Holland’s deputy FM hates Netanyahu

European organized Jewry has slammed Holland government over nominating Sigrid A.M. Kaag as country’s new deputy foreign minister. She is accused of calling Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a warmonger in a 1996 interview, saying that “Netanyahu doesn’t represent Israeli Jews seeking peace in the region.”

Kaag in the interview called settler illegal colonists on confiscated land.

In Israel, she is known as whore of the Arabs by the racist Jews. Her father-in-law was stabbed on the Jerusalem promenade by a Jew settler in 1995.

Ironically, she is not the only Dutch politician who knows the evil-side of Netanyahu. Former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt (1977-82) had called Netanyahu, a war criminal.

As a matter of fact, Sigrid Kaag will not be directly responsible for the foreign relations of her country, which is one of Israel’s strongest allies within the European Union. But she will be responsible for implementing aid projects in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967 – some of which have been declared antisemitic by Netanyahu in the past.

In September 2017, Kaag visited Lebanon as UN special coordinator and met country’s president Michael Aoun and his son Gen. Joseph Aoun.

Born in The Hague, Kaag, 56, mother of four, was educated in Holland and Exeter and Oxford in Britain where she met her future husband. She is United Nations’ OPCW former envoy to oversee removal of Syria’s chemical weapon deterrent against the Zionist entity in 2014. She speaks six languages and is married to a Palestinian dentist Anis al-Qaq based in East Jerusalem. She is fluent in Arabic which helped her to perform her duties as UNICEF director for Middle East and North Africa – based in Jordan.

Dutch government have provided funds to War Child Holland and UNRWA for the Palestinian victims of Israeli wars in Gaza and Lebanon. Over 80% of Gaza population of 1.8 million depends on humanitarian aid from UNRWA. Since 2012, Holland has given €357 million aid to Palestinians and Syrians made refugees by Israel’s proxy wars in the region.

Holland’s prime minister Mark Rutte and foreign minister Halbe Zijlstra are both Israeli poodles. Both opposed the so-called P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement signed in 2015.


One response to “Holland’s deputy FM hates Netanyahu

  1. Well Done Holland & All The Best To Sigrid A.M. Kaag !!!

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