Iraq reinstate ban on Israeli flag

There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United States,” Patrick Buchanan said in 1991.

The Washington Post reported on November 1, that Israeli Kurd Jews (estimated 200,000) are furious over Iraqi parliament’s unanimous decision to reinstate ban on the display of Israeli flag in public. According to WP, the Iraqi decision was in response to Netanyahu’s support for Iraqi Kurdistan referendum.

The ban was originally imposed by Saddam Hussein after America’s invasion of Iraq in 1991 on behalf of Israel. After US-NATO invasion and occupation of Iraq on 2003 Purim eve, the said ban was thrown in waste basket.

In November 2014, Israeli Knesset made waving Palestinian flag during anti-government protests by Palestinians or Israel’s human right groups, a serious crime against the state.

The recent US-Israel supported free Iraqi Kurdistan referendum has backfired as result of infighting between pro-independence and pro-Iraq Kurd factions. On Sunday, Kurd parliament sacked (74:36 votes) pro-Israel president Masoud Barzani of autonomous Kurd province KRG.

Iraqi government has cancelled KRG’s autonomy status established during the US occupation in preparation for a new pro-Israel state of Kurdistan based on Kurd-majority regions in Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia. The Kurdistan Project (Sykes-Picot-1916) like the Israel Project (Belfour Declaration-1917) was brainchild of the British-French colonial powers to install their proxy regimes in the Muslim Heartland in order to destroy any chance of emerging a new Ottoman Empire in the future.

Naturally, leaders in Baghdad, Ankara, Damascus and Tehran are against this new US-Israel plot to divide the Middle East and further bloodshed for the Zionist entity.

On Tuesday, war criminal Netanyahu said that “Israel has great sympathy for Kurdish aspirations and the world should concern itself with their wellbeing.” He is the same idiot who has history of labeling anyone who concern himself for the wellbeing of Palestinians, as Anitisemite.

Trump’s national security advisor, Lt.Gen. H.R. McMaster (married to Jewish Kathleen Trotter) has blamed Iran for spoiling the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan. He said that Iranian influence in Iraq poses a great threat to both the US and Israel.


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