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D’uh-Canadian columnist hates Israel

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) opinion columnist and former Mideast Bureau Chief in Washington, Neil MacDonald, 60, did it again. On October 24, he posted: “The time has come to call the duck a duck. It’s time to agree with a long list of Israeli political leaders, academics and public figures on both the political left and right, including three former prime ministers, a winner of the Israel prize, two former heads of the Israeli internal security service Shin Bet, and one of the country’s principal newspapers, all of whom have warned that the Jewish state is becoming, or already is, an apartheid state.”

Neil MacDonald has long been chased by the US-based Jew media watchdog, Honest Reporting (as described in Talmud!) over exposing whitewashing of Israeli crimes. The Honest Reporting was founded by Canadian-Israeli television producer and writer Rabbi Ephraim Shore and is registered as a charitable organization in Israel, US, UK and Canada.

In 2014, Jewish media blamed Neil MacDonald over claiming that Jews and Israel were behind the regime change in Ukraine.

America, of course, has invaded multiple countries on its own authority, and today, Obama lectured Russia while sitting alongside an ally (Netanyahu) who occupies the West Bank in violation of international law. But hypocrisy is part of the warp and wepth of diplomacy,” MacDonald wrote on March 3, 2014.

Neil MacDonald’s Quebec-born French-speaking journalist wife has also faced a similar smear campaign from B’nai B’rith Canada.

Canada’s award-wining journalist Antonia Zerbisias defended Neil MacDonald at the Toronto Star (January 26, 2003) with an advice for journalists who dare to speak truth about the Zionist entity. “My advice (for what it’s worth) to Neil, the CBC and all the other journalists trying to sift through the blood and the spin and the history is this: Don’t let Spector get to you. Keep on trying to do the best job possible in impossible circumstances,” she wrote.

On October 11, 2017, Quebec-born Jewish author Yves Engler posted on his blog that pro-Israel lobby groups should not be consulted by government and media in the matter of Muslims, Islam or the so-called War on Terror which serves Israel’s interests in the region.


Iran: Anti-US Mural and the Jews

In 2015, Australian photo-journalist Brook Mitchell (Jew) visited Tehran’s Den of Espionage Museum (former US embassy). He brought back photo of an Iranian woman clad in a black chador walking in front of a mural of America’s Statue of Liberty on the wall inside the museum.

The photo became a smoking gun for the Jewish media to spread anti-Iran feelings in the US, Canada, and Europe even though, Iranian hate the Zionist regime more than the US government.

In November 2015, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei said that anti-America and anti-Israel slogans are kosher.

In 2011, American Jewish academic Richard Falk was chased by the Jewish Lobby for posting a caricature of Statue of Liberty to prove that US war on Libya was led by Israel.

On October 21, 2017, New York-based political analyst Adam Johnson, posted an article, entitled, “Please Stop Using ‘Women in Chador Walk by Anti-US Mural’ Stock Photo for Every Article About Iran.”

Adam Johnson lists some of top Israeli propagandist media outlets such as The Jew York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Atlantic, CNN, Foreign Policy, etc. which have been using that mural to divert Americans’ attention from Israeli barbaric treatment of Palestinians, Africans and Arabs in the neighboring countries.

One of the most overused and toxic stock photos–and one that highlights perfectly this genre of image making – is the Woman in Chador Walks by Anti-US Mural image accompanying countless stories about US/Iran relations. In several variants, the photo shows one or two Iranian women clad in black chadors, faces usually barely visible, walking past a mural of the Statute of Liberty with a skull face,” said Johnson.

Then Johnson suggest to the Jewish-controlled media: “How about next time an article on Iran or its relationship with the US needs an image, we try any of these (royalty-free!) photos depicting Iranians as humans, and not cartoon anti-American boogiemen.”

Not mentioned by anti-Iran press is Judaism most honored woman, Queen Esther of Persia and her allegedly uncle Mordecai of Purim fame, being buried in Hamadan city of Iran. Furthermore, several Jewish holy books such as Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Haggai, Zachariah, and Malachi were written in Persia.

Islamic Republic has large Jewish and Christian minorities which cherish complete religious and political freedom equal to country’s Muslim majority. In February 2016, professor Christopher Thornton (Zayed University, UAE) claimed Iran to be the safest place for Christians to live in the region.

Beyond the organized Jewry’s anti-Iran garbage – it’s the most tolerant and democratic country (here, here, here, here).

Argentina: Israel false flags revisted

On Thursday, Senator Cristina Kirchner, former president of Argentina, appeared before Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio in Buenos Aires to defend herself from Israeli accusations of favoring Iran over 1994 AMIA bombing. Calling the case an “absurdity”, she told the judge: “I don’t expect justice from you.”

She told reporters outside the court that Marci regime is using the two terrorist attacks to pressure the opposition leaders and trying to destroy country’s friendly relations with Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.

Last week, former foreign minister Hector Timerman (Jew), who is accused along with Kirchner and other former government officials, refused to answer questions from the judge. Instead, he presented a 160-page statement in which he denied that he had a secret meeting in Aleppo, Syria, to negotiate the agreement with Iran. It said the pact was meant to advance the AMIA investigation.

Argentina witnessed Israeli terrorism before the Americans had their 9/11, British their 7/7 and Indian their 26/11. Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires was bombed in 1992, followed by the AMIA Jewish Mutual building in 1994 in Buenos Aires. Both bombing were blamed on Iran and Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah without any evidence (watch video below).

For the last 25 years, Israel and the organized Jewry have been trying desperately to blame country’s two former presidents, Carlos Menem (1989-97), born into Syrian Christian immigrant family, and Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015) for shielding Iran and Hizbullah – accused of killing 85 people as result of the two terrorist attacks.

In 2015, president Cristina Kirchner got sick of Jewish blame game after she was accused of being involved in the murder of Jew prosecutor Alberto Nisman, and announced closing further investigation to satisfy the organized Jewry.

Pro-Israel president Mauricio Marci reopened the investigation in 2016 in a bid to blame Iran for the two Israeli false flags.

In 2015, Jewish lobby SWC blasted Luis Barrionuevo, head of Argentine Blue and White CGT union, over calling country’s Minister of the Economy, professor Axel Kicillof, a Marxist Jew – the little Russian.

Argentina is world’s eighth largest country of 44 million including 500,000 Muslims and 300,000 Jews. There is a Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires. Father Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was a frequent visitor to the AMIA building and the Holocaust Museum.

Did Mossad kill JFK? You will never know

On October 26, Donald Trump, the Judas goat, announced the release of only 2,800-pages out of 113,000-page CIA file on the assassination of former US president John F. Kennedy. The release of the complete FBI file was required by the 1992 Congressional Act known as “JFK Assassination Records Collection Act,” which was signed as law by then president George HW Bush.

Some credit of the said act goes to Olive Stone’s 1991 movie JFK. Since then, Oliver Stone who claims to have Jewish family roots, was declared conspiracy theorist and antisemite. His son Sean Stone converted to Islam four years ago.

Trump’s decision was based on the advice of top pro-Israel members of his administration including his son-in-law Kushner, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Gen. James Mattis, FBI director Christopher Wray, AIPAC-controlled Republican lawmakers and Jew oligarchs who oiled Trump’s presidential campaign express.

The three brains behind JFK assassination; crime don Meyer Lansky, prime minister of Zionist entity David Ben Gurion and CIA director James Angelton, were all Zionist Jews.

Lyndon Johnson had demonstrated his strong support for Israel throughout his political career. The government of Israel, therefore, had every reason to believe that its interests would be better advanced with Johnson as president. And indeed they were. After Kennedy’s death, the United States, for the first time, began large-scale shipments of arms to Israel. During the June 1967 war, Johnson covertly provided both military equipment and personnel to aid Israel. Certainly, the Mossad possessed the resources to carry out an assassination almost any place on earth. And the Israeli government has been willing to sacrifice American lives to its own purposes. An example was the unprovoked Israeli military assault that killed 34 crewmen of the USS Liberty in June 1967,” wrote former Congressman Paul Findley on March 28, 1992.

Michael Collins Piper (died 2015), was a political investigative writer and author of several books such as Final Judgment, The Judas Goats, Target Traficant, etc. In 2004 bookFinal Judgment, Piper claims that Israeli Mossad with the help of America’s fifth column (Zioncons) and CIA planned and executed the murder of JFK.

On June 3, 2015, Gordon Duff, senior editor Veterans Today claimed that Michael Collins Piper was murdered by Israel Lobby.

Rutgers professor: ‘Judaism is the most racist religion’

Israeli historian and author Dr. Israel Shahak in his book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, claims that Jewish religious Scriptures are the most hateful literature in the world.

In 2013, two Jewish authors, Max Blumenthal and David Sheen produced a documentary (watch below) showing Jewish racism against African communities in Israel.

In 2010, Canadian Jewish Lobby demanded that University of Toronto cancel Master’s degree it awarded to a Jewish female student Jennifer Peto – for her thesis which claimed that Jews practice racism against non-Jewish people.

On Monday, Dr. Michael L. Chikindas (Rutgers University, NJ) made a number of political incorrect statements on his Facebook page. As result, several Jewish lobby groups are demanding Rutgers president Robert Lawrence Barchi to take disciplinary action against Chikindas over his antisemitic Facebook postings which were removed on Wednesday.

On October 25, the Jewish-sufferings expert John-Paul Pagano at Israeli propaganda crap, the Tablet magazine, compared Chikindas with former Oberlin College African female professor Joy Karega who was fired last year over claiming that Israel was behind 9/11 and ISIS.

“Like Karega, Michael Chikindas, a professor in Rutgers’ Department of Food Science, is fond of using Facebook as a canvas for his hateful screeds and conspiracy theories. Looking at his oeuvre-ravings about hoodwinked “goyim” and the Rothschilds, accompanied by several versions of the Internet’s most popular caricature of the hook-nosed Jew – you would hardly be surprised to learn that he was educated in Soviet schools, which upheld an anti-Zionism that drew on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” said Pagano.

Dr. Chikindas’ antisemitic crime charges include; Jews and not Turks were behind Armenian genocide, Ashkenazic Jews are not Semite but Khazarian Turks, obsession with the Zionist entity, anti-Muslim false flag are work of Israel and Zionist groups, Nazis didn’t kill six million Jews, etc.

Indian author: Hindu women live in a war zone forever

Since the 9/11 false flag pro-Israel Western White racist politicians, academics and media have been waging a crusade against Muslims made refugees as result of the US and Europe’s proxy wars in Muslim world.

The United Nations Refugee Agency reports that women and children make 80% of refugees worldwide – many of whom end up in sex industry, forced labor or other illegal activities to survive.

Indian Bengali Hindu author of 24 books and film-critic Shoma A. Chatterji in her recent article, entitled, “I Am A Refugee: Aborted, Stalked, Raped, Abused – As I Have No Home to Call My Own.”

An Indian girl does not need to “escape” from her own “country” for “political, religious or economic reasons” or because of a “war.” Because the parameters and the qualifying features are not the same. “Forced displacement” or “forced migration” perhaps would suit the situation better,” says Chatterji.

If I am female, the family forces her to abort me. Two ‘women’ across two generations are locked in a war situation – the one conceived fights a war to be born, the mother fights a war with her body to stop me from being born. My mother’s womb is a war-zone for me. Her own body is a war zone for her .If they are forced to skirt an abortion, they will still kill me, by giving me the extract of the poisonous dhatura flower – a common practice in Tamil Nadu despite laws banning it. There are other practices in other regions of the country with different names but with the same purpose – elimination,” adds Chatterji.

I am a refugee in a public place. When I step out of the house after sunset, I might be stalked, molested, groped, teased, assaulted, raped, kidnapped, and murdered. If I work at an office, my vertical rise in my career might demand a compromise with my boss on sexual favours. If I do not compromise, I might be sexually harassed or thrown out of my job. If I rise without compromise, no one will believe I did. The society is a war-zone for me that constantly forces me to seek refuge in solidarity through candle-light marches when another refugee like me dies, or, by resorting to the legal and judicial machinery without realising that it is as patriarchal as the rest of the world I belong to and am seeking escape from,” says Chatterji.

While ruling BJP and other Hindu fascists are demonizing Muslims over Triple talaq issue – no Hindu wants to marry over 34 million Hindu widows in India (watch a video below). They’re also forbidden to marry non-Hindus. So much so, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi refuse to live with his child wife.

Indian author Gita Aravamudan in her 2007 book, Disappearing Daughters, claims that over one million un-born female babies are killed each year by Hindu parents in India through abortion or by other methods. Foreword of the book is written by former president of India and Father of Hindu nuclear Bomb, Dr. A.P.J Abul Kalam.

Outside India, Israel is the worst place to be a woman. Catholic French priest Roland de Vaux (died 1971) wrote: “The social and legal position of an Israelite wife was inferior to the position a wife occupied in other faiths. All Biblical texts show that Israelite wanted mainly sons to perpetuate the family line and fortune, and preserve the ancestral inheritance. A husband could divorce his wife; women on the other hand, couldn’t ask for divorce. She called her husband adon or lord. The wife doesn’t inherit from her husband, nor daughters from their father, except when there is no male heir. A vow made by a girl or married woman, needs to be valid, the consent of the father or husband, and if this consent is withheld, the vow is null and void. A man has the right to sell his daughter. Women were excluded from the succession.”

Remembering Libyan leader Al-Qaddafi

Six year ago, Muammar Al Qaddafi, leader of Africa’s oil-rich and most progressive-social state of Libya was martyred on October 20 by the US-France-NATO imperialists because he was considered a threat to Israel.

I’m no fan of Muhammad Muammar al-Qaddafi who used Islam to help his socialist-Western policies while loathed true Islamic political activists within Muslim world. I don’t agree with his “State feminism” which was used by West’s Jewish Feminist activists to demonize Muslim women and slam. But I have to agree that Qaddafi was admired by majority of Libyans for bringing peace and prosperity to the African nation and by socialist leaders around the world. He was exploited by Western leaders (US, UK, France, Italy, etc.) but later they turned against him due to his criticism of the Zionist regime and his plan to introduce a Gold Dinnar economy.

Qaddafi, like Saddam Hussein was also victim of Western WMD propaganda lies.

In March 2011, then French Jew president Nicolas Sarkozy publically said that he wanted to liberate Libyan women from Qaddafi’s dictatorship. But according to Sidney Blumenthal, adviser to Clinton family, Sarkozy’s real agenda was to grab Libyan oil resources and a fear that Qaddafi secretly planned to use his vast supply of gold to displace France’s primacy in the region.

On August 26, 1996, Jewish press (NYT, WSJ, WP, etc.) accused Qaddafi of promising a gift of US$1 billion to Israel hating Louis Farrakhan.

In August 2017, Libyan government in Benghazi arrested an Israeli Mossad agent, Benjamin Efraim aka Abu Hafs, commander of a group of 200 ISIL fighters.

On October 20, 2017, Guyanese Muslim journalist Gerald A. Perreira posted an article marking the sixth anniversary of martyrdom of Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi.

On this day, all those who resist oppression and tyranny worldwide, salute the great freedom fighter and our Brother-Leader, Muammar Qaddafi and the other revolutionary leaders of Al Fatah. We pay homage to their dedicated and life-long struggle for human emancipation and dignity. We are forever inspired by their steadfast and courageous fight to the end, and by their unwavering faith in, and service to God. We are grateful for their undying love for the African continent and all of humanity. We salute the millions of Libyan men and women who heroically resisted the invasion of their country, and who continue to suffer to this day. We stand in solidarity with the family of Muammar Qaddafi and the families of all the martyrs. We stand in solidarity with the thousands of political prisoners inside Libya and the more than 1.5 million Qaddafi loyalists exiled from their country. We commit our full support to the struggle being waged by the patriotic and nationalist forces to liberate and reunify Libya once again. For the Green revolutionary, death is not the end, but the doorway to a new beginning. Martyrs never die,” Perreira said.