Anne Frank costume for Halloween

On October 31, 2017, Halloween fans will have the chance to learn the horrors of Jewish Holocaust in Germany while enjoying trick-or-treat.

A US-based website with access to Israel, Australia, Canada, Britain and several European nations, is advertising a Halloween costume for girls featuring a picture of a girl clad in WWII-style clothes next to the title: Anne Frank Costume for girls.

The costumes in Europe can be purchased for 14-24 Euros, while in Canada the Holocaust PR costumes are on sale for $19-32.

Anne Frank diary is an icon fixture of Holocaust Industry. Last year, the Switzerland-based Anne Frank Foundation, finally admitted that the diary was a fraud.

The organized Jewry is known for marketing its narrative of Holocaust via pornography, comics and children games.

Halloween, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica has Western Pagan roots which like many other pagan customs were adopted by earlier Catholic church in an effort to attract more sheep.

Most Jews don’t celebrate Halloween as they have festival of Purim when the kids dress-up in costumes and celebrate how their ancestors murdered 72,000 Persian (Iranian) civilians as described in the Book of Esther. Israeli professor Gerald M. Steinberg (Bar Ilan University) claims Christmas is anti-Israel.

Hindu religious fanatics in India are also against Halloween – but they don’t mind wasting US$1 billion on Divali (Deepavali) due on October 19 this year.

I have always enjoyed giving candies to trick-or-treating kids – but I do agree with people who believe Halloween to be a US$2 billion scam – second to Christmas.


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