophobe Jewish Orientalist Dr. Bernard Lewis called the “Jewish Golden Age” in his 1984 essay, entitled The Jews of Islam. Read more about world’s most tolerant civilization here.

Even during Nazi era, Muslims in Albania, Bosnia, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, France, Morocco and Algeria played a major role in saving Jews as part of their religious duty.

Professor Mark R. Cohen (Princeton University) in a 2008 article entitled The new Muslim anti-Semitism, wrote: “Jewish-Muslim relations are at a nadir today. But the mutual hatred and anti-semitism on the Muslim side are relatively new phenomena, born out of political, rather than religious factors. When the Islamic Caliphs ruled large swaths of Asia and Africa, their Jewish subjects enjoyed a protected status their brethern in Christian Europe – victims of anti-semitism – never thought possible. Islam and Judaism have much more in common than Judaism has with Christianity.”

Richard Falk also narrates how he and his wife have been targeted viciously by his fellow Jews, whom he “smartly” called Zionists in order to hide their religious affiliation.

During the past six years while serving as UN Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine on behalf of the Human Rights Council, I have been the continuous target of a sustained defamation campaign spearheaded by a Zionist (Jewish) oriented NGO, UN Watch, based in Geneva. I was repeated accused of anti-Semitism and my views on other issues were likewise distorted to create an impression of bizarre judgment. I was called a supporter of terrorism, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, and the like. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles listed me in 2013, as the third most dangerous anti-Semite in the world, ranking just below the Supreme Leader (Ayatullah Ali Khamenie) and Turkish prime minister (now President Recep Tayyip Erdogan). Also on their top ten list were such notable authors Max Blumenthal (Jewish) and Alice Walker (married to a Jew, Melvyn Rosenman Leventhal, for nine years). Interestingly, Wiesenthal made no effort to distinguish criticism of Israel from hatred of Jews by entitling their list “Anti-Semite anti-Israel Slurs”, mixing the two types of orientation on their list,” Dr. Falk said.

The organized Jewry started chasing Richard Falk decades before he became UNHRC envoy in 2008. It began in 1979 when Falk along with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Philip Luce visited Imam Khomeini who was living in Paris in exile at that time. On February 3, 2014, Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, published Falk’s Op-Ed in which Falk praised Imam Khomeini as the true Revolutionary of last century.