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Israeli Jews started the wildfires

israelbrenntevelynhechtgalinskipromosaik1Like the 9/11, Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in the recent wildfires in Israel. That’s why he immediately declared it arson and terrorist acts committed by Palestinians.

Israel’s education minister Naftali Bennett also admitted the truth in his tweet message: Only he to whom the land doesn’t belong is capable of burning it. One doesn’t need a PhD to find out that the European and other foreign Jews occupying historic Palestine have no legal rights to be there. Their ancestors never lived in Palestine for the last 2,000 years.

Israel’s veteran journalist Amira Hass reported at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz (November 26) that the wildfires began near Israeli military base Neveh Yair in the West Bank – most probably as result of some careless soldier tossing away a burning cigarette.

I have read the opinion of four Jewish writers; Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, a German writer, author and human rights activist, Uri Avnery, Israeli journalist and former member of Irgun terrorist militia, Gilad Atzmon, Israel-UK writer and author, and American-Israeli journalist and blogger Gershom Gorenberg.

Gorenberg claimed at The American Prospect (December 1) that the wildfires was result of the climate-change but anti-Palestinian Netanyahu & Co. always blame natural disasters  on Palestinians.

When Netanyahu and others in the Israeli government see the flames on the hillsides and can only talk about Palestinian terror, they’re not just being hawkish, or even racist. They are blatantly ignoring the real threat that those fires represent to the fragile land that Israelis and Palestinians share. They are ignoring one more reason that time is terribly short for an agreement between the two peoples that will allow them to stop fighting, live side by side – and turn all their long-practiced diplomatic skills to common goals of fighting climate change,” Gorenberg wrote.

In spite of its nuclear power, its criminal army, the occupation, the Mossad and its lobbies all over the world, Israel seems to be very vulnerable. It is devastatingly alienated  from the land it claims to own. Like the pine tree, Israel and the Israeli are foreign to the region,” Gilad Atzmon said.

I find Evelyn’s article more closer to truth than others. “Who does the land belong to? Certainly not to the ethnic cleansing Jewish occupiers who have displaced the indigenous Palestinian people. As a consequence of the fires, Bennett and his right-wing colleague, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called for an expansion of Jewish settlements on occupied land and promptly authorized the building of 500 new settlement units! Also in this instance, the coward members of the German Government have remained silent because for them the existence of an Israeli state takes an important priority over human rights and international law,” she said.

This raises the question of why is Israel burning? The majority of the hundreds of millions of trees planted since the Nakba by the Jewish National Fund, are conifers and particularly pines. The trees were planted for the benefit of the Jewish European immigrant ethnic cleansers so as to enable them to feel at home in a land for which they had no love, but simply wanted to possess,” she added.

From the beginning, Zionism’s aim has been to erase the memory of the Nakba by rewriting history in favour of Israel and Judaising the map of Palestine. Such blatant Nakba denial must be also criminalized in line Holocaust denial. It is not without reason that the powerful Israel lobby repeatedly endeavours to prevent exhibitions that present the truth about the Nakba and the brutal forced expulsions that preceded and followed the Israeli Declaration of Independence,” she said.

One of my favorite authors, Muhammad Asad (Polish Leopold Weiss), wrote in his masterpiece book, The Road to Mecca: “Although of Jewish origin myself, I conceived from the outset a strong objection to Zionism. I considered it immoral that immigrants assisted by a great power, should come from abroad with the avowed intention of attaining a majority in Palestine and thus to dispossess the people whose country it had been for centuries. This attitude of mine was beyond the comprehension of practical all the Jews whom I came in contact during my stay in Jerusalem (under British mandate) including Dr. Chaim Weizzman, the undisputed leader of the Zionist movement. They couldn’t understand what I saw in the Arabs. They’re not in the least interested what the Arab thoughthere)”.

Lobby: Gen. James Mattis hates Jews

Donald Trump has picked Gen. (ret) James Mattis his defense secretary. Even though, Mattis is a known anti-Muslim, and pro-Israel Christian Zionist, some of his past statements are going to haunt him during his nomination approval at the US Senate like former secretary of defense Chuck Hagel.

For example in March 2012, Mattis told Senate Armed Services Committee that in order to withdraw the US-NATO forces from Afghanistan with some honor, the US needed Pakistan’s help.

Could it be the reason that Donald Trump during a telephone conversation with Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif praised him and Pakistani nation?

“You’re doing a fantastic job. Your country is amazing with tremendous opportunities. Pakistanis are one of the most intelligent people,” Trump told Nawaz Sharif.

This is surprising considering Donald Trump during campaign had said: I love India, I love Hindus.

In July 2013, Gen. James Mattis told the Israeli goat, Wolf Blitzer (CNN) during an interview he gave at the Aspen Institute: World hate the US for backing Israel.

So we’ve got to work on peace talks with a sense of urgency. I paid a military security price every day as a commander of CENTCOM because the Americans were seen as biased in support of Israel, and because of this moderate Arabs couldn’t be with us because they couldn’t publicly support those who don’t show respect for Palestinians,” Mattis said.

I’ll tell you, the current situation is unsustainable. We’ve got to find a way to make work the two-state solution that both Democrat and Republican administrations have supported, and the chances are starting to ebb because of the settlements. For example, if I’m Jerusalem and I put 500 Jewish settlers to the east and there’s ten-thousand Palestinians already there, and if we draw the border to include them, either Israel ceases to be a Jewish state or you say the Palestinian don’t get to vote – apartheid. That didn’t work too well the last time I saw that practiced in a (South Africa) country,” added Mattis.

Jimmy Carter was treated shamefully by Alan Dershowitz and Brandeis University and the Jewish Lobby for voicing precisely the same warning, and was excluded by their pressure from speaking at the Obama Democratic National Conventions. Watch-lists have been made of academics who dare criticize the Zionist entity squatting on Palestinian-owned land.

On November 20, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) called Donald Trump not to appoint James Mattis as defense chief based on his past hatred toward Israel.

In the past Mattis revealed a lack of appreciation for and understanding of the extraordinary value to American security resulting from a strong American-Israeli alliance and a secure Israel. Thus I urge that Mattis not be appointed defense secretary,” ZOA President Morton Klein said.

Matt Brooks, executive director of Republican Jewish Coalition, praised the appointment of James Mattis, calling him a friend of Israel who wants a strong America to defend Israel.

In 2010, one of Mattis’s predecessors in CENTCOM’s command, David Petraeus, shocked his Israeli friends, and American Jewish Lobby when prepared testimony he was to give to the Senate leaked before he appeared. The prepared remarks, which were based on a study that his staff conducted of American security interests in the Middle East, stated: “The enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests in the region. The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of US favoritism for Israel.

Since retirement, Gen. James Mattis has worked as a consultant to the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, US-based Zionist think tank whose fellows include Israel-Firsters Condoleezza Rice, George P. Shultz (Jewish), Thomas Sowell, Gen. John P. Abizaid, Shelby Steel (married to Jewish Rita), and Edwin Meese III.

Swedish cartoon: Trump unites Jews and KKK

The Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden’s leading newspapers is chased by Israel Hasbara brigade for exposing the anti-Muslim bond between President-elect Donald Trump, and the serial liar Benjamin Netanyahu.

On November 20, 2016, the paper published a cartoon (below) showing Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu sitting in carriage carried by Zionist Jews, Christians, and KKK … saying Antligen (Finally).

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, an Israeli journalist was the first to spot the cartoon showing Swedish hatred toward the peace-loving Israeli Jews. She posted the cartoon on her Twitter account on November 20 – and bang …. it became a celebrity.

Swedish Jew writer Rebecca Weidmo Uvell sent a tweet to the paper account asking, “how can you publish clearly antisemitic propaganda? Jews carrying Trump together with KKK? Please explain.” According to Jewish newspaper, The Local, the account replied: “Netanyahu has celebrated Trump’s victory despite Trump’s rhetoric and the enthusiastic support he received in the USA from the White racists.”

The Dagens Nyheter editor-in-chief Peter Volodarski (Jewish), however said that the cartoon was not antisemitic because it attacked the Zionist regime and not the Jews.

On December 1, 2016 Israeli-Swedish film-maker Oriel Danielson explained Antligen (Finally) at The Jewish Daily Forward.

Finally, it implies, Netanyahu got the United States president he wanted, carried by evil Orthodox Jews, KKK supporters, Americans, and Israel supporters. He can now finally proceed with his vicious plan,” Danielson said.

Frankly, I couldn’t have said better myself.

Israeli ambassador Isaac Bachman demanded an apology from the newspaper.

Netanyahu is probably happy a Republican won. He has been wishing and hoping to see a Republican president for years. It is the first time in his almost 10 years as Prime Minister of Israel that a Republican will be the President of the United States. And Trump (and Pence) has already clearly expressed support for Netanyahu’s agenda. There is no doubt that the Israeli right is celebrating Trump’s win. But there is a huge step from there to implying that the Jews and the KKK are working side by side in a worldwide conspiracy to rule the world,” Laura E. Adkins, editor The Jewish Daily Forward claimed on November 9, 2016.

She is a liar like Netanyahu. The anti-Black racist group KKK was indeed funded by Zionist Jews and some of them even held senior positions in the organization.

The offending caricature

Carter to Obama: Save Israel from Donald Trump

On November 28, former US president Jimmy Carter in an Op-Ed, entitled, America Must Recognize Palestine, at The Jew York Times urged president Barack Hussein Obama to recognize a demilitarized Palestinian state before the end of his term on January 20, 2017.

I am convinced that the United States can still shape the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before a change in presidents, but time is very short. The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on Jan. 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine, as 137 countries have already done, and help it achieve full United Nations membership,” Jimmy Carter said.

I wonder how Carter expects Obama to pull that miracle when he himself had stated several times in the past that a Palestinian state would never become a reality as long as Netanyahu is in power. That criminal and terrorist person will still be in power during the anti-Muslim Donald Trump administration.

Carter fears that the coming Trump administration will give a green-light to Netanyahu’s dream of a single Israel state over the entire historic Palestine by annexing the West Bank and new wars to re-occupy the Gaza Strip.

This process is hastening a one-state reality that could destroy Israeli democracy and will result in intensifying international condemnation of Israel,” warned Carter.

Carter’s paradox is that he calls the Zionist entity, a democratic state, while admitting that “over 4.5 million Palestinians live in Israeli occupied territories, but are not citizens of Israel. Most live largely under Israeli military rule, and do not vote in Israel’s national elections.”

Carter also claimed that Washington’s recognition of a “demilitarized Palestinian state over Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in 1967 would lead the way for other countries to do the same.” So far, 137 out of 193 UN member states have recognized an independent Palestinian state next to the Zionist entity over 22% of the historic Palestine.

Carter also claimed that Washington’s recognition would give a booster to the so-called “moderate Palestinian leadership” such as Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi Mahmoud Abbas, the Israel’s Viceroy in the West Bank.

Jimmy Carter, as US president played the midwife for the so-called Camp David Accord in September 1978 – a handshake between the Belarus-born Menachem Begin, commander of Jewish terrorist militia IRGUN, and Arab traitor, Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. Since then, Israel has been receiving $3 billion, and Egypt $1.3 billion annual military aid from the United States. Kingdom of Jordan joined the club in 1994 to continue receiving $350 million UDAID per year.

Commenting on Carter’s Op-Ed, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Observer, November 29), author of Kosher Sex, called Jimmy Carter morally corrupt and a friend of Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas that has never endorsed Abbas’ policies. Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is the publisher of the Observer.

Joel B. Pollak at Stephen Bannon’s  Breitbart News, called Carter’s Op-Ed full of lies because it didn’t mention Palestinian terrorism.

Ron Paul – From ‘antisemite’ to ‘Russian propagandist’

Former Congressman Ron Paul has been under Organized Jewry fire since the day he proposed that Washington should stop $3 billion military aid to Israel and spend that money on education and medicare at home over six years ago. Israel-Firster David Horowitz called him crackpot, vicious anti-Semite, and Holocaust denier for claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, and Iranian nukes are no threat to US.

I suppose Louis Farrakhan was right when he said that forgiveness is not part of Jewishness. Ron Paul’s son Senator Rand Paul who has visited Israel, had voted for every sanction against Iran, and was one of the signatories on Sen. Tom Cotton’s threatening letter to Iranian government and had been critical of Obama administration removing some of the sanction on Iran – Rand is still considered a threat to Israeli interests by the Jewish Lobby.

According to press reports, Sen. Tom Cotton received $1 million to oppose Iran deal.

On November 24, Zionist Jew Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post published an anti-Ron Op-Ed by Craig Timberg in which the Zionist jingonist blamed Ron Paul for dishing out Fake news created by Russian propagandists during the US presidential election to punish anti-Putin Hillary Clinton while helping pro-Putin Donald Trump – and thus undermining faith in American democracy.

Ron Paul has debunked Craig Timberg’s lies saying the Fake news comes from the US government (watch video below).

The reason behind the recent Ron Paul character assassination by the Jewish Lobby is based on his criticism of possibility of Donald Trump picking one of the two famous Israeli-lapdogs, John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani, the 9/11 Suspect, as his secretary of state.

Jennifer Rubin an Israel-First blogger at the Washington Post has already sounded alarm over Ron Paul being next US secretary of state. Rubin is an ardent supporter of war on Syria, Hizbullah, Iran or anyone else who sneezes facing toward the Zionist entity.

Jeffrey Phillips explained Rubin’s problem with Ron Paul at the (November 13, 2016): “Under Secretary Paul there would be no fact-free, mindless propaganda sessions deceptively named ‘daily press briefings’. Under Secretary Paul diplomacy would not mean ‘do what we say and we will give you money, refuse and we will bomb you’. Under Secretary Paul diplomacy would serve the national interest instead of the special interests. Under Secretary Paul, the customary appearances by the Secretary before the House and Senate foreign affairs committees would actually be exercises in truth-telling instead of spin-making.”

Ron Paul who didn’t endorse any of the GOP candidates, has refused to serve in Trump administration.

On November 21, Adam Garrie at The Duran news website suggested Danna Rohrabacher, another Israeli lapdog, as the new secretary of state instead of John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani or Ron Paul.

Hijab makes history in Minnesota

Halima Aden in her burkini

Anti-Muslim American racists are in panic these day, even though they have elected Donald Trump: America’s First Jewish President.

But it seems Americans in Minnesota are rebelling against the Establishment. They elected the first Muslim to US Congress, Keith Ellison in 2007. On November 8, 2016, they sent first Muslim woman, Ilhan Omar, to the State Congress. She defeated Phyllis Kahn, who had occupied the seat for the last 44 years. Ilhan Omar happens to wear Hijab.

Over the weekend, Halima Aden, 19, a Minnesota Muslim girl made history in the state’s Miss USA beauty pageant, becoming the first contestant to compete in a hijab and Burkini. Miss Aden made the top 15 in a contest of 45 – but though didn’t win, she still took the showing as a victory.

A lot of people will look at you and will fail to see your beauty because you’re covered up and they’re not used to it, so growing up I just had to work on my people skills and give people a chance to really know me besides the clothing,” said Aden.

Aden was born in Kenya and moved to Minnesota as a child.

Aden decided to wear her traditional clothing because that is what she is more comfortable in and to inspire others to embrace themselves.

Be who you are. It’s easy to feel like you have to blend in, but it takes courage to live your life with conviction and embrace the person that you are,” said Aden.

Pageant officials support Aden’s choice to be fully covered.

I think for Halima standing on the stage this weekend she is showing other women that they too can do that and that it’s possible for them,” said Denise Wallace, executive co-director of the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.

20110918185950868[1]In 2011, Indonesia with world’s largest Muslim population, held Muslim world’s first Muslimah World pageant to counter Western ‘Miss Universe’ pageant. It was organized by the ‘Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium‘, a NGO.

German lawmaker: Trump interested in good relation with Iran!

MEP Udo Voigt, 64, German lawmaker at European Union parliament in a recent interview with Iranian Mehr News Agency said: “Trump is seeking a way to ease tensions with Russia and its president Vladimir Putin. It’s likely that Trump will unite with Russia in Syria to put an end to the crisis, helping Bashar Assad. This is while Iran is Russia’s biggest ally in Syria. The US government cannot neglect Iran’s political influence in the Middle East when trying to enforce new policies in the region.”

Udo Voigt added: “I believe that since Donald Trump is a smart and successful businessman, he will try to find ways for having a common and logical economic relations with Iran, especially because US economy needs to expand and develop and Trump is the man who can make it happen.”

The German member of European Parliament expressed: “As a member of Delegation for Relations with Iran in European Parliament, I’m aware of Iran’s great potential and abilities in economic field.”

I wish I could be as optimistic as Voigt, but the realities on ground are against such hopes as Donald Trump’s family and his White House team are full of Zionist Jews and Israel-Firsters.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s comment on the US election result were: We neither celebrate nor mourn it.

Iran’s ‘moderate’ president Dr. Hassan Rouhani also showed his indifference to Donald Trump’s victory by saying: US election results have no effect on Iran’s policies.

However, I must give credit to Udo Voigt, a German nationalist, for giving the Organized Jewry his piece of mind. He has collected more honors from the Organized Jewry than Donald Trump can ever dream. For example, The Local (May 27, 2014) called him “neo-Nazi”, “Hitler admirer”, “son of Nazi SS”, “Holocaust denier”, etc.

Udo Voigt, an aviation engineer by profession, was chairman of National Democratic Party (NDP) from 1996 to 2011.

The ‘Great Friend of Israel’, Chancellor Angela Merkel has labeled the NDP, “an anti-democratic, xenophobic, antisemitic, and anti-constitutional party.”

NDP like the pro-Israel PEGIDA is anti-Muslim, anti-nonwhite immigration, but some of its leaders are also critical of Jewish power in Germany.

In 2014, when Udo Voigt was selected as a member of Delegation for Relations with Iran in European Parliament, Martin Schultz, president EU and Jewish groups blasted European Union for letting Voigt be part of the delegation.

Last month when Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Berlin, Udo Voigt handed over a letter to Russian ambassador Vladimir Mikhaylovich Grinin saying that he would keep opposing Angela Merkel policies against Russia and Syria (watch video below).