Israel faces another defeat against Hizbullah

Israeli leaders don’t know how to whitewash Jewish army’s three humiliations (2000, 2006, 2017) at the hands of Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah except threatening six million Lebanese with a new genocidal war rhetoric.

Israeli leaders are in panic that without destroying Hizbullah Israel cannot break-up the Axis of Resistance (Iran-Syria-Hizbullah-Iraq) even with the help of their stooges ruling in Washington, London and Riyadh.

The recent failure of Israel’s six-year proxy war in Syria has put Zionists’ dream of the Greater Israel on hold once again.

How good is Israel’s 6th war on Lebanon threats? A 2010 study by Pentagon’s J-8 directorate concluded that Jewish army cannot win a future war with Lebanon unless it’s willing to put five Israeli soldiers against one Hizbullah fighter on ground.

On June 30, 2017, Asher Kaufman wrote at Israeli online site +972 magazine that Israeli aid to rebels fighting Assad regime makes a new war between Israeli army and Hizbullah inevitable. He claimed that the only way Israel could avoid its new war with Hizbullah – “First, lessening its hawkish rhetoric is a simple and necessary step. Second, limiting aid to Syrians on the border to humanitarian cases only may also decrease the potential for a new war.”

Lebanon-based US-Christian professor Franklin Lamb (Oxford University) who often writes about Hizbullah, Christian and Palestinian communities in Lebanon, in his latest article, claims that Israel Faces ‘Catastrophic Defeat’ If Next Hizbullah War Extends Ten Day.

Hizbullah fighters have a history of disciplined and skilled high-risk fighting techniques despite paying a high “martyrs” price. And they are preparing, expecting, preferring and intending to pursue a longer war. The longer the better for many reasons. One reason is that both sides are acutely aware that a drawn out war with Hizbullah saturating Israel with approximately 2000 rockets daily will cause nearly unimaginable damage to Israel’s military bases, infrastructure, civilian neighborhoods and population. And unless there is a hastily arranged enforceable ceasefire the war will not end even when there is not a lot left of Hizbullah neighborhoods as occurred in 2006. Or of many of Israel’s and Lebanon’s – unless mass public protests and demonstrations flood Israel’s streets and swarm Parliament because the UN Security Council will likely be paralyzed as unfortunately has become its recent fate,” says Dr. Lamb.

For a few reasons Israel has not, and likely will not succeed in curtailing a large portion of Iran’s arms shipments to Hizbullah which moves them from Syria to where they want to position or store them around Lebanon or according to source in Daraa, South Syria near the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. A significant reason Israel cannot stop the shipments is the 200 miles Lebanon-Syria sieve-like border created and maintained  by centuries of locals smuggling just about anything both ways from literally hundreds of tree covered and mountainous routes traversing the borders,” adds Dr. Lamb.

In October 2013, Israeli Maj. Gen. (ret) Giora Eiland admitted that Israel cannot defeat Hizbullah.


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