Modi: No freedom for Kashmiris

On October 29, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi slammed opposition Congress Party over demanding greater autonomy for Muslim-majority Kashmir state occupied by India since 1948.

Modi accused Congress of shamelessly lending its voice for Kashmir Azadi (Freedom), a demand spoken by Pakistan.

It seems, Modi was imitating his role model Netanyahu who has claimed that Syrian Golan Heights occupied by Israel since 1967 is part of Israel forever. As Netanyahu refuses to have dialogues with Hamas to resolve the Israel’s occupation of PA territories – same way Modi refuses to talk to Islamabad to have plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir valley as per UN Security Council’s Resolution 47 – signed by both India and Pakistan governments on April 21, 1948.

Modi was addressing a meeting of his ruling BJP workers. “All of a sudden, those who were in power till yesterday, have taken a U-turn. Shamelessly, they’re making a statement and lending their voice for Kashmir’s Azadi (freedom),” Modi said.

Indian occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir (population 3.6 million), is the only so-called “Indian state” with Muslim-majority (70%). To control Muslims’ resistance to Hindu occupation of the valley, India maintains a 700,000 army and security force in the valley which has been condemned over summary killing, rapping and using Muslim youth as shield by Western human rights groups and Amnesty International.

On August 10, 1948, The Times, London reported that 237,000 Muslims were massacred in the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian paramilitary forces and local Hindu militants since the creation of Hindu-majority Indian state by the British Raj on August 15, 1947.

During the last 25 years every Muslim Kashmiri family has suffered some of the indignity, brutality and cruelty of the Indian Security Forces as it has as it has ethnically- cleansed about 150,000 Muslim kids, youth and adults. The Indian army and military police are protected by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act which gives them a license to commit any crime without arrest or prosecution.

Indian propaganda of being the largest democracy in the world is as much a myth as the Jew Holocaust.

Last year, America’s Jewish philosopher Norman Chomsky in an interview compared Indian occupied Kashmir with Israel’s occupied Palestine.

India’s Hindu leaders know that if a plebiscite (referendum) is ever held – the great majority of Kashmiris would vote to join Pakistan or for an independent state of Kashmir – but not to join India.

Earlier this month, BJP veteran leader Yashwant Sinha admitted the reality on ground by saying: India has lost Jammu and Kashmir valley emotionally.


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