King Salman pays $100 million to Putin to end Yemen war

King of Saudi Arabia signed billionaires of dollars military contracts during his landmark visit to Russia earlier this month.

Senator Chris Murphy, an Israeli whore, has claims King Salman also signed a US$100 deal with Russian president Vladimir Putin to help the Kingdom get out of Yemen crisis with head up.

Chris Murphy recently participated a Geneva-based Gulf Rsearch Center meeting for the Democratic Management of the Armed Forces titled Views on Yemen held in Cambridge.

Murphy’s obsession with Saudi Arabia is well-known. In fact, he is against US selling arms to any Muslim country. However, he has always voted for billions of dollars Washington’s military aid to the Zionist entity.

On October 13, 2017, Democrat Senator Murphy, slammed Donald Trump over ripping US-Iran nuclear deal – calling it a catastrophic self-inflicted wound for America because it would force Iran to acquire nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the map.

However, he didn’t forget to demonize Iran for Israel. “The developments of Yemen are actually under the Iranian control. The Saudi-led coalition is in fact on the brink of collapse and King Salman is now well aware of the Yemen impasse and Iran’s role in this war. His visit to Moscow was an attempt to convince president Putin to talk with Iranian leaders to reconsider their strategy in Yemen war,” he said.

Russian media, recently, reported that Russia has offered its services to broker peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

On Monday unmanned US drones launched 12 missiles at two villages in Yakla and al-Abl in southern al-Bayda province in support of ISIS terrorists fighting Shi’ite Houthis fighters belonging to Ansar Allah – killing over a dozen people.

Earlier this week, former British secret service (MI6) agent, diplomat, author and editor-in-chief The WorldPost, Alastair Crooke, wrote: “While Iran, Oman and Russia have been busy working on a political initiative (while also seeking to restrain Ansar Allah on the ground), the US has been quietly discouraging the Saudis from continuing the Saudi aerial campaign. The campaign has had little impact on the Ansar Allah-Saleh military effectiveness but has made life hell for most urban Yemenis, with estimates of 1,000+ dead and thousands more injured.”

In short, Yemen portends a major humiliation for Saudi Arabia. Its bold ambition to assemble a new coalition Sunni army that would confront Iranian influence across the region has stumbled badly. It suffered early and unexpected defections by Pakistan and Turkey, and a distinct lack of enthusiasm on the part of Egypt (which demanded a huge fee in order to participate), Iraq (whose PM criticized the venture roundly) and Jordan. Worse, Saudis more recently have come to suspect UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of conspiring with Ali Saleh behind their backs to fix a political solution in the Saleh interest,” adds Crooke.


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