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Mahershala Ali wins Oscar

On February 26, Hollywood actor Mahershala Ali, 43, became the first Black Muslim to win an Oscar statuette in history. He won the best supporting actor Oscar for his role as a drug-dealing mentor to an impoverished Black gay boy in the Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight (watch trailor below).

On February 22, Ali’s wife Amatus Sami-Karim Ali gave birth to their first child. They named her Bari Najma Ali. The couple met at New York University while studying arts. Sami-Karim’s father is prayer leader at a Chicago mosque. Both wed in 2013 after dating for nearly 20 years. Sami-Karim is a singer and composer.

Earlier Oakland-born Ali also won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Supporting Actor for his role in Moonlight.

The Oscar ceremony was kicked-off by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, ex-boyfriend of Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman. Kimmel thanked president Donald Trump for “making the Oscar less racist!”.

Ali recently told Britain’s Radio Times magazine that he discovered he was on  FBI watchlist after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

If you convert to Islam after a couple of decades of being a black man in the US, the discrimination you receive as a Muslim doesn’t feel like a shock. I’ve been pulled over, asked where my gun is, asked if I’m a pimp, had my car pulled apart. Muslims will feel like there’s this new discrimination that they hadn’t received before – but it’s not new for us Blacks,” he said.

Muslims have won Oscars in various categories over the years including Pakistani journalist and documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, 37, who is the only female Muslim to win two Oscars (2012 and 2016), and Iran’s feature director Asghar Farhadi (2017) – but none has taken a statuette for acting.

Ellen Burstyn, who won a best actress Oscar in 1975, has practised a blend of Sufism and other religions since her late 30s but has said she considers herself a “spirit open to the truth” rather than a Muslim.

Ali was born as ‎Mahershalalhashbaz Gilmore. His mother is a Catholic minister. He converted to Islam in 1999.

Pakistan newspaper DAWN has reported that Ali belongs to Ahmadiyya (Qadiani) offshoot of Islam which had been declared non-Muslims in all 57-Muslim majority nation-states. The founder of the sect, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (died in Lahore in 1908) was born in Qadian, a town in British India. He declared himself the Promised Biblical Messiah (Jesus) or Imam Mahdi whom Muslims had been waiting, in the 1880s. He had claimed that resistance against the British Raj was un-Islamic.

Several members of Ahmadiyya community held top posts in government, military and education sectors in Pakistan. Pakistan’s first foreign minister Sir Zafarullah Khan, senior advisor to four presidents, M.M. Ahmad, Dr. Abdus Salam, Nobel Laureate 1979 (died in London in 1996), Air Marshal Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry, Lt. Gen. Abdul Ali Malik, Maj. Gen. Abdullah Saeed, and others. Pakistan’s last military dictator, Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s wife is from Ahmadiyya community.

Since the partition of British India – Ahmadiyya Caliphate headquarter has been at Rabwah, a city-state in Pakistan. It’s 3rd Caliph Mirza Tahir Ahmad (d. 2003) took exile in England after Pakistan’s president Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (hanged in 1979 for murdering a political opponent) declared the sect non-Muslim. The current Caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad lives in a posh 900 sq.m. Palace in London.

For the Western Zionist idiots – Ahmadiyya, Bahai, Wahhabi, Black Muslims, Druze, Alewite, ect. are all Muslims – but only pro-Israel, even atheist Jews are real Semite people! For them when some Western pasty kill s Muslims or Christians – he is jihadi. But when Israeli Jews torture or kill Palestinian kids – it’s all in self-defense!

Trump gets ‘thumbs-up’ from Ahmadinejad

ahmadinejad[1]While PEW and Gallop polls have claimed that Donald Trump’s ratings at the end of his 30-days in the White House dipped far lower than his predecessors Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Dubya Bush – Trump received support for standing up to America’s corrupt Deep State from the most unexpected source – Iran’s former president Dr. Mahmoud Ahamdinejad.

No world leader is in better position to understands the current anti-Trump smear campaign run by the Jewish Lobby and the mainstream media than Ahmadinejad who suffered a similar treatment during his eight-year presidency (2005-2013).

Last year, former British diplomat in Tehran, Dr. Michael George Andrew Axworthy, claimed Donald Trump to be an American Ahmadinejad. Axworthy lived in Iran before the 1979 Revolution and has authored two books on Persian history. However, he carries a personal grudge against Ahmadinejad who refused to allow Axworthy visit Iran during his presidency due to his father’s links with CIA and Mossad.

On February 26, Ahmadinejad wrote an Open Letter to the US president Donald Trump, who is declared Jewish Messiah by Israeli rabbis.

The letter, according to Ahmadinejad, was not from an ex-president to a newly elected president – but from one humane to another humane.

Ahmadinejad tells Trump that he agrees with his claim that United States is suffering from corrupt elites.

He also told Trump Iran is one of the oldest civilizations that had enriched many foreign civilizations. He said Iran was proud to present to the world a great religious and political reformer who established a true democracy in Iran – Imam Khomeini (here, here).

A leader who depicted the love and kindness of divine prophets to all human beings, and was the flag-bearer of freedom, justice and brotherhood for all nations. A great reformer who, from a divine-humane perspective, was the helper for all the oppressed and was the harbinger of peace, friendship and justice, heralding fundamental reforms to benefit all nations,” Ahmadinejad wrote.

I’m surprised Ahmadinejad is still expecting some humanity coming from American Zionist leaders who’re more loyal to Israel than America. Donald Trump like his predecessors works for the Deep State controlled by oligarchs (mostly Jewish), military industrial complex and 65-million-strong pro-Israel Zionist lobby groups.

In order to understand American leaders and American racist culture, Ahmadinejad needs to learn from the two great sons on modern America – Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan.

In August 2016, Ahmadinejad wrote an open letter to then US president Barack Obama, accusing him of not living up to his 2008 campaign promise of CHANGE when it comes to the US-Iran relations.

I like to conclude this posting by acknowledging an American law professor Liaquat Ali Khan (Washburn University), founder of the Legal Scholar Academy and author of several books on law, who like Ahmadinejad, also see some good things; Donald Trump is a Muslim!.

Jewish Lobby united with Iran’s terrorist group

Paris-based Iranian terrorist group Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) in cooperation with the Israel Project has succeeded in bribing several prominent pro-Israel  political and military personalities to lobby the White House against the Islamic regime in Iran.

Recently, the Israel Project supporters wrote a public letter to Donald Trump urging him to renegotiate the Iran deal included General James Jones, former Marine Corps commandant and National Security Advisory, Robert Joseph (Jew), former Under Secretary of State for Arms, ex-governors of Pennsylvania Edward Rendell (Jew) and Tom Ridge (Jew), former Senator Joseph Lieberman, chairman United Against Nuclear Iran, Louis Freeh, ex-FBI Jew director who was involved in 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rabbi Michael Mukasey , ex-Attorney General, Gen. George Casey, and so on.

In December 2016, Lieberman also appeared at an event at the Capitol Hill organized by the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), a shadowy group formerly designated as a terrorist organization by the State Department. They have a long history of using violence and terror both against their own members as well as when they were serving as a military force for Saddam Hussein in Iraq. At the UANI event, Lieberman said the goal of increased pressure on Iran would be to elicit concessions from Iran by causing them to “begin to wonder about the survival of the regime.”

In March 2012, US Treasury Department issued subpoenas into an investigation against over three dozen former US high ranking government and military officials for accepting large amounts of money for lobbying for anti-Iran US policy. All under investigation were the ‘Israel-Firsters’ belonging to the Republican, Democratic and Tea parties. The list includes former Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell (Jew) of Pennsylvania, Democratic Gov. Howard Dean (Jew) of Vermont, Frances Townsend (Jew), Bush’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey (Jew), and former UN ambassador John Bolton (Jew), former Republican Mayor of New York, Rudolph Guiliani (Zionist Christian), ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh (Jew) and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton.

MEK has worked as CIA-Mossad executioner for Iran’s nuclear engineers and officials connected with Iran’s civilian nuclear program.

Iran is supported by three regional nuclear powers; China, Russia, and Pakistan. Knowing that US has not won a single foreign invasions except some which didn’t have a conventional military at all such as Afghanistan under Taliban, Somalia under tribal warlords, and Panama under Manuel A. Noriega, an Israeli ally.

Given the support that Iran can muster from Europe, Russia, and China, it seems unlikely that Trump will take a military swing directly at Iran.  And I think Trump, who had the good sense to avoid a land war in Asia in his youth and has excoriated the US blunder into Iraq, is less than interested in trying to take down Iran with a military attack right now. That means more bad times for Yemen, I think, as a weak and vulnerable opponent for an American president looking to make a geopolitical statement–and pump up his Commander in Chief credential,” says Peter Lee from Newsbud (watch video below).

The Israel Project was established in 2002 by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi (married to Iranian Jew Victor Mizrahi).

SWC’s top 10 anti-Jew Global events of 2016

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center has just released the following ten top anti-Jew events of 2016. I urged readers of this blog to ponder on those hate events and try to avoid repeating them unless you want to spend rest of your life in courts like my fellow Canadian blogger Roy Arthur Topham.

1. The most stunning 2016 UN attack on Israel was facilitated by President Barack Obama when the US abstained on a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel for Jewish settlement construction. It reversed decades-long US policy of vetoing such Jew-hating moves against Israel at the international forum.

2. British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn who believes that Israel’s survival depends on the Zionist regimes’ peace with Hamas and Hizbullah has surrounded himself with some of the worst UK’s Jew-haters such as Baronnes Jenny Tonge and Black Jewish Jackie Walker (listen to her below).

3. French government under president Francois Hollande, a Jew Zionist whore, became the first European nation to “implement requirement of labels on all Israeli goods produced beyond the 1967 borders of Israel. Labels such as “Product from the Golan Heights” or “West Bank” must now include from “Occupied Areas”. However, goods from those areas not produced by Israeli Jews may continue to say “Product from Palestine”.

4. Even though German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared BDS movement anti-Jews – leaders of the German Teacher’s Union (GEW) local in Oldendurg have called for a total boycott of Israel.

5. Richard Spencer is America’s 21st Century Nazi! Spencer has called Jew as Golem (an animated creature with no human feelings). Spencer the leader of the White Supremacist party Al-Right claims that his group is not anti-Jew because Jewish leaders have always collaborated with West’s White nationalists. Furthermore, Spencer’s Master degree thesis was ‘how to combat antisemitism’. Last year, Spencer told Wilson Dizard (Jew) in an interview for the Jew York Post that he admired Israel for maintaining its ‘Jewish purity’ by expelling aboriginal Arabs.

6. On June 23, 2016, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said: “Just a week ago, a group of rabbis in Israel announced, in a clear announcement, demanding their government, to poison, the water of the Palestinian.” The claim was nothing but the centuries-old European Christians label of Blood Libel (ritual child sacrifice of Christian children). Mahmoud Abbas’ source was Israeli Jewish editor Yahuda Shaul, co-founder of the Breaking the Silence news website.

7. The chief Rabbi of Netherlands Binyomin Jacobs claimed that country’s Jews are accustomed to anti-Jewish slurs on streets and in most of schools especially when Israelis were defending themselves against the Jew-hating Arabs. In June 2016, during a graduation ceremony at Schijndel High School some students shouted at fellow Jewish students: Together we will burn the Jews because Jews burn the best.

8. In December 2016, the foreign minister of Sweden Margot Wallstrom visited Israel despite forewarned that no Israeli government official would meet him due to her ‘one sided’ criticism of Israel. In fact it’s Benjamin Netanyahu who called her stupid over her calling an independent probe into Zionist regime’s “extrajudicial executions” of Palestinians.

9. American sports have become a breeding ground for Jewish hatred. For example, students at Catholic Memorial School in Newton, Massachusetts in March last year shouted: You killed Jesus, you killed Jesus. Does the Muslim-hating Rabbi Marvin Hier, head of SWC knows that more than 1.3 billion Christians still believe that Jews killed Jesus while 1.9 billion Muslims believe Israelites didn’t kill prophet Jesus (as).

10. Polish authorities announced to sue Polish-born professor Jan T. Gross (Princeton University) who had documented that Polish Christians killed more Jews than Nazis.

Barack Obama for French Presidency!

After the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks French president Francois Hollande met former US president Barack Obama at the White House. Obama told his guest that when it comes to terrorism, We are all French now.

Interestingly, both Barack Obama and his Jewish clown John Kerry were absent from January 2015 solidarity march against Muslim terrorism sponsored by French Jewish Lobby (CRIF). The event was attended by Benjamin Netanyahu against the advice of Hollande.

A French website has been set up to encourage Barack Obama to run for the presidency of France. The appeal has already been signed by 30,000 people and hope to raise over a million signatures to encourage Hawaii-born to a Muslim father and half-Jewish mother to run in France.

Facing a rising far-right candidate in the form of Marine Le Pen, the group state Obama would be the right choice for the nation.

At a time when France is about to vote massively for the extreme right, we can still give a lesson in democracy to the planet by electing a French President: a foreigner,” stated the website.

The Obama 2017 campaign claims that former US president Barack Obama has far more political experience (as Senator and President) than all the French presidential hopefuls put together – plus Obama is the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Award.

The group is planning to hold a rally at the front of waxwork of Obama outside the Eiffel Tower. The waxwork was done by French sculptor Eric Saint Chaffray in 2009. Chaffray unveiled Donald Trump’s wax bust on January 18, 2017.

It seems some Israel lobby groups have already started missing Barack Obama as result of Donald Trump’s unpredictable policy toward the Zionist entity including ‘tearing-up Iran agreement and moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem‘.

Last month, Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund told Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz: “As an American and as a Jew, I’m profoundly grateful to have had this president. He was perhaps our most pro-Israel president ever, with a deep understanding – shared by the overwhelming majority of American Jews – that Israel’s future is compromised by the settlement enterprise.”

Abraham Foxman, the ex-top gun at B’nai B’rith’ ADL told Ha’aretz that former First Lady Michelle was more understanding than Barack Obama when it came to the US-Israel relations. Foxman showed his contempt for Obama for throwing Israel under bus on Iran’s nuclear agreement and not vetoing the UNSC resolution condemning Jewish settlements.

There is not a chance in millions for Barack Obama to run for French presidency as he doesn’t has French nationality which might take years for a Black person to get. But if a miracle occurred – he could be the first-ever Black French president.

Azeezat Oshoala: The Queen of Africa Football

asisat-lamina-oshoala-queen-of-africa-soccer-1-11Nigerian-born Muslim professional female football icon, Asisat (Azeezat) Lamina Oshoala, 22, played for UK’s Arsenal Ladies Football Club since 2015. She was named the best player and highest goal scorer at the 2014 FIFA  U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Oshoala found success as a forward for Nigeria’s youth teams but made most of her early appearances for the senior national team as an attacking midfielder. She was nicknamed Seedorf after Dutch male footballer Clarence Clyde Seedorf and has also been referred to as Superzee by her teammates (here).

Oshoala won the BBC’s Women’s Footballer of the Year Award in 2015 before joining Arsenal from Liverpool.

She helped the Gunners win the Women’s FA Cup at Wembley in May 2016 and was recently awarded the African Women’s Player of the Year Award.

She also played for her country at the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada.

On February 15, 2017, Arsenal announced that Oshoala has joined Chinese football team Dalian Quanjian. It’s reported that the Chinese club has offered her eight-times more money than she was earning at Arsenal.

There are many other Muslim female athletes rarely mentioned in the western media. For example Iran’s Olympian gold medalist Kimia Alizadeh, American Olympian fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Gaza’s marathon runner Inas Nofal, Belarus-Iranian Muslim convert Leila Rajabi, El-Ghobashy from Egypt, Aliya Mustafina from Russia, Sania Mirza from India, and Aravane Rezai from France.

Meet UK’s pro-Israel-pedophile gay who hates Jews!

On Tuesday, British gay Milo Yiannopoulos was fired from his post as editor of the Jerusalem-based Breitbart News. Former CEO of Breitbart News Stephen Bannon is now assistant to president Donald Trump and White House chief strategist.

The poor chap is having a bad luck recently. First he lost a book deal with Jewish publishing company Simon & Schuster and now he was forced to resign a highly-paid job. Why? Not because he said that being pedophile is KOSHER but in an interview in the past he agreed with Jew-hating Goyim conspiracy theorists that Jewish elites control banking institutions and mainstream media (here, here).

The Organized Jewry claims that US Federal Reserve like the US Supreme Court is not controlled by Jews and Christian Zionists. But, Israel lobby ADL claims criticism of Federal Reserve is antisemitism.

On February 21, Ryan Lizza reported at The Jew Yorker that the entire staff  at Breitbart Newst threatened to quit if Yiannopoulos was not fired.

Milo Yiannopoulos calmly explained to me that he wasn’t a pedophile or an antisemite. Over the weekend, interviews in which he discussed underage sex including an endorsement of having sex with thirteen-year-olds – and Jewish influence on the media and finance,” said Lizza. He was referring to Yiannopoulos’ interview with David Rubin (Jew) at the Rubin Report.

Last March, he told David Rubin: “Most of the generation Trump, the Alt-Right people, who like me, they’re not antisemites. They don’t care about Jews. They may have prejudice about Jews – like the Jews run everything. Well we do. Jews run all the banks. Well we do. Jews run the media. Well we do. You know they’re right about all those things.”

When pressed by Rubin, Yiannopoulos insisted that Jewish control over finance and the media is not in debate, explaining that “Jews completely dominate the media. Vastly disproportionately represented in all of these professions. That’s just a fact, it’s not antisemitic to point out statistics.”

Now, all of a sudden, the Organized Jewry has declared Yiannopoulos, a Fellow -Traveller of the so-called Alt-Right movement, whose very name was coined by an anti-White Christian Jewish professor Paul Gottfried in 2008. According to Jewish Tablet magazine, members of Alt-Right hate Jews but support Israel. ADL has declared Alt-Right an antisemite movement. The prominent Alt-Right spokespersons also include Richard Spencer, an anti-non-White immigration and Jared Taylor whose ‘live-in’ partner is Jewish (here).

Alt-Right didn’t appear on the Organized Jewry’s screen until it began supporting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton – bird of the feather.

Despite all the character assassination, Yiannopoulos was interviewed by Jew Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time last week. “To see him as this monster is a little crazy. You know what he is?” Maher defends Yiannopoulos.

Since Milo Yiannopoulos was born to a Jewish mother even though his father is a Catholic – according to Jewish Sharia (Halakah) he is 101% Jewish. If you don’t buy that – you would be glad to know he runs Israel Hasbara (propaganda) at the US Campuses.