D’uh-Canadian columnist hates Israel

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) opinion columnist and former Mideast Bureau Chief in Washington, Neil MacDonald, 60, did it again. On October 24, he posted: “The time has come to call the duck a duck. It’s time to agree with a long list of Israeli political leaders, academics and public figures on both the political left and right, including three former prime ministers, a winner of the Israel prize, two former heads of the Israeli internal security service Shin Bet, and one of the country’s principal newspapers, all of whom have warned that the Jewish state is becoming, or already is, an apartheid state.”

Neil MacDonald has long been chased by the US-based Jew media watchdog, Honest Reporting (as described in Talmud!) over exposing whitewashing of Israeli crimes. The Honest Reporting was founded by Canadian-Israeli television producer and writer Rabbi Ephraim Shore and is registered as a charitable organization in Israel, US, UK and Canada.

In 2014, Jewish media blamed Neil MacDonald over claiming that Jews and Israel were behind the regime change in Ukraine.

America, of course, has invaded multiple countries on its own authority, and today, Obama lectured Russia while sitting alongside an ally (Netanyahu) who occupies the West Bank in violation of international law. But hypocrisy is part of the warp and wepth of diplomacy,” MacDonald wrote on March 3, 2014.

Neil MacDonald’s Quebec-born French-speaking journalist wife has also faced a similar smear campaign from B’nai B’rith Canada.

Canada’s award-wining journalist Antonia Zerbisias defended Neil MacDonald at the Toronto Star (January 26, 2003) with an advice for journalists who dare to speak truth about the Zionist entity. “My advice (for what it’s worth) to Neil, the CBC and all the other journalists trying to sift through the blood and the spin and the history is this: Don’t let Spector get to you. Keep on trying to do the best job possible in impossible circumstances,” she wrote.

On October 11, 2017, Quebec-born Jewish author Yves Engler posted on his blog that pro-Israel lobby groups should not be consulted by government and media in the matter of Muslims, Islam or the so-called War on Terror which serves Israel’s interests in the region.


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