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Pope wants to fight antisemitism created by Christians

psychiatrist_sleeping_during_session_hg_clr[2]On Thursday, Catholic Pope Francis met a delegation from American Jewish lobby ADL in Vatican City. According to Radio Vatican, Francis told the racist Jewish leaders that it’s duty of every Christians to fight antisemitism.

Denouncing antisemitism, in all its forms, the Holy Father reaffirmed that the Catholic Church feels particularly obliged to do all that is possible with our Jewish friends to repel antisemitic tendencies,” reported Radio Vatican.

Pope Francis is right – it’s the moral duty of Catholics and Frankist Jews to repent for their Nazi ancestors murdering millions of Christians, Gypsies, Jews and LGBT during WWII.

The Jewish lobby Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was founded in 1913 by B’nai B’rith to defend Jewish Leader Leo M. Frank who allegedly murdered a 13-year-old Christian girl after raping her.

In May 2015, the head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby also commanded his 85 million sheep around the world to fight antisemitism. Add to that the 300 million Evangelicals, who believe that their Salvation is through licking Jewish feet.

The hatred of Jews is a Western creation. The Catholic Church since its creation in the 4th century has always blamed Israelites for killing Jesus. The New Testament authored by Christian scholars who never met Jesus – claim that Israelites were responsible for the death of Jesus. All four Gospels confirm Israelite crowd call for the death of Jesus. Pope John XXIII at the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) exonerated Jews of being behind the assassination of Jesus. When John XXIII died in June 1963 – the Organized Jewry mourned his death more than Catholics.

It’s Catholic Church that accused Jews of Blood Libel in the mid-12th century.

Since 250 CE, Jewish communities were kicked out of Christian Europe 108 times.

In 1240, French Catholic King Louis IX ordered all copies of Jewish Holy Talmud be burned in public after Nicholas Donin, a Jew convert to Christianity, informed him of the hatred toward Jesus and his mother Mary in Hebrew Talmud.

According to Encyclopedia Judaica, Catholic Crusaders killed 170,000 Jews in Muslim Spain and 5,000 Jews in Jerusalem city.

George William Foote in his book, Crimes of Christianity says that Catholic Church treated Jews worse than animals.

In September 2013, American writer Yukon Jack claimed that Jesus was fiction created by Jews. Pope Francis confirmed this claim when he said that inside evry Christian is a Jew.

Evangelicals like Christian Zionists – believe that the ingathering of the Jews is the first stage in the second coming: the moment when Jesus will return to earth not as a humble servant but as a conquering king to establish his righteous rule in Jerusalem and restore the nation of Israel to its favored place for a millennium. Evangelicals differ over the sequence of events that will precede this occurrence. Many believe that true Christians will be “raptured,” or taken out of the earth, before the onset of a seven-year period of chaos that culminates in the second coming and its thousand-year aftermath,” Robert W. Nicholson wrote at Mosaic magazine, October 6, 2013.

Richard Falk, US Jewish academic and former UNHRC envoy for Palestine wrote on his blog on September 1, 2014: “Anti-Semitism was relatively rare in the Islamic world, which upheld freedom of worship by religious minorities although claiming a hegemonic role for Islam, especially in the era of Ottoman Caliphate. Until the problem generated by Zionism, anti-Semitism was not a serious issue in the Middle East where Jews in most Arab countries were mostly treated as an authentic religion and respected minority. Throughout modern history Jews suffered mostly from European anti-Semitism with Russia considered part of Europe.”

Israeli rabbis: Trump is the Jewish Messiah



In a recent Op-Ed at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz – former Israeli cabinet minister Uzi Baram (born to Arab Jewish mother from Syria) said that extremist Jew members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government are rallying on US president Donald Trump to help destroy Islam’s sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of Rock at Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem). These fanatic religious Jews believe that the Muslim structures are hindering the fulfillment of Jewish salvation represented by the construction of the so-called Third Temple.

Several leading Israel rabbis at the Sanhedrin organization have claimed that two powerful pro-Israel world leaders, Vladimir and Donald Trump, not only support Israel’s right to exist – Trump even accepts Jewish right to Jerusalem as their spiritual inheritance. It is historically unprecedented (reported by Israel Today, November 15, 2016).

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, the top gun at the Sanhedrin sent letters to both Trump and Putin urging them to work together to fulfill a project that will benefit all mankind – the rebuilding of the Holy Temple atop Jerusalem’s hotly contested Temple Mount.

Torah (Old Testament) was written by rabbis in 1312 BCE. It doesn’t mention that Temple Mount would be destroyed first by Babylonian in 586 BCE and later by Roman in 70 AD. Furthermore, neither Torah nor the Christian Bible calls for the reconstruction of Third Temple.

According to the Jerusalem-based Temple Institute, it got the three things needed to rebuild the Third Temple; 1) a plan  (see the model above), 2) one million stones for the building, and 3) Red Heifer.

Ironically, in October 2016, UNESCO declared that Old City of Jerusalem (occupied East Jerusalem) had nothing to do with Judaism.

Jerry Rabow in his 2002 book, 50 Jewish Messiahs, claims that since the disappearance of Jesus (as), more than 50 men and women have claimed to be Jewish promised Messiah.

In my life time, I have read two Jewish Messiahs – multi-billionaire George Soro and former US president Barack Obama.

Sinn Fein leader irks Jews over heritage of Jesus (as)

pdadams11Last week, Northern Ireland party Sinn Fein’s president Gerry Adams and American Jewish actress, comedian and former Holocaust denier Roseanne Cherrie Barr clashed over claims that Jesus (as) was a Palestinian.

On December 30, 2016, Gerry Adams posted on his blog: “ Jesus was not blue eyed or blond haired. Jesus is a Palestinian. So, he probably was a little swarthy skinned black haired wee lad. Just like three-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying drowned on a beach in Turkey or other wee kids we see on television fleeing war and poverty and being rescued in the Mediterranean Sea, or scrambling for food in a refugee camp or playing in a bomb site in Gaza city.”

The Sinn Fein leader also said Mary the Mother of Jesus, reared a good son, like most of Palestinian mothers do.

Adams post led to a vicious online debate with the members of the Organized Jewry insisting that Jesus was a Jewish boy from Bethlehem – a city in Israeli occupied West Bank.

According to Jewish historian, Benjamin H. Freedman, Jesus was not Jewish. Israeli historian Shlomo Sand in his book, The Invention of Jewish people, claims that the myth of Jewish nation was created only a century ago.

Roseanne Barr, 64, responded to Gerry Adams with a series of bizarre comments on Twitter.

Imperialist Vatican Banks and Swiss Knight Templars r trying 2 destroy & erase Tribal Rights of Tribe of David in City of David (sic),” the comedian said.

Historically, the Vatican and is banking institution are controlled by Jesuit cult that supports Zionism and Jewish occupation of Palestine.

On July 19, 2014, Jesuit Pope Francis, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children by ICLCJ Court (here).

In 2012, Italian Jewish journalist Giulio Metti described Gerry Adams: “The Irish hatred for Israel is denationalized and secularized, internationalist, universalist and third-worldist. It’s embodied by Gerry Adams, who has led the Irish Republican movement for four decades. He donned a kaffiyeh when he went to Israel to make a TV documentary about Jesus and he met with Hamas’ leaders.”

The real IRA broke off from the IRA and or Sinn Fein, not Israeli Shin Bet, but Sinn Fein because they thought Gerry Adams sold out their country to the British. So the real IRA could be like the real Conservatives in the USA. We know that the Neocons are no Conservatives. These methods of terrorism are no different from the Irgun, Stern gang, etc.. in Israel used also to get the British out of there and the same people had the same connections inside the British government to cover it up,” posted Jewish blogger Mel Gibstein on November 25, 2010.

IRA not only was run by British police, MI5, and army but also Israeli Mossad. IRA’s terrorist roots goes back to early 1940s when it began collaborating with Jewish terrorist groups Irgun and Lehi. Robert Briscoe, the Jewish Mayor of Dublin met Irgun leaders secretly in London before WWII.

Another Irish Jew who supported both IRA and Jewish terrorist militias in British mandate Palestine, was Isaac Herzog, former chief rabbi of Ireland who immigrated to Palestine in 1936 where he was appointed chief rabbi of Palestine by British mandate authority to maintain religious tolerance with the help of the Mufti of Palestine.

In 1986, Mossad director Rafi Eitan travelled to Belfast to track possible IRA links with Lebanon’s resistance group Hizbullah.

Gerry Adams, called Mary’s so-called husband Joseph as one of his heroes. “Joseph is one of my heroes. One of the good people that some of us are lucky to have in our lives. The good uncle. The kind father. The sound teacher or sports mentor. The decent man who tries to keep us right even if we are intent on doing our way. Like his oldest lad,” wrote Adams.

Holy Qur’an describes the story of Saint Mary (as) and her son, prophet Isa(Jesus) in Surah Maryam. It claims Saint Mary remained virgin from birth to death. There is no mention of Joseph as “boyfriend or husband” of Saint Mary. Jesus’ uncle from mother side was prophet Yahya (John the Baptist).

Jew scholar: We invented Christianity

29a3[1]Traditionally, Christmas is the time when some Jewish scholar come out in support of Christian Zionists, Evangelists, and Jesuits to prove that Christianity is an extension of Judaism. Therefore, Christians have to support Jews against Muslims.

This year, a so-called ‘Jewish authority’ on Christianity, professor emeritus Bernard Starr (City University of New York, Brooklyn College) in an article entitled, Who founded Christianity? published on December 24, 2016 – claimed that it’s not Jesus or even St. Paul (Saul) who invented Christianity – but Jews.

Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus or Paul say he is rejecting Judaism and starting a new religion. In fact, the term “Christian” doesn’t appear at all in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), which chronicle Jesus’ spiritual mission; and only later, three times in the rest of the New Testament. The first utterance of the word “Christian” occurred when Paul was teaching in Antioch  more than a decade after the crucifixion,” said Starr.

Jesus and his cotemporary John the Baptist and his father Zachariah were biblical prophets but none of them claimed to be Christians. They, like Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Yusuf, Moses, David, and Jesus were all followers of religion of Adam and sent to reform Allah’s message corrupted by peoples.

Even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never claimed to be founder of a new religion. He claimed that the Creator had assigned the job of correcting the Divine Message given to all prophets from Adam (as) to Jesus (as) while finalizing Allah’s Guidance to entire Humanity. That’s why his followers call themselves Muslims (people who submits to Allah), and not Muhammadan.

But the word “Jew” appears 202 times in the New Testament, with 82 of those mentions in the Gospels,” claimed Starr.

Interestingly, Israeli historian professor Shlomo Sand in his 2009 book, The Invention of the Jewish People, claims that JEWS never existed before the 19th century. So, one wonders who is lying – Starr or Sand? May be Starr is referring to Zionist Scofield Bible.

Famous theologian whistleblower Charles Carlson wrote: “The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the state of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of the World Zionism.”

Pastor David J. Stewart (died 2016) claimed last year that Christians are forbidden to bless Jews who are cursed by God. As a Muslim, however, I don’t agree with Stewart, because my Allah is Merciful Who judges people according to their deeds in this life.

Zionist Jewish Dr. David Hillel Gelernter (Yale University) in an article, entitled, Why should a Jew care whether Christianity Lives or Dies?, published at Israel’s advocacy magazine First Things on March 24, 2015, said: “I argued last month that Pope Francis ought to see the reconversion of Europe (eradication of Muslim immigration) as his most important task. Surely he agrees that European Christianity is in deep trouble. Surely he does not believe that Christianity no longer matters to Europe, or can no longer be compelling to Europeans. How can he ignore a catastrophe on his doorstep?,” Gelernter wrote.

German Jewish journalist, author and human rights activist, Evelyn Hecht-Galinski doesn’t agree with the two Zionist propagandists. In a recent article, entitled, O terrible, illegal, Jewish occupation time!, she wrote that if Jesus returns to the Holy Land under Jewish occupation – he would certainly have joined Hamas.

Palestinian Christians have a daily first-hand experience of what occupation means with the Jewish settlements that surround them making life intolerable. Yes, the misery and injustice of the illegal Jewish occupation of Palestine doesn’t stop even in front of Christians! The Christian and Muslim Palestinians have been sitting together in an occupation boat since decades now, with the only change being that conditions are getting worse from year to year. Together they endure endless humiliation,  countless checkpoints and other forms of illegal settlers’ subterfuge designed to expel the indigenous people from their homeland. Of some million Palestinian Christians only 20% remain in the illegally occupied Palestine and in the “Jewish State”. Desperate conditions and the unemployment force many young people to emigrate with the consequence that both Christians and Muslims are victims of Palestine’s ethnic cleansing,” wrote Hecht-Galinski.

The pastor’s daughter and Christian Zionist Merkel expresses her solidarity with the Jewish occupiers and land predators rather than with the Christian Palestinians and the Christians in Palestine/Israel suffering from the occupation. Why all the Christian dignitaries up to now only speak at pro-Israeli rallies but never at rallies organized by Palestinians against the illegal occupation of Palestine? Is this a Christian attitude?,” she wonders.

Israel forces Islamic ‘modest dress’ on Jewish women

Inslitoropadebaoburki[2]This post is about modesty in women clothing and not to offend readers who love beauties in Bikinis.

Israel which is famous for naked beaches, brothels, sex-slavery and gay parades is lately turning to Burkini, long skirt, and hijab. For example, in late August 2016, Israeli pop-singer Hanna Goor was booted offstage at a concert in Ashdod for wearing a mini short, and bikini top.

On December 14, 2016, forty Israeli Knesset female staffers showed up to work in mini skirts and black leggings in protest of extension of Knesset modest dressing rule effective since 1990s.

French Judo-Christians are the most allergic to Islamic ‘modesty clothing (Hijab and Burkini). On August 29, to show his hatred toward nine million French Muslims, French prime minister Manuel Valls (married to a Jew) became a laughing stock when he claimed that naked breasts and not the Muslim modest female beach dress Burkini represent French ‘secular values’.

It had long been customary for women in religious Jewish communities to cover their hairs, faces and arms to look modest and less attractive to the opposite sex at public places. One can notice even Jewish burqa women in Manhattan (N.Y) and in Jerusalem.

A growing number of young women from Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities in the West are using the internet to redefine what it means to dress modestly.

Modesty has a different meaning depending on religion.

Modest Muslim women cover everything but their faces, hands, and feet. Orthodox Jewish women cover their elbows, knees, collarbone, and if they’re married, their hair. Modest Christian largely focus on making sure their knees and shoulders are covered. All these women also make sure whatever they wear isn’t too form-fitting.

But their objective remains the same: Respecting their religions comes with rules, and they want to make sure they follow those rules.

Melanie Elturk, is founder and CEO Haute Hijab, an American online retailer, which offers stylish modest clothing for Muslim women. Elturk, a lawyer by profession, was born to a Lebanon-US Muslim father and a Filipino Catholic mother (watch below). She grew-up in Detroit, Michigan. She started wearing Hijab at age 13 and has continued that tradition with great passion through college, in profession and after her marriage.

For me, it became so personal and I could never imagine taking it off. I really felt naked without it, like going outside without a shirt on,” she said in an interview.

Adi Heyman, a New Yorker, practices Orthodox Judaism. In 2010, she started a Facebook page called Fabologie to highlight modest looks on fashion runways. Heyman, as a married Jewish woman, never shows her hair, so she wears a blonde wig, complete with realistic roots.

WP: Virgin Mary insults rape victim

It’s Christmas session and the Organized Jewry has already declared its annual War on Christmas.

On December 16, 2016, Jewish Washington Post published an Op-Ed, entitled, Our culture of purity celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a rape victim that hurts me. The author of the filth is Ruth Everhart, a Presbyterian Zionist pastor at a small church in Bethesda, Maryland. She titled the same article on her personal blog, as The Virgin Mary & Me.

I’ll speak for myself. I was raised in the church and taught to be a good girl, by which I mean obedient, quiet and sexually pure. That worked reasonably well until I was 20. During my senior year of college, my housemates and I were the victims of a home invasion. The intruders held us for hours and took turns raping us at gunpoint. The next year of our lives revolved around the criminal-justice system,” Everhart wrote.

She doesn’t care to prove that it was her personal behavior, how sexually she dressed-up, which may had invited a bunch of college boys raised under ‘Western values’ to enter her college residence and enjoyed sex together. But the good pastor blame Virgin Mary for the accident. I wonder if it’s Everhart’s first ‘blissful’ experience as according to church reports 31% of American school girls encounter that experience between ages 11 and 13.

But some ‘civilized westerners’ don’t feel ashamed to wash their dirty laundry in public. Is that not asking for attention and more affirmation of a self-manufactured victim status?

I feel pity for her as a woman by questioning the very core of Christian faith while pretending to be an ordained Christian pastor. Don’t you smell a Talmudic skunk?

Last year, I posted the story of professor Julie Macfarlane (University of Windsor, Ontario), who as a teenager performed oral sex on her pastor because she was convinced by the pastor that’s what Christian God wanted from her. But thanks G-d Macfarlane didn’t blame Virgin Mary for her stupidity.

On December 18, 2016, US-based Israel advocacy group, Gatestone Institute, issued a warning, entitled, Europe: Christmas Shoppers in Jihadist Crosshairs. George Igler, the Zionist Jew author of the warning is based on Jewish Newsweek magazine.

The Gatestone Institute, was founded by Jewish millionaire Nina Rosenwald, aka The Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate.

Interestingly, this year, both Christmas and Jewish Hanukkah fall on the same day. They say it happens after every 25 year (here).

Holy Qur’an has glorified Saint Mary by dedicating an entire chapter Surah Maryam. Watch below an Iranian documentary on her.

Hindus were better off under Pakistan than Bangladesh

Prime minister Hasina Mujib Wajid Sheikh, an Indian agent, government is planning to eliminate Islam as the state religion which is practiced by 87% of the country’s 162 million citizens. Hindus make 12% of the country’s population.

On November 22, 2016, Taj Hashmi, in an article, entitled, Attacks On Minorities In Bangladesh: Not Communal But Fascistic by Nature, whined that Bengali Muslims are against minorities’ rights to practice their religion. Hashmi claims that every time an anti-Islam statement is made by Hindu or Christian religious leaders, writers or bloggers – Muslims attack and ransack temples and churches.

The attacks on dozens of Hindu temples and destruction of hundreds of Hindu houses in Nasirnagar alone were based on wild rumours about one local Hindu youth’s offensive Facebook posting against Islam. However, these are false flag operations to justify the attacks on local Hindus. The main motive of the attacks, as the National Human Rights Commission observes, was “to grab Hindu property,” says Hashmi.

I suggest Taj Hashmi try to insult his adopted country’s (United States) main religion, the Holocaust, and find out the rights of freedom of speech in the US.

On June 6, 2016, Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan accused Israeli agents of carrying out the recent assassinations of country’s anti-Islam Hindu and other minority intellectuals and bloggers. He claimed that he had the proof of Israel’s involvement in those murders blamed on religious Muslim groups.

Then to support his lies, Hashmi quote Indian Hindu journalist Basant Chatterjee who wrote that “the average Bangladeshi Muslims were much more anti-Hindu and anti-Indian than their immediate past generation who had grown up during the Pakistani period.”

If that’s true – then as a witness during 1967-69 to Bengali hatred towards non-Bengali Pakistani Muslims – I hate to say East Pakistani Hindus deserved it for carrying India’s proxy war against West Pakistan in order to make Bangladesh an Indian colony.

Professor Mohammed Ayoob (Michigan State University) and senior fellow at Israel advocacy group, Center for Global Policy – writing at Jewish site, The National Interest (July 7, 2016), disagrees with Hashmi. He claimed that majority of Bangladeshi Muslims are secularists, thus more tolerant towards non-Muslim minorities, and India than Pakistani Muslims majority of whom hate non-Muslim minorities and India.

Taj Hashmi teaches ‘Security Studies’ at Austin Peay State University (APSU) in Clarksville, Tennessee, and author of several books, is an anti-Islam, anti-Pakistan Bengali academic. He never raised his voice against Hasina government’s arrest of over 3,000 Islamists and hanging of half a dozen leaders of the banned Jama’at-e-Islami which opposed the creation of Bangladesh out of the former Eastern-wing of Pakistan.

APSU is an Evangelical institution. Its current president Dr. Alisa White claims that she and her family celebrate both Christmas and Jewish Hanukhah.