US Historian: Iran needs Nuclear Deterrent

Dr. E. Michael Jones is an American Catholic historian, author, former professor at St. Mary’s College, Indiana, and current publisher of Culture Wars magazine. In a recent interview with Iran’s Press TV, Dr. Jones urged Tehran to acquire a nuclear deterrent to protect the country from US and the regional bullies. He also said that only a nuclear deterrent can save independent nations from becoming a US target as United States has history of destroying countries which gave up their nuclear weapons.

Dr. Jones pointed out that while Washington has been threatening North Korea for years on almost daily basis – it hasn’t dared to attack the country due to its nuclear deterrent which could create havoc in America’s regional allies such as South Korea and Japan.

So I think the message here is that any country that wants to be safe from the United States’ aggression – from the aggression of the American empire — has to have nuclear weapons. Increasingly this is becoming clear. Any country that agrees to negotiate with the United States over these issues will be destroyed. And the best example I can give is Muammar Gaddafi of Libya,” Dr. Jones said.

In reality, Qaddafi’s plan to produce nuclear weapon was no different than Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of WMDs which were fabricated by CIA-Mossad-MI6 to destroy both countries for Israel and greed.

American political analyst, journalist and radio talk-show host, Don DeBar, pointed out on Saturday that the United States never attacked a nuclear power.

The US only attacks other nations after disarming, starving and destabilizing them. Like a schoolyard bully, they only attack the defenseless. They are, for all their bluster, cowards at the core,” DeBar told Press TV.

On October 27, the gatekeeper of Zionism, Eric Zuesse posted an article, entitled, Trump’s Hate-Iran Campaign – in which, as expected, he ignored to name the 800 pound gorilla behind America’s warmongering policy in the Middle East.

On October 19, the US-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a Jewish think tank connected with Israel’s Likud party, held a “National Security summit” which was addressed by two Israel-Firsts; CIA director Mike Pompeo and Trump’s security adviser Lt. Gen. McMaster – whipping up hatred against Iran, Syria and Hizbullah.

They presented Shia Iran – not Sunni Saudi Arabia – as being the most dangerous source of radical Islamic terrorism. Donald Trump during his Presidential campaign had spoken frequently against ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, but everybody thought it pertained to the people who had perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, and those individuals were all fundamentalist Sunnis, not any Shias, and no one from Iran. But now, nine months into his Presidency, it’s clear that he was referring instead to Shia Muslims (and to Iran most of all), which Muslim category the Saud family who own Saudi Arabia hate, and call an “existential threat” to themselves, and so they even bomb Shia part of their own country. Actually, the royal family who own Saudi Arabia – the fundamentalist Saud family – were said by Osama bin Laden’s financial bagman to have been the main donors to Al-Qaeda; and, furthermore, Al Qaeda itself is also fundamentalist Sunni, and doesn’t even allow Shiite members,” Zuesse said.

Maybe, Zuesse doesn’t know the difference between Islam’s two major school of thoughts – Sunni and Shi’ite. However, Saudi ‘royals’ belong to Wahhabism which has nothing to do with Islam just like Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. Furthermore, Saudi ‘royals’ have Jewish family roots.

During Russian occupation of Afghanistan, the so-called Al-Qaeda was funded by both Saudi ‘royals’ and CIA.

The Zionist regime declared Iran being an ‘existential threat’ since 1980s – decades before Saudi ‘royals’ declared Islamists in Tehran its enemies.

15 of the 19 jihadists who did 9/11 were fundamentalist Sunnis from Saudi Arabia. The other four were likewise fundamentalist Sunnis. None of them were from Shia Iran, nor were there any Shia from anywhere. Al Qaeda was, and is, exclusively a fundamentalist-Sunni operation – no Christians, no Jews, no Shia, no atheists, but only fundamentalist Sunnis, such as are the royal families of the Arabic countries, all of whom are Sunnis, and most of whom are fundamentalist Sunnis, like Al Qaeda itself is,” ranted Zuesse.

Maybe, this so-called “investigative” jerk needs to read Israeli historian and blogger Barry Chamish to learn that Jews were all-over 9/11 and the so-called “19 Sunni fundamentalists” were reported drinking in US bars and having sex with White women.


One response to “US Historian: Iran needs Nuclear Deterrent

  1. “United States has history of destroying countries which gave up their nuclear weapons”
    “it hasn’t dared to attack the country (North Korea) due to its nuclear deterrent”.
    The two sentences sum up the whole situation.

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