Jewish Lobby accuses Croatia of ‘Holocaust revisionism’!

On Monday, World Jewish Congress (WJC) president Menachem Rosensaft in an article at Israeli propaganda Tablet magazine accused Croatia, EU’s new member, of Holocaust revisionism.

In the article, titled “Croatia is Brazenly Attempting to Rewrite its Holocaust Crimes Out of History“, Rosensaft accused Croatian leaders of honoring Croatian groups which collaborated with Nazis.

I guess Rosensaft never heard of Jewish terrorist groups such as Irgun and Lehi which collaborated with Nazis or the 150,000 German Jews who were part of Nazi army under Hitler.

It’s not the first time organized Jewry has accused Croatians of antisemitism. In April 1993, Elie Wiesel objected to the presence of Father of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman (died 1999) at the dedication ceremony of Washington’s Holocaust Museum – over being Holocaust revisionist.

Tudjman claimed that Nazis didn’t kill more than 900,000 Jews during WWII who could have been saved if German army had prevailed over Communist Jew commanded Red Army allowing for a territorial solution to Jewish solution such as ‘reservations’ in eastern Poland or Madagascar.

Last year, American Jewish groups urged Croatian government to fire country’s cultural minister Zlatko Hasanbegović, who authored a book denying that Croatians killed 32,000 Jews at the so-called Jasenovac camp during WWII.

According to a recent research, besides 47,627 Serbs and 16,173 Roma, 13,116 Jews died at Jasenovac

In 2015, Israeli hasbara organization, Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) urged Croatian government to stop pension payments to former members of Ustaša (ultra-nationalist) party which is accused of collaborating with Nazis.

The WJC has accused Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic aka world’s sexiest president of posing with Ustaša flag (see below) during her visit to Canada in November 2016. Donald Trump received her at the White House in July 2017.

Croats and Serbs carried out genocide of Bosnian Muslims in the 1990s – just like Israeli Jews are committing since 1940s.

In September 2003, professor James M. McPherson, president American Historical Association (AHA) explained the importance of Revisionism.

History is a continuing dialogue between the present and the past. Interpretations of the past are subject to change in response to new evidence, new questions asked of the evidence, new perspectives gained by the passage of time. There is no single, eternal, and immutable “truth” about past events and their meaning. The unending quest of historians for understanding the past – that is, “revisionism”- is what makes history vital and meaningful,” he said.

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic poses during a recent trip to Canada with a flag carrying a symbol of her country's wartime pro-Nazi regime. (Facebook)


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