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Why Jewish Lobby hates Trump Presidency?

US president-elect Donald Trump is certainly the most controversial future resident of the White House. We know he has family, religious and financial links with the Zionist-Jewish Mafia, but he is still hated by Organized Jewry’s top Goebbels such as Bill Kristol, founder-editor of The Weekly Standard, Daniel Pipes, founder-president of the Middle East Forum, Abe Foxman, ex-president ADL, who compared Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler (Ha’aretz, December 16, 2016), and Michael Morell, former acting director FBI.

Last month, Kevin Barrett, PhD, American writer, author, and co-founder of the 9/11 Truth Movement, in an interview said Bill Kristol is terrified that Trump could try 9/11 perpetrators – which I doubt very much due to his anti-Muslim cabinet.

I would rather agree with Canadian Jewish academic and blogger Henry Makow, PhD, who on January 17, 2017 claimed that Donald Trump is a Crypto Jew and the Organized Jewry would try to discredit him in order to hide his Freemasonry family. In order to prove his point, Makow quoted Trump saying: “The only candidate that’s going to give real support to Israel is me. The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to Israel before me.”

I posted earlier that one of the reasons Netanyahu, Marine Lee Penn, Modi, etc. welcomed Donald Trump’ victory was to use his friendship with Vladimir Putin to beak-up Russia-China-Iran alliance in order to keep the Zion World Order on track.

On January 17, anti-Zionist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a video (below) showing that some White group was planning stink bombs at Trump Inaugural Ball.

And finally my yesterday encounter with a Crypto-Zionist aka Unrepentant Marxist, Louis Proyect. Two days ago I read his anti-Erdogan rant, entitled, “What Turkey Has Become” at the Counterpunch website. According to the website, Proyect reviews films for the website and writes a personal blog. So I decided to visit his blog. I left the following comment on his said rant.

ISIS is not a product of US invasion of Iraq. Iraq was invaded because Israel and the neoconservative decided that after failing to destroy Islamic regime in Tehran – Saddam Hussein might turned his guns at Israel.

Proyect responded: “Rehmat, no offense, but I think you have a mental illness.”

I replied: “Louis Proyect, no offense, but I think you’re suffering from Jewish disease known as ‘Self-denial’.”

Proyect replied: “Ah, I see. You are a flaming anti-Semite. Bye-bye.”

I thought why he labeled me antisemite? So I did a little Google search. David North (Jewish) Chair of WSWS said: Louis Proyect has absolutely nothing to do with the politics, principles and culture of the Marxist movement. His blog, were it correctly named, would be called “The Unrepentant Liar.”

British Jewish blogger Ben Norton reported Louis Proyect supported al-Nusra and al-Qaeda against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Then my search took me to an anti-Islam website, Critical Muslim, where Proyect also blogs – describing himself, “Journalist, blogger, and non-Jewish Jew.

300 Jewish leaders say Keith Ellison is kosher

On Saturday, 300 American Jewish leaders including 100 rabbis signed a letter saying that Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, 53, is not an anti-Semite – meaning he doesn’t criticize Israel or Zionism or Holocaust.

The letter was issued ahead of the DNC-sponsored regional candidate forum in Phoenix on Saturday. The letter states that it is not an endorsement of Ellison for DNC chair, but rather a call to reject the unfair and baseless accusations some have leveled at him.

We share our deep alarm at the unfounded and dishonest accusations of anti-Semitism directed at Congressman Keith Ellison. As Jewish professionals, lay leaders and activists, we know that Keith forcefully rejects anti-Semitism and other forms of hate or discrimination. His commitment to inclusion and fairness are values that define the foundation of his public service and his vision for America,” read the letter.

Keith Ellison is and has long been a friend of Israel, a champion of pro-peace policies, and shown deep respect for Jewish values and the Jewish people. He has demonstrated support for Israel and its legitimacy as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people throughout his career. He has voted for more than $27 billion in bilateral aid and assistance to Israel. Ellison is a strong supporter of a two-state solution,” said the letter.

The Organized Jewry doesn’t agree with these 300 Jewish leaders. For example, on December 1, 2016, Jonathan Greenblatt, top gun at ADL said: “We have serious doubts about Rep. Keith Ellison’s ability to faithfully represent the party’s traditional support for Israel.”

Morton Klein, president Zionist Organization of America, whined on December 1, 2016: “New information reveals that an article written by Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn), called for an optional separate country for Black Americans; his condemning Zionism; his affiliation for 10 years and defending Jew-hating, white-hating Louis Farrakhan as a role model for Black youth; his defending other Jew haters; his defending murderers; his claim Israel was established under dubious circumstances, again makes it crystal clear that Ellison is a racist Jew hater, even a white hater and far too radical, divisive and dangerous to become Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). ”

The TruthRevolt, anti-Muslim website founded by Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro and Israel-First David Horowitz, branded Ellison a Muslim Brotherhood Shill.

Murdoch’s Fox News Zionist pundit Pete Brain Hegseth called Ellison a radical Muslim.

On December 30, 2016, serial lying Zionist Jew, Alan Dershowitz, threatened that he would resign from Democrat party if Keith Ellison named DNC Chair.

Laurel Raymond wrote at the Think “One common thread to the complaints: Ellison’s religion. Ellison is the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, as well as the first Black congressman from Minnesota.”

On November 23, 2016, Bruce A. Dixon, editor Black Agenda Report called Keith Ellison as DNC Chair: Another High Place, Another Empty Black Face.

Ellison is black. He’s the first Muslim elected to Congress, he’s smart enough and telegenic. He votes infallibly to support the apartheid regime in Israel, and he says if it were up to him there’d have been a no-fly zone (and possible shooting war with the Russians) a long time ago,” says Dixon.

Hillary’s indispensable firewall was supposed to be the black vote, for which she needed to do little else than mumble about Black Lives Matter, and pose occasionally with the mothers of some of those murdered by police. Democratic shot callers seem to still believe that all they need is another empty black face in a high place. They won’t get another First Black President. It was Hillary’s turn and that didn’t work out. Now it’s Keith Ellison’s turn.  He’s another empty black face in a very high place,” Dixon added.

Lobby: Nazi Germany comparison ‘belittles Holocaust’!

auschwitz[1]It’s amusing how the ADL, Anne Frank Center, AJC, LA Times, Jewish Journal, The Jew York Times, Washington Post, Algemeiner, UK’s Independent, Daily Mail, The Wrap, NY Daily News, NPR, etc, were condemning Benjamin Netanyahu’s favorite US president Donald Trump for comparing his critics with Nazis.

On January 10, 2017, Trump tweeted, in capital letters: “Fake news – a total political witch hunt!” And then next morning: “The intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to ‘leak’ to the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?” And later: “I win an election easily, a great ‘movement’ is verified, and crooked opponents try to belittle our victory with fake news. A sorry state!

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the top gun at ADL shouted: “The President-Elect’s use of Nazi Germany to make a political analogy is not only an inappropriate comparison on the merits, but it also coarsens our discourse and diminishes the horror of the Holocaust.”

Steven Goldstein, the top gun at Frank Anne Center fired: “Present-elect owes an apology to Holocaust survivors and the Jewish people around the world for comparing his critics with German Nazis.”

Professor Robert B. Reich (University of California at Berkeley) accused Donald Trump of treason, saying: “The intelligence agencies are doing their job. If they have credible evidence that Trump or his assistants colluded with Russian agents to tilt the election his way, they have an obligation to investigate. And if they conclude it’s true, that’s treason.”

I wonder what the Jewish professor has to say about Israeli leaders, Israeli ambassador in Washington and American-Israeli Jewish and Christian agents interfering in United States elections even before the WWII?

For example, on November 7, 2016, JTA reported that Israel’s opposition leader Isaac Herzog had accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or his associates of interfering in the US election.

In the past, we saw serious information stating that Israeli leaders tried to intervene and influence the results of the elections [in the United States], and the citizens of Israel paid the high price. Recently, we saw again information on Israeli leaders’ intervention in elections through people close to them across the sea,” Herzog said.

In May 2016, Maj. Gen. Aluf Yair Golan, Israel’s deputy chief of staff compared Israel to Nazi Germany during the 1930s in a speech he delivered at Holocaust memorial event.

As far truth of the Holocaust survivors’ stories is concerned – let hear it from a Zionist Jewish horse mouth; David Cole, former top propagandist of Trump’s Republican party and author of book Republican Party Animal. He claims that Holocaust is based on fakes, frauds, and forgeries.

However, there is good news for the anti-Trump Zionist mafia. Indian-born professor Rajan Menon (City College, New York), who predicted Donald Trump victory several month before November 9 – now claims that president Donald Trump’s opponents will succeed in impeaching him.

UCLA’s another ‘Israel Problem’

It seems the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) always has some Israel Problem.

On Monday, UCLA Jewish professor Gabriel Piterberg returned to teach his history class – for the first time after suspension over accusation of sexual harassment by two of his former female graduate students, Neferiti Takla and Kristen Glasgow in 2015. He had denied the accusations and UCLA refused to take any disciplinary action in the beginning. But then the women filed a federal law suit against UCLA. They reached a settlement last September, with one student receiving US$350,000 and the other, US$110,000 and a fellowship to support their studies at the UCLA. More money than the White House paid to Bill Clinton’s Jewish sexpot Monica Lewinsky.

Gabriel Piterberg was born in Israel. He studied at Hebrew University in occupied Jerusalem and even taught Middle East history at the Hebrew University for several years before joining UCLA in 1999.

So why the pro-Israel student lobby at UCLA and media is against a fellow Jew? A Google search shows that Piterberg is amongst the 8,000 Self-Hating Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T.) Jews. According to Israel’s Campus Watchdog, Canary Mission, the poor soul is anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, and pro-BDS. Listen to Piterberg at a BDS meeting at the UCLA below.

UCLA professor of Jewish history, Polish-born David N. Myers addressing a gathering at the campus on September 20, 2016, said that establishment of both Zionism and Israel were result of Jewish persecution in Christian Europe, therefore, it’s wrong to blame the Israelis and Palestinians for the problem in the Middle East. He says Europe should admit its crimes in the past and help both Israelis and Palestinians to resolve it.

Zionism would never had arisen were it not for the deep structure of European anti-Semitism and colonialism. After the unilateral declaration of state of Israel in 1948, the Jews who were the victims of longstanding European oppression drove 700,000 indigenous people to establish a state for the Zionist movement over 55% of Palestine – thus becoming oppressors of other people,” said Myers.

UCLA’s kippa-wearing former Student Regent Abraham “Avi” Oved, Israel-US dual citizen, was very active in defending the Zionist entity at the Campus.

The Jewish community at UCLA is incredibly strong. Don’t let the headlines fool you. I was just at the right place at the right time when this issue came up, shedding light on antisemitism, anti-Zionism, anti-Israel, and a lot of other ‘isms’ that deserve attention and response,” says Oved.

Dan Lieberman, editor Alternative Insight, was born to Polish-US Jewish parents. His January 5, 2017 post claims that Israel doesn’t exist as a Nation State under international law.

Some readers may not know that the six time NBA Champion and American legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar began his sports career with the Bruin basketball team.

French philosopher gives bloody nose to Islamophobe

Last month French comedian Dieudonné M’Balla M’Balla moderated a debate between controversial French philosopher Alain Soral and Daniel Conversano, an Italian-French Zionist nationalist. The topic of the debate was “reconciliation between the native French nationalist and French Muslims, whose ancestors immigrated from French colonies in the Middle East and Africa” (watch in French below).

Alain Soral claimed that French Muslims are the best allies of the French nationalists against the Organized Jewry which is working on a plan to destroy the White Christian majority in Europe (here).

Conversano accused Soral of supporting horde of Maghrebins (Algerians) on French soil. When Soral demanded some respect from Conversano to which Conversano said he didn’t respect him.

Soral, who’s a boxer, lost temper and punched Conversano a couple of time, which resulted blood dripping from his mouth and nose. However, that didn’t stop Conversano spew his hatred toward Muslims and non-White immigrants.

Soral fears two things for France: An ethnic civil war and importing the  so-called clash of civilizations into France. As such he is anti-immigration but sees those who attack Muslims and non-Europeans already in France as contributing to Zionist power and a civil conflict which could permanently wreck the Nation. Examples of this in action include Lebanon’s destruction by Israel and Libya’s by France and NATO.

Soral believes France needs a community rebalancing in which 500,000 French Jews would be less influential and 7 million French Muslims more so. Having minorities after all is not necessarily problematic so long as they respect the majority and do not overwhelm the country. Perhaps Soral believes, if the tide is stemmed, that the French core will eventually be able to absorb the new arrivals. In any case, Soral himself has never called himself a White nationalist, has rarely shown interest in a White Europe as such, and always refers to himself as a French nationalist.

What is unique about Alain Soral – he is despised by both anti-Muslim White Christian racists and the Organized Jewry including French Jewish president Hollande, prime minister Manuel Valls, former president Nicolas Sarkozy, Madonna, and of course Front National’s Marine Le Pen with a Jewish boyfriend and the soul-mate of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Soral, in nutshell, supports every individual and organization which stand-up to Judo-Christian imperialism. He supports Iran, especially Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela and Hizbullah.

Soral opposes the various far-right Zionist nationalists, including the Dutch Party for Freedom and the English Defense League, which support the Zionist entity.

Soral’s influence is unsurprisingly greatest however in the French-speaking world, including Belgium, Quebec, the Maghreb and francophone Black Africa.

Soral has fostered a very close friendship with country’s top Afro-French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, and Israel-British author and musician Gilad Atzmon.

Except his bad temper, Alain Soral reminds me of another French atheist, author and politician Roger Garaudi (died 2012), who became the most hated French philosopher of the 20th century by the Organized Jewry for authoring the book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. A Paris court banned the book and fined the author US$40,000. Garaudi converted to Islam in 1982.

France is a land of philosophers. But a great majority of them are pro-Israel Judo-Christian Zionists, and anti-Muslims such as Henry-Bernard Levi who played a major part in Western invasion of Libya and Syria, Voltaire, who campaigned for cultural and religious tolerance, Ernest Renan, who claimed Jesus was Jewish and a White man, Emmanuel Todd (Jewish) who blamed Nicolas Sarkozy for the anti-Muslim riots in 2005, and believes that racial tension in France will disappear once the old White generation dies, Jean-Paul Sartre (died 1982), an Israel supporter but was declared anti-Semite for not saving Jews during German occupation of France, and Eric Zemmour, born to Algerian Jewish parents, who claimed in September 2016 that French army will carry-out ethnic-cleansing of Muslims as the Jewish army did in the West Bank and Gaza.

Listen to Alain Soral’s views on Israel and Iran below.




Chutzpah: Trump to outlaw pornography

Watching president-elect Donald Trump surrounded by Zionist Jews – I bet my Canadian loonie – he will never dare to outlaw porn industry. Porn industry like the Holocaust industry not only is a very lucurative enterprise but like the LGBT is applied by the Organized Jewry to demonize Muslims.

Let’s not forget Donald Trump himself appeared on the front-page of Hugh Hefner’s (Jewish) Playboy magazine and also appeared in 2000 Playboy soft porn video.

Thanks God, the current anti-porn campaign is not run by American Muslim groups but pro-Israel and anti-Muslim Republican lawmakers who filed a resolution declaring pornography as a public health hazard.

In August 2016, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump signed a pledge promising that as president, he would make enforcing existing laws against pornography, especially child pornography, a top priority of his administration.

Ironically, on July 30, 2016, The Jew York Post featured on its cover – two nude photos of Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump from January 1997 issue of France’s Max Magazine.

Steven Hirsch, aka the Jewish Porn King, founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, pornography company which produces an average of 60 porn movies, told pro-Israel US News that he doesn’t expect Trump to keep to his promise.

Hirsch said: “I’m not too worried that the ultimate misogynist Donald Trump would enforce the obscenity laws, as I’m quite sure he has no idea what they are. One would think Mr. Trump’s time would be spent on building fake walls and deporting Muslim immigrants.”

Now, before some reader call Trump a hypocrite – remember he is a product of the culture where female is considered an object of male’s sexual pleasure:

On June 10, 2013, Mireille Miller-Young posted at The Jew York Times: “The popular rhetoric about pornography as violent, degrading, and harmful to women and society ignores the diverse ways that women actually interact with it. As a researcher of the porn industry for the past decade, I have interviewed dozens of performers and have found a much more varied picture of pornography in women’s lives than characterized by antiporn activists.”

On June 19, 2015, Cosmopolitan magazine published the story of Kitty Stryker 31, who acts in porn films and works behind-the-scenes at the Indie Queer/Porn Company’s, Trouble Films. She’s also done stints as a professional dominatrix and has been an escort in Britain, where prostitution is legal under certain limited circumstances.

On September 21, 2015, Todd Nickerson posted an article at the SALON saying: “I’m a pedophile but not a monster.”

Jewish professor Emily Rothman (Boston University) says pornography could be healthy.

In United States, not all pornography illegal, and that’s why you may see some of these materials for sale in various retail outlets. Pornography is a way for some adults to express themselves, make a living or find entertainment. These people are free to buy it and own it, businesses are free to make, publish and sell it and adults are free to participate in it in exchange for a paycheck (here).

Iran’s female bodyguards

Image result for Iran's female bodyguards

On January 3, 2017, Brigadier-General Hedayat Alborzi, commander of Iran’s law enforcement department announced that from now on foreign female government officials visiting the Islamic Republic will be protected by female bodyguards.

At present, we have some mechanisms to use female bodyguards in missions of the Unit for the Protection of VIPs,” General Alborzi said.

Of course, the female bodyguards who have been trained will mostly take part in missions to protect the foreign female guests at international meetings so that they can easily carry out their protection responsibilities beside those figures,” he added.

Asked if the female bodyguards are used for female Iranian officials too, General Alborzi said that the police unit is prepared to provide them with female bodyguards at their demand.

Female police force began its operation in Iran in 2003.

On February 6, 2012, the Jew-owned Washington Post and over two dozen other Israeli hasbara idiots claimed on websites that there were 3,500 female Ninja army as a ‘lethal weapon’ against Israel and its Arab neighbors (watch below the Ninja being trained in Iran).

I’m sure most of readers must have heard about Jewish media’s great dig about Libyan leader Qiddafi’s female bodyguards. Qaddafi, according to French Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, had to be eliminated being a great threat to Israel.

To great relief of Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, J. Matthew Mclnnis claimed at Israeli propaganda news website, The National Interest (September 9, 2016) that Iran doesn’t have a normal conventional army.

Iran, to be blunt, does not have a ‘normal’ army, air force, or navy that could achieve those types of objectives the way the United States, Israel, Turkey, or Pakistan do. Why does the Iranian military look this way? First, Tehran has simply not had access to the resources and technology since the 1979 revolution to build and maintain such a force. Second, there is an important revolutionary image to protect of not being an imperialist power like the shah’s Iran. Iranian leaders love to claim the state has not invaded another country for over 250 years, which is technically true in a conventional military sense. Third, the part of the Iranian military that would normally possess classic offensive systems, the Shah’s old Artesh, is burdened by distrust and relative neglect by the senior leadership. This why Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini created the more loyal though unconventional IRGC in the first place, to protect his revolution,” said Mclnnis.

Let us believe the Jew liar for a moment – then the ‘six million question’ is why Netanyahu has been pushing United States to attack Iran instead of letting the Jewish army to do that job which it failed to accomplish against Lebanon’s Hizbullah militia in 2006.

Image result for Iran's female bodyguards