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Julius Evola on Islam and ‘European Tradition’

traditionalism-propaganda4[1]Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola, better known Julius Evola (May 19, 1898-June 11, 1974) is Italy’s most revered philosopher, painter, writer and author. In the recent years, he has become a victim of White supremacists and Zionists for being influenced by the thoughts of European converts to Islam or who became frustrated with the Judeo-Christian religious dogmas, such as, French philosopher Rene Guenon (died 1951), German-Swiss traditionalist Titus Burckhardt (died 1984), and German female author Sigrid Hunke (died 1999).

The Islamophobe White supremacist writers have called Evola, an “antisemite” and “fascist” for being sympathetic to Mussolini nationalism. After Mussolini was freed from his Italian captors in a daring German raid led by SS-Hauptsturmführer Otto Skorzeny, Evola was among a handful of faithful followers who met him at Hitler’s headquarters in Rastenburg, East Prussia, on September 14, 1943. While sympathetic to the newly formed Fascist government in the north of Italy, which continued to fight on the Germans side against the Allies, Evola rejected its republican and socialist agenda, its populist style, and its antimonarchical sentiments.

When the Allies entered Rome in June 1944, their secret services attempted to arrest Evola, who was living there at the time. As his elderly mother stalled the MPs, Evola slipped out of the door undetected, and made his way to northern Italy, and then to Austria.

The European Jewish Lobby has accused Hungary’s Jobbik party leader Gabor Vona of under influence of Julius Evola as result of Vona’s calls for ChristianMuslim unity against World organized Jewry.

Italian Muslim writer and blogger, Claudio Mutti, in an informative article, entitled, Islam in the eyes of Julius Evola says Islam is totally independent of both Judaism and Christianity.

As in the case of priestly Judaism, the center in Islam also consisted of the Law and Tradition, regarded as the formative force, to which the Arab stocks of the origins provided a purer and nobler human material that was shaped by a warrior spirit. The Islamic law (Shari’ah) is a divine law; its foundation, the Koran, is thought of as God’s very own word (kalam Allah) as well as a nonhuman work and an ‘uncreated book’ that exists in heaven ab eterno. Although Islam considers itself the ‘religion of Abraham,’ even to the point of attributing to him the foundation of the Ka’aba (in which we find again the theme of the stone, or the symbol of the center), it is nevertheless true that (a) it claimed independence from both Judaism and Christianity; (b) the Ka’aba, with its symbolism of the center, is a pre-Islamic location and has even older origins that cannot be dated accurately; (c) in the esoteric Islamic tradition, the main reference point is al-Khadir, a popular figure conceived as superior to and predating the biblical prophets (Koran 18:59-81). Islam rejects a theme found in Judaism and that in Christianity became the dogma of the basis of the mystery of the incarnation of the Logos; it retains, sensibly attenuated, the myth of Adam’s fall without building upon it the theme of Original Sin. In this doctrine Islam saw a diabolical illusion (talbis Iblis) or the inverted theme of the fall of Satan (Iblis or Shaitan), which the Koran (18:48) attributed to his refusal, together with all the angels, to bow down before Adam. Islam also not only rejected the idea of a Redeemer or Saviour, which is so central in Christianity, but also the mediation of a priestly caste,” Mutti said.

On April 1, 2011, American investigative journalist an blogger Sean Jobst, posted an article, entitled, Islam and Tradition: Evola’s Thoughts on Islam.

Evola characterized Islam as a “tradition at a higher level than both Judaism and the religious beliefs that conquered the West. Despite Islam as a message based on the Qur’an and Sunnah, or way, of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) being a relatively recent phenomenon, Evola clearly includes it as a manifestation of Traditions. Islam as an expression of primordial din al-fitra, or natural way of disposition is a reality expressed throughout the Qur’an. It recognizes the spiritual foundations of humanity, with various traditions of the world being local expression of common primordial origin,” Jobst said.


Why do they wear Hijab


Wearing hijab doesn’t have to be about religious dedication. For me, it’s political, feminist and empowering,” says Nadiya Takolia.

In spite of the fact that Catholic Nuns and Orthodox Jewish women are forced to cover their heads and entire bodies – Islamic hijab is one of the major Judeo-Christian tool to demean Islam being oppressive toward its female believers.

Covering head is mandatory for practicing Muslims, both male and female as part of modesty prescribed by Prophetic traditions since the establishment of the first Islamic state in Medinah in 622 CE. However, when Islam spread to foreign nations, such as, Persia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, Muslims adopted many non-Muslim cultural traditions. It was the time when some Muslim scholars invented apologetic views to justify such innovations. As result, Hijab became traditional, cultural and even ‘personal’ choice.

Before going further, I like to clarify that I’m not in favor of either burka or bikini. For me burka looks funny while living in western culture – and bikini is used to exploit female body, which is an insult to her. But, it’s no doubt a $600 billion industry for the Zionist Jews.

In the west, three-out-of-four converts to Islam are women and a great majority of them wear hijab as a personal choice. For example, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth, British journalist and political activist Yvonne Ridley, British TV presenter, artist and author Kristiane Backer, French rapper Mélanie Georgiades, known as Diam’s, Bollywood actress Monica, British writer, journalist and editor Myriam François-Cerrah, to name a few.

British writer and interfaith activist Hanna Yusuf says that her hijab has nothing to do with ‘oppression’. It’s a feminist statement. Listen to her in a video below.

First ladies in Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria – and Saudi Arabia (I guess!) adorn hijab.

Last year, Minneapolis Mayor Elizabeth Betsy Hodges was hounded by the Jewish lobby propagandists for wearing a symbolic hijab.

Ramazan: The month to fight world hunger

Canada%20Ramadan%20Hunger-Fighting%20Campaign%20Launched[1]Today, 1.7 billion Muslims around the world began the annual month of fasting.

In Ramadan, adult Muslims, save the sick and those traveling, abstain from food, drinks, and marital relations between dawn and sunset.

The act of fasting is aimed at reminding the faithful of the plight of the poor, thus serving as a major incentive for the practicing Muslims to engage in charitable activities during the month.

Since 2012, Canada’s one million-strong Muslim community has been running Give 30 campaign to collect donations to feed hungry people. It is designed to motivate people fasting in Ramadan to donate the money they save by skipping meals over the month. The initiative has raised almost $250,000 to fight hunger over the past three campaigns.

People who aren’t fasting can also take part, says Give 30 founder Ziyaad Mia, noting that donations have come from people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Ramadan is about giving, building community, and understanding the challenges of hunger, says Mia.

Everyone can participate in the spirit of Ramadan,” Mia emphasizes. “Hunger knows no race, religion, ethnicity or creed and that’s why it’s important for everyone to join Give 30.”

The Give 30 campaign runs in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina and Kingston.

Canada is among the West’s top rich nations, but each month close to 850,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks, and 36.4% of those are children and youth.

I wish a Blessed Ramadan to all my Muslim readers.

Study: Islam will be UK’s future religion

britain_flag[1]If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam,” said Sir Bernard Shaw in 1936 book, The Genuine Islam.

The result of a recent study conducted by professor David Vaos (Essex University) has claimed that future of religion in Britain is Islam and Black churches.

On May 13, 2013, John Bingham reported at the UK’s daily Telegraph that while the numbers of church-going Christians are falling, more and more young Muslims in Britain are attracted towards their religion.

Bingham also said that the numbers show that although Christianity is still the main religion in Britain – over 50% of the population describe themselves as such – nearly half of all Christians in Britain are over the age of 50, and, for the first time ever, fewer than half under the age of 25 describe themselves as Christians. By contrast, the number of people under 25 who describe themselves as Muslim has doubled over the past ten years: one in ten under the age of 25 are Muslim, up from one in 20 in 2001.

Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, said to UK Jewish daily The Telegraph that the decline of Christianity is inevitable. “In another 20 years there are going to be more active Muslims than there are churchgoers,” he said.

British human-rights watch group CAGE in its recent report has claimed that British Muslims are under surveillance more than any other British religious minority groups.

PEW 2011 report, entitled The Future of the Global Muslim Population concluded that stop getting paranoid, Muslims are not going to over-run Europe as right-wing pro-Israel groups want you to believe.

While the global Muslim population is expected to grow at a faster rate than the non-Muslim population, the Muslim population nevertheless is expected to grow at a slower pace in the next two decades than it did in the previous two decades. From 1990 to 2010, the global Muslim population increased at an average annual rate of 2.2%, compared with the projected rate of 1.5% for the period from 2010 to 2030.”

The study makes several projections for the UK. According to the study, more than a quarter of all new immigrants to the UK in 2010 are estimated to be Muslim. These groups largely migrated from former colonial states, specifically Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. According to the study, the UK had a net inflow of roughly 64,000 Muslim immigrants in the past year and will continue to serve as a destination for Muslims. In fact, the study says that the UK is expected to have the largest increase in the number of Muslims in Europe in the next 20 years. The number of Muslims in the UK is projected to almost double from 2.9 million in 2010 to 5.6 million in 2030. By 2030, Muslims are expected to make up 8.2% of the UK’s population, up from 4.6% in 2010.

The PEW study proves that Organized Jewry’s scaremongering of Europe becoming a cluster of Isramic states is just a propaganda to incite Christian hatred toward Muslims.

To know the real power in UK – On February 9, 2015, a report by All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism, commissioned by David Cameron government that due to rise in the so-called “antiseemitism” in the country as result of Israel-Palestine conflict – the critics of Israel, Jews and Holocaust should be persecuted under British Law.

Bishop Stephen Sizer has become the recent victim of UK’s powerful Jewish Lobby. He has been banned by the Church of England to make any comments on his Facebook page or on his personal blog concerning Israel or Holocaust. Church’s decision is result of Bishop Sizer’s crime for posting a link which claims 9-11 Israel did it.

India’s top actress Monica converts to Islam

MonikaIndian film actress Monica, who has been queen of Tamil film industry for many years converted to Islam, The Times of India reported on May 31, 2014. Earlier, Bollywood’s internationally famous music directors A.R. Rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja had converted to Islam. However, while Rahman and Shankar have continued to work in the film industry, Monica has decided to quit the film industry to get married and raise a family.

I embraced Islam because I was attracted to Islamic rules especially the women’s rights in Islam. I started reading about Islam in 2010 with the misconception that it promotes extremism. However, during my research I found out that Islam is indeed a religion of peace,” she said.

I have been practicing Islam for almost four years now. My father is a Christian and my mother is a Hindu and they support my decision fully. My last film ‘Nadhigal Nanaivathillai’ would be releasing soon and I won’t be acting in films henceforth,” Monica said during a press conference (video below) at RKV Studios on May 30, 2014.

Monica, 26, has changed her name to MG Rahima where ‘M’ has been extracted from her father’s name Marothi Raj while ‘G’ represents her mother’s name Gracy.

Born as Rekha Maruthiraj, she took the name Monica for her acting career in Tamil and Telugu films. Later, she changed her name to Parvana for Malayalam films

Monica has acted in nearly 70 Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films like Inidhu Inidhu Kadhal Inidhu, Isai Arasan 23m Pulikesi, Varnam and the 2013 film Jannal Oram.

Monica won Tamil Nadu State Award as the best child actor for her performance in En Aasai Machan.

Deepa Kumar: Islamophobia for Dummies

Recently, I found two good books on the Judeo-Christian political agenda behind the vicious anti-Islam, anti-Muslim (Islamophobia) propaganda. Both books are written by non-Muslims. One is ‘The Islamophobia Industry, authored by Nathan Lean – and the other ‘Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire’ authored by Deepa Kumar Ph.D (Assistant Professor at Rutgers University).

The Islamophobia Industry reflects the rising tide of anti-Muslim feeling sweeping through the United States and Europe. Lean takes readers inside the minds of the manufacturers of Islamophobia – a highly-organized enterprise of pro-Israel bloggers, right-wing talk show hosts, evangelical religious leaders, and politicians, united in their quest to exhume the ghosts of 9/11, an Israeli false flag operation, and convince their compatriots that Islam is the enemy. Lean uncovers their scare tactics, reveals their motives, and exposes the ideologies that drive their propaganda machine.

Indian-born Deepa Kumar has long been debunking western lies about Islam, Muslims and Arabs, through books, articles and lectures, which has earned her the wrath of the Zionist mafia. Her February 2006 criticism of Danish cartoons brought out Zionist dogs from many corners defending Flemmimg Rose, the Zionist Jew cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten.

On September 11, 2013, Abbe Martin interviewed Dr. Deepa Kumar at RT over “irrationality of Islamophobia”.

Earlier, Deepa Kumar, delevered a lecture, entitled, ‘Constructing the Muslim Enemy from the Crusade to 9/11’ in Vancouver (Canada). The event was sponsored by Vancouver’s Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC).

Dr. Kumar said that fear of Islam (Islamophobia) was constructed by the Church and European rulers in the late 11th century as they feared the new religion as a challenge to their morally corrupt political power over the people during the Dark Age. The Church didn’t like the new religion giving woman the right to divorce, remarry, inheritance and education. The ruling elites hated Islamic commands against usury, taxation (on the ordinary citizens only) and religious tolerance (either convert to Islam or pay a small tax, less than 2%).

After 9/11, the western Islamophobia was hijacked by the Zionist Jews and Christians for the benefit of the Zionist entity. Dr. Kumar, highlighted two Jewish academics, Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes – and Christian Zionist Samuel Hutington, who used the pharase ‘Clash of Civilizations’ during his 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, an Israeli Jewish advocacy group. Liten to Dr. Kumar’s brilliant speech below.

American journalist and author, Rose Wilder Lane (The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Authority) and former Nun, Dr. Karen Armstrong have claimed that the West learned political freedom, equality in human rights, religious freedom, scientific knowledge and medicare from Muslims in Spain, Sicily and Istanbul.

Eric Walberg: ‘Islam is Road to Peace’


Canadian-born anti-imperialist Jewish journalist, author and blogger, Eric Walberg, is scheduled to launch his new book, ‘From Postmodernism to Postsecularism: Re-emerging Islamic Civilization‘, at Toronto’s Beit Zatoun House on September 26, 2013.

Walberg has developed good knowledge of the Middle East, Muslim world and to some extent of Islamic teachings. However, it seems he judges Islam through his Marxist prism. He praises Islam for tolerance, equality, anti-Usury, and the only faith which is resisting the domination of the satanic cult of Secularism and Capitalism. He claims that’s the main reason why the West and Church, controlled by the Jewish elites are waging continuous wars to destroy and subdue the Muslim world.

Walberg claims that both World Wars were started by the international bankers under the influence of Jewish financiers.

Richard Wilcox Ph.D has written an excellent review of the book which is available here.

In an article posted on his blog, on July 22, 2013, Walberg, claimed that Islam is much closer to Nature and beliefs of the Native Americans.

Walberg, a graduate from University of Toronto and Cambridge (Ontario) has lived in Russia and Uzbekistan as a UN adviser, translator and writer. Currently, he writes for Egypt pro-government newspaper Al Ahram.

During 2011 interview with Jonathan Reynolds, Walberg said: “All three (Abrahamic religions) are fine, though I see Islam as the final corrective of the earlier versions. The true Torah Jews (Neturei Karta) are wonderful, though the inherent “exilic tribalism”, as Gilad Atzmon puts it, is an inherent problem with Judaism, the results of which we see today“.