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Study: US wasted $5 trillions on Afghanistan-Iraq wars

war-on-terror-actually-aimed-at-islam1Professor Neta Crawford (Brown University) has just released a study claiming that since 2001 the US taxpayers have wasted more than $5 trillions on the War on Islam (John Hammer, Activist Post, April 18, 2012) aka War on Terror.

Both countries were invaded and occupied for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

After Israel’s defeat in Lebanon in 2006, then US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice came-up with the idea of fulfilling Zionists’ century-old dream of Greater Israel by military regime changes and further break-up of Israel’s enemy countries in the region.

A strict count of dollars spent on ongoing conflicts “understate the wider budgetary impact of the wars and their long-term implications for US federal and state government spending,” Crawford wrote.

For instance, Crawford cites a $1 trillion price tag for VA costs through 2053 as the agency continues to add younger veterans seeking care despite a dip in overall veteran population.

The VA had not anticipated the number nor the complexity of the new veterans’ medical needs, the report stated, alluding to combinations of traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and complex blast injuries such as amputations, which were less survivable in earlier conflicts and require expensive lifetime care.

The expenditures noted on government ledgers are necessary to apprehend, even as they are so large as to be almost incomprehensible,” she wrote.

The Pentagon has requested $66 billion to continue its military aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria the next year budget, according to the report.

The study doesn’t include the human tragedy as result of America’s proxy wars for Israel. In Afghanistan and Iraq over 7,000 US troops dead, 52,000 wounded in action; over 1.3 million of Iraqis including 500,000 children dead, who wouldn’t otherwise be, 4 million displaced and made homeless, etc.

The study coincides with the 15th anniversary of September 11 terrorism, with 10,000 US troops still in Afghanistan, 15 years after the US invasion of that country, and an estimated 6,000 in Iraq. Hundreds more special operations forces have been deployed to Syria, where the US is fighting to bring an anti-Iran regime change.

Rabbi to leave UK over Brexit!

29a3[1]UK’s prominent female rabbi Baroness Julia Babette Sarah Neuberger is so paranoid by the recent victory of Brexit vote over Britain to leave the ‘all-White’ 28-member European Union (EU) club that she has decided to forgive Nazis for killing her relatives at Auschwitz and to become a German herself.

I cannot understand, why rabbi Neuberger wants to immigrate to Germany instead of Israel in-spite of Netanyahu’s non-stop appeals to the French and German Jews to immigrate to Israel as European are reviving their past hatred toward Jews by criticizing the Zionist entity?

My guess is rabbi Neuberger’s decision is based on economic reasons. German economy is far better than Britain, and Israeli Jews are facing a 30% poverty.

Britain’s former prime minister David Cameron admitted that Britain kept its EU membership to act as watchdog for Israel’s interests in the Middle East. On June 20, 2016, he told the audience at a charity event held by Jewish Care that if the UK remain in the EU, “this country as Israel’s greatest friend, would be in a stronger position to stop Iran getting a nuclear bomb.”

Rabbi Neuberger, 66, who belongs to the so-called Reform Judaism, is senior rabbi at a West London Synagogue. She is the second British woman to be ordained as a rabbi in 1977. She is also a former Chancellor of University of Ulster. She is married to professor Anthony Neuberger whose brother, Lord Neuberger, is president of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

She supports the Zionist entity, and is very active in LGBT movement. In fact, her own daughter Harriet, a lesbian, married her longtime girlfriend Claire Summers in May 2014.

Early this year, in an interview with BBC, Baroness Neuberger, accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of antisemitism.

So, I would bet my Canadian loonie that rabbi Neuberger is bluffing in order to show her sense of Jewish victimhood. She is not going to move to Germany with much larger Muslim population (4-5 million) as her family is amongst country’s top 100s.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry said that since the Brexit referendum in June, the London embassy had received about 400 inquiries about how to apply for German citizenship under article 116 of the country’s post-war Basic Law, and about 100 applications.

Steinem: Anti-abortionists help global warming!

There are plenty of proofs to say that the abortion industry is controlled by Zionist Jews, but I never thought killing babies could reduce global warming.

Well, the other day I read Gloria Steinem (Jewish), 82, known as the ‘Mother of American Feminism’ believes that it does. Some American ‘liberated’ women even have established an annual Gloria Award in her honor.

Speaking to a room of 600 people at a gala celebrating Memphis Planned Parenthood’s 75th anniversary, Steinem said: Forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming (here).

She also trashed members of the pro-life movement for opposing contraception and sodomy.

Why is it that the same people who are against birth control and abortion are also against sex between two women or two men? It’s because those people are against any sex that cannot end in reproduction,” Steinem said.

I was surprised Steinem didn’t name 1.9 billon Muslims for that as LGBT movement is hated in most of the 57 Muslim-majority countries while loved in the West and Israel.

Steinem made several other dumb observations such as: “It is true in this country that race and sex is intertwined. It’s not possible to be a feminist without also being anti-racism.”

It’s true that American culture is based on religious and ethnic racism – but so is in many European countries and Israel – but women in Israel are treated worse in the world.

Putin’s Israeli soldiers

41[1]Last year, Alexander Zakharchenko, prime minister of the separatist Donesk People Republic called the US-EU installed regime in Kiev as controlled by miserable Jews.

In December 2014, the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that Alexander Zakharchenko’s foreign minister Aleksandr Kofman is Jewish and a former counselor in a Jewish Agency for Israel youth program.

Pinchas Vishedksi, the rabbi of Donetsk and an internally displaced person, told The Jerusalem Post that Kofman is fully Jewish according to Halacha.

In a recent interview with a Russian Jewish media outlet, Aleksandr Kofman boasted that several dozen of former soldiers from Israel Occupation Force (IOF) have joined as mercenaries with Russian-backed separatists in their occupation of eastern Ukraine.

Last year, ex-Israeli soldier Ina Levitan, 38, a Tel Aviv resident who was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, told Jerusalem Post that she had been in the conflict zone near the city of Lugansk since late 2014. She wrote an open letter to the Israeli Communist Party, in which she said she is not planning to enter the conflict, but is eager to fight against the fascist, pro-Nazis and oligarchs.

Ironically, Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko and several of his regime members are Jewish oligarchs. In 2014, Poroshenko announced a plan to turn Ukraine into the Jewish Promised Land.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine began in April 2014 after Kiev sent its troops to suppress the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, which refused to recognize the new coup-imposed authorities in the capital. Some 6,832 people have been killed and at least 17,087 injured in the fighting in eastern Ukraine, according to UN estimates.

This prove my point in an earlier post that Putin and Netanyahu shares the same bed. Both Russia and the Zionist regime want to keep Red Army’s butchery during WWII, their lies about the Holocaust, and their common hatred toward German nation narratives alive.

On January 14, 2016, professor Josh Cohen (University of London) penned an Opinion Post at Reuters, entitled, Vladimir Putin is the closet thing to a friend Israel has ever had in Moscow, claiming that Russian interests in Syria are not much different than Israel.

In April 2015, Rabbi Aleksandr Boroda, president of Russian Federation of Jewish communities, told 1400 Jewish delegates attending an annual religious conference that without Putin in power Russia will be Hell for Jews.

There are more Russian Jews in Israel (900,000) than in Russia (200,000).

The Jewish Agency received at least $140 million in tax-favored donations in 2008 from US charitable federations.  Congress allocates $40 million a year in US taxpayer contributions to the Jewish Agency, but exercises no real oversight into how it actually uses the funds.  In addition to building illegal settlements, the Jewish Agency funds think tanks such as the Jewish People Policy Institute, which Dennis Ross established in 2002 and chaired before joining the Obama administration to spearhead efforts against Iran. The Jewish Agency has long been the world’s largest quasi governmental nonprofit corporation, its budget was $592 million in 2007,” Grant Smith at on April 2, 2010.

Russia and Israel united against Muslim power

On September 16, Russian Television (RT) reported that Netanyahu talked to Putin on phone seeking help in resolving the situation in the Middle East including restarting the peace talks between Israel and its long-time collaborator Mahmoud Abbas led Palestinian Authority (PA).

Interestingly, on September 8, 2016, BBC claimed Israeli researchers have found out after 40 years that during Soviet (Jew-communist) era Mahmoud Abbas worked for USSR intelligence agency KGB. Since Putin is also an ex-KGB official, he would be in a better position than John Kerry and Francois Hollande to extract more concessions from PA.

This was not only Netanyahu’s latest PR ploy to whitewash Israeli crimes after rejecting earlier American and French offers to negotiate between Israel and PA while leaving democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza out of the negotiations – but also show Zionist regime’s warming-up relations with Russia.

This closer relationship is illustrated by Benjamin Netanyahu’s three visits to Moscow since September 2015 to meet with Vladimir Putin.

While tirelessly depicted as America’s best ally, the Zionist regime is placing more of its eggs in Russian basket starting with Ukrainian conflict by refraining to vote against Russian annexation of Crimea at the UN General Assembly.

Although generally ignored by the Jewish-controlled western media, Russia-Israel relations have reached its peak in the recent years since the establishment of the Zionist regime in 1948 despite Russia’s support for Iran, Syria and the Palestinians. The improvement stems in part from the fact that both countries have a common interest in opposing the rise of political Islam.

Unlike the US and Europe, the Zionist regime fully supported prime minister Vladimir Putin’s bloody war in Muslim-majority Chechnya in the 1990s.

Since becoming president in March 2000, Putin has worked for better relations with the Zionist entity. Meetings and telephone conversations between Russian and Israeli officials have taken place on a regular basis.

In 2005, Putin became the first Russian (or Soviet era) head of state to visit Israel. He received a very friendly welcome from Israeli president Moshe Katsav, who called him a friend of the state of Israel, and from then prime minister Gen. Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, who called Putin among brothers.

Putin returned to Israel in 2012 to meet with Israeli leaders and inaugurate a monument to the Soviet Army for its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. In his dedication speech, Putin called the Holocaust the darkest, most shameful chapter in human history.

In January 2016, Putin appealed to European Jews to immigrate to world’s first Jewish autonomous state of Birobidjan in Russia.

Putin regime has treated 200,000 Russian Jews very favorably as compared to 20 million Russian Muslims.

Newsweek editor: European Jews are not Semite people

On September 6, 2016, Leila Hatoum, Newsweek magazine Middle East deputy-editor debunked Zionist myth of ‘God promised Jews the Holy Land’ via a lengthy Twitter exchange, saying: “The Zionist cry babies have no ties to the Holy Land.”

The exchange was in response to Leila Hatoum’s publishing an article, entitled, Where is Palestine, by anti-Zionist British Jewish journalist and author Ben White about whether Google was right to remove Palestine from its map of the region on August 24, 2016.

In response Leila Hatoum Tweeted on September 9: “So trolls can bark all the time but their case doesn’t hold. I’m Semite, unlike most of Zionist cry babies + I’m native of this land.”

Unlike most of the trolls, I’m not owned by any corporate + I don’t worship the $ nor I do care what the Zionists think about me,” she also tweeted.

Leila Hatoum also said that European Jews occupying Palestine now are Asiatic Turk Khazarian and their ancestors never lived in historic Palestine. Then she posted a video (see below) about the truth behind the Zionist lies.

Joe Hyams, CEO HonestReporting aka ZionistLiesRepoerting whined: “Newsweek ME is evidently been hijacked by agenda-driven journalism, none more so than Leila Hatoum who makes no effort to disguise her antisemism and hatred of Israel. Newsweek should take immediate action to protect its name from being associated with such an embarrassment.”

Pity – Moshe doesn’t realize that though Newsweek is Jewish (owned by IBT, which was founded by Zionist Jew Etienne Uzac), and the Newsweek ME also provide platform to Zionist Jew journalists – it is owned by Dubai-based Pakistan’s leading media and TV group ARY which is owned by media Mughal Salman Iqbal who studied at University of Houston, and is married to former Pakistani actress Sonya Khan. The weekly magazine is edited by Fasih Ahmed, the inaugural Daniel Pearl fellow.

Watch below Leila Hatoun’s 2007 interview about Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah with The Real News Network founded by Paul Jay (Jewish).


Canadian academic: US is behind Syrian bloodshed

denisrancourt1Dr. Denis G. Rancourt, former professor at University of Ottawa, and a blogger (here, here), who was fired from the university under pressure from Jewish lobby groups lead by B’nai B’rith Canada over his support for Palestinian people.

In a recent interview Rancourt said that the on-going five-year-old bloodshed in Syria is an Israel’s proxy war conducted by Israel with help of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The war in Syria, from the start, was a US-planned and facilitated effort for “regime change” by violent means. Key US allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel have recruited, trained, financed, or aided mercenary foreign fighters to invade Syria. The US itself directly trained and funds so-called “moderate rebels” to violently invade the sovereign state of Syria,” Rancourt said.

Dr. Rancourt also said that the US and Canada are not in the position to lecture the Islamic Republic of Iran over cooked-up human-rights abuses.

The jails in the US and Canada are over crowded with citizens. The bail system systematically denies constitutional rights. Physical isolation that amounts to torture is widely used. Jail sentences are disproportionate and there is no rehabilitation. The police summarily attack and murder Blacks, aboriginal, and economically excluded citizen on the streets and detention,” he added.

Watch one of Dr. Rancourt’s latest interviews below.

The United States has world’s largest jail population followed by Russia.

The number of visible minorities in Canadian prisons has increased by 75 per cent in the past decade while incarceration of aboriginal women increased by 80 per cent during the same period of times (here).

In 2012, Yana Gorlik who holds Canada-Israel dual citizen and completed 18-month compulsory military training in Israel, was jailed for refusing to join the Israel Occupation Force (IOF).

The successive Zionist regimes have always used its powerful Jewish lobbing groups in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia to wage proxy wars around the world for Israel. The United States which has mastered regime changes aound the world, is controlled by Zionist Jews.