Jew academic: ‘When Elie Wiesel grabbed my ass’!

On Sunday, the Jewish Daily Forward claimed that New York academic Jennifer Listman, PhD, mother of 4, had accused the Father of Holocaust Industry and Iranophobe, Elie Wiesel of grabbing her ass at a charity fundraising event when she was age 19.

Jenny Listman runs a personal blog at Medium online website. On October 19, 2017 she posted her story under the headline: “When I was nineteen year old, Elie Wiesel grabbed my ass.”

When I was nineteen years old, Elie Weisel grabbed my ass. It was a calculated act and worse than you think; he mistook me for an ultra-religious underage girl who was unlikely to tell anyone about it. In other words, he purposefully chose to molest someone who he assumed was a minor and who would be compelled into silence,” she wrote.

The incident happened in 1989 when Jenny Listman, a sophomore biology major at the University of Pennsylvania attended the annual fundraising dinner of a large Jewish charity event at a New York City hotel ballroom.

During a family photo Elie Wiesel’s right hand had reached my right ass cheek, which he squeezed. The photo was over, the photographer leaned back from crouching over his camera, the group separated, smiling at each other, and Elie Wiesel immediately RAN, disappearing straight into the crowd of over 1000 people who were nearly all standing up. Already gray-haired at that time, Wiesel’s agility impressed me as he fled the scene of the crime,” Ms. Listman said.

Jenny Listman is an anthropological geneticist who works in a psychiatric genetics laboratory at the Yale University School of Medicine. She studies human evolution and migration using genetic data. Listman received her PhD in physical anthropology from New York University.

I must say, I find Wiesel’s story more enjoyable than Harvey Weinstein’s sexual adventures with nearly 50 beauties, mostly Jewish.

In 2014, British holohoaxster, Lord Greville Ewan Janner was also accused of sexually abusing boys at a Jewish orphanage.


One response to “Jew academic: ‘When Elie Wiesel grabbed my ass’!

  1. Thanks for this. I read your comment at TUT and linked to your url. I had read Ms. Listman’s account a day or so ago; hope it gets viral coverage and that that prick Wiesel may get knocked down a peg or two…a first-class Zionist bastard and hypocrite.

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