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Lobby: Why US Hindus support Trump

This election, somehow, the Jewish Lobby is very allergic to any religious group – Jewish, Christian, Evangelic, Hindu, and even atheist, which dares to throw its support behind Donald Trump – a threat to Israel’s choice for the next US President, Hillary Clinton.

On October 16, I posted Donald Trump being endorsed by anti-Muslim Hindu extremists group, The Republican Hindu Coalition.

Today, I came across an article by professor Finnian M.M. Gerety (Brown University), entitled, “What does Trump has to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om?“, published at The Conversation website on October 24, 2016. The Zionist propaganda website appeared in the US in 2014 though originally began in Australia by Andrew Jaspan in 2011. Jaspan got fired at Melbourne’s The Age for posting an anti-Israel editorial. According to the website it receives funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and several Ivy League universities.

Gerety claims to be a scholar of Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism. In the article he compares the Hindu sacred symbol of Om or Aum with the myths of Star of David and Christian Cross.

Gerety claims that Donald Trump’s obnoxious rants have nothing to do with any of those religious symbols. “Indian spirituality would seem to have little in common with Trump’s public persona that has been described by the media as reflecting “narcissism, disagreeableness, grandiosity“,” he said.

Gerety also tries to prove that like diversified meaning of symbol Om among Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh communities – the Republican Hindu Coalition doesn’t represent 2.2 million America’s Hindu population.

Personally, I think Gerety has a point there. However, does the good professor know there is Republican for Israel, and even Republican spies for Israel. I bet Gerety would never call them representatives of America’s five million Jewish population, many of whom carry Israel citizenship also.

The Organized Jewry happens to hate Hinduism’s most sacred symbol WSASTIKA. For example, the Jewish Lobby has condemned the Academy of Model Aeronautics’ October magazine cover showing a plane with Swastka.

Lobby: Blaming ‘the Media’ is antisemitism!

Since Donald Trump blamed ‘the Media’ for ‘phony polls’ or ‘sexual misconduct’, or ‘pushing Israel under the truck’ – the Jewish Lobby (NYT, Forward, WP, ADL, CNN, Fox News, National Post, etc.) has declared that blaming ‘the Media’ is old-fashioned ‘hidden hatred’ towards Jews as anti-Israel and anti-Jews wrongly believe that somehow ‘the Media’ is controlled by the Jews.

One of the most moronic argument came from Israeli Hasbara idiot Jay Michaelson, editor of The Jewish Daily Forward (October 24, 2016), entitled, Blaming ‘the Media’ Boost Antisemitism. In other word, he himself believes that criticizing ‘the Media’ is just like criticizing Jews or Israel.

For right-wing pro-Israel folks, The New York Times is practically an agent of Hamas; for lefties, it spouts Zionist propaganda. CNN either shows too many bombs dropping on Gaza, or not enough of the daily grind of occupation. Thank heavens for more objective sources, like Electronic Intifada, World Net Daily and email alerts from ideologues,” claims Michaelson.

Personally, this ‘partition of world’ into the so-called ‘Righties’, and ‘Lefties’ never made any sense to me, because both groups are controlled either by ‘Zionists’ or ‘anti-Zionist Zionists’. The NYT acknowledged last year that its news on Israel and the Middle East follow Israel’s GAG Order. CNN is owned by the ‘Defender of Israel’, Australian-born multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Ali Abunimah, the founder of the US-based Electronic Intifada was exposed being an Anti-Zionist Zionist when he slammed Gilad Atzmon for authoring 2011 book, The Wandering Who: A study of Jewish Identity Politics. The California-based World Net Daily, founder and CEO is an Israel-First anti-Muslim Christian Zionist Joseph Farah. Without a doubt, he is a top-rated useful idiot, masquerading as a conservative Christian, but in fact promoting the political Zionist agenda of extermination of the Palestinians (here).

On April 21, 2016, Canadian Zionist Jew journalist and author, Jonathan Kay, proclaimed at the Israeli propaganda mouthpiece, National Post: “Don’t blame the media for Islamophobia.” Because, the ‘media’ also says: Four million Canadians hate Jews.

I wonder if Kay would also say, don’t blame protesters in Malmö, Sweden, for saying:Israel and Jews are the problem.”

Let us not mention the outspoken Hollywood director Oliver Stone with Jewish family roots, said in July 2010: Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington’s foreign policy for years.

Even the former boss of Israeli propaganda mafia, Abraham Foxman had admitted that Jews control media and Hollywood.

Though Zionists love to blame Muslims for the rise or even existence of Jew-hatred in Christian majority Western country the fact is as American Jewish academic Richard Falk claims that anti-Semitism was almost non-existent within Islamic societies until the creation of Israel on Muslim land in 1948.

British sociologist Frank Furedi wrote on March 21, 2016: “European Muslim antisemitism does not exist by itself. It draws on themes widely propagated by European right-wing antisemites since the late 19th century. Even old ideas about Jews not being trustworthy have made a comeback. In some cases, this outlook is expressed through a narrative of suspicion about them or those people. Such euphemisms signal a degree of moral distancing from a people deemed to be cliquey, strange and unusually powerful. Inevitably, such attitudes provide a hospitable environment for the flourishing of conspiracy theories about a Jewish-dominated media or financial sector. The premise of these theories is that Jews who work in the media or finance are not individuals who happen to be Jewish, but an organised Jewish network working in a coordinated fashion. On a global level, this belief in powerful Jewish influences manifests itself in an increasingly popular fantasy about an all-powerful Jewish lobby orchestrating the foreign policy of the US and other Western powers.”

London has a ‘Nightlife Problem’

A recent British study claims that City of London is fast losing its £26.3bn annual hookers and booze trade. No it couldn’t be due to those 2.3 million British Muslims. Ex-home secretary Theresa May office had claimed in the past that Muslim immigrants love to rape White women. Furthermore, not all British Muslims hate Jewish whisky. The main reason is that country’s middle-class and tourism is on decline.

It’s reported that London Mayor Sadiq Khan has decided to appoint a ‘Night Czar’ (most probably from among his Jew sponsors) to put a stop to closer of nightclubs, and brothels that has put London’s future as a 24-hour city.

I don’t want young and creative Londoners abandoning our city to head to Amsterdam, to Berlin, to Prague where clubs are supported and allowed to flourish. I want them to be able to celebrate what they love in the city that they love, rather than punish them or force their activities underground or abroad. That is why, if elected London Mayor, I will address these problems head on,” Sadiq Khan promised during his election campaign last year.

Sadiq Khan hope to solve his city’s nightlife problem by following Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich and Toulouse which already have Night Czars. However, some Londoners doubt that.

According to London Mayor’s office – 50% of nightclubs shutdown in the last five years; 43% music venues – mostly used by European followed by Indians and Africans, shutdown since 2007, 30% bars, and 400 shops have also gone out of business. Last month, one of country’s top nightclubs, Jewish-owned Fabric, lost its license after two drug-related deaths.

Club owners and advocates of London’s night-time economy blame restrictive licensing laws, aggressive property development and growing complaints from new residents (Muslims!).

Watch below what BBC has to say on this topic.

Before I conclude this post, despite my dislike of Israeli poodle Sadiq Khan, who took his Mayor oath in a church, made his first visit as Mayor to a synagogue to meet UK’s chief rabbi, accuses Jeremy Corbyn of anti-Semitism, and stated that Brexit was bad for British Jews – I want to be fair to Sadiq Khan whom my fellow Canadian blogger, writer and author Eric Walberg thinks very highly.


Ouch! Six Americans jailed for anti-Iran activities

Iran-Flag-128[1]American Jewish-controlled media (WSJ, NPR, WP, NYT, Daily Beast, etc.), and Jew bloggers are crying foul over recent jailing of five Iranian-born and one Lebanese American citizens. They were arrested last year while visiting Iran and tried in court of law for co-operating with US government involving anti-Iran activities.

The court handed 10-year jail sentence each to Siamak Namazi, his father Baquer Namazi, Farhad Abdsaleh, Kamran Ghaderi, Alireza Omidvar, and Nizar Zakka.

Baquer Namazi, 80, former governor of Shiraz province under pro-USrael King Reza Shah rule, is former UNICEF representative in Somalia, Egypt, and Kenya.

According to the Iranian penal code, cooperating with foreign states against Iran’s people is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment.

In August 2016, US-based Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein claimed that Siamak Namazi’s trip to Iran was planned by Michael Weiss, the Israel-First editor of The Daily Beast, which landed him into Iranian prison.

The Zionist idiots don’t want their brainwashed readers to know that there is no such thing as the “US-Iranian citizen”, as both countries have no diplomatic relations since 1979 – therefore all these five dudes are subject to Iranian law while on Iranian soil. One wish Washington treat the American Jews holding Israeli dual citizenship the same way, who while living in United States work for Israel’s interests.

The Jewish Lobby love to sell the National Iranian American Council as Iranian Lobby, which as Netanyahu’s blaming Mufti of Palestine for the Holocaust. NIAC is founded by Dr. Tarita Parsi, an Iranian-born non-Muslim who is against Islamic rule in Iran. NIAC is known as agent of the White House. Parsi supported Obama administration on US-Iran nuclear deal which Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton claimed would be good for Israel’s future.

Compare this with the silence of the pro-Israeli media filth over the recent arrest and deportation of Turkish citizen Orhan Buyruk, owner of a Turkish touring agency, while on a visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Israeli occupied East Jerusalem. Buyruk had visited Israel several times but this time he was detained at the David-Gurion Airport by Israeli terrorist agency Shabak accusing him of an Iranian agent.

Angela Markel: ‘How to spot a hypocrite?’

picture5-21On Monday, German Chancellor Angela Markel slammed Western countries that sells arms to the Saudi ‘Jew royals’ who are using those arms on civilians in Yemen, and Syria.

I don’t know anyone in the world who supports and defends Saudi Arabia without taking bribe,” she thundered.

Everyone who supports Saudi Arabia receives his money in advance. Everyone who sells arms to Saudi Arabia has received ‘double-fold’. I was surprised that Saudi Arabia’s money couldn’t prevent the passage of US Congress bill but Republican and democrat parties have hoped to offset their costs of Saudi Arabia princes in the US presidential campaign,” Markel added.

I hate to remind Markel that German, American, French, British and Israeli leaders have all received bribe from the Saudi (royals) in the past. During 2013-2014 Israel received $16 billions from Saudi Arabia even though both countries have no diplomatic relations.

Germany is world’s forth-bigger arms exporter after the US, Russia and China. In the past, Germany had sold military vehicles, ships, and other larger military equipment to Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Russia, China and Israel – all of which are involved in conflicts or have widely reported human rights abuses. In March 2016, Germany approved sale of military helicopters and other equipment to Saudi Arabia.

German vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, another Zionist snob told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag that it should be made clear to the kingdom that the time for looking the other way has passed.

Wahhabi mosques are being funded by Saudi Arabia all over the world. Many dangerous Islamists come from these communities in Germany,” Gabriel spitted toward sky.

Does the moron knows that all these “dangerous Islamists” are participating in Western proxy wars for Israel in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Lebanon?

Now compare Markel’s hypocrisy when it comes to her support for the terrorist state of Israel. Markel was born in a Communist East Berlin Christian family and lived in East Germany for 35 year. Russian occupied East German Jewish-controlled communist government refused to pay a single dollar in Holocaust compensation. It’s West German taxpayers who ended up paying over $93 billions – most of which was spent on Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to kill Palestinian kids.

Angela Merkel is hailed by Jewish Forbes magazine as the world’s most powerful woman, and yet, she submissively lets leadership of criminal and racist Israel perpetually pull on the Holocaust ring through Germany’s nose and suck  billions of reparation euros from the German economy while Israel simultaneously shifts its own reparation dues to the Palestinians onto Germany and compliant international donors (here).

Last year, Markel warned Russia that military intervention cannot be solution to Syria or Ukraine for that matter. In spite of that, Germany continuously supports US-NATO led war in Syria and the rest of the Middle East.

American ‘Just-us’!

On Monday, a Florida court judge Debra Nelson sentenced Matthew Apperson to 20 years in jail for shooting at George Michael Zimmerman (son of Jewish father and a Latino mother), 33, during a 2015 road rage incident.

It was Zimmerman’s notoriety from Trayvon’s case that reportedly made Apperson concerned for his safety during the encounter with Zimmerman months before the shooting. Zimmerman, Apperson said, pulled up next to him as he was driving and threatened to shoot (here).

Matthew Apperson’s wife, Lisa, and his mother both argued that the trial was unfair, with Lisa Apperson complaining about how her husband was painted by the Jewish-controlled media. She also accused witnesses of lying at her husband’s trial, calling “the amount of perjury” disturbing.

George Zimmerman killed an unarmed Afro-American Trayvon Benjamin Martin, 17, in 2012. He was acquitted over his claim that he killed the teenager in ‘self-defense’.

After his acquittal, Zimmerman told Jewish Fox News channel Sean Hannity (half-Jewish), I see it was all G-d’s plan (here).

In May 2016, Zimmerman in an interview with Jewish The Daily Beast, taunted Trayvon Martin’s parents, saying: “They didn’t raise their son right.”

Matthew Apperson had also claimed that he shot at Zimmerman in self-defense – but according American Noahide Law a Christian’s testimony against a Jew is not valid.

On March 20, 1990, president George Bush Sr. signed into law a Congressional resolution on the Jewish Noahide Laws, entitled, House Joint Resolution 14 Public Law 102-4, which gives the Jews the legal right to imprison and condemn to death Christians as idol worshippers. Both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI had blessed the Noahide Laws in the past. I’m sure Pope Francis wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Matthew Apperson, being a Christian, is lucky he didn’t meet the fate of Aafia Siddiqui, PhD, the Pakistani-born mother of three, who was sentenced to 86-year in jail by a US judge for being sympathetic to Afghan Taliban.

In case it helps Blacks, Muslims and Latino American communities – Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, apologized for the mistreatment they suffered at the hands of America’s Israelized police.

Pat. Buchanan: Hillary hates Catholics!

14[1]America’s antisemite political analyst and author, Pat. Buchanan, posted a hilarious article on October 14, entitled, Anti-Catholic & Elitist Bigots. Buchanan is known for his whining about the declining power of the White race and the so-called Muslim immigration threat to the West.

Pat. Buchanan who considers 7-9 million Muslims being threat to the White Christian race in United States – now moans that Hillary Clinton and elites in the Democrat party like John Padesta (Jew), and US mainstream media owned by Australian-born British media Mughal Rupert Murdoch (half Jewish) are spreading anti-Catholic propaganda and religious bigotry against 70 million American Catholics.

Buchanan quote Hillary’s speech at a Gay Rights event in New York City in which she said: “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables’. Right? The racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.”

Hillary was not that far off about the Republican elites – but all of them are not Catholics. There is powerful lobby within Republican Party known as Republicans for Israel. Not long ago, American Jews preferred Democrat over Republican. Barack Obama took 78% and 69% in 2008 and 2012. But after the US-Iran nuclear agreement against the wishes of Netanyahu – Republican has become the ‘Jewish Party’.

I don’t know why Buchanan thinks Hillary Clinton is anti-Catholic. Is it because she is competing Donald Trump who claims to be a Catholic? I know recently Trump blasted Hillary for her remarks regarding Catholics – but didn’t Trump call Pope Francis disgraceful in February 2016?

In fact, only hypocrites within 1.3 billion Catholic and Protestants would call Hillary or Trump anti-Catholic – as like Hillary and Trump, both Pope Francis and Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, born to German Jewish parents, are supporters of the Zionist entity and believe in Holocaust myth.

How good America had been to Catholics? Though less than Blacks in population – there are six Catholics and three Jews judges at the US Supreme Court. The three Jewish judges include two lesbians: Sonya Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both appointed by Barack Obama.

I’m sure Patrick Buchanan remember the case of Catholic priest Rev. John J. Geoghan who was convicted for sexually molesting 130 kids in 2002.