Kevin Wilshaw – From Muslim hater to Jewish gay

On Tuesday, Kevin Wilshaw, a member of British National Front (BNP), an anti-Muslim, pro-Israel White supremacist organization, came out of his closet. During an interview with Channel 4 News Paraic O’Brien, Wilshaw said that he was Jewish from his mother’s side – and gay.

David Abraham (Jew) is CEO of Channel 4 News.

The interview is being used by British organized Jewry to whitewash its racism against Muslims, Christians, anti-Israel Jews and Arabs at large. Wilshaw claims that the White supremacist organizations he worked with, discriminated him for being gay. That’s ridiculous. Almost every LBGT rights movement is funded and supported by Jews. Both Tel Aviv and West Jerusalem pride to be Pink cities.

Wilshaw claims that he is disgusted by his racist past – and wants to apply his training against his former colleagues who hated him for being gay.

I want to do some damage to the people who are propagating this kind of rubbish. I want to hurt them, I want to show what it’s like to actually live a lie and be on the receiving end of this sort of propaganda. I want to actually hurt them,” he told O’Brien, former BBC reporter.

Wilshaw’s living partner, Jason Merriner, and Tommy Robinson, the co-founder of English Defense League (EDL) visited Syria’s Golan Heights captured by the Jewish army in 1967 and later annexed against United Nations condemnation. Robinson told reporters that he loves Jews and finds Israel a progressive country.

Wilshaw joined the National Front (NF), Britain’s anti-Muslim pro-Israel political party, soon after turning 18, and rose to become a prominent figure as an organizer for the party in the 1980s, according to Channel 4. He later joined British National Party.

Wilshaw was arrested a few months ago over inciting hatred toward British Muslims and Black citizens.

The BNP is lead by EMP Nick Griffin, an Israel First Zionist closet gay who offered “foreigners” £50,000 to go back to their “homeland”.


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