Iran marks takeover of America’s ‘Den of Espionage’

On November 4, hundreds of thousands Iranians from all walk-of-life held rallies in several cities to commemorate the take-over of America’s Den of Espionage in Tehran by university students 38 years ago.

November 4, which falls on the 13th day of the Iranian calendar month of Aban, is also known as the Student Day and the National Day of the Fight against Global Arrogance.

Some participants in rallies shouted Death to America and Death to Zionist Entity. Iranian leaders claim such slogans are allowed because they’re not against American people or Jews (there are 30,000 native Persian-speaking Jews in Iran) but are against their governments and Zionists who spread hatred toward Muslims, Islam and Iran.

In an address to the Saturday rally in Tehran, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said that the US’s foreign policy had failed.

American politicians and people are having second thoughts about their choice of president and acknowledge that the US has been defeated in materializing its foreign policy. The US has long been dealt blows by our country and our region and thus regularly bares its warmongering teeth. And when a missile is tested thousands of kilometers away, after issuing empty threats, all their president does is put out a tweet,” he said.

On November 4, US-Canadian author of several books, journalist and peace activist, Robert Fantina in an article explained: Why do Iranian celebrate the taking over of US embassy?

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution – the change from a corrupt, pro-Western, puppet government, to an independent democracy with leaders more concerned with the welfare of their people than filling their pockets with money from oil revenues, did not please the US, which severed relations with Iran and has continued to demonstrate hostility toward Iran since then. At US insistence, the United Nations passed resolutions condemning Iran’s nuclear program. It must be emphasized that Iran is a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), and its leaders have repeatedly said that its nuclear program is for peaceful uses only. This is in sharp contrast to Israel, which possesses nuclear weapons and has refused to sign the NPT,” Fantina said.

In 2015, Iran reached an agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), with China, France, Russia, Britain, the U.S., Germany and the European Union, that regulated Iran’s nuclear development program. In exchange, sanctions against Iran would be lifted. Why such an agreement was necessary is a mystery to this writer; it makes no sense to reach such a treaty with a nation whose leaders have repeatedly proclaimed they have no interest in nuclear weapons, at the same time that the U.S. provides $4 billion annually to the rogue, nuclear-armed, apartheid regime of Israel,” Fantina added.

As Trump continues to threaten Iran at the behest of Netanyahu, he is risking a war that will kill millions, and that the US cannot possibly win. Unlike neighboring Iraq, which the US easily and criminally vanquished in 2003, Iran is a large nation, with a powerful military, and equally powerful allies, including Russia. Such a war would quickly expand beyond Iran and the US. It would not accomplish US imperial goals.  All it would do is bring unspeakable carnage to the Middle East, and possibly beyond, and increase tenfold hostility toward the United States. This would be a tragedy of historic proportions, one made worse by the fact that it is entirely preventable,” said Fantina.

As Iranians celebrate the taking of the US embassy and the end of the repressive influence of the United States, people of good will around the globe wish them continued success. The continued growth in power and influence of Iran in the Middle East can only be a positive factor for that region, and the rest of the world. The US may be able to slow that progress, but it cannot prevent it from happening,” Said Fantina.

Robert Fantina who visited the Islamic Republic earlier this year, writes his personal blog here. I was introduced to Mr. Fantina after reading his last year article, entitled, Why every President since Truman has been an Israel Hawk. Listen to Robert Fantina below.


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