UK Lobby: Corbyn mingles with anti-Israel activists

Image result for Tapash Abu ShaimOn October 8, anti-Corbyn mainstream media such as The Guardian and The Independent reported that according to latest poll majority of voters now want Jeremy Corbyn as country’s next prime minister over pro-Israel Theresa May. The news was enough to throw British organized Jewry into panic.

Daniel Sugarman at UK’s top online Israeli propagandist website, Jewish Chronicle, came-up with a new Fake News to demonize Corbyn by accusing him of being associated with Tapash Abu Shaim, a member of Palestinian Solidarity Camaign.

According to Sugarman, Shaim, a conspiracy theorist, was not only allowed to run a stall at the recent Labour Party annual conference in Brighton but “previously enjoyed a guided tour of House of Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn.”

What makes Shaim a conspiracy theorist? Sugaman has the following proof to prove his point his B.S:

  1. In 2012, Shaim shared an article written by Joshua Blakeney, entitled, “9/11 Truth could be the answer to the Israel/Palestine conflict“. In the article, American journalist Joshua Blankeney, who has long been targeted by JDL over his criticism of the Zionist entity, claimed that Israel was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  2. In 2013, Blankeney produced a video containing speeches in the House of Parliament (watch below) proving that Israeli poodles MPs were behind war on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.
  3. Shaim of believes that Israel was behind the Charlie Hebdo killing. In fact, Shaim is one of many Western non-Muslim intellectuals who agree that Charlie Hebdo was indeed a false flag operation to demonize Muslims for the benefit of the Zionist regime (here, here, here, here).
  4. Shaim believes that the Wahhabi terrorist group ISIS is a creation of Israel with help from United States. I think, Sugarman is suffering from Zionist/Jewish disease of self-denial because not only ISIS is created by Israeli Mossad and CIA but its Khalifah Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a French-born Jew and Mossad agent.

My Google search didn’t show Shaim’s background except that he is an active member of BDS movement. From photo above, however, he doesn’t look a Palestinian or Arab. Most probably he is either a Pakistani or Bangladeshi Muslim.

Anyway, Shaim is in good company – in 2015, Jewish Chronicle got Rev. Stephen Sizer banned from the social media over doubting official 9/11 story.


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