Why US billionaires don’t destroy Israel Lobby?

On October 14, 2017, former CIA officer Robert David Steele penned an article, entitled, From Las Vegas to Iran, Zionist appear to rule USA – Can we purge them?.

Steele claims that America’s freedom of speech and foreign policy is controlled by “Israel-Firsters”; it’s a crime to criticize Israel, Jewish power and Holocaust. He also claims that America’s so-called “enemies” such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia, are creations of Israel lobbyists to destroy Israel’s perceived enemies.

The contents of the article are no news to me as there are dozens of people who have claimed that America’ Jewish Lobby controls US Senate, Congress, CIA, FBI, Judiciary, mainstream media, etc. In fact, United States has long been reduced to an Israeli colony since 1960s (here, here, here, here, here).

Yesterday, I came across an article which claims that it’s possible for Americans to recover their freedom from Israel with help from some of its non-Jewish billionaires. The article , entitled, “Why the US Billionaires Could Destroy the Israel Lobby, But Don’t,” was posted on October 15, 2017 by American author John Spritzler.

The US billionaires (even just one or two) could, if they wished, totally destroy the power of the Israel Lobby in a few months. All they would have to do is form an independent media network and use it to tell the United States public the sordid truth about Israelis ruling class. The truth is not only that the Israeli ruling class of billionaires, generals and politicians carries out violent, racist and morally completely unjustifiable ethnic cleansing against non-Jews (the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, etc.), but also – something that would surprise most Americans even more – that this Jewish Israeli ruling class has a shameful history of betraying ordinary Jews and demonstrating nothing but contempt for them,” Spritzler said.

If a billionaire told the American public the truth about the Israeli ruling class’s contempt for, and betrayal of, ordinary Jews and ethnic-cleansing of non-Jewish Arabs, the result would be a sea change in how Americans viewed the Israeli government. The Israel Lobby would have as much influence on who got elected to Congress as the Church of Satan! The pro-Israel US foreign policy would be viewed by the American public the same way it came to view the pro-South African Apartheid foreign policy – disgusting! The Israel Lobby would be dead in the water in about three months,” Sprintzler added.

Then Sprintzler explains why America’s non-Jewish billionaires (52% of country’s total billionaires) are afraid to do that – because none of them want to suffer like NFL’s Shahid Khan.

John Spritzler has compiled some documents (here) to expose Zionist Jewish collaboration with the so-called “antisemites” – Nazis and others.


One response to “Why US billionaires don’t destroy Israel Lobby?

  1. That why they are so fearful of Trump. He may fit the historic role.

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