The ‘Islamic Catalonia’!

Image result for The 'Islamic Catalonia'Currently, every Western pundit is commenting on Catalonian independence referendum expect that an independent Catalonian state could become an anti-Israel Muslim state.

I know it’s a conspiracy theory – but it’s not mine. Its credit goes to NY-based Gatestone Institute founded by Nina Rosenwald aka The sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate – and is chaired by Zionist Jew John Bolton.

On October 12, 2012, Soeren Kern posted an article at Gatestone Institute website, entitled, The Islamic Republic of Catalonia.

A successful push for independence in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia would lead to the establishment of a country with the third-largest percentage of Muslims in Western Europe, just behind France and Belgium, and far ahead of Britain and Germany. An independent Catalonia, with its capital in Barcelona, would also be home to the largest concentration of radical Islamists in Europe,” wrote Kern.

Ignoring profession hasbara idiot’s world knowledge – the Muslim population in Barcelona is 324,000, Belgium is 650,000, France is 7-8 million, Germany is 4.7 million, and Britain is 3 million.

Catalonia region was part of Muslim Spain from 713 to 801 CE while most of the remaining Spanish land remained under Muslim rule till 1492 CE. By 810 CE, all Muslim population of Catalonia was wiped out.

Several online media outlets have claimed that Hungarian-US Jew multi-billionaire George soro is funding the Catalonian independence movement (here).

Having said that – let’s see what Israeli pundits say on this topic. On October 02, Victor Harel at Ha’aretz said that an independent Catalonia would be a huge mistake – even though it’s a big tourist destination for Israeli Jews.

On October 6, Asaf Ronel wrote at Ha’aretz that while “Catalonian are achieving their goal – Palestinian are getting farther from theirs.”

Peruvian Nobel laureate professor Mario Vargas Llosa (Hebrew University), a Friend of Israel, has called for unity in Spain.

On October 9, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray posted on his blog: “Hitler was not the only nuts enough to think his Reich would last for a thousand years. Spain (which incidentally was almost entirely Muslim a thousand years ago) tops Hitler for mad ambition. Spain believes its current borders will last forever.”

Israeli Mossad, which is notorious for conducting false flag terrorist attacks around the globe, has been active in Spain to demonize Muslim citizen. The most publicized terror attacks were Madrid train bombing (here) and recent Bercelona terror attack.

Interestingly, Catalonia’s neighboring country Portugal (Al-Garb Al-Andalus) was under Muslim rule from 711 to 1249 CE. Muslim army from North Africa conquered part of southern France for the Umayyad dynasty in 740 CE.


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  1. So why does Julian Assange think that an independent Catalonia is such a good idea? ^..^

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