Richard Falk: They call me ‘S.H.I.T Jew’

I have written several posts about American Jewish academic and former UNHRC envoy for occupied Palestine Richard Falk recognizing his moral strength to say truth about Zionism, Israeli occupation, US blind support for Israel, and Middle East. He was one of the three Americans who paid a visit to Imam Khomeini during latter’s exile in Paris in 1979.

For his anti-Israel activities, Richard Falk was added into Israel Hasbara Committee’s Masada 2000 Jewish S.H.I.T (Self-Hating Israel-Threatening) List.

On July 21, 2011, Naomi Zeveloff defended Richard Falk at the Jewish Daily Forward by saying though Falk is very critical of Israeli policies, he is not an antisemite. Why? Because, according to Zeveloff, even though Falk is a non-practicing Jew, he is very conscience of his Jewish identity. I hate to agree with Zeveloff because Falk banned me commenting on his blog for criticizing Jewish racism even though Falk had compared Israel with Nazi Germany in the past.

On July 1, 2017, Elliot Kaufman at the National Review called Richard Falk; Khomeini’s useful idiot (for lauding Khomeini’s support for Palestinian cause), Zionist-basher and 9/11 Truther.

On October 7, 2017, Algerian journalist Mohsen Abdelmoumen posted an interview with Richard Falk on his blog which is worth reading to understand the power of the organized Jewry in the West.

In recent years there has been a recognition in Zionist and Israeli circles that their counter-arguments are weak in any kind of substantive policy debate, and it serves their interests better to discredit their critics rather than attempt to defend the policies and practices of Israel. There is a campaign in Europe and North America to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism that is deeply dishonest and misleading, although given high profile credibility by some leaders such as the French President, Emmanuel Macron. Milton Viorst exhaustively demonstrates in his recent book on the history of Zionism that Jews have from the beginning of the Zionist movement been deeply divided as to the merits of Zionism. It is completely false and tendentious to equate Zionism with Judaism,” Falk said.

The ‘special relationship’ between the United States and Israel precludes imposing similar sanctions on Israel as to those applied against South Africa. As well, Europe is inhibited with respect to Israel by its sense of liberal guilt due to its failures to act robustly to protect Jews from Nazi persecution, and later genocide,” Falk said.

Ever since my UN appointment I have often been accused of being an antisemite and a self-hating Jew. In fact, the Wiesenthal Institute in Los Angeles listed me a few years ago as the third most dangerous antisemite in the world, behind only the Supreme Guide of Iran and the Prime Minister (Erdogan)of Turkey. Such an accusation was quite ridiculous,” added Falk.

In 2013, Richard Falk was interviewed (listen below) by 9/11 denier Kevin Barrett, PhD.


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