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Russian TV: Jews did 9/11

Recently, Russian REN-TV aired a new short film blaming Jews for committing the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The film is claimed to be an updated version of a 2012 film which blamed Jews for committing various disasters such as the Sinking of the Titanic, a Rockefeller-Morgan conspiracy in order to create an international crisis, Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 (here), and the 9/11.

The film claims that Muslim Arabs were unjustly blamed for the September 11, 2001 attacks. Watch below an interview with Zionist prime minister Ehud Barak below showing the pre-knowledge of what is going to happen to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran in the future.

The commentators said the film was made to prove what is happening in the world today is exactly as predicted in the notorious The Protocols of the Elders of Zion published in Russia in 1903, which purports to be the leaked master plan for Jewish world domination.

On February 6, 2014, MP Oleg Bolychev, member of Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party at the regional parliament in Kaliningrad accused Jews destroying Russia twice.

REN-TV is one of Russia’s largest channel owned by film producer/director Dmitry Lesnevsky. It has audience of over 10 millions.

Italian Muslim calls for a ‘world without Zionism’

The Italian Jewish Lobby has accused an official of country’s yet-to-be- built first Islamic University in Lecce for calling final solution to the Zionist curse.

Raphael Villani, an Italian Muslim convert, who works at the Islamic University Foundation is accused of writing in a Facebook post earlier this month that there needs to be a final solution for Zionists, and the real Jews are the victims of Zionism.

Villani statement is not antisemitic as the Torah Jewish minority agrees with him. Even UK’s veteran newsreporter and author, Alan Hart, wrote last year that Jews are indeed victims of Zionist propaganda.

But like in the rest of the West, Italy is also controlled by Jewish press and money.

The anti-Zionism posts were removed after Israeli officials alerted the Israel-Italy inter-parliamentary group to the posts. The group then filed a formal inquiry with the Italian education and interior ministries.

The Islamic University in Leece began its operation with a few dozens of students late last year after a vicious campaign by Jewish and Christian Zionist groups which claimed that the Muslim only institute would become a breeding ground for Terrorism. The university plans to attract nearly 5,000 students from around the world after its completion in 2019.

The Islamic university is a dream of Giampiero Khaled Paladini, an Italian convert to Islam. He is founder/president of the Islamic University Foundation. Paladini said that the institution aimed to bridge the philosophical divide between the Western and Islamic worlds. Paladini plans to built the university at an old tobacco factory in Lecce which was abandoned since 1980s.

Islam, though, Italy’s largest non-Catholic faith (1.7 million) is not recognized by the state. The Muslims perform their daily prayers in makeshift mosques made in warehouses, garages, and community centers. The Saudi-funded Grand Mosque in Rome is the only officially recognized religious facility.

Some of these prayer places receive money from Muslim charity organization in Turkey, Morocco, and Bangladesh. Unlike Christian and Jewish charities contributions to Muslim charities in Italy are not tax-deductible.

All these Muslim places of worship are monitored by the local police and the US and Israeli intelligence agencies.

The unofficial status of Italian mosques feeds uncontrollable speculation and fear, leading to knee-jerk characterizations in the media as “terrorist dens,” a definition that reflects neither reality nor the findings of the Ministry of the Interior. “Hate preaching really takes place online and in jail,” says Filippo Bubbico, vice minister of the interior.

The Jewish population of Italy is nearly 30,000. Synagogues are found in 22 Italian cities and towns. Over 10,000 Italian Jews live in Occupied Palestine since 1940s.

Italians’ hatred of Muslims is embedded in their history and culture as result of the establishment of Islamic State of Sicily (878-1072 CE). This anti-Muslim character of Italian population has been exploited by the Vatican and Jewish groups in support of the Zionist entity.

Both Milan and Venice were thriving commercial cities, thriving entirely from trade with Saracens. In fact the whole Renaissance, the revival of learning in Europe, inexplicably arose in Italy, that long, narrow peninsula with Saracen civilization brilliant at its tip, and its every port opening to the Saracens’ Sea,” wrote American author and journalist Rose Wilder Lane, in book, Islam and the Discovery of Freedom.

US Election 2016 and the ‘Jewish Temptress’

Pro-Hillary Jewish media such as The Jewish Daily Forward and Politico have reported that Clinton team is desperately in search of a Monica Lewinsky aka Queen Esther in Donald Trump’s past ahead of the first general election debate, scheduled for September 26 at Hofstra University, in New York.

On August 16, Annie Karni warned team Hillary at Politico that Trump during the upcoming debate would try to demonize the former First Lady Hillary Clinton raising her husband’s extra-marital affairs with Jewish perverts like former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton’s long-time mistress, American model and actress Gennifer Flowers, and suicide of the White House staffer Vince Foster, accused of being an Israeli spy.

On October 14, 2014 Professor Susannah Haschel (Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College) defended Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex affair based on Jewish law at The Jewish Week.

Interestingly, both Lewinsky and Flowers exploited their sexual affairs with Bill Clinton thanks to Jewish-controlled media. Both made millions of dollars by turning into ‘authors’.

On august 19, Lana Adler posted an article, entitled, Monica Lewinsky and the Trope of the Jewish Temptress in the Trump age.

Trump is battening down the hatches by taking advice from former Fox News chairman and many-time sexual harassment accusee Roger Ailes. Clinton, for her part, is searching for a sparring partner to ready herself for the fight ahead,” Adler wrote.

Adler then try to raise the usual ‘antisemite hoax’ against Judas’ Goat Donald Trump by saying: “There is, pointedly, another dimension of the way Lewinsky was painted in the public eye that is particularly pertinent to Trump, and, specifically, to some of his supporters. It has to do with her Jewishness, with her existence as a Jewish woman.”

Roger Ailes is a Jew, and so is Trump’s other advisor, Breitbart’s Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump has maintained close business relations with Jews. Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry Jewish real estate developer Jared Kushner. But pro-Israel Jewish groups and media do have problems with Donald Trump in spite of Trump’s hatred of Muslims. The answer comes from Trump’s response to the question on Jerusalem being ‘eternal capital of Israel’.

A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal – whether or not Israel is willing to sacrifice certain things. They may not be, and I understand that, and I’m OK with that. But then you’re just not going to have a deal,” said Trump.

Hofstra University hosted presidential debates in 2008 between then-Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain and in 2012 between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. It is the only university to ever host three consecutive presidential debates.

Hofstra University president Hofstra Stuart Rabinowitz is a practicing Jew. 50% of the 8,000 students at the Hofstra campus are Jewish.

Myth of Russian military base in Iran

bomb3[1]Early this week, Israel dig-out a new anti-Iran ‘smoking gun’ – Russia using an Iranian military base to launch airstrikes against pro-Israel terrorist groups in Syriain Syria.

Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that Iran has not given a military base to Russia or any other country with a military base as the constitution has banned establishment of any foreign military base in the country.

Iran has cooperation with Russia, because of a terrorist crisis which has been created by the US and some regional countries. So, we think that Russia has reached a right view on the region and has started cooperation with Iran in countering terrorism since last year,” Larijani noted.

Russia shocked the Zionist-controlled Western capitals and their Arab puppet regimes when it announced the refueling of its jets at an Iranian air-base which shortened the Russian airstrike distance by over 1000 kilometers.

On August 16, David E. Sanger whined at the Jew York Times: “Russian use of the base, with Iran’s obvious support, appeared to set back or at least further complicate Russia’s troubled relations with the United States, which has been working with Russia over how to end the Syrian conflict.”

On August 18, Paul R. Pillar, PhD, in an article, entitled More False Outrage on the Syrian War clarified the latest smoking gun. Pillar is a former CIA staffer for 28 years, and a senior fellow at Jewish Brookings Institution. He is also a regular contributor at Israel’s advocacy think tank The National Interest, founded by the notorious Jew Neocon William Kristol’s father Irving Kristol.

Russians and Iranians are not buddies. The development has to do more specifically with the conflict in Syria, and the main advantage for Russia concerns tactical operational considerations involving distances to the battlefield and how much of a bomb load certain types of Russian aircraft can carry,” says Pillar.

The United States and its Western and Arab allies including Israel have been using more than less airstrikes and involved in insurgency in both Syria and Iraq. US air force is using its military bases in Turkey and Qatar to establish an anti-Iran and Hizbullah regime in Damascus and Baghdad for the last five years.

The United States probably could have made use of that base in Iran, too, although because of other US military assets in the region it may not need such a staging point as much as Russia did. In any event, there exist other parallel or convergent interests between Iran and the United States, including ones related to the restoration of stability in Syria and Iraq, that the United States could profitably build upon (especially in the wake of completing the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program). But any inclinations of the Obama administration to move in this direction are stymied by the strong political resistance within the United States against thinking of Iran as anything other than a target for punishment and isolation. So the United States misses opportunities while Putin, wiser than us in that regard, seizes them,” said Pillar.

Jewish groups attack Green Party

Jewish groups both in the US and Canada are running a smear campaign against Green Party. The US Green Party has irked many pro-Israel Jewish groups by nominating Ajamu Baraka as party’s vice-presidential candidate. In Canada, B’nai B’rith and JNF are running a personal smear campaign against party’s shadow cabinet minister Dimitri Lascaris (listen to an interview below) over party’s BDS endorsement, and asking Ottawa to cancel the ‘charity status’ of the Jewish National Fund which funds illegal Jewish settlements in Occupied Palestine (here).

B’nai B’rith Canada has accused Green Party of being associated with anti-Zionist Independent Jewish Voice (IJV).

On August 11, 2016, Canadian Jewish writer, author, blogger, and human-rights activist, Yves Engler, in an article, entitled, Exposing Canadian Imperialism, blasted the Conservative party and Elizabeth May, leader of Green Party Canada for protecting racist JNF and supporting apartheid Israel.

“It’s as if there’s a sign hanging in Parliament that says: “foreign policy mythologizers only.” A maxim Elizabeth May seems to have embraced, to the shame of all Canadians who really do want this country to be a force for good in the world,” wrote Engler.

In addition to Green’s Elizabeth May, Engler criticized the so-called Canadian progressive voices such as Peggy Mason (Jewish) president of the Rideau Institute, and Gerald Caplan (Jewish), writer and the federal member NDP party.

Who benefits from the murder of NYC Imam?

The Anti-Defamation League, a criminal pro-Israel Lobby has sympathized with New York Bangladeshi Muslim community over the murder of Muslim cleric Alauddin Akonjee, 55, and his assistant Thara Uddin, 64, who were gunned-down on Saturday while leaving Al-Furqan Jamia Masjid in Queens.

We are shocked and horrified by this unthinkable tragedy and extend our sorrow and solidarity to the families of the victims and the broader Muslim community across New York City. While the motivation for this crime is still being investigated, nothing can justify the killing of an innocent man walking from his place of worship,” said Evan Bernstein, ADL’s New York Regional director.

The Chutzpah – American Jewish authors, Donna Nevel and Elly Bulkin in 2014 book, Islamophobia & Israel, claimed pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups fuel and fund hatred toward Muslims and Islam for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Bangladeshi community leaders have called the shooting a HATE CRIME linked to anti-Muslim hysteria created by GOP nominee Donald Trump, and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the ‘defender of Israel’.

Henry Sautner, NYPD deputy inspector, however, refused to call the murders ‘anti-Muslim hate crime’. Most of NYPD officials are trained in Israel. In April 2013, top Israeli police chief Yochanan Danino visited NYPD headquarters and held a long friendly meeting with NYPD police commissioner Raymond Kelly, a frequent visitor to the Zionist entity.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations CAIR), the largest Muslim advocacy organization in the United States, announced on Sunday it is offering a US$10,000 reward for information about the man behind the shooting on Saturday of a New York imam and his associate amid a development that comes amid outcry from the city’s Muslim community over the authorities’ reluctance to call the deadly incident a hate crime.

We hope the offer of a reward will lead to the arrest and conviction of the individual who perpetrated this heinous crime,” CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said in a press release. “Once an arrest is made, we expect that the motive of the shooter can be determined.”

On Monday, NYPD charged Oscar Morel, 35, on two-counts of second degree murder. He was arrested originally on charges related to a hit-and-run traffic accident on Saturday, the day of the shootings.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio who visited Israel last year to show his support for Netanyahu regime against Hamas, Syria, and Iran, also sympathized with city’s Muslim community.

Some worshippers claimed that Alauddin Akonjee sort of liked Donald Trump despite latter’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Several bloggers and others at social media have claimed that Muslim cleric and his assistant like Seth Rich were murdered to get Israel’s favorite Hillary Clinton elected.

The Zionist Mafia and its controlled mainstream media is on a murder spree and God knows who would be the next victim.

Professor James Petras in his 2016 book, The End of the Republic and the Delusion of Empire, has preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton based of their foreign policy.

Petras exposes the Zionist Power Configuration embedded in the US state apparatus to destroy Islamic and Arab-nationalist structures and institutions of power, parroting Israeli-settler policy of ‘erasure’ – making the Middle East ever-more unstable.

Petras is most of all worried that Hillary will launch WWIII. Her love of killing as a senator under Bush, with her loud support for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and went into high gear as secretary of state under Obama, with overthrows Libya and (still in progress) Syria. Her support for the putsch in Ukraine in 2014, and loud cries to overthrow Iran and prevent negotiations for normal relations continue. The Clinton Foundation’s biggest donors 1999–2014 were Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs.

Contrary to that Petras portrays Donald Trump being a ‘lesser evil’. Trump is in favor of withdraw of US forces from foreign bases, make the allies cough up, be friends with Russia, Jobs for Americans, etc. – But his anti-Muslim gaffes are catching up with him.


Green Party VP is a ‘9/11 denier’!

A few weeks ago, Jewish Lobby was very excited over both Republican and Democrat parties picking-up pro-Israel vice-presidents, Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana (Catholic Zionist), and Sen. Tim Kaine (Catholic Zionist), a close friend of Jew billionaire George Soro.

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, a Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T) Jew has crossed the ‘red line’ by picking Ajamu Baraka as her running-mate.

Ajamu Baraka is an internationally-known Afro-American human-rights activist. He has worked with US Congress and UNHRC in the past. He infuriated Israel by attending the Durban Conference on World Conference Against Racism in September 2001 in south Africa.

Ajamu Baraka is a Christian who agrees with Minister Louis Farrakhan on America’s foreign policy such as its blind support for the Zionist regime, wars on Iraq and Libya, and regime changes in Ukraine, Syria, and Lebanon. Baraka also believes that Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, and other Muslim terrorist groups were created by the US in order to invade Muslim nations.

Baraka called Barack Obama ‘Uncle Tom president’, and criticized Dr. Cornel West over endorsing Bernie Sanders.

The Jewish Lobby has now accused Ajamu Baraka for contributing an article to the 9/11 denier Kevin Barrett, PhD, 20016 book, Another French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernadino. The book also included articles from some of famous Israel-haters like Israel-born British author Gilad Atzmon, French philosopher Alain Soral, American cartoonist David Dees, and former US Marine Ken O’Keefe.

Baraka also appeared on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad radio show twice. Dr. Barrett contributes to Iran’s Press TV on regular basis.

Jill Stein has come under fire from the pro-Israel Jewish groups for backing the BDS movement, and for deleting social media posts mourning the passing of Elie Wiesel following complaints from critics of the ‘Holocaust Myth’ maker.

In order to be accepted by her tribe, Jill stein should follow her Canadian counterpart Elizabeth May who recently criticized her party over boycotting the Zionist entity. In December 2014, Elizabeth May, however, asked Canadian government of Israel-Firster Stephen Harper to conduct a parliamentary review into the events that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001.