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UK – Jews and African Slavery

On Thursday, UK’s labour party suspended Jackie Walker, vice-chairwoman of Momentum movement over posting historical truth about the “African Holocaust” and Jews as “chief beneficiaries of African slavery at sugar plantation.”

Ms Walker has claimed that she and her partner are both of Jewish descent and are actively involved in anti-racism campaign.

Ms Walker’s claim is not based on her hatred towards Jews, but on historical facts, which like Jewish collaboration with Hitler and Mussolini – the Zionist mafia doesn’t want public to know that their Jew ancestors played a major role not only in African slavery but also in White slavery in the past. In fact, White Christian women from Russia and Ukraine are still used as sex-slaves in Israel, reported by The Times of Israel, November 29, 2015.

Jews owned, insured, and financed slave ships and outfitted them with chains and shackles for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. They were auctioneers, commission merchants, brokers, and wholesalers, keeping the slave economy oiled with money, markets, and supplies (here).

Dr. Raphael in his 1983 book, Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History, said: “Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade; indeed, the bylaws of the Recife and Mauricia congregations (1648) included an imposta (Jewish tax) of five soldos for each Negro slave a Brazilian Jew purchased from the West Indies Company. Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. “This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750’s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760’s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760’s and early 1770’s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent (here).

American Jewish academic and author, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, in a recent interview he gave to Cambridge-based Jewish political researcher, Jamie Stern-Weiner claims that the current witch-hunt of Labour Party by the pro-Israel Jewish-mafia is to discredit the party leader Jeremy Corbyn and destroy the pro-Palestine movement in the UK.

Finkelstein also agreed with former London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s controversial comment, Hitler was a Zionist because both the Nazis and Zionist Jews did cooperate with each other over the transportation of German Jews to British-controlled Palestine.

“The Zionists and Nazis fond a degree of common ground around the emigration/expulsion of Jews to Palestine. It was a paradox that, against the emphatic protestations of liberal Jews, including sections of the Anglo-Jewish establishment, antisemites and Zionists back then effectively shared the same slogan: Jews to Palestine. It was why, for example, the Nazis forbade German Jews to raise the swastika flag, but expressly permitted them to hoist the Zionist flag. It was as if to say, the Zionists are right: Jews can’t be Germans, they belong in Palestine. Hannah Arendt wrote scathingly about this in Eichmann in Jerusalem, which is one of the reasons she caught hell from the Jewish/Zionist establishment,” Finkelstein said.

Minister Farrakhan explain below the victimization of Blacks by the Organized Jewry.

UK: Jews against Jeremy Corbyn

Zionist+Nazi+coin[1]Since Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of UK’s Labour party in September 2015, over fifty top Labour lawmakers have been suspended or fired by the party to appease UK’s powerful pro-Israel Jewish groups and party’s rich Jew donors.

However, the Jewish Lobby is not satisfied and continues running a smear campaign against Corbyn for not doing enough to expel his party’s members who have dared to criticize Israeli policies. Labour party Muslim MP Naz Shah has refused to sit on the committee.

An encircled Corbyn has now established a committee to investigate party members who may harbor dislike of the Zionist regime. The committee is headed by Hindu Shami Chakrabarti and Jew professor David Feldman.

In order to further scare Corbyn, the head of Israel’s Labour Party, Isaac Herzog, said on Monday that he was reconsidering ties with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in the wake of the allegations of antisemitism within the UK party.

Jamie Stern-Weiner, a UK-Israel dual citizen and political analyst has claimed that Corbyn and Labour party don’t have ‘anti-Semitism problem’, but his opponents have. He says that anti-Corbyn propaganda is meant to bring a regime-change in the party, and install a pro-Israel leadership as existed under Tony Blair and Ed Miliband.

UK’s Zionist Jewish oligarch Lord Alan Sugar has blasted Jeremy Corbyn, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Zionist London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan for being ‘friendly’ towards Hamas, Hizbullah, and Muslims. Listen to the Zionist parrot below.

In the paranoid West, anyone (Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or atheist), who supports Palestinians or criticizes Islamophobia, or expose Zionists’ past collaboration with Nazis, is automatically labeled ‘antisemite’. For example, last month, Tony Greenstein, a rabid Orthodox Zionist Jew blogger was expelled from Labour party for criticizing Netanyahu.

On May 3, former US military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi posted an article, entitled, Purging the Palestinians in which he wrote: “Political purges are not new. Trotsky was purged from the Soviet Communist Party and Ernst Rohm was purged by the Nazis. Currently we are witnessing the spectacle of “progressive” groups ostensibly dedicated to the cause of Palestinian rights turning on long time advocates of that cause because they are not viewed as sufficiently engaged in demonstrating that they are not anti-Semitic. Indeed, demonstrating one’s anti-anti-Semitic credentials seems to have become a sine qua non for establishing the bona fides of any friend of Palestine, apparently more important than actually doing anything for the Palestinians, who have been losing land continuously to the Israelis and regularly getting killed whenever they resist.”

Palestinians have been victimized by the self-designated Jewish State funded by Jewish organizations and enabled through Jewish manipulation of America’s legislature and media would appear to be an irrelevancy to the self-righteous standard bearers adhering staunchly to what they choose to describe as their “anti-racist principles.” In a recent disagreeable incident involving the Students for Justice in Palestine at Stanford University a Nakba survivor Palestinian woman speaker was actually disinvited because it was feared that she might verbally challenge the legitimacy of the Zionist occupation of her former home,” Giraldi said.

Rev. Berrigan: ‘Israel is a criminal Jewish community’

Catholic Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan (died April 30, 2016) earned his Antisemitism Award in 1973 after his speech at a meeting of the Association of Arab University Graduates in Washington in 1973 where he made a prophetic statement about the Zionist entity that had become a criminal Jewish community and, alongside South Africa under apartheid and the US embroiled in Vietnam.

The state is a Jewish settlers colony seeking Biblical justification to ethnic-cleansing and occupation of a non-Jewish land – a crime against humanity,” he said. He lamented that Jews after suffering discrimination for centuries in Europe and experiencing Holocaust during WWII, became oppressors themselves.

Rev. Berrigan defended his statement on the Zionist entity against a vicious campaign run by Jewish lobby groups demanding an apology to Israel and Jews.

Several Zionist Jews authored books to equate Berrigan with Hitler, such as, The New anti-Semitism (1974) by Arnold Forster and Benjamin E. Epstein. Read the book review by Sharon Rose here.

To large numbers of Americans, Daniel Berrigan is a hero; his anti-Zionism remarks are particular threatening to Zionists. Thus they must be quickly branded ‘antisemites’, so that no one but the lunatic fringe will consider them worthy of further discussion. It’s a familiar message which the Jewish lobby has successfully preached since 1948.

Rabbi Arthur Hurtzberg called Berrigan statement, an old-fashioned theological anti-Semitism. Professor Noam Chomsky in his book, Middle East Illusions, blasted Rabbi Hurtzberg by calling his attack on Berrigan as ‘fabrication’.

American author Kurt Vonnegut (died 2007) called Daniel Berrigan, Jesus as a poet.

India: Modi’s wife demands her rights

India’s kosher prime minister Narendra Modi has been declared a ‘world-class’ statesman after Netanyahu called Modi the most trusted friend of Israel amongst Asian leaders.

What the Jewish-controlled western media is afraid to tell its readers that India’s Hindu women are the most persecuted human-beings in the world – and Narendra Modi is among those female-hating Hindus. Abortion of female fetus, burning-alive Hindu brides for not bringing big dowries, Hindu widows treated worse than dogs, etc.

Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi, 64, is wife of India’s prime minister, but she is not allowed to live at the prime minister’s official residence in New Delhi. Indian security agency has provided four bodyguards for her. The bodyguards travel in car while Jashodaben has to travel in a public bus. In 2014 she was denied Indian passport to travel abroad because she didn’t have the marriage certificate to prove that she was indeed wife of country’s prime minister. Jashodaben married Modi in 1968 when she was 16-year-old.

Ironically, Hindus call India Bharat Mata (Mother India), and insists that 160 million Indian Muslims yell, Bharat Mata ki Jai (long live Mother India) to prove their patriotism.

Holy Cow is also called Gao Mata (Mother Cow) and is used to fuel anti-Muslim riots for consuming its meat.

Shobha Aggarwal, a New Delhi female lawyer and writer, in a recent article said: “Women in India do not appear to be active participants in the debate around the chanting of the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. Even the debate in the media is dominated through discourse by men. The chanting of this slogan– necessary to prove ‘patriotism’ – is an obsession only of the so-called “patriotic men”. Generally men belonging to right-wing political parties are aggressively seen chanting the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’; rarely is a woman heard chanting it except on a political platform. The slogan is not just a construct of a Brahmanical patriarchal mindset, it is an insult to women-hood and camouflages the ugly truth of how women are treated in this country. The ‘Mother India’– a 1957 Hindi film (watch below) – while depicting oppression and suffering of Indian women also glamorizes it.”

Israelization of Saudi military

Israel_Saudi_ties[1]Early this month, Egypt’s Crypto-Jew military dictator Gen. al-Sisi returned two Red Sea islands to Saudi ‘royals’ under pressure from Washington and Tel Aviv. Israeli army radio called the transfer kosher.

On April 13, 2016, the Muslim Press reported that two Red Sea islands were being used to conduct joint Saudi-Israel military training exercises.

A Jewish military source has also claimed that Israeli Colonel David Salami, and Saudi Major-general Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Zahrani  were selected as the joint commander of the Navy.

Riyadh doesn’t has an embassy in Tel Aviv, but the Jerusalem Post reported on April 12, 2016: “The two countries do have third-party economic ties which see Israeli products – agricultural and technological goods – arriving via the Palestinian Authority, Jordan or Cyprus.” According to the report, Islamic Republic is seen as the number one threat to both the Saudis and the Zionist entity. As a result of their common fear, the Saudis have given Zionist regime approval for Air Force jets to pass through their airspace in the past, just in case Netanyahu (?) decides to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Under US president Jimmy Carter‘s Camp David Accords, signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979, Cairo has undertaken to guarantee freedom of navigation for Israeli ships in the area for the US annual $1.5 billion military aid while Israel grabbed $3 billion military aid.

The Jerusalem Post also reported that Saudi-led states in the ME want Israel to help them confront Iran. “So why are Israel’s allies in the region anchored by Saudi Arabia? Because Iran’s regime loathes Israel,” it said, also mentioning Hizbullah which threatens Israel.

Earlier Israeli minister of military affairs Gen. Moshe Ya’alon peaking at the Institute of National Securities Studies said that he prefers ISIS to Iran.

It seems Saudi military is following the American example – Israelization of the US Armed Forces.

Lobby: Trump is new Ahmadinejad!

f0d03-us_brownnosersLike the Holocaust, the Zionist leaders an the Jewish-controlled media never miss a chance to compare their ‘conceived enemies’ with the former Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

On April 29, 2016, UK’s The Guardian applied Zionist lies about Ahmadinejad to discredit GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and boost GOP frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is viewed with much amusement in Iran – his rhetoric and inflammatory statements remind many of their former hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” Saeed Kamali Dehghan wrote.

Donald Trump is known for his outspoken hatred towards 2 billion Muslims, and Blacks and Mexicans. Contrary to that Ahmadinejad had never spoken ill about Jews, Blacks, and Mexicans – unless the moron writer believes that the entire 13 million world Jewry like Adolf Hitler is Zionist.

The Iranian authorities have refrained from publically endorsing any candidate in the race to the White House, but in private there are concerns about the consequences of the election outcome on the nuclear agreement. Even Hillary Clinton, the Democrat frontrunner, is believed to hold more hardline stance on Iran than Barack Obama,” Dehghan claimed.

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Islamic government in Tehran never gave a damn who resides in the White House. Imam Khomeini called them ‘Great Satan’, while the current Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei is on record of saying on several occasions that Iranian nation couldn’t trust American leaders because were ‘double talkers’ (liars when it comes to Iranian nation).

Both Hillary Clinton and her Democrat opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders have endorsed the so-called ‘US-Iran’ nuclear agreement claiming it a victory for Israel. Contrary to that, Donald Trump and the rest of GOP Israeli clowns have criticized the agreement – blaming Barack Obama for throwing Israel under buss.

No matter what the US presidential candidates views are on US-Iran nuclear deal, the next US president would be fool to cancel the agreement because none of America’s western allies, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Italy are going to accept Washington’s unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic. They all had been rushing to sign trade deals with Tehran to have a piece of $410 billion annual economy since February 2016. They all have reopened their embassies in Tehran while Washington is left on the sidelines.

Western anti-Iran mafia has long history of demonizing Iranian leaders, both the so-called “Reformers” and “Conservatives” by comparing them their most immoral, corrupt, and anti-Zionism leaders. For example, Iranian award-wining actor Bahram Radan became Hollywood’s Jewish producer-actor Brad Pitt after Radan tweeted his support for same sex marriage. Brad Pitt is reported helping Iranian Jew Shia LaBeouf to find true God in Christianity. Pre-Islamic Revolution, Iranian pop-singer Faegheh Atashin, became Jewish Madonna – and Iranian singer Dariush Eghbali became Frank Sinatra, the ‘sexual volcano’.

Faces of Islam: A Documentary

Recently, Canadian award-winning documentary photographer Matt Palmer, 32, interviewed and photographed 41 Muslims living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, for his online project, Faces of Islam.

For three days earlier this month he sat down with children, community workers, a lawyer, a doctor, an Indigenous elder from Thursday Island, and many others.

They shared stories and insights such as their journeys to Australia, the kind of music they listen to, and how they coped with the death of a loved one.

Palmer hopes the project will help demystify Muslim people by breaking down false stereotypes, and sharing common experiences.

After the Paris attacks last year there was a lot of misinformation going out in the public about Muslims,” Palmer said.

I just got sick of trying to argue with people or give them the correct information so I thought ‘what can I do as a photographer to help not just the Muslim community but the entire community and maybe show a different side to them that people may not have expected?’,” says Palmer.

From there, the idea was born, but it would take a few more months before it flourished into what it has become today.

Our goal was to have 20 to 30 people involved … it spread through word-of-mouth. People brought friends along with them [on the day], and the friends saw what was going on and thought the project was a great idea so they ended up getting involved as well,” Palmer adds.

Most of my questions were around just the everyday lives because I feel the project is about people who happen to be Muslim. I learned a lot of things, particularly that the Muslim people I talked to – compared to the rest of the people in my life – they’re very engaged in the community and helping people,” said Palmer who is a committed atheist.

Naseema Mustapha told me – Islam teaches about peace, harmony and respect of other religions and cultures. Islam talks about people coming together – it’s about bringing societies together, communities together. The Islam I know and the Islam the majority of Australians know are two different things. I would like Australians to see Islam the way I see it and how I practice it,” says Palmer.

Faces of Islam - Naseema