Israel Army: Lieberman lied about Hizbullah rockets

Israel army officials have refuted country’s Russian-born defense minister Avigdor Lieberman’s rant on Saturday accusing Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah of launching 4 rockets at Jew settlers from Syrian side of Jewish occupied Golan Heights.

We are not talking about spillover. There was a personal instruction from Nasrallah to compartmentalize Assad and his regime from the execution of his (rocket) shooting with the goal of dragging us into Syrian mire,” said Lieberman told MKs of his Russian settlers’ party Yisrael Beiteinu.

The Zionist pig thought no one knows that Israel was involved in Syrian insurgency from day one.

However, Israeli military officials and several media outlets debunked Lieberman’s lie. Israel’s top independent Channel 2 television quoted a military official saying: “We have no information supporting Lieberman’s statement purporting that the Syrian shelling cell was run by Hizbullah personnel.”

When the army refused to back-up Lieberman’s accusation – according to the Times of Israel (October 23), Lieberman admitted that his accusation was based on his personal assessment and not on some army intelligence reporting.

Hizbullah responded with derision to Lieberman’s assertions, mocking the defense minister and highlighting the dissent from Israeli media outlets and military authorities.

Israeli leaders have made a habit of threatening successive Lebanese governments with a genocidal war unless Hizbullah is disarmed since Jewish army’s defeat in 2006 at the hands of Hizbullah fighters (watch below Lebanese Christian icon singer honors Hizbullah).

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) seized 70 percent of the Golan Heights totaling about 1,300 square kilometers from Syria during its expansionist military campaign in 1967 and later annexed the strategic region in an illegal move backed by the United States.

On October 25, Ben Caspit posted at Israel’s online propaganda website Al-Monitor, saying: “Behind these claims is growing criticism of the policies pursued by Liberman and Netanyahu on all matters concerning the northern front. This criticism has been kept behind closed doors for the past few weeks. Security officials, military officers and occasionally even ministers expressed their discomfort with Israel’s light trigger finger when it comes to military activity in Syria. They are even more uneasy about the fact that Israel is abandoning its traditional silence on the matter. The government is now quick to take responsibility for bombing runs and other military actions, with the prime minister himself sometimes issuing the statements.”


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