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UK – Israel, Sikhs and the ‘Love Jihad’

In the past, I wrote about anti-Muslim and pro-Israel White Supremacist group English Defense League (EDL).

On Monday, after reading Adam Lusher’s article at British newspaper Independent – I learned that EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson is also involved in Sikh Youth UK, another anti-Muslim pro-Israel group.

The Sikh Youth UK has produced a film claiming that Sikh, Christian and Jewish women in Britain are victims of ‘Love Jihad’ just like in India.

Bilwander Rana, founder of Sikh Against the EDL says: “By associating with the ex-leader of the EDL who is also a former member of the BNP, Sikh Youth UK is going in totally the wrong direction. People like Tommy Robinson only want to use the divide and rule tactic to turn Sikhs against Muslims.”

On August 10, 2017, Ruchira Sharma posted an article at VICE magazine said that even after 70 year of British India’s partition, the British Hindu and Sikhs are still fear their family members converting to Islam.

My family are Hindu Indian and I grew up being warned against dating Muslim men by my parents and their friends. One thing that would constantly crop up were stories of girls who had run away from their loving Indian families, into the arms of Muslim men, only to be trapped in the relationship, left miserable and abused by them in some way. Growing up, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than betraying my parents like that – all I wanted was to stay safe and never let them down. Now I can see the prejudice in their words. I don’t think they – and many other Sikh or Hindu parents – were deliberately being hateful, but they had listened to this fear-mongering narrative around Muslims their whole lives and allowed that to distort their views,” she said.

Sikh hatred towards Muslims goes back to the partition of India’s Punjab province by the last British Viceroy Lord Mountbatten in early 1947. A large part of Punjab was given to India because its Hindu and Sikh minority leaders against the wishes of province’s Muslim-majority (55%) decided to join Hindu majority India even though the leader of Pakistan movement, Muhammad Ali Jinnah offered them an autonomous Sikhistan (Khalistan) state within Pakistan. Between July-August 1947, more than one million Muslim refugees were murdered while crossing India-Pakistan – mostly by Sikh militants. More than 15 million Muslims from India became refugees in Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Irony of Sikh hatred of Muslims is, while Pakistani Punjab (60% of historic Punjabi-speaking area) is still single province and politically, and financially dominant province of Pakistan – India cheated Sikhs by further dividing Punjab into three separate states; Sikh-majority-Punjab, Hindu-majority Haryana, and Himchal Pradesh in 1966. If that was not enough punishment for Sikhs helping Hindus to murder over one million Muslims, in 1984, Indian army attacked Golden Temple, the Vatican of Sikhism in Amritsar – killing hundreds of worshipper and partially demolishing the temple. This sparked Sikh genocide at the hands of Hindu fanatic mobs – resulting in the death of over 10,000 Sikh men, women and children.

The so-called Love jihad was coined by Yogi Adityanath, the current chief minister of UP. The Yogi not only hate Muslims and Dalit but also women and gay people. He is the idiot who recently claimed that Taj Mahal in Agra was built by Muslim traitors.

On October 17, 2017, Dr. Katy P. Sian (University of York, UK) wrote an article reflecting on being the target of online abuse after calling out the Islamophobic and patriarchal tendencies within British Sikh activist circles. (Listen her in a video below).

In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, it is more important than ever to challenge systemic forms of patriarchy, abuse and power. Interestingly, Sikh Youth UK, who laud themselves as anti-grooming champions, have seemingly little to say on Weinstein. Moreover, they have not only played down instances of child sex abuse perpetrated by non-Muslim offenders but also failed to adequately address sexual abuse within the Sikh community itself — a clear sign for many of how deeply-embedded Islamophobia and patriarchy are within the organization,” Sian said.


Oops! Chomsky clarifies his position on BDS!

In July 2014, America’s Jewish philosopher Dr. Noam Chomsky, a closet Zionist Jew, who wrote a critique of the so-called BDS movement, a Jewish-controlled opposition, now clarifies his position on the cultural boycott of the Zionist entity in a recent interview published at the “Artists for Palestine UK (APUK)”, published on October 12, 2017.

In response to Chomsky’s critique, British author Thomas Suarez wrote: “Professor Chomsky’s strangest statement of all, a rather terrifying statement on the face of it, is that “There is no reason to expect Israel to accept a Palestinian population it does not want.” There you have it, all condensed into one sentence, an admission that Israel is a racially predicated state and that the rights of the Palestinians themselves must remain subservient to it. There is no reason to expect a settler nation to accept the people whose land it took. Everything is framed in terms of what Israel wants, or what Israel will or will not agree to.”

When asked by the interviewer about his opinion on artists who play at concerts in Israel, Chomsky replied: “I’m opposed to any appearance in Israel that is used for nationalistic or other propaganda purposes to cover up its occupation and denial of Palestinian human rights. I have been involved in activities to hold Israel accountable for its international law violations since before the BDS movement took shape. While I have some tactical differences with BDS movement, I strongly support the actions and continue to participate.”

When asked if he considers Israel a democratic entity, Chomsky replied: “The oft repeated idea that Israel is a “vibrant democracy” is an absurd one. Unless the qualification is pure symbolic, there can be no “democratic Jewish state”. In the case of Israel, “Jewishness” is very far from symbolic. There is no need to repeat here what I have written in the past, documenting extensively Israel’s discriminatory practices.

In February 2015, 700 British artists signed a pledge to boycott Israel .

On October 11, 2016, Australian writer and blogger Petra Liverani writing at off-Guardian said: “One of the most prominent gatekeepers of 9/11 truth is Noam Chomsky. In this article I will analyse two videos (watch below) of Chomsky speaking about 9/11. What can be observed is that Chomsky consistently avoids discussing hard evidence, exempting himself with the spurious claim that he has insufficient technical expertise to make a judgement, and takes refuge in fallacious argument which falls into two categories: strawman (arguing against a misstated or invented argument from the other side) and argumentum ad speculum (arguing an hypothesis after the fact which may well be contrary to the facts but, in any case, avoids dealing with the actual facts). At core, Chomsky is being dishonest.”

Last year, Canadian professor Tony Hall in a 7-part research article, Noam Chomsky and Zionism claimed that Noam Chomsky is Israel’s Gatekeeper for September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Defeated in Syria – Israel and its dogs bark at Hizbullah

Iran, Turkey and Hizbullah have all blamed the US and Israel for creating ISIS and Kurd civil wars for fragmentation of the Middle East for Israel’s benefit.

In August 2017, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech that Benjamin Netanyahu cried in front of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump over ISIS defeat in Syria and Lebanon, which was supposed to destroy our region, our army and our institutions, and give it to the United States and Israel.

Earlier this month, Clifford May (Jew), founder-president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FFD), an Israeli advocacy group, in a speech at the Capitol Hill accused Hizbullah being part of Latin America’s Socialist-Islamist-narco-terrorist alliance.

One has to excuse May for his Jewish laying to hide the fact that Israel tops in drug trafficking and terrorism.

A frustrated Trump administration instead of refuting Nasrallah claim, put US$12 million bounty for the capture of two of Hizbullah senior armed resistance officials, Talal Hamiya and Fuad Sukr. The problem is no Lebanese citizen except Israeli Mossad agent would try to grab that bounty. Earlier in February 2017, Trump administration put US$5 million bounty on Hizbullah member Mohammad Ali Hamadei, accused of masterminding hijacking of 1985 Flight 847, a CIA-Mossad false flag operation like 9/11.

In July 2017, Donald Trump called Hizbullah, a menace in the Middle East over giving a crushing blow to Jewish army in 2006. Two years ago, however, Trump didn’t even know what Hizbullah was.

Earlier this week, Saudi minister for gulf affairs Thamer Al-Sabhan tweeted: “There is only one terrorism and that must be fought everywhere. Would the world agree with the presence of members of Daesh and members of Al-Nusra in Parliaments and governments? It is necessary to unite against the Party of the Devil“.

Daesh (ISIS) and Al-Nusra are terrorist groups created by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia while his Party of Devil, the Party of Allah (Hizbullah) has been fighting against Daesh and Al-Nusra since 2013 in Syria and Lebanon.

Wiam Wahhab, a Lebanese Druze journalist and former minister of environment replied to Shahan on behalf of Hizbullah: “Sabhane is right. We must eliminate the presence of members of Daesh and al Nusra in Parliaments, Governments as well as all the kings of ISIS, Islamist extremism and hatred.”

The Kings of ISIS were meant for King of Saudi Arabia and Emir of Qatar, who have long supplied Wahhabi terrorist to Turkey and Israel to bring regime changes in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

In a bid to begin a new Israeli proxy war in the Middle East Donald Trump announced the decertification of U-Iran nuclear deal, which has further isolated the US from the heavy-guns at the United Nations such as Russia, China, France, Germany and EU which have refused to follow Washington lead on this matter.

Bollywood legends celebrate 51st wedding anniversary

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In Bollywood you cannot be a star unless you have a little bit of Dilip Kumar in you.

Peshawar-born Bollywood legends Dilip Kumar (Muhammad Yusuf Khan) and actress Saira Banu celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary on October 11, 2017 (watch video below).

The celebrations, attended by only family members and close friends, were held at the couple’s Pali Hill residence in Mumbai.

Taking to Twitter, Dilip Kumar thanked Allah Almighty for his beautiful relationship with Saira and wrote, “Thank you Almighty Allah for making our journey beautiful with joy & peace.” He also wrote, “Message from Saira Banu; On our 51st Anniversary we want to thank our friends, families and millions of fans for their prayers & love.”

Dilip Kumar first movie was 1944 Jwar Bhata, and last 2007 Pellikaannee Pellam. In between those two Dilip Kumar acted in 60 films. On the other hand, Saira Banu acted in 42 films.

Saira Banu born in 1944 to Bollywood actress Naseem Banu (Roshanara Begum, died 2002) married Dilip Kumar, 44, in 1966.

Amitabh Bachchan, one of Bollywood’s highest paid actors, who has acted in more than 150 films, has worshipped Dilip Kumar as his idol and inspiration in acting since he started acting. He also said that he waited 46 years to get Dilip Kumar’s 93rd birthday in 2015.

Bollywood icon Shahrukh Khan also idolizes Dilip Kumar. Bollywood/Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is also a fan of Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar, 95, was the first actor to receive a Filmfare Best Actor Award and holds the record for most number of Filmfare Awards won for that category.

In 2010, Dilip Kumar’s Pali Hill residence where he had lived with wife for decades was taken to court by Shrayans Developers who were hired by the actor to redevelop the property into a multi-storey luxurious apartment building and a museum dedicated to his Bollywood career. The contract was signed in 2006 but due to lack of progress, Dilip Kumar canceled the contract and hired Black Rock Company in 2010 to do the work. Last month, Indian Supreme Court ordered Dilip Kumar to pay Rs 20 crore to Shrayans Developers in order to reposes the property which he did.

Harvey Weinstein: “A Jewish kind of pervert”

On October 9, 2017, Mark Openheimer, editor Jewish Tablet magazine, posted an article on the sexual adventures of Hollywood Mughal Harvey Weinstein, describing him as a deeply Jewish kind of pervert. But next day he posted an apology for exposing his fellow Talmudic sex manic Harvey Weinstein, saying: “The analysis I offered was hasty and ill-considered. I take this as a lesson in the importance of knowing as much as one can about a given story, and in taking the time to think and feel things completely through before opining. I apologize for not doing so in this case.”

Earlier, the Jew York Times reported that Harvey Weinstein CBE, a Zionist Jew Hollywood film producer (worth £153million), is being accused of sexual abuse and rape by several women including actresses Ashley Judd (Jew), Angelina Jolie (Jew), Gwyneth Paltrow (converted to Judaism), Cara Delevingne (partly Jew), Asia Argento (Jew), Rose McGowan (Jew), and French actresses Florence Darel, Lea Seydoux, and Judith Godreche.

I seems Harvey likes having sex with only Jewish beauties.

US president Donald Trump waded into the allegations, saying: “I’ve known Harvey Weinstein a long time… I’m not at all surprised to hear it.”

British prime minister Theresa May has rejected the allegations against Harvey as opposition MPs called for the producer to be stripped of his CBE.

Donna Karan (Jew) American fashion designer has defended Harvey by saying that those women asked for it. Pity, no Jew defended Hollywood comedian Bill Cosby based on same reasoning.

Professor Dr. Mark Griffiths explains Harvey’s sexual problem by saying: “In my view high profile celebrities use ‘sex addiction’ as an excuse for being sexually sexually unfaithful to their partners (e.g., Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas, David Duchovny, Russell Brand). Harvey Weinstein appears to fall into this group.”

On October 8, Sharon Waxman claimed at online newspaper The Wrap that she reported Harvey’s sexual adventures to the Jew York Times 13-year ago but the editors refused to publish it.

According to Talmudic law Mesirah, Jews are forbidden to report crimes committed by fellow Jews to non-Jewish law-enforcement authorities or public.

FBI has now reportedly opened an investigation into the allegations against Harvey, amid suggestions he might flee the country like Jewish film director Roman Polanski.

Harvey Weinstein’s second wife Georgina Chapman (Jew) and mother of two, is a British model and fashion designer. On Tuesday, she announced that she was planning to divorce Harvey.

What media didn’t report, is that Harvey was chased by the organized Jewry in 2011 over his praising of Palestinian-Israeli film Miral (watch trailer below)shown at UN headquarters which the Zionist regime tried to get cancelled.

Harvey Weinstein is a close friend of Clinton family.

Harvey Weinstein 5

Jews against Shi’ite Community Center in London


On October 10, Ben Weich reported at Jewish Chronicle that a plan to establish a Shi’ite Community Center in Golders Green, north-west London met with mounting opposition from area’s large Jewish population.

A petition against the plan posted on Barnet Council’s website has attracted almost 4,000 signatures, with a further 186 objections lodged on the site, and only 93 comments in support,” Weich said.

One of the Jew objectors, Ms. Ayelet Avroya, wrote: “This neighborhood is affiliated with the Jewish population that has been living here for years, side by side with the English Christians and others. This is going to force the Jewish population to run away and make this beautiful neighborhood to crowded, with loads of burka’s and veils over the weekend which I find scary and changes the fine balance between the residence of this area?

Just imagine the reaction of UK’s organized Jewry and London Mayor‘s reaction if such comments had been made by a British Muslims against building a synagogue in Muslim-majority London neighborhood.

In 2013, Bradford’s only synagogue was saved by Muslim community in Bradford. In August 2017, the community received acid attack threats from White and Jew racists belonging to pro-Israel EDL.

The Center for Islamic Enlightening, a Shi’ite charity bought the old BBC Broadcasting Equipment and Memories building for £5.25million at an auction in May 2017. The charity has renamed the building Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham, a Shi’ite community center to cater community’s religious and social events.

Alan Dein, BBC Radio4, oral historian and broadcaster lauded the sale by saying: “My gut reaction was enjoyment, enjoyment that the developing wouldn’t be converted into overprized flats. I was worried it was going to go into spoil.”

In 2007, El Shaddai International Christian Center paid £5m for building but the sale was opposed by local Jews led by LGBT rights activist John Levitt who accused the church to be anti-LGBT and anti-Feminism. El-Shaddai center was established in 2004 by Afro-American pro-Israel evangelical pastor Ramson Mumba in 2004.

Jewish Lobby accuses Croatia of ‘Holocaust revisionism’!

On Monday, World Jewish Congress (WJC) president Menachem Rosensaft in an article at Israeli propaganda Tablet magazine accused Croatia, EU’s new member, of Holocaust revisionism.

In the article, titled “Croatia is Brazenly Attempting to Rewrite its Holocaust Crimes Out of History“, Rosensaft accused Croatian leaders of honoring Croatian groups which collaborated with Nazis.

I guess Rosensaft never heard of Jewish terrorist groups such as Irgun and Lehi which collaborated with Nazis or the 150,000 German Jews who were part of Nazi army under Hitler.

It’s not the first time organized Jewry has accused Croatians of antisemitism. In April 1993, Elie Wiesel objected to the presence of Father of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman (died 1999) at the dedication ceremony of Washington’s Holocaust Museum – over being Holocaust revisionist.

Tudjman claimed that Nazis didn’t kill more than 900,000 Jews during WWII who could have been saved if German army had prevailed over Communist Jew commanded Red Army allowing for a territorial solution to Jewish solution such as ‘reservations’ in eastern Poland or Madagascar.

Last year, American Jewish groups urged Croatian government to fire country’s cultural minister Zlatko Hasanbegović, who authored a book denying that Croatians killed 32,000 Jews at the so-called Jasenovac camp during WWII.

According to a recent research, besides 47,627 Serbs and 16,173 Roma, 13,116 Jews died at Jasenovac

In 2015, Israeli hasbara organization, Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) urged Croatian government to stop pension payments to former members of Ustaša (ultra-nationalist) party which is accused of collaborating with Nazis.

The WJC has accused Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic aka world’s sexiest president of posing with Ustaša flag (see below) during her visit to Canada in November 2016. Donald Trump received her at the White House in July 2017.

Croats and Serbs carried out genocide of Bosnian Muslims in the 1990s – just like Israeli Jews are committing since 1940s.

In September 2003, professor James M. McPherson, president American Historical Association (AHA) explained the importance of Revisionism.

History is a continuing dialogue between the present and the past. Interpretations of the past are subject to change in response to new evidence, new questions asked of the evidence, new perspectives gained by the passage of time. There is no single, eternal, and immutable “truth” about past events and their meaning. The unending quest of historians for understanding the past – that is, “revisionism”- is what makes history vital and meaningful,” he said.

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic poses during a recent trip to Canada with a flag carrying a symbol of her country's wartime pro-Nazi regime. (Facebook)