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Corbyn refuses to attend Balfour centenary dinner


British Labour party leader and most probably the next prime minister of Britain, Jeremy Corbyn has declined an invitation from UK’s Jewish Lobby to attend Balfour centenary gala dinner to be held on November 2 in London.

On October 19, Jonathan Goldstein, chairman of country’s Jewish Leadership Council blasted Corbyn over declining an invitation to attend the notorious Balfour Declaration (1917) centenary event. However, he hoped that Jewish members of Corbyn’s shadow government would attend the dinner.

Last month, Corbyn skipped a reception at Labour Friends of Israel annual conference. Corbyn is the only opposition party leader who never visited the Zionist entity. Corbyn visited Iran as a member of all-party MPs war-crimes probe delegation during Saddam Hussein’s 8-year war against Islamic regime in Iran which was partially supported by both US and Britain. Iraq-Iran war ended after US missiles hit Iranian flight 655 – killing 290 passengers and crew in air on July 3, 1988. Listen to Corbyn’s statement on Islamic Republic below).

The dinner will be attended by British prime minister Theresa May and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the serial liar along with 150 carefully selected pro-Israel VIPs.

On November 7, the Zionist Jewish and Christian groups are going to celebrate 100th anniversary of Balfour Declaration at the Royal Albert Hall where British foreign minister Lord Arthur Balfour offered Palestine to the world Jewry on November 1917 to solve Europe’s ‘Jewish Problem’.

The Zionist criminals are planning to use the event as Israeli PR. Douglas Dalgleish’s documentary, A Letter From London, will also make its premier on that day.

The current Lord Roddy Balfour is reported very proud of his family’s services toward the organized Jewry.