Oops! Chomsky clarifies his position on BDS!

In July 2014, America’s Jewish philosopher Dr. Noam Chomsky, a closet Zionist Jew, who wrote a critique of the so-called BDS movement, a Jewish-controlled opposition, now clarifies his position on the cultural boycott of the Zionist entity in a recent interview published at the “Artists for Palestine UK (APUK)”, published on October 12, 2017.

In response to Chomsky’s critique, British author Thomas Suarez wrote: “Professor Chomsky’s strangest statement of all, a rather terrifying statement on the face of it, is that “There is no reason to expect Israel to accept a Palestinian population it does not want.” There you have it, all condensed into one sentence, an admission that Israel is a racially predicated state and that the rights of the Palestinians themselves must remain subservient to it. There is no reason to expect a settler nation to accept the people whose land it took. Everything is framed in terms of what Israel wants, or what Israel will or will not agree to.”

When asked by the interviewer about his opinion on artists who play at concerts in Israel, Chomsky replied: “I’m opposed to any appearance in Israel that is used for nationalistic or other propaganda purposes to cover up its occupation and denial of Palestinian human rights. I have been involved in activities to hold Israel accountable for its international law violations since before the BDS movement took shape. While I have some tactical differences with BDS movement, I strongly support the actions and continue to participate.”

When asked if he considers Israel a democratic entity, Chomsky replied: “The oft repeated idea that Israel is a “vibrant democracy” is an absurd one. Unless the qualification is pure symbolic, there can be no “democratic Jewish state”. In the case of Israel, “Jewishness” is very far from symbolic. There is no need to repeat here what I have written in the past, documenting extensively Israel’s discriminatory practices.

In February 2015, 700 British artists signed a pledge to boycott Israel .

On October 11, 2016, Australian writer and blogger Petra Liverani writing at off-Guardian said: “One of the most prominent gatekeepers of 9/11 truth is Noam Chomsky. In this article I will analyse two videos (watch below) of Chomsky speaking about 9/11. What can be observed is that Chomsky consistently avoids discussing hard evidence, exempting himself with the spurious claim that he has insufficient technical expertise to make a judgement, and takes refuge in fallacious argument which falls into two categories: strawman (arguing against a misstated or invented argument from the other side) and argumentum ad speculum (arguing an hypothesis after the fact which may well be contrary to the facts but, in any case, avoids dealing with the actual facts). At core, Chomsky is being dishonest.”

Last year, Canadian professor Tony Hall in a 7-part research article, Noam Chomsky and Zionism claimed that Noam Chomsky is Israel’s Gatekeeper for September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.


2 responses to “Oops! Chomsky clarifies his position on BDS!

  1. When Chomsky says “(T)here is no reason to expect Israel to accept a Palestinian population it does not want…” He’s not speaking IN FAVOR of that fact. He’s simply pointing it out… and he’s right. Why do you want to ‘spiun’ this to make it sound like he approves of that point of view? He doesn’t. ^..^

    • Based on your interpretation – what you think Chomsky has in mind when a great majority of 1.7 billion Muslims say that they don’t want European Jews in Palestine?

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