Anti-Muslim Pastor: ‘Jews can’t be saved’!

The organized Jewry has turned its guns at anti-Islam evangelical pastor Robert James Jaffress Jr, 62, an adviser to the US president Donald Trump on interfaith dialogues and a faith expert at Fox News. He is a Southern Baptist pastor who leads a televised ministry in Dallas. He led Trump in prayer from the Oval office after Hurricane Harvey hit Dallas on August 25, 2017.

On September 1, 2017, Jason Mutumba, a Jewish-Christian healer, claimed at Z3 News that Hurricane Harvey was “G-d’s curse on Americans to revived efforts for a Middle East Peace deal to divide the land of Israel.”

Jaffress is a typical Christian Zionist who loves demonizing Muslims and Islam in the service of Israel. He once claimed that “the dark dirty secret of Islam is that it is a religion that promotes pedophilia.” If he is telling the truth, then great pedophiles such as Lord Greville Janner, Harvey Weinstein and Sir James Savile must be Muslims.

Robert Jaffress is married to a woman with Jewish name – Amy Lyon Renard!

The real reasons Jaffress is on Jewish hit list is because the dude is against not only same sex marriage, or abortion, or immigration but he believes that Jews will be saved only when they convert to Christianity after the second-coming of Lord Christ (the basic doctrine of Evangelicalism).

Some of Jaffress’ other Christian gems include:

  1. On August 8, 2017, Jaffress told David Brody (Jew) at the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) that G-d wants Trump to invade N. Korea, while quoting Bible (Romans).
  2. Last month, the idiot claimed that kneeling NFL players made Jesus mad.
  3. Jaffress has also come down on Atheists – claiming Trump administration is controlled by them such as Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff sessions, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, an Iranophobe, and EPA director Scott Pruitt – all Israel First Christians.
  4. Jaffress has called Mormonism a cult.
  5. Jaffress claimed that Catholics and Hindus worship false gods. Being a con-Christian, Jaffress didn’t include Jews who worship Holocaust in his heresies list.

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