Indian author: Hindu women live in a war zone forever

Since the 9/11 false flag pro-Israel Western White racist politicians, academics and media have been waging a crusade against Muslims made refugees as result of the US and Europe’s proxy wars in Muslim world.

The United Nations Refugee Agency reports that women and children make 80% of refugees worldwide – many of whom end up in sex industry, forced labor or other illegal activities to survive.

Indian Bengali Hindu author of 24 books and film-critic Shoma A. Chatterji in her recent article, entitled, “I Am A Refugee: Aborted, Stalked, Raped, Abused – As I Have No Home to Call My Own.”

An Indian girl does not need to “escape” from her own “country” for “political, religious or economic reasons” or because of a “war.” Because the parameters and the qualifying features are not the same. “Forced displacement” or “forced migration” perhaps would suit the situation better,” says Chatterji.

If I am female, the family forces her to abort me. Two ‘women’ across two generations are locked in a war situation – the one conceived fights a war to be born, the mother fights a war with her body to stop me from being born. My mother’s womb is a war-zone for me. Her own body is a war zone for her .If they are forced to skirt an abortion, they will still kill me, by giving me the extract of the poisonous dhatura flower – a common practice in Tamil Nadu despite laws banning it. There are other practices in other regions of the country with different names but with the same purpose – elimination,” adds Chatterji.

I am a refugee in a public place. When I step out of the house after sunset, I might be stalked, molested, groped, teased, assaulted, raped, kidnapped, and murdered. If I work at an office, my vertical rise in my career might demand a compromise with my boss on sexual favours. If I do not compromise, I might be sexually harassed or thrown out of my job. If I rise without compromise, no one will believe I did. The society is a war-zone for me that constantly forces me to seek refuge in solidarity through candle-light marches when another refugee like me dies, or, by resorting to the legal and judicial machinery without realising that it is as patriarchal as the rest of the world I belong to and am seeking escape from,” says Chatterji.

While ruling BJP and other Hindu fascists are demonizing Muslims over Triple talaq issue – no Hindu wants to marry over 34 million Hindu widows in India (watch a video below). They’re also forbidden to marry non-Hindus. So much so, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi refuse to live with his child wife.

Indian author Gita Aravamudan in her 2007 book, Disappearing Daughters, claims that over one million un-born female babies are killed each year by Hindu parents in India through abortion or by other methods. Foreword of the book is written by former president of India and Father of Hindu nuclear Bomb, Dr. A.P.J Abul Kalam.

Outside India, Israel is the worst place to be a woman. Catholic French priest Roland de Vaux (died 1971) wrote: “The social and legal position of an Israelite wife was inferior to the position a wife occupied in other faiths. All Biblical texts show that Israelite wanted mainly sons to perpetuate the family line and fortune, and preserve the ancestral inheritance. A husband could divorce his wife; women on the other hand, couldn’t ask for divorce. She called her husband adon or lord. The wife doesn’t inherit from her husband, nor daughters from their father, except when there is no male heir. A vow made by a girl or married woman, needs to be valid, the consent of the father or husband, and if this consent is withheld, the vow is null and void. A man has the right to sell his daughter. Women were excluded from the succession.”


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